Whither the Nigerian Church? No. 16


On the  21st of Dec. 2016 while praying for the nation in Abuja as God had ordered me to be doing since 2006, I dreamt I was in a gathering of a special group of young Nigerians. It seems I was not really supposed to be there because they were a special group of people. It took me time and much effort to be with them. Somehow at last I was able to be in a seat in the back row and the mostly young people were being interviewed one by one majorly to ascertain whether they should be part of the gathering or not. The hall was not large and people gathered there could not be more than fifty.

All of a sudden, a man I believe to be the convener of the meeting pointed his finger at me and this led a camera man at the meeting to aim his camera at me. I stood up and said “It is a special privilege to be part of a gathering of a group of people who have solutions to the problems people are facing and can help to solve such problems.” Then I woke up. Then I prayed and went back to sleep and it seemed the dream continued. I believe God was trying to tell me that the revelations He had been giving me that He would raise the Abus, Ojos,Obis and Tubus (representing all the tribes of Nigeria) into whose hearts He would put His wisdom and knowledge to solve the various problems in various sectors of the Nigerian nation, He will still manifest at His own appointed time. They will be gathered from many nations where talented Nigerians are at this time and He will cause them to work His works. They will not be greedy for money and will shun occultic connections. This will happen after the clearing of the Nigerian terrain of the decimators of the financial and  human resources of the nation. I believe God was letting me to know that I will live to see and celebrate the manifestation of such group of people.

In spite of the above revelations, I have seen, heard and experienced many issues which make my flesh to doubt these revelations. I am writing this current edition with heaviness and trepidation in my heart. Many of my relatives and friends have castigated me for carrying so much burden concerning  the Nigerian church and nation. Some have said that I look haggard and decimated beyond my age. That Nigeria belongs to all of us and that I should stop worrying about what is going on in the nation. However, I have told some of them that it is God that put these burdens in my heart so I can effectively talk, write and most especially, pray about these issues. However, it seems as if the more I talk, write and pray, the more the situation worsens. Before the Boko-Haram insurgency became terrible in Nigeria, God had showed me in the Spirit a woman who He said represent the church, bound with iron rod which God told me represent mammon (love of money) which can only be cut off with fire. God said He was unleashing the Boko-Haram insurgency as the fire to cut off that iron rod of mammon. Also, He had told me about five years ago, that in about fifteen years from then, a South-West state would become the headquarters of Islam if we Christians do not take action to pray for and seriously evangelise the Muslims. However, it seems the more I talk write about and pray about these issues, the more many of us Christians are doing our own thing by pursuing money by hook line and sinker!

Lately, I have seen  and heard about the manifestation of our love of money concerning at least  three major Nigerian groups that God had led me to do prayer walks, crusades etc. concerning their role in this country and the nations. What I see and hear about Ijebu lands, Tiv lands and Igbo lands have caused me to want to give up. Even though these are some of the major Nigerian groups God told me would raise up Christian labourers to finance and evangelise the nations in this End-Time, it appears they are the major groups who in their life style are selling their birthright like Esau did for a mess of pottage. I have gone to do prayer programmes lately in Tiv lands and Ijebu lands and have also lately heard about developments in Igbo lands. It seems that each of these groups are succumbing to the strategies of occultism and Islam because of money. Churches and church-goers in these territories cannot deal with the terribleness of Islam the way they are because many have allowed themselves to be polluted by the occultic forces of the environment and many church-goers have gone into Islam for monetary purpose. For instance, I screamed in anguish when I heard at a Christian organisation meeting about an Igbo man who had for 19 years been a member of a major Pentecostal church who because of money for his business changed into Islam! To make the situation worse, many of my spiritual Igbo friends with whom I have tried to share the above revelation believe I am just bad mouthing Igbo people and peddling false rumours about them all over the place. Even when I tell them that the information on the above issues emanates from the investigations and write-ups of a foremost non-denominational missions organisation which has been in existence for over 40 years with missionaries in many countries of the world, some of them said I was being manipulated and that such an organisation cannot be of God since they carry false rumours. My major reason for telling them is that they should be at alert, monitor their environment prayerfully, evangelise and re-evangelise their people to resist every strategy of Islam so we can rise up together to evangelise nations under the bondage of Islam and other occultic religions as God has commanded us to do.

Also in 2004 when I was going through spiritual attacks in preparation for the crusade in Onitsha, even though I am not an Igbo person and do not speak Igbo language, God gave me an Igbo name: ‘Maduegbunam’ which my Igbo friends said it means ‘No man can kill you’. To reinforce my connectivity to Igbo nation, in May 2006, when God stirred me up to begin a series titled ‘His Word for Now’ which was to outline guidelines for the Nigerian nation on how to handle our call to nations as down loaded to me on Oct. 20, 1994, the first subject matter was given to me in a dream in Igbo language-“Elebe Ndi ugbo no Oginni ne me” which my Igbo brethren translated to mean: “Where are the labourers? What is happening?” I summarise it up to mean that God  sees me as part of the Igbo nation and their call is my call. Their passion to do what they believe is expected to be mine also. God knows that they have passion to travel. Incidentally, I am told, there is hardly any country in the world even Iceland where you would not find an Igbo man. They are expected to use this passion to evangelise nations starting from their home base.

The Tiv nation  which I am told was used of God to stem the flow of Islam to Igboland and was expected to stem the flow of Islam down South as prophesied by late British missionary Pa Elton in 1976, are no longer interested in such assignments as revealed to me when I did a crusade in that land in 2003 and my subsequent visits over the past 13 years to that land are only interested in competing against one another for ministerial recognition and as revealed to me in a vision on 20th Jan. 2017, are sitting down and not moving again concerning the assignment. Also, when I went to a prayer retreat in an Ijebu town recently, I was told that even though there are many Muslims in Ijebu land since Islam came to Ijebu land before Christianity, Muslims are developing strategies to draw the younger generation of children from Christian homes to come to them especially on Sundays when they hold charity programs which causes Christians to abandon going to church to partake of the benefits from such programs. We Christians are meanwhile raising money-focused ministries many times built on occultic foundations in order to draw people and money to ourselves and are not interested in preaching messages that raises true Christians who know the true word of God and are prepared to suffer persecution as Jesus was quoted as saying to His disciples in John 15:20 and emphasised by Apostle Paul in 11 Tim.3:12 (NLT) “ Every one who wants to live a Godly life will suffer persecution.”
I am told that Islam is rapidly expanding its hold over nations. That there are currently about 2 billion Muslims all over the world and are expanding through multiple marriages, breeding of multiple children many of whom are subjected to indoctrination at a very early age of about 2 years. We Christians on the other side only teach our children in Sunday schools to sing and clap hands and we are not teaching them the true word of God since many of the older Christians or church goers do not have the solid word of God but only doctrines on how to be blessed and that since Jesus has suffered for us we don’t have to suffer anymore. Also there are some other issues concerning us Christians that gives me concern. I have heard about how some traditional rulers sold their territories to Islamic land devastators for money. Also how some General Overseers have gone to government houses to plead on the behalf of their financial backers under investigation for fraud. How can we so called Christians deal with and overcome Islam when we are not clean. As I have written in some of my past write-ups, that even though the Nigerian church as some organisations have observed and the Holy Spirit has down loaded into the hearts of many servants of God pray more than many nations of the earth, God has been telling us He cannot hear or answer our prayers because we are dirty.

Also, there is the issue of denominationalism that causes disunity and lack of focus in the body of Christ. When in Dec. 2016 I went to Ilesha to visit sister Ruth Elton, the daughter of late Pa Elton, the British missionary who God had used to declare in the 70s Nigeria’s call to evangelise nations, she said  denominationalism has caused the Nigerian church to lose interest in real missions work. At the age of 83 she is still passionate about missions work in Bassa field in Kogi state. Also, at a recent Reignite meeting of Calvary Missions ministry, the servant of God who ministered said God did not intend the church to walk in denominationalism. That it is carnality, and he said this causes disunity in the body of Christ which PFN, CAN etc. cannot mend. Disunity cracks the defence of the church against the forces of darkness and weakens our fight against Islam and other occultic religions. Another issue that causes disunity is our unnecessary competition against each other for the sake of popularity. Whenever I quote from various Spiritual sources, I acknowledge the source, either by naming the writer, or just stating I got it from  somewhere. When it is a revelation downloaded directly to me by the Holy Spirit, I will say so sometimes mentioning the date, time and how it was given to me by the Holy Spirit. However, I notice that some servants of God appropriate some revelations  to themselves for the sake of popularity. God  has at His disposal billions of people and He can use donkeys, stones and ravens. Let us be careful how we appropriate revelations to ourselves so that we will not miss what He has in store for us individually. Also, many church leaders only want to connect with well known ministers of God also for the sake of popularity. These are some of the issues which causes weakness in the church. With such tainted background, how can we fight against the rampage of Islam and other evil forces? How can we be prepared to declare the message to the nations as God expects us to do?
To conclude this write-up, I will like to pay tribute to a great servant of a great God, Rev. Bisi Orebayo, a former Director of Missions of Foursquare Gospel Church, who died on 19th.Dec. 2016. He was a true encourager of many servants of God who were not necessarily members of his church denomination. I have never been a member of his church denomination and I am not a pastor but a prophetic intercessor. For the past almost ten years since I got connected with him through some missionaries, he had encouraged me, counselled me, prayed with me and for me, and some times financially backed me up. The first major advise he gave me when we first met is that I should seek to always work/walk with God, not just work for Him so I can key into the direction He is taking me in order to be effective in  ministry. He said it is sad that many of us just work for Him and not with Him. This servant of God knew I had no particular church base or premises to display my write-ups. He would collect them, display them, distribute them and also allow me to distribute them to people around him. He did the same for many other Christian writers also. His belief was that the work of God in the hand of His servants must be encouraged. He did not mind the status or denomination they belong to so long as they are God’s servants. I pray that our current church leaders in the country will emulate his life style and orchestrate non denominational unity that will help move forward the call of God on our nation to fulfil God’s assignment in the nations. May his soul rest in perfect peace!

                                                          Yours in Obedience to God’s Assignment,
                                                            Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs)
                                                            M: +2348035619236
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