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The recent attacks and sacking of many communities in southern Kaduna, Kaduna State by the Fulani herdsmen raises these pertinent questions;

Are the attacks motivated by quest for pasture land or are they motivated by quest for ethnic cleansing/genocide?

Southern Kaduna lawyers support self-defence, warn against Illegal arrest of natives

Southern Kaduna Lawyers Forum has resolved to support their people to defend themselves against the incessant and senseless attacks, carnage and destruction by suspected Fulani herdsmen, following the failure of the state government in its basic and primary duty of providing security to their lives and property as constitutionally mandated.

Why ASUU is On Strike

1. Less than 10% of the universities have Video Conferencing facility.

2. Less than 20% of the universities use Interactive Boards.

3.More than 50% don’t use Public Address System in their lecture OVERCROWDED rooms/theatres.

4. Internet Services are non-existent,or epileptic and slow IN 99% of Nigerian Universities

5. Nigerian Universities Library resources are outdated and manually operated. Book shelves are homes to rats/cockroaches.

Shut Down Sultan Bello Mosque Kaduna Too

On 29 October 2016, I wrote about a violent feud, the previous day, in the Sultan Bello Mosque between the deputy Imam Mallam Ibrahim Isa and the secretary general of Jama'atul Nasril Islam Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu and suggested to the El-Rufai Goverment to shut down the mosque too just like he shut down churches and schools and hospitals belonging to churches, as a result of a feud of this nature. I urged the governor to shut down the mosque, given that he is a Muslim, in order to dispel a widely held notion, among Christians, that he is the Anti-Christ; hater of Christians and the Christian faith in Kaduna state. 


I had thought I would not write another edition of this series this year since I have written within this year alone four editions – Nos. 11, 12, 13, 14. However, I have told many of my encouragers that this assignment belongs to God. These write-ups are not monthly or quarterly editions, but their timings are based on God’s promptings.

Many issues have cropped up lately that directly or indirectly involve the Nigerian church. God has been telling me, especially in the past ten years or more that the activities of the church determine the activities of every sector of the nation.

Plot To Islamize Nigeria Is Real – Prof Ben Nwabueze

Professor Ben Nwabueze has raised alarm over the plot of the president, Muhammadu Buhari, to Islamise the country.

Nwabueze on Wednesday noted that the president’s plot is made evident in the dominance of Muslims in the nation’s security outfits leadership and top political positions.

He noted that the president is bent on Islamising the nation despite the constitutional provision for freedom of religion adding that Buhari has brought Nigeria to its knees.

While answering questions from journalists after he hurried out of the Igbo Leader of Thought, ILT meeting in Enugu, Nwabueze said: “This is a very crucial meeting for us because we have not met for more than a year. And if you look at our agenda, such critical issues for discussion, issues like Islamisation agenda and its impact on the unity of the country.
“Islamisation agenda is real, it’s not something that somebody has just conjured up, it’s there. And it’s been implemented gradually. Look at the security agencies; every aspect of security islamists are in control in its entirety. They are methodically, the way they are going about its implementation. Look at Fulani herdsmen menace, it is part of it. “

From The Heart of an Honest Muslim!

"I am a  Muslim by faith, a Christian by spirit, a Jew by  heart, and above all I am a  human being."

Dr. Hamid is an Egyptian scholar and author of the following  article... 

About 400,000 children under 5yrs to suffer severe acute malnutrition in 3 states – Unicef; 65,000 now live in famine-like conditions in Borno, Nigeria

UNICEF has reviewed its humanitarian appeal for Nigeria from US$ 55 million to US$ 115 million to assist an additional 750,000 people, who can now be reached across conflict-affected areas in North East Nigerian.

The Pale Horse Must Not Be Released

(For Christian consideration)

Let me start by declaring that I am not a prophet. Nevertheless, I wish to invite you to kindly consider the issues stated below. I have no doubt that Nigeria would overcome its travails, due to the mercies of God, but I am apprehensive that it should not get worse, before it gets better.

Of Jehu, Cyrus or Ishmael?-The Buhari Dilemna

President Buhari has been privileged to lead this nation on two occasions both of which has implications for the nation.

The difference is that on his first coming, time was on his side. He was free to do as he willed on the throne and God allowed him for a season until he began to cross a delicate boundary.

On his second coming, time is no longer on his side as God’s purpose for the Nigeria nation beckons. Presently, the mercy of God overshadows the throne of Nigeria and the Lord has released a fierce angel to guard His jealousy, preserve the throne for Himself and His purpose and it is dangerous to exercise the powers of the throne in self will.

Buhari was allowed to come to office to bear the sword of God and execute the judgment of Jehovah. He was shown to me in the spirit receiving the judgment sword that President Jonathan could not weld (because of fear of men), and that sword was given to him to act as God’s agent to judge peoples, institutions and things that are primed for God’s judgment.

The best thing that would have happened to him before assuming office was to have called a genuine servant of God to anoint him for that office even if he chooses to continue with his faith.

I am not sure he did that. Instead what we heard is that he resorted to be clothed in the Bayajiddah anointing which is a manifestation of the spirit of Nimrod.

Add this to the sorcery and immense darkness that was resorted to before bringing him to office. What you have is the double tragedy of darkness and death hovering around him.

If you notice, this administration has been marked by much bloodshed in different guises, lack and despondency. This is not likely to change until the sons of light understand the forces at work and begin to take a united stand on the side of God’s purpose and His kingdom.

I will attempt to use three pictures in the bible to paint the unfolding scenario and offer suggestions on what the Church needs to do to avert the looming danger. These three pictures apply to Buhari in varying degrees. They are like forces pulling him to different tips in a game of tripod and the point that tips the scale will determine his end.

JEHU: A son of Jehoshaphat, son of Nimshi who God told Elijah to anoint as king over Israel and avenger. Once anointed by a protégé of Elijah, Jehu goes on his foretold rampage, kills Jehoram of Israel and dumps his body on an open field. Then Jehu gives chase to the incumbent king of Judah and has him killed too; proceeds to Jezreel and executes Jezebel by having her thrown out of the window. Then he kills the seventy sons of Ahab, the fourty two sons of Ahaziah and all remaining priests of Baal found in Israel.

Buhari was given the sword of Jehu, to execute judgment against all those who have earned God’s judgment especially in the realm of politics and governance. As long as he bears this sword in righteousness and justice as the sword of God, he will prolong his days in office and extend the possibility of serving out the term that Nigerians have given him.

We need to sincerely evaluate whether he is doing this and welding the judgment sword as the sword of God.

CYRUS: The Cyrus anointing is the grace that God gives to a heathen king to act in furtherance of God’s purpose especially in rebuilding His house, freeing His people and advancing His purposes.

God has a purpose for the Nigerian nation which the present structure of the nation cannot carry. God’s sole purpose for bringing President Jonathan to the throne was to clear the way for rebuilding the foundation of the Nation by laying a new constitutional framework for the country.

Jonathan delayed this until the last minute and this is one of the reasons God took the throne from him.

One thing that would have saved Buhari is the discernment of divine purpose. He would have prospered if he pursued this agenda and lays a new constitutional framework for the nation. It appears he is completely averse to that and this may yet be his undoing.

The only justification for Cyrus enjoying the grace of God and his protection on the throne is if he serves the purposes of God and the people of God.

This does not seem to be happening under this dispensation. Instead, the evidence we have on ground is that Islamists have received boldness to pursue a divisive scheme that will not augur well for a multi cultural nation like Nigeria.

We have recently been touring the northern states and everywhere we went in the north, we saw systemic persecution and marginalisation of Christians that one would never believe would be allowed to thrive in Nigeria. In the midst of all that, the government says nothing and does nothing.

I hear certain Christians speak in terms of the President being a kind of Cyrus, but methinks he is not a Cyrus who opposes the counsel of God concerning His people and His house.

ISMAEL: Eldest son of Abraham by his concubine Hagar; born when Abraham was eighty-six years of age (Gen. 16: 15, 16).

In Rabbinical Literature, the name of Ishmael is an allusion to God's promise to hear the complaints of Israel whenever it suffered at the hands of Ishmael.

The biblical picture painted of Ismael is that of a wild one and a fighter. And he will be a wild man, his hand will be against everyman and everyman’s hand against him.(Gen.16:12).

The spiritual force that brings together all who bear this sword today is Islam.


In the context of our discussion, if Jehu’s sword in the hands of President Buhari is allowed to become a sword of Ismael, it portends great danger.

I have concerns that things are tilting in this direction.

Firstly, on 26th September last year, I was brought into the visions f God and shown a vision of a conspiracy to hijack his presidency to pursue an Islamic agenda. (See Page 131-133 of our book, God’s Eternal Plan for Nigeria).

I was concerned when the events I was shown played out some months later when the President travelled to Saudi Arabia and visited the Khaba.

I believe that the transaction that took place in this event changed the sword of Jehu that the Lord appointed for him into a sword of Ismael.



We must own up that this dispensation would not have been without the active co-operation of Christians. Some out of ignorance and some out of selfish motives supported the emergence of Buhari as Nigeria’s president.

We must now take responsibility to watch over him on the throne by praying aright and in line with God’s purpose.


I am not among the number of believers who are praying that somehow he will die so that his Vice who is a Christian can take over. I think that is witchcraft and pure wickedness.

I wish him well, but I also know that God has NOT given it to him to bring answers to the nation’s problems. The Bible says, a man can receive NOTHING except what has been given to him from above (Jn.3:27).


The only grace he has is to weld the judgment sword but if that sword should become the sword of Ismael as I am afraid it is becoming, then danger looms.



The Lord is asking us to mobilise the Church for a Solemn Assembly by October next year around the time of Israel’s Feast of Atonement.

In obedience to the Lord, we have been travelling to the different zones in the country to inform the Church and the Nation of God’s Eternal Plan for Nigeria.

The National Solemn Assembly is now scheduled for the 15th of October 2016 in Abuja. We will publish details later. Please pray along with us and if the Lord grants it to you to support the event in any way, you can contact us. This season calls for prayers and for the sons of Issachar to arise.


The word I am hearing in my spirit are not palatable. I am not even praying it yet:


And thou his son, O Belshazzar, hast not humbled thine heart, though thou knewest all this; 23But hast lifted up thyself against the Lord of heaven; and they have brought the vessels of his house before thee, and thou, and thy lords, thy wives, and thy concubines, have drunk wine in them; and thou hast praised the gods of silver, and gold, of brass, iron, wood, and stone, which see not, nor hear, nor know: and the God in whose hand thy breath is, and whose are all thy ways, hast thou not glorified: 24Then was the part of the hand sent from him; and this writing was written. 

25. And this is the writing that was written, MENEMene, MENEMene, TEKELTekel, UPHARSINUpharsin. 

26. This is the interpretation of the thing: MENEMene; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. 

27. TEKELTekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. 

28. PERESPeres; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.



1)      Issue a Decree of watchers restraining the President from exceeding the boundaries drawn for him by the Lord.

2)      Issue a Decree commanding him to drop the sword of Ismael and bear only the sword of Jehu which is God’s purpose for him.

3)      Decree that his government will not answer to the wishes of the Islamic world and other enemies of Nigeria including the international community.

4)      Declare that God’s timetable for bringing His David to the throne will stand.

5)      Command the mornings to execute the Job38:13 decree against all the wicked that have taken him hostage.


May the Lord grant it to us to do the needful.s

In Christ,



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Revival Altar 17-9-16.

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