Editorial: OIC Schemes Against Nigeria (Part 1)

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The OIC has for years been scheming to snare the oil-rich price of Nigeria. The oil reserves of Nigeria, combined with the petrol-wealth of other OIC countries, are the KEY to the strategy for the Islamization of Africa and the world. Billions of dollars lie in Nigeria’s oil deposits.

Since drilling its first well in 1956, Nigeria had become one of the world’s major producers of petroleum, which by 1977, accounted for 90% of its foreign earnings. Cultural Atlas of Africa wrote and was published by Edwin and Jody Mitchell, thus: “President Babangida and his Muslim-appointed aristocracy controlled Nigeria’s oil-wealth. Curiously, he and several of his associates have become billionaires, complete with their own special secret deposit accounts with the Arab-African International Bank. These rulers, along with a small group of Hausa/Fulani Muslims, controlled the oil revenues of the country. The oil resources, the only economic base of Nigeria, come wholly from the southern oil-producing states and, yet, the only people qualified to manage and administer it under the auspices of NNPC come from Hausa/Fulani Muslim stock.”

Saudi Arabia, Syria and other OIC nations, now promote the united goal to destroy the nation of Israel, eradicate Christianity in Nigeria and Islamize the world. The global picture includes Nigeria as a large nation with the Petrol Power to effect the entire world economy. Because of this, Nigeria has since been a key target of Islam for so many years.

Understanding the management of the country’s petrol-wealth is especially significant to Christians in Nigeria and Africa, because of what these diverted funds are being used to accomplish. The OIC – Organisation of Islamic Conference and, IAO – Islam Organisation in Africa, intend to use Nigeria as a platform for the complete Islamization of Africa.

On November 28, 1989, under the leadership of Hausa/Fulani-bred President Ibrahim Babangida and his Hausa/Fulani dominated regime, Nigeria became an official member of the world-wide Organisation of Islamic Conference. These northern Muslims conspired and entered into this OIC accord without the knowledge and consent of the Nigerian people. They paid a whopping 21 billion dollars of Nigerian petroleum money for this “privilege.” This is why disclosing and circulating the Secret Document throughout the country was so crucial and still remains so up to date.

This is an urgent letter from Nigeria … the land of Mohammed. According to the BBC Worldwide Service,

“Nigeria is now a full-fledged OIC Member. Evangelist, Sept 20, 1990, Falomo, Ikoyi Lagos State, Nigeria.” As we write, there is an unseen Islamic flag flaps in the wind over Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Through the IAO, Islamic plans are being devised and executed to promote the spirit.”

It was a top secret government document from Nigeria, West Africa, wrote Josiah Publishing Co. “I scanned the attached papers bearing this heading, ‘Islam in Africa Conference Communiqué.’ It appeared to be some sort of a Muslim declaration. I noticed that it had three Arabic signatures beside the Presidential Seal of Nigeria; it appeared to be an official state document. As I read its resolutions more carefully, one paragraph seemed to leap off the page.” Part of the resolutions went on to say,

“to eradicate in all its forms and ramification all non-Muslim religions in member nations (such religions shall include Christianity, Ahmadiya and other tribal models of workshop unacceptable to Muslims).” “Eradicate” means to exterminate or utterly destroy something. The world usually applied to cockroaches, rats and other vermin. The Islamic Confederacy had declared war on Nigeria.

Former President Babangida and his Muslim cohorts presumed that by controlling the Nigeria news media they could keep their schemes hidden. They believed that by suppressing the truth, they could prevent the public from knowing that they had joined the OIC and IAO, and could keep their diabolical plans for removing Christianity under wraps. Babangida and his co-collaborators were wrong, because the Almighty God divinely intervened.

Edwin and Jody Mitchell wrote a special Report on July 4, 1990, which was a cover letter for African Church Leaders, which accompanied the Secret Document. It read in part, “We knew this information could cause civil upheaval. It was vital for church leaders to know how to scripturally respond to present events in Nigeria and Africa and to teach this to their congregations.” The following excerpts are taken from this letter.

“My Beloved Brethren, whose precious lives I deeply cherish … my objective in sending this letter to you and other Men of God in Nigeria and Africa at large, is to alert you and warn Christians (as well as other non-Muslim citizens of Africa) about this evil Islamic conspiracy. With fear and trembling, I respectfully acknowledge my God-given duty to inform you of the impending Islamic Holocaust beginning to take place in Nigeria and building momentum throughout Africa. The magnitude of destruction directed against Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims on your continent cannot be overemphasized!” The greatest defense against this Declaration of War by the Islamic nations is the Sword of Christ … the TRUTH.

“My purpose in making known this state Secret is in no way to harm the Muslim people, nor to undermine the government of Nigeria or any other Islam in Africa Organization (IAO) nation, nor to incite violence or a physical counter-attack. Rather, it is to inform my Christian brethren and the African people of this impending danger. The take-over of Nigeria is just one of a series of strategies aimed at domination of the entire continent of Africa. Making known the truth is essential. The more this conspiracy is revealed, the more difficult it will be for the IAO to execute their Satanic plans.”

The greatest offense against the Satanic force of Islam is prayer and to lead Muslims to become true followers of Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind.

Now is the time for the true Body of Christ to unite and to jointly pray for divine intervention. Let African brethren lift up their voices to God and do everything possible to support Nigerian brethren at their crucial hour. This does not mean linking arms with other non-Christians. Earnestly pray and intercede for God’s miraculous assistance. The church as a whole must brace-up and prepare for the possibilities of increased persecutions.

In its Editorial of Tuesday, January 10, 2017, the Nigerian Pilot quoted Governor Nasir El-Rufai to have said, on Southern Kaduna killings, “the attackers were herdsmen from neighbouring countries, who had returned to avenge attacks on their relatives and livestock back in 2011.”

This is an irresponsible statement from a man, who sworn with the Constitution to preserve lives and properties of the citizens. We ask the questions, where were the security operatives paid to provide security information beforehand, in order to nib the attack in the bud? Are they also part of the grand plan to eliminate the indigenous people of Southern Kaduna? Yes, they are part of the grand plan.

Governor Nasir went on to impose curfew as a ‘peace building measure,’ according to him, on Zangon-Kataf, Kaura and Jema’a Local Government Councils. A reasonable Governor could have expected the stringent observation of the curfew by the Security Operatives, the Army, the Police and other supporting agents, but they did not. To our mind, the Fulani herdsmen were not under the imposed curfew. If they were, how were they able to attack Goska Village when the curfew was still in force?

El-Rufai’s utterances on the killings in Southern Kaduna were unfortunate. He spoke like a Motor Garage tout. A government that is not responsible does not, and should not, expect the loyalty of its citizens, because he deliberately allowed the killings of the people to fulfill his hidden agenda. 

President Buhari is an Islamist and has been implementing the Islamic agenda to Islamize Nigeria. For example, in the Editorial of a newspaper (not Conscience Triumph), but precisely in the Blue Print of Tuesday, September 20, 2016, it was reported, “The recent call on security agencies in the country by the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, to treat herdsmen moving around with guns, causing violence, fighting with farmers as terrorists, has reinforced the need for the President Mohammadu Buhari administration to act swiftly and decisively on the herdsmen’s menace.” 

The Sultan, who made the remark in his Eid-el-Kabir Message to Muslim Ummah in Nigeria, added that the so-called Fulani herdsmen causing violence were not Nigerians, but foreign terrorists, who came into the country causing a breach of peace.

President Buhari, who swore with the Constitution, to protect the lives of Nigerians, has turned his back from his responsibility, because, as an Islamist, he has from his behavior been promoting the Islamic agenda in Nigeria. This is now the time for the indigenous people of the Middle-Belt region and other affected Nigerians to take their destiny and the responsibility of themselves in their own hands, for their security, as the attacks of the ‘herdsmen’ have become more polarized.  

(To be continued)



--Conscience Triumph


0 #1 Nosiru Dare Joseph 2017-03-01 18:50
The Truth cannot be upturned, it will surely prevail; as we cannot stand against the truth but for the truth.
Indeed we as Christians need to be more prayerful and more evangelical in our approach towards the wrong and devilish measures of Islam and Muslims. We are however, at the close of age as foretold by our Lord Jesus Christ.
We will prevail by God's grace...

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