Re: Prophecy on South West - Should There Be Cause for Concern?

In the article, "Nigeria - What Next?" ( a prophecy was carried that called for prayers for the South West. Does the article below, written by Ola B., add urgency to the prayer request?

When Events Don't Turn Out the Way You Expect, What do You do?

There is no doubt that many Christians, including myself, are disturbed and shocked with the outcome of the last presidential elections.

Election Postscript

God does nothing for the Church outside UNITY. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Lk. 11:17.

2015 Election: What is at Stake?

I hasten to  submit  that  what the Fight  is all about has little, if anything, to do with Corruption, Insecurity or Poverty.  If corruption,security and poverty  are the issues,

Election Postponement is a Big Relief

I have been thoroughly benumbed by the furore and the hullabaloo being raised by a couple of Nigerians and 'interested' Foreigners following INEC's postponement of the Elections by Six weeks. I am yet to fully understand how this really hurts anybody too badly and how it creates undeserved advantage for one party and deserved disadvantage for another Party.

Let Us Be Fair: Jonathan Has Done Well on Economy

There can never be a perfect Leader.

Most leaders do well in certain respects and fail in other respects. Also we may never all agree even on one area the leader has done well or has not done well. It all depends on the criteria for assessment.

INEC is Biased

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2015 Elections: Critical Competencies for Political Leadership

In a couple of weeks now, we shall be required to make choices concerning Nigerian Political leadership at the Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senatorial, National and State Representative levels. It is going to be a major exercise that will affect the destiny of our Country, States and legislative constituencies. For me it is a sacred duty that must not be treated with levity.

2015: Between Liberation and Slavery

2015 Presidential Election Issues
After that historical backgrounder, I shall now examine 4 election issues, the two on everybody’s mind —Corruption and Insecurity, with insecurity in the two forms of Boko Haram and The Fulani militia, plus two others that are not but should be on everybody’s mind namely, the 1999 Constitution—hereafter referred to as the Constitution; and Candidate Buhari.  So all in all I shall examine 5 distinct election issues: Corruption; Boko Haram; The Fulani Militia; the 1999 Constitution; Candidate Buhari.

1 Meal A Day: Who is Deceiving Nigerians?

"1 Meal A Day for children in public primary schools. That is real Change". 

The above statement is one of the many promises that Mr. Muhammadu Buhari has made in his bid to be our President, the fourth time around.

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