When Events Don't Turn Out the Way You Expect, What do You do?

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There is no doubt that many Christians, including myself, are disturbed and shocked with the outcome of the last presidential elections.

Many had expected President Jonathan to win. Some have wondered where is God in all of these? What went wrong? Did we hear correctly or not? I have personally received many phone calls from Christians all over the world who were too shocked and agitated at the outcome of the presidential elections.

I wish to draw our attention to a few facts concerning the presidential elections, and generally, when the turnouts of events are contrary to our expectations.

Our God is sovereign. He reserves the right to answer our prayers the way He deems fit. The Bible says, He does whatever He pleases and no one can question His authority. He gives power and authority to men according to his choice (Psalm 135:6; Dan. 4:32). Many will find this fact about God’s sovereignty in prayer very difficult to accept. But it is good for our emotional healing. Like Isaiah 55:8-9 says, God’s thoughts are different from our thoughts and His ways are different from our ways.

I believe that Romans 8:28 is very instructive and appropriate at this hour. It says, ‘‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.’’ The political outcome will eventually work out for our good, and for the good of God’s purpose in the land. We may not understand why God has allowed Buhari, instead of Jonathan, to win the presidential elections. But remember, it is all about His glory and not yours.

We must be magnanimous in defeat, trusting that God is sovereign, and He is in perfect control of situations. God, at times, gives a people the leader they deserve. Saul was not the choice of God, but the choice of Israel and God had to oblige them.

Let us as Christian leaders and intercessors humbly admit we went wrong somewhere. The elections exposed the weaknesses of the Church; we were divided and some of us compromised our positions. God has certainly not finished what He is doing in Nigeria. His purposes are still unfolding; His counsel concerning Nigeria still stands.

Rather than remain disconsolate and crestfallen about the results of the presidential elections, our attitude should be one of exuberant praise to God who is sovereign over human affairs. When God seemingly does not answer our prayers the way we expect, then, it is time to worship and praise Him for his greatness. This attitude is what differentiates us from others who would have resorted to violence if they had lost. We may have lost a battle, but certainly we have not lost the war for the destiny of Nigeria. Let me repeat, it is not about any one of us, it is about God, His purpose and His kingdom.

In the light of all these, therefore, I wish to encourage every intercessor to accept the political situation in good fate. Let us continue to pray for our new leaders, and for Nigeria to witness peace and prosperity. Let us continue to pray for the Church, for unity and love amongst us.

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