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I had thought I would not write another edition of this series this year since I have written within this year alone four editions – Nos. 11, 12, 13, 14. However, I have told many of my encouragers that this assignment belongs to God. These write-ups are not monthly or quarterly editions, but their timings are based on God’s promptings.

Many issues have cropped up lately that directly or indirectly involve the Nigerian church. God has been telling me, especially in the past ten years or more that the activities of the church determine the activities of every sector of the nation.

First, I will like to digress into Dr Peter Obi, the former Anambra state governor’s address to the nation on the 56th anniversary of the nation’s independence in which he concluded that nobody should give us any loan until we have sanitized ourselves. I am happy with what he said. He was a student at my former University: London School of Economics, and his advise coincided with what God has been telling me over the past two years or more: it is after the Nigerian terrain has been cleared of the decimators of her human and financial resources that He will release into her terrain the Abus, Ojos, Obis and Tubus into whose hearts He will put His wisdom and knowledge. These will not be greedy for money and will shun occultic connections. He will use them in every sector of the country to lead Nigeria into her true prophetic destiny in the nations.

The next issue I will talk about emanates from a discussion I recently had with a spiritual brother about dealing with demonic altars and strongholds in the nation - especially about places built on the foundations of blood covenants. He was suggesting that a demonic symbol of a particular Nigerian organisation needed to be destroyed before the organisation could move forward. I told him that from my spiritual experience and as mentioned by Jesus in Luke 11:24-26, you cannot destroy a demon by destroying its symbol since demons are spiritual beings who roam around the world. Their final destination is hell in the End-Time. I mentioned what God revealed to me in 2002 when I went with some spiritual friends of mine to a village in Enugu state to destroy some shrines. As we prayed and praised God beside the shrines, I sensed that the demons were leaving. This was confirmed by a pastor in the team. All we burnt were empty shrines. God led me to understand that you can only cast out the demons and perhaps fill their former habitation with things of God. Many houses in Nigeria are built on occultic foundations - even some churches. You cannot access their foundation except you demolish them. You can only pray to cast them out when God gives you discernment about their existence.

In 1993, I visited a church in Kwara state. As soon as I entered the hall, I sensed a heavy demonic presence. I physically threw out everybody in the church, laid my hands on the pastor and told him that he would lose everything he was doing and end up in hell! He was crying and I was also crying. A few days later, he sent someone to thank me for what I did and confessed he had indeed been using demonic powers to run his church. In 2006, while staying in a house in the North-Central zone of Nigeria, I saw in the Spirit black ants crawling around the toilet. I was puzzled and I prayed. God showed me that a young girl had been buried in the foundation of the house by the Muslim owner for monetary gain. 

The above mentioned discussion emanates from the write-up and observation of Reuben Abati a well known Nigerian journalist whose literary write-ups I have cherished for more than twenty years. Even though he is not a very spiritual person as he admitted, he was relating his experience and that of others about the demonic activities in the Aso Rock villa residency of the Nigerian President. Yes, I have heard about the fact that some people have done human sacrifices to establish the foundation of that premises and I believe many of the things that Abati revealed about the happenings in Aso Rock. However, my own interest in this phenomenon is that the solution is in the hands of Christians who are equipped to pray and cast out the demons causing the havoc taking place in Aso Rock, Abuja and the whole of Nigeria. (We don’t have to physically uproot its foundation. It is a Spiritual phenomenon.) We even have a Christian chapel in Aso Rock. What are we doing about it? Some Christians are carrying rumours that the chapel has been closed. I know that this is a lie because I read an article in a Christian magazine in which the chaplain in charge of the chapel was interviewed and he denied this. Also, my son who is the pastor of a church in Abuja told me that the chaplain is his friend and that the chaplaincy is still functioning. I was in Abuja recently for about eleven days to pray for the nation as God had ordered me to be doing since 2006. He explicitly told me to make Abuja my base for praying for Nigeria. He said the No.1 institution I should pray for is the church which He says He is holding responsible for what is in Nigeria- Spiritual, governmental, economic, political, industrial terrain. On my latest visit to Abuja, some of my Christian friends told me I have to be careful since they learnt that Christians are being persecuted in Abuja. From my observation and as I told these my friends, we Christians are the ones persecuting people in Abuja and everywhere. It seems the churches have enormously increased in number in Abuja and many urban areas of Nigeria with tentacles in many countries of the world. Part of the reason for this is that many of the large denominations who had ordained so called pastors to pastor their parishes and who insist that major offerings from the parish be sent to the headquarters of the church, had caused many of these pastors to leave the original denominations they were pastoring to start up their own ministries. These pastors cajole and harass church goers to bring offerings to their churches. To achieve this, many have veered into occultism which makes them spiritually incapable of dealing with demons either in Aso Rock or anywhere in Nigeria. Yes, I agree with Reuben Abati that it is the Christians that are supposed to cast out the demons from Aso Rock. However, from my observation, even though ministers of God and many Christians have been in and out of Aso Rock over decades of its existence, many of them go there only to collect their own share of the national cake! The few that may have been really interested in casting out these demons have become discouraged and may have given up on the issue. On my latest visit to Abuja when God revealed to me that some organizations in the country that people believe are Christian enterprises not necessarily churches have veered into occultism and I seriously prayed that wherever they are all over the country that God should expose and scatter them I was seriously attacked in the Spirit. The same thing may have discouraged those who have at one time or the other dealt with the Aso Rock issue. Anyone conversant  with my write-ups on these issues, especially  Nos.12, 13 and 14 of this series that the Nigerian church is not interested in casting out demons and in any case many of them cannot even do so since they are in the same camp with these demons and as I shared in one of my past write-ups where I mentioned that I saw a demon pointing at a pastor and laughing at him in front of his congregation and the pastor was running away in panic, many pastors and Christians have become the laughing stock of demons!

To emphasize the unpopularity of my write-ups on these issues, on the 4th of October while still in Abuja, I had a dream in which I saw myself standing at the podium of a large hall. The hall was totally empty. I saw a large crowd of people standing at the door outside the hall and a tall man put a barrier at the door to stop the people from entering the hall. I also had another dream on the same day in which the vehicle I was travelling in had one of its front wheels mysteriously removed. A friend of mine also had a similar dream in which he saw himself preaching the word of God to a congregation of people and in the middle of his preaching, a well known preacher took the microphone from him to invite the people to come outside to listen to his latest musical CD. He said he was only left with two people in the hall. The summary of this is that the Nigerian church is not interested in dealing with the real demonic issues whether in Abuja, Nigeria or other nations. Many of the current Christian leaders will do anything to prevent church goers to hear or absorb the true gospel, especially messages that will prevent the people from bringing money to their churches. Even though God ordered me from 2006 to pray in Abuja to flush out churches, He has not ordained me to be in Abuja, but to prayerfully call forth the ones He has ordained to be there, I have tried to pray as He mandated me on these issues through much difficulty. I have observed that instead of such churches diminishing, they are increasing. God showed me in Jan. 2010 in the Spirit, the picture of a woman bound with iron rods; which He said to me represent the Nigerian church bound with iron rods of mammon (worship of money) and is therefore helpless to deal with real spiritual issues, unless the rod is cut with fire which He told me He has unleashed through the Boko Haram insurgency etc. The God that I serve is not a joker and is not weak. Since He has insistently told me that He still wants to use the Nigerian Christians to preach the gospel in the nations, He will not relent in dealing with us within the church and in our political, governmental and economic terrain until we tow His lines and obey Him.

Meanwhile, a situation has recently been revealed to me about the South-West state. God told me about five years ago, that this state will become the headquarters of Islam in Nigeria in fifteen years from when he warned me--if we Christians don’t take action by praying and evangelizing the Muslims in the terrain. A school which was started by a Christian family about 70 years ago and which was taken over by the state government several years ago has had part of it released to an Islamic organization which has - with the assistant of the state government -  built a large school building and a mosque. The original school, even though it is still existing in the compound, has become dwindled and derelict and many of its classrooms are filled with water whenever it rains. I know that the Christians and church people know about this, but are not interested in dealing with it. I once had an argument with some relations of mine about our duties as Christians in the South-West to pray for and evangelise our Muslim relatives and friends, since many of us Christians and church goers have such relatives and friends. My relatives told me that since I am a pastor, it is my responsibility not theirs. If this is the attitude of those who have Muslim friends and relatives, we are in trouble. Meanwhile, many Christian organisations have established private schools where they are teaching and raising up children who they believe will be leaders of tomorrow in Nigeria. The children in these private schools are pampered--carried in special buses to and from school, whereas the poorer children from Islamic backgrounds--who probably form about 80% of the maturing children in the environment--are either not going to school or going to school in a rugged way. This problem and other issues have caused me to ponder on what will happen in say; about ten years or more from now in the South-West and the whole of Nigeria. Many of the disinterested church people will no longer be around to see or manage what will happen. I pray that God in His mercy will not allow what happened more than a century ago in North Africa and our present Borno state where real Christian empires were wiped out and replaced with Islamic fundamentalist institutions top happen to the entire country. We, the so called Christians of the present generation will be held responsible by God if this should happen. May God have mercy on us and wake us up from our slumber, selfishness and greediness to completely obey His call on us in Jesus Name!

                                                     Yours in Obedience to God’s Mandate,

                                                          Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs.)  

                                                          M: +2348035619236

                                                          E:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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