Is Nigeria Heading for a One Party Islamic State?

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In the Abuja Declaration1989, a paragraph on page 6 of the Communiqué states as follow:

  • “The Conference decided that the Steering Committee should also work out detailed plans for the transforming a national political party in each member nation into a National Islamic Party, and that the National Republic Convention, NRC of Nigeria, should be made to serve this purpose in Nigeria as the only recognized National Islamic Party of Nigeria. These political parties so approved shall be the only ones to produce leading government (executive and legislative) functionaries. The NRC of Nigeria and other parties shall have their names changed to reflect Islamic nature of their purpose.”

    There seems to be a relentless determination by APC to take all the states in Nigeria, using all means possible. Is Nigeria facing the possibility of turning into a one-party state? It is clear from the Abuja Declaration Communiqué the Islamists favor a one-party Islamic state.

    Christian lawyers and media practitioners are requested to study the Taraba state judgment and IF there is any manipulation involved to speak out now. In this season, silence is NOT golden. There are repeated cases of judicial decisions that cause concern.

    With the current changing of the name of Boko Haram to “Islamic State Province of West Africa”, the contents of the Abuja Declaration 1989 should not be trifled with. As far as the Islamists are concerned, Nigeria is one of the 11 nations of ISIS. The map refers, please.

    Kindly bring to the attention of eminent Christians, particularly, those in the legal profession.

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