APC Youth Writes El-Rufai: You’ve Failed Woefully

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National Youth Vanguard of the ruling All progress Congress, APC, has written a memo to Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, saying the Governor has fallen woefully in terms of management of various political interests through which God made it possible for him to climb the ladder of leadership, including valuable masses, which he claims to represent during campaign period. 


The memo further stated that the Governor ‘shot himself’ in the leg for not putting his house in order before writing to President Buhari, saying El-Rufai’s own problems are worse than that of the president. 

Signed by its national coordinator, Jibrilla Madu Gadzama, and made available to journalists in Kaduna, the memo, titled “REMINDER ON 2015 ELECTIONEERING CAMPAIGN PROMISES,” stated that “I write to remind and to recall on your attention with regard to your excellent, brilliant and well-articulated memo to the President and Commander-In-Chief, Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR). Your letter deserves applause and recommendation from well-meaning and patriotic Nigerians, supporters/loyalist of APC and the President.”

Circulated to our correspondent Wednesday, the memo dated 27th March and addressed to Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, Sir Kasshim Ibrahim House, and was taken to Government House by the coordinator personally, also noted that “There is no doubt that your memo has expressed the views of almost 80% APC and addict supporters of PMB across the country. Your courage, boldness and, above all, your sincerity for telling Mr President the truth and nothing but the truth on the present position of his government needs to be applauded. 

 “Your Excellency, Sir, I am not in any way trying to duplicate, challenge or disrespect your action for writing the memo to the President, Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, neither do I look for a cheap political recognition or popularity from you or any of your political appointees but rather just want to draw your attention inward on certain issues of common interest as a member and supporter of APC in Kaduna state and Nigeria at large, which is currently happening under your watch as the Chief Security Officer and an Executive Governor of Kaduna State, and to contribute my quota as a patriotic citizen, APC supporter and someone, who is in tandem with your class/test, socio-political and economic vision within a democratic system of governance.  

“THE UNENDING CRISIS IN SOUTHERN KADUNA – It is generally believed that the majority of Southern Kaduna people are either Christians or Muslims, and political leaders have taken advantage of religion to perpetrate their demonic intentions for too long because there is no religion on earth that promotes evil. It is clearly written in all scriptures that “Thou shall not kill;” then, on whose scripts do the youths of Southern Kaduna (Christians and Muslims) act?

“I am using this medium to call on your attention to transcend down to the grassroots and forget about the so-called elders or political leaders, in order to contain the security situation in the zone, because the elders or political leaders might be the beneficiaries of the frequent or occurrences of the crisis through divide-and-rule.

“You should, therefore, liaise/deal directly with the community youth leaders to find out what really the problem is and how it can be tackled, handled or contained. Presently, there is silent killings’ going on in the zone/area and mostly innocent souls. The victims of this crisis will feel unjust toward the government action if the perpetrators were not brought to justice. So, you should as a matter of urgency do everything possible to draw the attention of the youths on the importance of peace and make them realise the effect of what they are doing toward their future development.

“Your Excellency, Sir, there is an adage, which says, and I quote: “An idle brain is a devil’s workshop.” You should, therefore, find a traditional way of empowering the youths instead of the contemporary ways you’re used to because if these youths are engaged, their sponsors will not have a shining ground to strive again. Let everyone understand that, there is no monopoly of violence and there is no price for peace, and whatever peace & tranquillity cannot bring to the table, violence cannot and never make it happen.


“ON EXPECTATIONS OF THE GOOD PEOPLE OF KADUNA STATE, the memo stressed that, “Your Excellency, Sir, there is an adage, which says, and I quote: “Charity begins at home.” How I wish, Sir, you start the implementation of what you accused Mr President of doing in your state before writing to him, because it’s just as you just shot your legs unknowingly by writing that memo, perhaps, without putting your own house in order; it is very impossible to accuse someone of wrongdoing in his own house.

I will like to call on your attention and without any contradiction that, you are a good planner, a goal-getter and an intelligent personality, but presently could not understand the political dynamics in the state you govern; either knowingly or unknowingly you have failed woefully in terms of management of various political interests through which Allah makes it possible for you to climb the ladder of leadership, including the vulnerable ones (masses), which you claim to represent during the campaign period.

“Today, those you claim to represent are the worst affected by your policies. You are surrounded by those, who only want to score cheap political office, come 2019, through the use of APC platform and an incumbency power, which from all indications, will only expose your political weakness and if care is not taken will consume your office as the Governor of Kaduna state.

“Besides, your memo was given different interpretations in the public domain, which some people view it as an act of sycophancy, backstabbing, overzealousness and over-ambition, which automatically proves your former boss, President Olusegun Obasanjo right, who says in his book, and I quote: “I recognised his weakness; the worst being his inability to be loyal to anybody or any issue consistently for long, but only to Nasir El-Rufai.”   

“Your Excellency, Sir, I will like to also remind you that the present APC-led government both at federal and state levels were elected not because of high-profile politicking or economic base of the party but rather was a resolved and collective call for change by patriotic Nigerians through “Advocacy.” Today, APC governments both at federal and state levels have abandoned the advocates of change, who sacrifices everything, including their lives.

Presently, there are more than 200 APC/El-Rufai Support Groups, who stood firm for APC before, during and after the 2015 general election, with all needed resources from their little savings, energy and knowledge; others even lost their jobs for showing open support for change, but till today no consideration was attached or given to their sacrifices.

“Sir, in every circumstance there must be a reward for loyalty, including politics. Do you think those activists/advocates will just fold their arms watching APC government(s) considering people that didn’t add any value to the party during electioneering campaign being appointed into government? Do you think it is proper to only consider families & friends and those that have the needed cash to lobby for appointment/contracts as the change we voted and expected from you? It is on record that, 80% of your tenders/contracts were only publicised as formalities to satisfy legal/constitutional requirements.

“Despite the shortcoming of your administration in terms of political decision, your 2016–2020 developmental plan for Kaduna state is commendable, but I doubt if that is enough to convince the electorates to return you back to Sir Kashim House, come 2019, because the political sycophants surrounding you, coupled with your I-too-know attitude, has allowed factions/oppositions to deepen and as it’s obvious that APC has no strong opposition but the present factions/oppositions are and will be the greatest challenge of APC in Kaduna state. 

“YOU LACK A POLITICAL WILL/LEADERSHIP QUALITY EXPECTED OF A NORTHERNER IN NIGERIA POLITICAL CONTEXT. As I earlier said, I respect your intellectual capacity, class/test, socio-political and economic vision. In fact, I was born in the mid-70s but was opportune to stretch my hand on some history books about Nigeria politics and Northern Nigeria in particular. Our Northern political leaders that were involved in the struggle for Nigeria’s Independence have done their best with love and passion for the north without anticipating any material gain.

“After the 1966 conspiratorial coup-d’état, which eliminated political leaders across the country, including some respected political leaders from the north, till today the name of Sir Ahmadu Bello the Sardauna of Sokoto and Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa are still being used as a political reference point whenever northern politicians want to score a cheap political goal and, surprisingly, no leader has taken queue from where those leaders were cut short in achieving or taking the north to their rightful position in comparison to their southern counterparts.

That simply means there are no patriotic people trained from the north to champion the course of the North after the death of the First Republic political leaders? Or those that mean those that were trained refuse to continue from where they stopped and deliberately betrayed the North for their selfish interests? We thought you have a little resemblance to Sardauna whom the northern youths will rally round to move the North forward, but to our surprise, you end up disappointing the North and Northerners.

“Sir, courtesy demands preservations are done for the purpose of tomorrow, but when you leave it to shrink/destroyed definitely you will need such thing(s) no more. Always watch back and make critical analysis on merits and demerits of your political decisions; remember, you were voted into office by same people you look as local supporters/inferior people, and your action is the same as a man, who looked at himself in a mirror but do not believe that he is the same person.

“Human resource is the best form of resources a leader will always need in achieving his set goal and objectives. However, remember you are entrusted with public funds/resources and it is expected of you to use these funds/resources in a better way such as training or mentally equipping those that you feel are not up-to-date will be more rewarding than to borrow it elsewhere, as knowledge will ever remain the best legacy in every aspect of life.

“Your attitude simply defines what you’re up to, and simply show you belong to those that betrayed the northern culture as built and left behind by Sir Ahmadu Bello; your political leadership approach shows that after using a pot to cook instead you wash and keep it for another day you prefer to throw it away or completely destroy it until when you’re hungry, then you start looking to use it again.

“You undermine the intellectual capacity of the people that voted you into office and instead decide to hire the services of others from outside the state/region. The political decision is always very difficult unless and until wisdom is carefully applied.

“As at today, there are no categories of intellectuals/educational background you will not find it in the North and Kaduna state in particular. Then, why employing services of people that are far ahead of the North and from different regions to serve in your government, leaving behind people that use their all resources at hand to vote you into office?

“By this singular act of you, the quality of a leader needed to move the North forward is completely lacking, and you have failed the test of a leader that will defend Northern political interest on negotiation table with other components that make up Nigeria state.

“Your action clearly shows that you can’t be elected beyond the office you occupy now and can never be trusted with political power or political decisions on behalf of the North and Northerners. Was that the reason you were said to have been jostling for the office of Vice President when President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, was out to seek medical attention in London, and you were even accused of paying $25,000 through one of your cronies to the party executives in that regard?

“You are far away from truth and reality as your set goal and target backfired. Do you think your Machiavelli approach will give you the needed popularity to win the heart of average Nigerian? In case you miscalculated, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, didn’t get his popularity through capitalist Machiavelli political approach but rather was able to win the heart of Nigerians, more especially the Northerners, through his action as God-fearing personality, corruption-free and, above all, patriotism to the Nigeria state.

“You need to carry out research on your present political popularity, in order not to allow anybody deceive you to whether you still enjoy political support/popularity like before and how people perceived your leadership style and different nickname(s) in political domain such as El-Rufai dynasty, Emperor El-Rufai, etc., just because you refuse to run an all-inclusive government of political supporters/loyalist in Kaduna state neither did you value those that voted you into office again.

“You and your inner caucus are not trustworthy people any longer, but betrayal and damn selfish individuals. The proposed upcoming local government election will be a litmus test to your approach to governance in Kaduna state. I am sure you are aware of the wider gaps that do exist between your government and the electorates, your admirers and supporters of our great party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kaduna state. May the gentle souls of our heroes past rest in perfect peace! Amen.