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Presently, Nigeria stands at the Gate of Time and strategic intercession is required to make the transition into a new season as seamless as possible. It is strongly laid in our heart to mobilise the praying arm of the Remnant Church to pray in this season and stand with the Lord to birth the new season He has ordained for the nation.

1)      Recognise that we are not starting a new Intercession for Nigeria: Men that the God of Heaven recognises their labour and commitment have been praying for Nigeria for more than fifty years.

Men like Pa S.G. Elton, a British missionary that came to Nigeria in the thirties that the Lord used to lay the foundation of the apostolic ministry in Nigeria. Remember also men like Apostle Babalola and other praying fathers.

In more recent times, we have the next generation of Intercessors that have laboured over the nation in prayers for more than fourty years.

Men like Barr. Emeka Nwankpa, Austin Ukachi, Steve Olumiyiwa , John Adejoro-Oluwa and many others too numerous to mention.

Not forgetting praying women like Wailing women, Women Intercessors and many others that are praying night and day in their corners.

Their sacrifices are NOT in vain. The Lord recognises their labours and we are standing as co-builders with them to be the generation that the Lord uses to finish the rebirth of the nation because the appointed time has come.

We are simply standing on the shoulders of these men to be the finisher’s generation because the Lord is saying that the appointed time has come.

2)      How do we know that the appointed time has come?
  1. a)Through prophecy: The Lord spoke to our fathers concerning the prophetic destiny of Nigeria.
  2. In 1986, the Lord said to Pa Elton that Nigeria will go through two seasons in its national life and experience:

Season 1; The nation will be known for corruption all over the world and the name of Nigeria will stink to high heavens.

Season 2; Nigeria will be known for righteousness and the peoples and nations of the world will like to associate with Nigeria and Nigerians.

  1. Apostle Babalola had a prophetic vision where he saw God distributing gifts to the nations of the world, until everything in His basket was finished.

He started weeping that God had forgotten his nation and Africa but the Lord comforted him with these words – That He had something for Nigeria and Nigerians that if they received, the nations of the world will come and bow to them and submit what He had given them to Nigeria. When he asked the Lord what He was talking about, the Lord said to him that if Nigeria would receive the Person of the Holy Spirit, then the nation will enter into unprecedented heights  and also lead the liberation of Africa from bondage.

  1. b)The same Spirit of prophecy (Rev.19:10b) is now saying to prophetic vessels that the Lord has raised for these times that the time to fulfil what was promised the Fathers have come. As it is, the Nation is standing at the Gate of Time. See;
  2. The Messenger’s prophetic vision of September 16, 2016that resulted in the publication of the Book, God’s Eternal Plan for Nigeria (2016, Messenger Publications, ).
  3. The Lord said to the Messenger in a prophetic vision that Year 2017 was a strategic gate into a New Era for Nigeria. (See the Article Year 2017, Spiritual Significance for Nigeria, July Edition of Messenger Magazine. Soft copy available on request if you do not have the Edition).

iii.                The word of the Lord during the waiting Retreat of February 3, 2017and the prophetic action that followed.(See Day 3, 1st Session, Travailing for Nigeria and Africa; Igbesa 2017).

  1. The Strategic Court Session over Nigeria, February 8-12, 2017. (See the Article, State of the Nation – March 2017, Messenger Publications. Also available on Request).
  2. God’s Judgment of Nimrod and Babylon – (See Prophetic Meeting, 11-13 September 2015, Dealing with the Foundations of Nimrod).
3)      How we should pray!!
  1. Prayer of faith – Saying and showing to the Lord that we believe His words spoken through His prophets. (2Chr.20:20b). See also Hab.3:17-19.

Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper!

  1. Prayer of affirmation – Prayer that acknowledges what God has already done, affirms them in faith and gives thanks for their anticipated fulfilment based on the sovereignty of God and the assurance that His word will not fail based on who He is.

iii.                Prophetic Praying: Prayer that listens to the Spirit of God and addresses the issues He is raising at the present time. This entails being tuned into His Spirit, uniting with the Church in heaven (Heb.12:22-24) and being in communion with brethren that have a walk with God. Out of this will follow prophetic actions as the Lord directs.

  1. Declarations of Judgment (Ps.149:4-9).
  2. Issuing Decrees and Commands to the created and Creation (Job 38:12-13).
4)      Who can pray effectively?

People of Covenant, Vows and Sacrifices: Ps.50:1-15. People who have a walk with God. Empty prayers by people of little of no commitment are a waste of time, but the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much.


Recognise that presently, the nation is in a state of ‘deathness.’ One reason for the present state is the nation’s cry to the Lord to save it from unnecessary bloodshed. The result is that even though the tenure of the present administration has been terminated spiritually, the operators because they are men who do not fear God are determined to hang on till the very end, even if they are dragging the nation down in the process. This can only happen in a nation like Nigeria where the leaders have sold their souls to satan.

The Lord is giving us a strategy to mobilise 24 Hours intercession NOW.


Whereby we make this urgent prayer Call: That effective from IMMEDIATELY, the praying arm of the Church should mobilise to cover all the Hours of the night in prayers. I hear the cry of innocent blood being shed in the night seasons and this suggests to me that the sons of belial are making numerous sacrifices to sustain their untenable situation. Babylon is being judged and you can see the play out of the judgment of confusion of tongues (Gen.11:6-9).

We are making this prayer call trusting that praying people can seek the Lord about this and join if you have witness that this is the word of the Lord:


We want to start with Night watches first for this month, and then go from there to Day and Night watches as the occasion may demand. We want to start on the principle of 7 times 7. This means that the Watches will begin to count if we have at least seven people on each watch.

Let us have your feedback in this format.


Preferred watch:

Whatsapp Num:

Email Address:

Affiliation if any: (I don’t want to use the word ‘denomination’).

We need this information to be able to communicate sensitive prayer points and other prayer directions that it will not be prudent to send through general platforms.

Night Watches:
  1. 9Pm – 10Pm.
  2. 10Pm – 11Pm.
  3. 11Pm – 12Mn.
  4. 12Mn – 1Am.
  5. 1Am - 2Am.
  6. 2Am – 3Am
  7. 3Am – 4Am
  8. 4Am – 5Am
  9. 5Am – 6Am.

Let us have your feedbacks on your preferred watch and we can go from there. Circulate this among the Remnant Church including those in the Diaspora.

The New thing that the God of Heaven and the earth has done for our nation is about to manifest and we must partner with Him to birth it seamlessly.

In Christ,



Revival Altar, 10 Nisan, 5777.



To encourage you, I am sending the word of the Lord published by the Gate of Heaven Continental Altar.


05/04/2017, 11:20:56 PM: : 5th April 2017, @ 03:54am........ The Word of the LORD which came unto HIS People after an intercession prayer for the Nation.... Thus Saith The LORD unto all the inhabitants of this Nation - I am Holy and there is none like Me, I am Righteous and no one can be compared unto My Righteousness... Is there anyone who can rise against My purpose and My will for this Nation? Have not seen such a man nor a principal demon under the heavens who can stand to oppose My Will... And so therefore I give you My Word O' ye that are of My fold and have been waiting for the period of certain seasons and that have obtained My Words for your Nation.... I am not a man that should lie neither Am I the son of a man that should repent of all My plans and purposes for this Nation... My mouth has spoken it and I have given you My Word. Stay everly blessed in Me for I am the LORD and I changeth not. Peace 'Amen.

In a moment as thanksgiving was being offered to the LORD for His word that came, @ 04:09 He spoke again...... I keep coming unto you with My Words continually that ye may obtain the strength it will take you in a place of waiting for the fulfilment of My Word..... Stay blessed in Me, do not ever be moved for I am coming unto the people of this Nation and My will shall be accomplished. Stay Blessed in Me. GATE OF HEAVEN CONTINENTAL ALTAR. Benin City. Nigeria.

Messenger’s Comment:

I give witness that this is the Word of the Lord. I know the vessels and they are not frivolous.


0 #1 Sanyu 2017-06-16 02:33
I kindly request for the soft copy of these two articles as I do not have access to the magazine editions.

Thank you

1. Year 2017, Spiritual Significance for Nigeria, July Edition of Messenger Magazine.

2. The Strategic Court Session over Nigeria, February 8-12, 2017. (See the Article, State of the Nation – March 2017, Messenger Publications).

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