2015 Election: What is at Stake?

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I hasten to  submit  that  what the Fight  is all about has little, if anything, to do with Corruption, Insecurity or Poverty.  If corruption,security and poverty  are the issues,

has the civilised world been able to wipe  them out in their national space?  What makes anyone think that the Nigerian political and administrative  classes have the capacity and motivation to exterminate them in our national space? How could they recoup their electioneering expenses if not through corruption by its many shades of grey. Surely  they can only recoup through corruption not from the  fixed allowances they receive for example  as National Assembly members and office holders.  Who is fooling who? What can the President only  do - no matter  the brightness of  his screaming integrity  - to  effectively cage corruption  or ruthlessly  kill it?  To succeed,  he sure would need the unflinching support of Legislators and Judges. What would be the chance that the Legislators   (who have  so much catch up to do balancing their accounts) would give him their support?

What  I find at stake is that  majority of Nigerians have  been blindfolded  even by corruption and are unable to understand that the  fight is all about the "Soul of Nigeria." Some persons who should know are  self interest maximizers, too busy chasing filthy lucre to care.

As politicians play out the political  " Game of Deception"it gets clearer and clearer by the day  that  the political gladiators are taking advantage of the fact that only "one percent of Nigerians think, 4% think that they think; and 95% would rather die than think" -  ( I  don't remember who was author of the conclusion).

What are the Pointers that Politicians are cashing  in on the weakness of  Nigerians' as Non-Thinkers?

You have to feel  the emptiness floating at electioneering campaigns   In the form of propaganda  which  insult   the sensibility of the thinking few  but receive the support of the people milling around  who have lent themselves to be blindfolded by the cheap appeal to  a change  they do not understand because they are not able to  decipher  the emissions as empty propaganda

Is it possible that the fight is over one or all of the following  threatening outcomes of the election which the opposition would rather  commit suicide  than see come to pass?

1. Implementation of the changes  to the structure and processes of governance based on the agreements reached at the National Conference at first light;

2.Commitment  by Nigerians to the  frustration of the aims and objectives of the OIC Agenda including sustenance  of Nigeria's membership.

Is it true that any member country which failed to pay annual dues for 10 years must cease to be a member and  therefore, the opposition is  desperate to takeover the political mountain top of governance to ensure that NIGERIA does not  continue to renege on payment of OIC dues as was the case in the last 6 years and lose membership because the success of the incumbent  Party  at the  2015  General  Election would give the leadership of the Party another 4 years  and threaten  Nigeria's OIC membership through  none payment of  a total of 10years dues to OIC  - an event that would spell   technical withdrawal  of Nigeria from  OIC. membership?

3. The risk associated with the  Renewal of  Oil Prospecting Licence ( OPL) and Oil Marketing Licence (OML).

Could it be that the licences would be due for renewal  after 20 years in operation, during the next  (2015-2019) tenure of the incumbent in office; and the chances that the incumbent  President may rework the basis of the  previous awards in other to achieve fairer distribution of the licences  - An act that could threaten the  interest of present award holders.

4. The likely frustration of  the movement to realise "Sharia  or Sword"   as National Constitution Doctrine as opposed to Democracy as Constitutional Doctrine of a civilised society.

Could the  apparent fear  be that the  "Grazing Bill"  proposed  as  the instrument for  dipping the Sharia and the Sword into the Atlantic Ocean may not be tabled? The  wicked Bill has provisions for  (1) dedicated routes from Maiduguri to Portharcourt, from  Sokoto  to Lagos/Apapa; and from Nguru through Abuja to Forecados.  (2) Grazing Reserves where the Fulani herdsman stopped to graze his cattle. The Reserve area would be surveyed and gazetted.

The hidden agenda is that  if the Bill is passed  surreptitiously into law the settler would  then have right of abode as citizen with right to establish an emirate council, and the right to sharia legal system even in my fathers backyard  at my ancestral home. What subterfuge?

May GOD frustrate the plan of the wicked against the Church and the Nation.

Elder Okoro


0 #3 Ola 2015-03-27 07:44
Amen Sir. The plan of the evil men will not work out . We shall defend the Faith of our Fathers.
0 #2 Judgehim 2015-03-20 09:17
I am aware that GEJ was at the last summit. What could a person whose alleged loyalty on to Christ be doing at a forum organised by Islamic conglomerate. ..? Not only was he flanked to the right of the group photograph, but presented a speech and Led the Nigerian delegates to the occasion. How are we sure he has not compromise our expect ions by paying the bills we are thinking is outstanding. Even though we rally to give him the support he need, I pray he doesn't betray and disappointed us.
God has mercy.
0 #1 Grant 2015-03-19 08:25
I want to disagree with you on point 2, if you said GEJ administration has not been paying OIC dues, my question for you is Are you aware that GEJ attended OIC summit in Cairo 2013, he single handedly head nigeria delegate to the meeting. http://www.oic-oci.org/external_web/is/12/en/docs/final/is12_lop_x1_en.pdf. see page 33. Is GEJ actually a christian?

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