Election: Nothing Went Wrong

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The Presidential election has been concluded and a number of Christians are wondering what happened.

First, there is no cause for despair or hopelessness. I think that what God has primarily achieved is to avert bloodshed and violence all over the nation, particularly in the northern parts of the country. For that, we should be grateful. Before the election, many of the brethren were seeing visions and dreams of corpses, mayhem, and violence all over the nation.


Secondly, a lot of credible prophecies have been released from heaven concerning the divine mandate of Nigeria. Whenever God makes a plan, that plan must come to pass. When He purposes, no one shall disannul.

A particular prophecy came in 2013 concerning concerted efforts of forces opposed to God's will for Nigeria. The prophecy specifically mentioned division and disunity in the Church over the 2015 election but God insists that His will shall stand.

While we await the next move of God, let us not relent in prayers and in thanksgiving. Faithful is He Who has promised. Nigeria is for Jesus Christ.

Concerning President Goodluck Jonathan, I think he has done what God called him to do. I hope that he was able to accomplish all; only God can determine that.

There are three things that I believe that Jonathan did that touched heaven:

1. Anti-gay stand

2. Support for Israel

3. The National Conference

Of course, there may be more.

Then there is the issue of corruption which nearly all of us are very dissatisfied with in the nation. Unfortunately, there is little any President can do about corruption in Nigeria unless the Constitution is reviewed. The main pillar of corruption is the Constitution; the 1999 Constitution is the legacy of corrupt military rulers. The National Conference has made recommendations that would commence dismantling corruption in Nigeria. The prayers now should be that the Confab recommendations should be implemented. This should be a major prayer point.

However, this election saga revealed a painful fact about the Nigerian church – we have very few committed Christians! The bulk of "Christians" are nominal Christians, they do not understand anything about the kingdom of God.

There is a lot of work to be done. That the church cannot speak with one voice on crucial issues of national importance is worrisome. Our focus should be on discipleship and discipleship program must start with the ministers of the gospel. Ordination into the priesthood must be controlled; only tested and proven disciples should be called into the ministry.

Do not relent in prayers for the nation and for the government. We should continue to pray that no matter the preconceived ideas or intentions, only the will of God shall stand in Nigeria.

The link below leads to an encouraging revelation of Nigeria. If you have not read it before, it makes encouraging reading. God bless you.



0 #7 Elder CGN Ojinta 2015-07-31 00:40
All said and done, what the church needs is to practice Christianity and not only talks; life of holiness and righteousness. If we become the Ambassadors of Christ we are called to be, love even ourselves as JESUS our LORD taught, the LORD will see us through and the world will listen to us. May God help us.
0 #6 Dare 2015-04-26 17:15
I think a major prayer point should be that God should unite the Church. Nevertheless, JESUS IS LORD OVER THIS NATION
0 #5 esther 2015-04-09 14:55
One thing that is certain is that as a believer we must agree with the programme of God.Nigeria is for God contribute your quota by praying.If God has spoken he knows what to do when message was sent to Hezekiah that he should put his house in order he will die he cried to God and the 15years was added does it change the fact that he has earlier spoken?.Let us not be quick to judge any man of God.This is end time,the kingdom of darkness is raging one key thing in Pastor Bosun message is we should not go to sleep.make up your mind not to be the last Christian in Nigeria.Are born again join the train to daily ask for God's mercy if you are not you can embrace him today.
+1 #4 Konye 2015-04-04 16:42
Sunday Yusuf, there's nothing wrong with those who prophesied. The prophecies were not for 2015 elections, it's for the future of Nigeria which just started.

At all, I also have to point out that many believers and church leaders missed the points in Pastor Bosun's message. 1. The division in the Church in Nigeria 2. Discipleship 3. Materialism.
We went on trying to stop the Islamist from coming into power but many did nothing about the 3 vital issues mentioned.
If we focused on the 3, we will not need to explain much to Christians and we'll all work and pray in agreement.

In the coming years, we must look forward to fixing the 3 main challenges identified already.
The church must get back on her feet.

President Jonathan's ascension to the office was never a calculated plan by any party, it was what you call divine. Who says the same scenario cannot repeat itself. I'm not wishing death for anyone but trying to point out that God's strategy may not always be what we expect.
He'll build his Church in Nigeria and the gates of hell shall not prevail.
+3 #3 Seer 2015-04-03 20:41
Mr. Sunday Yusuf, you missed the point entirely.
That Buhari won the election does not erase the fact of Islamic Agenda. That is the whole point of the wake up call. The Abuja Declaration was actually issued, $21b was given to OIC, and Boko Haram confirms there is an Islamic Agenda.
Christians were warned but many of them still think there is no danger. Now that the Christians have exercised their power of choice, they have to live with the consequence.
So, there is nothing wrong with those who delivered prophecies and messages from God, the people who have problem are those who ignored God's warning.
Do not forget, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, etc prophesied and delivered God's messages. Did people listen to them?
We should praise Jonathan for playing the role of a statesman and putting Nigeria first by quickly conceding defeat. He prevented bloodshed and violence.
-4 #2 Sunday Yusuf 2015-04-03 00:26
I am sad because the church is in danger of those who say God told them. If God said anything, He will fulfill. Now the church is in confusion. Mr Bosun Emmanuel, Jonathan is not successful that is why God cause his defeat. You cannot claim to be fulfilling destiny and people are dying and suffering. This is how many Christians are Nigeria. Our pastors in Nigeria are not God reliable that is why they predict God wrongly and selfishly. Buhari's victory is a sign that God will deal with us if we do not change. Those who use this website to say and write what they don't know in the name of "prophecy" and "God told me", should stop to avoid the wrath of God. God His church in Nigeria, Amen.
+6 #1 Konye 2015-04-02 04:50
Exactly my thougts. The elections revealed a lot about those i thought were believers. Majority could not understand the spiritual dimension to the Nation no matter how hard I tried. It suddenly dawned on me the "few are chosen" and how it will be when the trumpet sounds.
Concerning the Confab report, we must truly pray for the implementation as that will resolve the structural imbalance on Nigeria and correct many things.
Truly, we have to pray more, it's not the time to relent.

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