Election Postscript

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God does nothing for the Church outside UNITY. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Lk. 11:17.

From the onset, many kingdom people, because of intentional ignorance, selfish ambition, temporal gains, fame and filthy lucre, aligned with and collaborated with the Ishmaelites and the enemies of the Church. But blessed are the sons of Zadok who took a public stand when many children of Abraham went after the Arabian messiah(Eze.44:15); and sold their inheritance to strangers. However, whether in the short or long run, God will overtake the crafty in their own craftiness. 

In the present seemingly disappointing unfolding scenario, please carefully watch out for God's mysterious JOKER. In the end, God will win,the Church will win,and the nation will win. No earnest pleas and supplication of the righteous ever go unheeded.But the answer may be in God's own mysterious way.We have nonetheless won the battle for the peace,stability and the indivisibility of Nigeria by God making President Jonathan to unexpectedly concede defeat in this election. By this unprecedented divinely motivated action,all who are poised for war are forever defeated and silenced.Evil predictions over Nigeria are nullified. We haven't seen the end of the matter yet. Remain loyal, peaceful and prayerful. Jehovah Shalom has prevailed.  The Heavens do rule! Shalom.      


0 #5 Bro Leo 2015-04-15 00:06
Praise the Lord,hallelujah .Amen!!!
0 #4 Bro.Leonard 2015-04-14 12:21
Ps24:1,Gen1:1,J n14:6,Mt1:21-23 ,Ps121:1-2,Rev1 :8,Amen!!!
0 #3 B.Dos 2015-04-13 20:55
These are the 2 things I am convinced about the whole issue:
1. President Jonathan's victory was a ransom for peace.
2.The only sincere prayers the church was united about was a call for peace! Which we got- we prayed for God's will but our thoughts were divided!
The church In Nigeria was deeply asleep, the Whore is indeed in charge and the church has been taken up by the Whore- Rev 18:3-4. The remnant church in Zion will not cease to pray - to unseat the Whore and the beast over the affairs of the nation! We are more than conqueror!! Hallelujah..... ..Baba God is still God!!
0 #2 HandMaid 2015-04-13 19:44
God is terrible in His ways and can never be predicted. In what may seem like a loss for the Nigerian church, is a planned divine victory. Jesus is The Winner Man.
0 #1 Queen Robinson 2015-04-13 12:36
I agree completely with you. I have never lost sleep on what God will do. In fact, I am happy the way things are going because the "Pharoahic" experience to me is about to be repeated. GOD IS GOD!

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