Re: Prophecy on South West - Should There Be Cause for Concern?

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In the article, "Nigeria - What Next?" ( a prophecy was carried that called for prayers for the South West. Does the article below, written by Ola B., add urgency to the prayer request?




In solving problems, we start from the known to the unknown. And so, for people who don’t know, Afonja was the Kakanfo, the general of Oyo army, governor of Ilorin. He revolted against the control of Alaafin and wanted to achieve independence, with the help of the Fulani. But in 1831, he was betrayed and killed by the Fulani and his throne was taken over, just as they did in Nupe (Niger state), Nassarawa, Gombe, Adamawa and the rest of the Hausa north. The Fulani, conquest of the old Oyo was not only by warring but also by the skill with which they set one king against another in order to increase their area of control. Today the emir of Ilorin is a Fulani man sitting on top of predominantly Yoruba population.

In the 60s, the premier of northern Nigeria, Late Ahmadu Bello, maligned the Yorubas that he will dip the Holy Quran into the sea, meaning that he will defeat them. Subsequently, 29 Yoruba leaders, including Awolowo were detained on trump up coup charges. In 1993, many Yoruba leaders were killed, Pa Rewane was among. Then followed by the annulment of best acclaimed election in Nigeria, and the eventual killing of the winner of the election, MKO Abiola. Today, the Sarduana’s statement is manifesting, following many recent political events in
Yoruba land accompanied by deep rooted religious suspicions among the Yorubas, which had never been like this before. The eagles are landing; the target is Lagos and the rest of the west.

Presently, there are crises in Borno, Adamawa, Jos, Yobe, Benue, Taraba, Nassarawa, Kwara, Niger, and beyond, all traceable directly and indirectly to the Fulanis. 

Relate what is happening in Nigeria with the Sahel region project; the Fulanis living around Sahara desert, from Mali (the origin of Fulanis in Nigeria) to Sudan as enunciated by Muamar Gadhafi before his demise, when he was rejected by the Arabs .The statement of the Lamido of Adamawa in the recent constitutional conference, of him having another home other than Nigeria is a pointer to this fact, not minding his Cameroun issue. That is why the initial weapons the Boko Haram started its campaign were from Libya. The Fulanis want to get back power by all means by creating confusion or sink the Nigeria state so as to join their brothers in Sahel region project

To actualize this, the Fulanis needed a catalyst, which they have found in some over ambitious politicians of Yoruba origin of Muslim inclination, whose inordinate ambition to be called Yoruba leaders and amass wealth have blinded them to the realities on ground. Their perception that they can sit on the rest of Yoruba race as the Fulanis are doing in the rest of the north has blind folded them, that they are ferociously  going after the bait without consideration of the consequences on Yoruba race and others . As traditional of the Fulanis, they always quip up religious sentiment in order to get support from other religious adherents, while they grab political and economic power, see their history till date.

These agents have co-opted some other Yorubas to this unholy mission on the promise of true federalism or self-determination from the Fulanis. Added to this is the vice presidential position, which in Nigerian political equation is next to nothing. Many of their recent converts are the perceived enemies of the present administration whose prejudices are reinforced by many issues, mostly personal interests disguised as public interests .These prejudices are daily fed our many indolent youths, who unquestionably swallow everything line, hook and sinker .

The Yorubas think they are in charge but in actual fact, we are the puppets, the best deception is the one that gives the other person a choice.

The problems of poverty and backwardness reside in traditional structures and the solution to the problems resides in the modern which represents progress and development. Going by globalization and liberalization, our national economy resides in the hands of the foreigners, the owners of corporate citizens of Nigeria. Hence we are tenants in our father’s house. What we to our youths to be progressive ought to be our preoccupation. I dare say, at this point of our national development, we are at the third of the four stages of Ali Mazrui’s stages of integration: compromise. At this stage, the dealings of groups in Nigeria has sufficiently become complex
and diverse and interdependent that we require peaceful climate to reconcile conflicting interests , instead of federalism which connotes division. Added to this, is a leadership sufficiently nationalistic to make ethnic consideration unimportant and create a pan Nigerian identity.

The question I want those people to supply the answers to the Yorubas are, how have the rest of the north and the rest of Nigeria fared under Fulani oligarchy for over 200 years? It has been tales of woes and squandering of the riches, from the seven Hausa states and the seven bastard states. Then , of recent history are Nzeogwu’s coup, Dimka’s coup, Babangida’s, and Major Okar’s coup , whose youthful anger made him to cut off the Fulanis and other from Nigeria are pointers to this fact. Today, the same have resulted in revolts against them by many ethnic nationalities in the northern region. Buhari’s truncation of a democratic system was a Fulani agenda to relieve a fellow Fulani, Shagari of governance burden in order to stop power shift to south. That was why it was a bloodless, palace coupe,

Therefore, Buhari’s government’s promise of true federalism or self-determination is a beguiled Fulani agenda in disguise, and a booby trap designed as an invitation for anarchy in the west and the rest of the country for them to creep in to expand the territory as was the case with Afonja and old Oyo. This is akin to the Boko Haram wild fire spreading in the north east today, another Fulani booby trap. Is Bornu state and other adjoining states not mostly Muslims? , Is the Shehu of Bornu not a Muslim? The Quran says you should not kill or enslave a fellow Muslim no matter the race. Why are children, women, elderly who are non-combatants in international rules of war killed? Even the Quran condemns the act of killing them, the innocents. Why are almajiris turned fighters turned against the barrage of guns of trained soldiers every day? .Why is the Boko haram declaring a caliphate and hosting flag? It is nothing but for profit and to eliminate the economic vegetables they, the Fulanis have created by prolonged denial of education.

Western education is haram, forbidden, a fallacy to deceive them, but nomadic education for their Fulani
nomads was introduced by Prof  J. Aminu but guns and deaths are given to almajiris Hausas, Kanuris and other
talakawas . They sacrifice them solely to instill fear in others in order to relinquish power. If not, tell me the logic of senseless killing of the poor in the villages, is the government house there? Gov. Yerima of Zamfara state worked his political way into Zamfara government house to introduce sharia, he never killed anyone. So??? What is going on is to achieve territorial expansionism for power and control.

The super-rich emirs and their families are the richest and well educated Nigerians living with the poorest and the most illiterate of Nigerians, the talakawas of the north, what an irony, you can now see the bases of the manipulation.

In 18th century, the El Kanemi of Bornu , the only paramount ruler in the north that was not a Fulani , asked Sultan Mohammed Bello, the son and successor of Usman Dan Fodio why the jihadist campaign was being waged in Bornu, his territory even when he was a  reformist Muslim . Till today, the campaign is still being waged in the name of Boko haram. But the El-Kanemi’s several resistances of the Fulani domination earned them the El-Kanemi warriors .what is then the rational of the Boko haram declaring a caliphate there? It is nothing but, the unfinished business of Fulani expansionism and colonization, born to rule syndrome.

Can therefore, the promise of true federalism and self-determination is realistic when the Fulanis are the
major beneficiary of the arrangement? What will they use to develop the empty land, poor and uneducated youths of the north. Can it forcefully work out in the marriage of many years and many children? .it is a promise made to a prostitute on the bed, ‘’I will sell Abuja to buy you a car, ’’.Yorubas should see the Biafra experience. Why were they not allowed to go? Let us not be a cricket that tore its stomach with its claws in the process of defending itself. 

Where is Zungeru the capital of northern Nigeria today? Where is Ibadan, the largest city in west Africa, Ibadan is best remembered in art works with its rusty roofs? The hood does not make a monk. It is the peoples’ individual inner reform that will translate to the nation.

Let the works of Awolowo and others not be in vain, by the delusion of our myopic politicians .The Fulanis are at work again as they did with Afonja. The question is, are the Fulanis truly in support of the true federalism or self-determination?  Who is the greatest beneficiary of our present structure? It is the Fulani? What will they use to develop their poverty and illiteracy ridden arid land? the same question Mr. Heat, the British high commissioner in the 60s asked them when they said ’’Araba’’ let’s divide, at the break out of the first coup?. The issue is this, if you give a monkey water with a cup, will you be able to get the cup from it? Yorubas, beware of Buhari and true federalism antics. Yes, we have a cracked patched pot but we should turn away from ''great mind idea'' of leadership, it is a type of cultural addiction that makes us produce band wagon thought effect. Let us be realistic, how can a gentle Osibanjo deal with unbending Buhari, a Fulani man, born to rule?

The group that is dragging the Yorubas into this mess is the same group that betrayed Ribadu, a Fulani man, because of oil deal and other concessions. The Fulanis still see the Yar’Adua/Obasanjo debacle as a deceit on them; hence Buhari is on a revenge mission. Like the proverbial monkey and banana, bigger bait is being dangled by the Fulani to preserve their estate.

Now the invincible monolithic Yorubas that is the envy of others is divided on religious line; masquerades went to
school in Osun states, Christians went to school in choir gowns .The Lagos governorship candidacy if it was not tactically handled to field a Christian, it could have blown open. The majority Christians of the southwest attention
have never been drawn to this religious suspicion, even with the Muslim / Muslim (Tinubu and Fashola) succession in the case of Lagos.

 But the antecedents of this group along religious line and their rancorous body language, has attracted this attention of near explosion. The invisible manipulating hands of the Fulanis are manifesting in the horizon, war is looming in our zone and others, but Daura, Sokoto, Kastina, Rano, Kano, the real seats of the Fulani are peaceful. The occasional bombing in Kano was self-inflicted to divert attention that the hunter is being hunted or was it the Kaduna /Buhari convoy debacle. He is a General; he knows what a decoy is in the military war fare.

There is now a crack on the Yoruba wall, snakes, scorpions are creeping in. They have put knife into what
binds us together, the center is falling apart. We have to reject these moles and their Fulani foot soldiers in our system .We are Yorubas before being Christian and Muslims, therefore we have to reject in its entirety, the
introduction of religion in the affairs of Yoruba race. Awo, of his entire political expedience never employed it. 


NB (if you love the Yoruba race make this available other Yorubas)


0 #2 Ugboguru Chijioke 2015-05-04 01:13
A word is enough for the wise. The harm has been done already,but why?
0 #1 courage ize 2015-05-01 22:15
Thank you for d eye openning, God bless you!

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