Enugu State Governor Lied on the Fulani Herdsmen Killings

The story Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu state told the public about the massacre was false with intent to hide the truth and deceive the public. I will try as much to give account of what transpired and why Ifeanyi should be held responsible for failing to stop or minimize the causalities of that attack. Let us not be easy and quick to be deceived.

1. Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi lied when he stated that he did not call the president, Muhammadu Buhari. In fact he called the president on two different occasions. The first time he called the president was when he heard that the attackers had arrived their vicinity. In a desperate effort to quell the planned attack he immediately placed a call to the president. His call was answered but he was put on hold for 45 minutes.

2. The governor was notified that the herdsmen had arrived and were camped at the hilltop in Uzo-Uwani. This information was conveyed to the governor by a retired Col.(name withheld).

3. The herdsmen men were in their vicinity for 8 days before the attack.

4. There was negotiation between the governor’s team and the terrorists. The facilitator of that negotiation is the Sarkin Hausa in Enugu. The governor was so naïve not to discover that the Sarkin Hausa was a double agent.

5. It was after the governor found out that the negotiation was not going his way that he convened his security meeting which included but not limited to the SSG, commissioner of police Enugu state, the army, the officers of civil defence, the state attorney and other dignitaries in the state.

6. On the 7th day it was obvious that no entreaties or persuasion could make the herdsmen not to strike that the governor now placed a call to the GOC of 82 Division of Nigeria army in Enugu. The Gen. asked him to report to the president and get his order.

7. Frustrated by this response the governor again called the Inspector general of police to order his men to protect the Uzo-Uwani people from attack. The IGP also referred to the matter to the president.

8. Upon information that the army stationed at Enugu were coordinating with the attackers, the governor then placed a call to COAS, Gen. Burutai for help to stop the attack. The Gen. told Ifeanyi that his order comes from the president only.

9. Frustrated the governor made the last call to the president. This time his call was answered but was again placed on hold for 1hr 45 minutes. Frustrated the governor hung up and then called the Sarkin Hausa in Enugu.

10. The Sarkin Hausa was then sent to meet with the herdsmen. This time it was about 7pm of the 7th day. Sarkin Hausa sent message to the governor that the herdsmen have agree not to strike. Satisfied with a hive of relief the governor went to sleep.

11. Meanwhile the community leaders of Uzo Uwani were aware of the presence of the attackers 8 days prior to the attack. 

12. They were aware of the negotiations. In spite of their knowledge of the presence of the enemies they did nothing to protect themselves.

Now with this information how can we excuse the governor on the basis of fake tears and pretended repentance? Questions arise as to why the governor did not go public as soon as he heard of the presence of the herdsmen? Why didn’t he empower to youths to prepare to defend their land? Why didn’t he tell the public the efforts he had made but met with no response from all quarters? How could he accept to dialogue or negotiate with criminals and terrorist who invaded his land? 

Now the police commissioner has been made the victim of that sorry massacre why? It is because the governor is hell scared to mention the role of the presidency and the involvement of the army. In fact it was the 82 division of Nigerian army in Enugu that coordinated the attack. The attackers arrival was seen by many. Their Hilux truck was marked and they moved free in the community asking questions about individuals and routes. They village knew they were strangers and the leaders knew their mission. Why make the police commissioner escape goat?

Fact is if the police commissioner, Mr Ekechukwu Nwaido is complacent in a criminal way, why not arrest him and put him on trial? If he were guilty as we were told why not fire him from police force? Even as I write police is still insisting that Mr. Ekechukwu is still in service with the force. 

How about the Sarkin Hausa in Enugu who has contacted him to get what he knew? Who is protecting him? If the IGP, the GOC, the CAOS all refused to act, why expect a mere police commissioner to act? Can’t you see how ridiculous the whole story of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is? 

I am insisting that the people of Enugu and the entire Igbo people domicile in Enugu to march to Enugu government house and demand for the resignation of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. He failed woefully in his primary responsibility as a governor to protect the lives of his people. The fact that he has secretly negotiated a grazing route for the Fulanis is further evidence that he was boxed to a corner by his selfishness. 

We the electorate must make it a condition for electing future governors only those who oppose the grazing route rubbish. If you want our votes in the future you must identify with us on this. No time for playing with kids glove.

- See more at: http://elombah.com/index.php/opinion/6826-enugu-state-governor-lied-on-the-fulani-herdsmen-killings#sthash.C2IOQgK3.dpuf

A Nation in Search of Peace and Unity

The National Christian Elders Forum, (NCEF) haven studied a petition written by a Concerned Citizen about the activities of the intelligence services in Nigeria and haven taken a global look on events in the country, is of the opinion that a Jihad has been launched in Nigeria since 1975, when General Yakubu Gowon was overthrown and the intelligence service is being used to promote Islamist ideology in the nation.

Christians and Islamic Jihad in Nigeria

Since the inauguration of the National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) we have learnt a lot about the history of Nigeria, and from our research we are of the firm belief that an Islamic Jihad has been taking place since 1975 when General Yakubu Gowon was overthrown. It is the desire of the NCEF that this Jihad should stop. And, for this to happen all barriers erected by the British and the Islamists, should be pulled down and bridges built in their places.

Weapons Win Jihads But It Takes Ideas To Win The Peace

Christians have no choice but to transform CAN into an established Organization for the promotion and protection of Christianity in Nigeria in the face of the threat of Islamism otherwise known as – Political Islam, which has no single creed or political manifesto but certain common beliefs such as that (1) Nigerian Society should be reconstructed in line with the Religious principles and ideals of Islam.

The Future of Nigeria

Let me start this auspicious article in this manner. On Friday11th march 2016 before 3am while in pain talking to God (for suddenly calling my beloved friend, companion and wife home on Wednesday 3rd February 2016) I had a spiritual encounter via a dream. 

I saw a very sloppy brown coloured mountainous rock with a lot of green vegetation and growth. I saw little dogs, sheep, antelopes and lions all playing and skipping together on the rock. As I watched from afar, it was a marvel to me. Suddenly I was in a living room of a house with American preacher John Haggee and other white folks and they shared the word of God, I listened to them intently in the corner where I sat. Then John Haggee said, “Tell Nigeria that GU, BUIK and many USA Corporations want to come and set up but not until you have at the presidential palace SARAI birds that fly and take snapshot.

Buhari and Governors agree on ranches to end Herdsmen and Farmer Clashes

Jos – President Muhammadu Buhari and the state governors have agreed that ranches should be established to address incessant farmers/herdsmen clashes instead of grazing reserves, Gov. Simon Lalong of Plateau, has disclosed.

The Completion of Othman Danfodio's Jihad

Madam Sarah Danladi 45 served her husband the Local Beans popularly known as
Waken Gida a delicacy popular in Southern Part of Kaduna State. She and her
husband and 6 Children went to bed that evening quite early. Unknown to Sarah
that was the last time she would see her family.
Sarah could not sleep that night while her husband and Children where fast
asleep. At around 10 pm she felt like to ease herself but she decided to stay put
maybe sleep will come and she would forget about the call of nature. Some few
minutes to 11pm she could no longer hold it and she silently went out. Instead of
going into the Bathroom / Toilet located some few feet from her room she
decided to enter into the Corn Farm just by her room.
As she was easing herself, she heard some movements in the farm opposite
where she was and the movement was getting closer and louder. She was curious
what it was and all of a sudden she saw a tall figure came out with something
that look like a Gun. Before she could blink her eyes they became 6 figures all
holding machetes and Gun. One of them whispered something in a Language she
does not understand and 3 charged into their house the door was sure open
because she is outside. One of the 3 outside set fire on their 2 bans where they
store their grains. She then heard the 'tat ra tat ra tat tat tat' sound typical of a
Kalashnikov she looked up to see the other compound north of their house it's
already in flames, the next West of their compound was also in flames . She
decided to lie-down low in the farm until morning.
That was the longest night she ever experienced in her life it seems morning will
never come. She got some respite from her long wait for morning when the cock
crowed. At around 5:30 am she developed some boldness and decided to come
out of hiding going into her house she decided to check her Children who were all
sleeping in a room they were all dead in pool of their blood. She checked her
room her husband too gone , dead. She could not hold herself any longer she
Unknown to Madam Sarah other villages such as Me-sankwai, Tekum and
Ungwan Gatah were also attacked and it was simultaneous at 11pm. The
Operation took 3 hours and no Single security in form of Soldiers or Police came
for their help. 100 people Babies, Children, Young and Old lost their lives that
night many roasted while sleeping in their homes that night of March 2014 in
those villages in Moroa Chiefdom of Kaduna State.
Many villagers when they were asked said they don't know why the Fulanis did
that. They said if the Fulanis have problem with them why didn't they come for
dialogue? But how would they even have dialogue when you don't know who you
are going to talk to?
The Fulani massacre have today taken another Dimension. They kill at will and
claim they stole their cows. ..Imagine the fabricated lies. If your cows are stolen
are you not confident of a regime headed by a Fulani man, can't you report to the
appropriate authorities. It was reported that 1.3m Middle belters have moved from
their ancestral homes due to this attacks by both Fulanis and Boko Haram.
The Fulanis have a Motive. Read this:
On October 2nd 2014, Alhaji Aliyu Gwarzo, a prominent Fulani leader from Kano,
said the following words to Point Blank News Magazine. He said,
"when I say that the Presidency must come to the north next year I am referring to
the Hausa-Fulani core north and not any northern Christian or Muslim minority
The Christians in the north such as the Berom, the Tiv, the Kataf, the Jaba, the
Zuru, the Sayyawa, the Bachama, the Jukun, the Idoma and all the others are
nothing and the muslim minorities in the north, including the Kanuri, the Nupe, the
Igbira, the Babur, the Shuwa Arabs, the Marghur and all the others know that when
we are talking about leadership in the north and in Nigeria, Allah has given it to
us, the Hausa-Fulani.
They can grumble, moan and groan as much as they want but each time they go
into their bedrooms to meet their wives and each time they get on their prayer
mats to begin their prayers, it is we the Fulani that they think of, that they fear,
that they bow to and that they pray for.
Some of them are even ready to give us their wives and daughters for one night's
sport and pleasure. They owe us everything. This is because we gave them Islam
through the great Jihad waged by our father the great Usuman Dan Fodio.
We also captured Ilorin, killed their local King and installed our Fulani Emir. We
took that ancient town away from the barbarian Yoruba and their filthy pagan
gods. We liberated all these places and all these people by imposing Islam on
them by force.
It was either the Koran or the sword and most of them chose the Koran. In return
for the good works of our forefathers Allah, through the British, gave us Nigeria to
rule and to do with as we please. Since 1960 we have been doing that and we
intend to continue.
No Goodluck or anyone else will stop us from taking back our power next year. We
will kill, maim, destroy and turn this country into Africa’s biggest war zone and
refugee camp if they try it.
Many say we are behind Boko Haram. My answer is what do you expect? We do
not have economic power or intellectual power. All we have is political power and
they want to take even that from us.
We must fight and we will fight back in order to keep it. They have brought in the
infidels from America and the pigs from Israel to help them but they will fail. The
war has just begun, the Mujaheddin are more than ready and by Allah we shall
If they don’t want an ISIS in Nigeria then they must give us back the Presidency
and our political power. Their soldiers are killing our warriors and our people every
day but mark this: even if it takes one hundred years we will have our revenge.
Every Fulani man that they kill is a debt that will be repaid even if it takes 100
years. The Fulani have very long memories.".
Men like Alhaji Aliyu Gwarzo have clearly become prisoners of their own vain
fantasies and dark delusions. They represent the ''Chief Whip'' or ''the heavy
muscle'' within the Fulani ruling class.
They are direct, crude, threatening and vulgar and they come across like boastful
bullies and motor-park touts.
Yet despite this they must be taken very seriously because they represent an
increasingly powerful and strong-willed tendency within the circles of caliphate
power and the Fulani ruling elite.
A slightly more refined yet equally eloquent testimony of their battle-ready
temperement and mindset was provided by none other than President
Muhammadu Buhari himself in 2013 when he said that if what happened in 2011
during the Presidential elections happens again in 2015 and he ends up losing to
President Goodluck Jonathan, who happens to be a southern Cristian, ''the dog
and the baboon will both be soaked in blood". His words are few yet his point was
well understood.
Finally let us consider the contribution of the respected elder statesman, Alhaji
Lawal Kaita, to the discourse when he said, before the Presidential election in
2011, that ''power must return to the north otherwise we (meaning northerners)
would make the country ungovernable''.
Jonathan went ahead to win the election and Lawal Kaita and co. went ahead to
honor their word: from 2011 till 2015, make the country ungovernable they
certainly did.
These are shocking and deeply troubling contributions from these Fulani leaders
and the import of their insidious threats are self-evident. They need no further
analysis or explanation here.
In the light of all this one thing remains clear: it is time for us to do whatever it is
that we must do to save our country and if those that believe that they own it
refuse to be reasonable and fair to the rest of us, perhaps we should consider the
possibility of redefining her.
********Most Nigerians including those affected in Kaduna , Plateau , Nassarawa ,
Benue and Taraba are in denial about what is going on and some are just too
intimidated and cowardly to acknowledge the problem let alone to speak out or to
attempt to resist it.
After Olu Falaye's Kidnap:just 1 Yoruba man we saw a strong worded warning
from Afenifere to the Presidency. Ondo State recently gave a strong warning to
any Fulani found causing trouble in that state. More than 300 killed in Agatu and
no any strong word from any of you? This is rather absurd. We need to see a
strong delegation from the Middlebelt lead by people like TY Danjuma, David Mark,
David Jonah Jang, Jerry Gana and Zamani Lekwot to the Presidency warning in
strong terms these Fulani atrocities.
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Dissecting The Fulani National Grazing Reserve Bill [MUST READ]

There is a Bill before the Nigerian National Assembly that has successfully scaled through second reading in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, which deserves very close scrutiny by all Nigerians. The international community should also be interested in this Bill because of the magnitude of the internal crises that the Bill could create with attendant spill-over effects if passed. All that is left in the legislative process to make it a law is 3rd Reading, that is, a clause by clause debate and then assent by the President.

Is this Islamization of Christian Children?

Comments: I have attached some very controversial portions of the curriculum as it relates to religion. It is rather unfortunate that this curriculum was approved by President Goodluck Jonathan's administration who is supposed to be a Christian from the South-South when Prof. Mrs Ruqayyatu Ahmed Rufa'i was minister of Education. It is more annoying that Chief (Barr) Ezenwo Nyesom Wike was the Honourable Minister of State for Education at the time or approval. Wike is the current Governor of Rivers State, another Christian from the South-South and to worsen matters, the document was signed by Prof Godwill Obioma: a Christian Iboman!!

Continued Genocide of Fulani Herdsmen

ENUGU—Tension is brewing in Owa community in Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu State where a Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Aniako Celestine, priest in charge of St. Joseph Catholic Church, Ukana, Udi Local Government Area was kidnapped by suspected Fulani herdsmen Saturday evening on his way from his home town, Ezeagu.

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