I am writing this current edition with much heaviness in my spirit because of what I have observed and experienced during my most recent visit to the UK concerning my God given mandate dated Aug. 2010 to deliver His judgment message to the UK concerning their apostasy. Even though many people said I should just put the message on the internet and forget about it and also because God had given similar messages to late Wilkerson the author of the Sword and the Switchblade in the 70s and an Israeli prophet, Lance Lambert in Aug. 2011, God insisted in my own case that I should hand deliver it and pray that He should speedily carry out the judgement to cause the UK people to be stampeded to come back to Him to stem the flow to hell of the descendants of those who have served Him and suffered martyrdom in nations.

Progress of the Jihad in Nigeria

Perhaps for a very good reason, President Muhammadu Buhari, the Sultan of Sokoto, Saád Abubakar, and a Maiduguri-based Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ibrahim Saleh recently made the list of the world’s 50 most influential Muslim leaders. The Muslim 500, an annual publication of the World’s 500 most influential Muslims, recognised the three Nigerian leaders in its 7th edition published late last year.
The publication measured influence some Muslims have on other Muslims to include: any person who has the power (be it cultural, ideological, financial, political or otherwise) to make a change that will have a significant impact on the Muslim world. The impact could be either positive or negative, depending on one’s point of view, it said.

4 Stages of Islamic Conquest by Civilus Defendus,




Muslims begin moving to non-Muslim countries in increasing numbers and the beginning of cultural conflicts are visible, though often subtle.

First migration wave to non-Muslim “host” country.Appeal for humanitarian tolerance from the host society.Attempts to portray Islam as a peaceful & Muslims as victims of misunderstanding and racism (even though Islam is not a ‘race’).High Muslim birth rate in host country increase Muslim population.Mosques used to spread Islam and dislike of host country & culture.Calls to criminalize “Islamophobia” as a hate crime.Threatened legal action for perceived discrimination.Offers of “interfaith dialogue” to indoctrinate non-Muslims.

GLOBAL 40 DAY FASTING AND PRAYER FOR NIGERIA – 23rd August – 1st October 2017

The Calvary Hephzibah Full Gospel Church in Manchester, Britain, in Collaboration with 4-Square Gospel Church Asokoro Abuja and King's Mission Centre, Lagos, is calling on all Nigerian Christians to join in a Global 40 Day Prayer and Fasting for Nigeria.

The situation in Nigeria demands Divine intervention. As Christians, we need to unite and cry out to The Lord to intervene in the situation in our Country. The nation is facing, on the one hand, the surreptitious, steady, and unrelenting plan to Islamize Nigeria, and on the other hand we have corruption in the highest places to contend with, kidnapping left and right, and many other societal ills.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Plan to Take-Over America

The Muslim Brotherhood's strategic 30-year plan for taking over America from within was a closely-guarded secret until the FBI raided a house in Annandale, Virginia, where agents found a disturbing bundle of documents containing a blueprint for the Muslim takeover of our country. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we must do everything in our power to expose what's going on, as startlingly, these American-hating vermin are in the final phase of their 5-step plan to destroy our country.

The North, Which North?

We have lived with this myth for far too long. We have tolerated and accepted this political deception for as long as anyone can remember. But the myth has to be exposed for what it really is. The lie must be consigned to the dustbin.  The mask has been removed. For too long people speak of Hausa-Fulani. The truth, of course, is that the so called Hausa Fulani as a person or human being does not exist. You cannot be Ijaw-Igbo or Hausa-Gwari. You are either an Ijaw or an Igbo! As closely related the Isokos and Uhrobos are you cannot have an Isoko-Uhrobo as a person. Egbas and Ijebus are within the same linguistic bracket, but you do not have an Ijebu-Egba. You are either Ijebu or Egba. In the same vein, you are either Hausa or Fulani. You cannot be both!

Whither the Nigerian Church? No. 14

I am writing this current Newsletter for the sake of real Christians especially leaders of the church in Nigeria and the nations. My intention is not to scare believers and hinder them from doing God’s work but they should be totally obedient to their calling. This edition will mostly zero into my calling and personal experiences about things of God. I know some people will say, “here she goes again, can’t this woman who is over 70 years of age, leave the global spiritual issues to the younger generation of Christians?  In any case Jesus is coming soon and what will happen will happen anyway,”

Calling Middle-Belt Governors To Pull Out Of The So-called “19 Northern Governors”

At the advent of state creation in 1967, an Interim Common Services Agency (ICSA) was established ostensibly to manage the common assets of the states of the defunct Northern Region. The Agency wound up in 1970. We should have been talking of states and zonal political structures and not the defunct North.

The Agitation For Middle-Belt Region Will Not Go Away

The Middle-Belt Region is the host and home to Rivers Niger and Benue in Nigeria. It is interspersed by upland and broad valleys and plateau and covered by high grass – law savannah and acacia – tall grass savannah and, acacia – desert grass savannah. It is almost of the same latitude between the North and South of Nigeria. It stretches from the Western to the Eastern longitude of Nigeria.

Many Problems of the Middle-Belt Region

Nigeria is a country of amalgamated ethnic nationalities forged by the British to form the country known today as Nigeria. The ethnic nationalities were not given the opportunity to choose the terms of the union. Even when the opportunity offered itself through the Willinks Commission in 1957/58, the ethnic nationalities seized it and expressed their desire and demanded autonomy – socio-political and economic autonomy. Again, they were denied by the foreign and local colonial powers of the time.

Whither the Nigerian Church (Part 12)

This current edition of my News letter in this series emanates from the burden God puts in my heart concerning the Nigerian church ; the governmental, economic and social terrain of the nation. Anyone conversant with the materials from this ministry will  know they are offshoots of the vision that God gave to me in Oct 1994 that, He wants to use Nigeria –her  human, material and natural resources, to propel the nations into His kingdom in this End-Time. When God instructed me to start these series, He called it- Searchlight into the Activities of the Nigerian Church. He gave me the concept of the main title which is ‘Whither the Nigerian Church’?

The Oxford advanced learners dictionary defines ‘whither’ as a question as to what place or state of something and what is the likely future of that concept. This means that God is asking a search into the state of the church in Nigeria and what is her likely future. Where is she moving into? I have tried over the past few years from the year 2007 when God caused me to start the series to monitor the physical and spiritual state and movement of the church relative to what God wants her to be. Like I stated in the last edition, I quoted what God caused me to say in a dream on 6th Sept. 2015 that, my intentions is to monitor physically and spiritually every enterprise and organization (including churches) in Nigeria and to see that they conform to God’s intention for their existence.

As I have declared through the previous eleven (11) editions in this series, much of the Nigerian church is not moving in the direction God wants her to go either in Nigeria or the nations.  God wants to use Nigerians in the nations. However, like any vessel that must be used to achieve a particular goal, she must be well developed, tested and refined before it / she can be released to fulfil her purpose, otherwise that vessel will be a disgrace to its manufacturer.

God wants to use the Nigerian church in the nations and she needs to observe and study the terrain of her operations within and outside the country. The British and Europeans brought the gospel to Nigeria in the 18th and 19th centuries. Now they have become apostate (rejecting the gospel of Jesus Christ.) They have veered into demonic religions like Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism etc. Many of them have settled for what is termed NEW AGE which embodies all religious concepts or no religion at all.  God is not happy about this and that is why He caused me to declare from Aug. 2010 His judgment message on UK’s apostasy and had insisted I should not pray against it, that He will not hear such prayers. To be sure that the message was well publicized, He gave a similar message of judgment on the UK to an Israeli prophet in Aug. 2011 a year after He gave it to me.

I have tried to deliver the message with much difficulty to the British especially the Nigerians; the ones God intends to use to re-evangelize the UK out of her apostasy. I developed some prayer concepts to pray the UK out of her apostasy. But God cautioned me in 2014 that, He wanted me to emphasize the judgment message and place less emphasis on the distribution of the prayer handbills. Even when He showed me pictures of the decay of some high profile enterprises in the UK, He discouraged me from praying concerning them. God said that Nigeria is the trigger point of the gun to shoot out the gospel to the nations, but from my observation we are the ones polluting the gospel further in the nations.

My major reason for writing this current edition of the Newsletter, emanates from what I have seen and heard about events in the nations especially Europe at this time. I know many people will say this is the ‘End-Time’ and God has foretold about the upheaval and carnage that will take place in the nations in this End-Time before Jesus’ return to earth. Yes, it is true God had revealed it to me and many prophets of His. However, He is the same one urging us to preach the gospel to unbelievers across the nations including Europe.

Over the past two decades or more, many Arab Muslims migrated to Europe. They created their Islamic enclave in each of the countries they migrated into. Since the people of their host countries have become majorly apostate over the same period, there was no way these host countries will evangelize these migrants. The migrants have over the decades given birth to children, trained them in their Islamic religion and these new generation of European Arabs have been recruited into Islamic fundamentalism within and outside their European host countries and are now being used to terrorize, bomb and destroy key areas of Europe where they grew up in order to conform to the jihadist concept of Islam. For example, I learnt there are more Muslims and occultist in France than Christians and church goers. How can these evangelize Muslims and prevent the present carnage? I discovered as I highlighted in my UK saga No.7 that non Arab Caucasian and even Nigerians in the UK and Europe are being led to practice Islam and veer into fundamentalist Islam. So what is the solution?

I will start from examining the situation by refocusing on the Nigerian nation especially the church since God had told me in Oct. 1994 that it is this nation and its church He wants to use to propel the nations back to Him in this End-Time. What is wrong with us? What is wrong with our church? Anyone conversant with my write-ups will note that I have alluded to the fact that the Nigerian church has allowed itself to be overcome by the gates of hell. Some people will say, ‘God forbid!’ That the Bible says; “that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.’ (Matt.16:18).

However, it was while I was praying for Nigeria in Abuja, as led by God on Jan.29, 2007 that I heard an audible voice in the Spirit which said to me “Why don’t you highjack and pull down at least one of the gates of hell that is prevailing against the church in Nigeria?” I was puzzled since I had never given a thought to that concept. I phoned many of my spiritual friends to ask the question –what are the gates of hell? Nobody was able to tell me. It was the Holy Spirit Himself that answered my question by saying that the first and most important one is ‘Deception’.

He later added others which I have listed in some of my write-ups - ‘Prayer for the Republic of Nigeria.’ I decided to check the dictionary to give me the meaning of these gates of hell. (The Oxford dictionary,) states that deception is, ‘action of deceiving or being deceived or tricked’. It defines covetousness as having a strong desire to possess especially something that belongs to somebody else.  Laziness is, ‘being unwilling to work or doing as little work as possible.’ Manipulation is defined as control or influencing somebody or something by clever or unfair means. Witchcraft is defined as the use of magic powers especially evil ones. It also defined self-righteousness, as feeling or acting as if one believes one is always right. Materialism is defined as tendency to be more interested in material possessions, physical comforts etc. than in Spiritual values. Immorality is also defined as not following accepted standards. Bad, wicked e.g. stealing. These are just a few of the twenty or more concepts the Holy Spirit told me are prevailing against the church in Nigeria.

They can be summarized as lifestyle orchestrated by the devil. Incidentally, a high percentage of the people who have been discovered to have stolen Nigerian funds and obtained money illegally through ghost workers concept are Christians or church goers. Many of them are being manipulated to do so by the teaching in the churches. God caused me to know that much of the Nigerian church within and outside the country is not walking in integrity. The dictionary says, integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, the condition of being whole and not divided.

As I shared in the UK saga No.7 and the No.11 of this series about the angelic visitation I had while I was in the UK where I said God emphasized to me that the church needs to walk in integrity to make spiritual impact in the nations. The End-Time is here. Jesus is coming soon and I am burdened by what I have observed in the nations especially Nigeria and her church. Deception, manipulation and witchcraft, covetousness and idolatry seem to be on the increase.

The devil is on the rampage and is causing the rise into prominence ministries using occultic powers, water spirits etc. to gather people. For instance, some churches are advising women who are of marriageable age and are not married to use things like water, salt, buckets etc. some to be given to old women so they can get husbands. I believe that this is veering into water spirit control. Also, because of disobedience and lack of confidence in the promises of God, many Christians are not doing what God wants them to do. Therefore demonic spirits which have been ousted from some areas of the country are coming back to the areas at a greater level.

I have just returned from a Conference in Makurdi, capital of Benue state of Nigeria where I re emphasized  the call on the people of that state even as foretold by late Pa Elton to evangelize the nations starting from the Northern part of the country. The people have largely ignored that call. Therefore, the demons God had used me to pray against when I first went there in 2003 are back on the rampage and causing lack of cooperation and focus by the so called men of God in the area. It is also causing the devastation of the area by evil forces including the so called Fulani herdsmen.

Concerning the church as a whole, it seems the current concept that seems to be prevailing in the church is what is termed ‘Networking’. Many existing and upcoming ministries are into networking with ministries and individuals whom they believe are influential and capable of taking them to a higher level without checking from God whether they should network with these people. I cited the case of a ministry which several years ago told me it wanted to network with a high profile ministry. I told the minister to pray about it. God told him not to network with that ministry. Over the years, the man had made so many mistakes because of his disobedience and I keep praying for him to focus on the Living God. The terrible aspect of this issue is that if they believe that someone is able to connect them to these high profile ministries or individuals and it does not happen, they stop having relationship with the person or ministries.

I had some experiences concerning the assignment God gave me concerning the UK’s apostasy. I once gave a few copies of the judgment message God gave to me concerning the issue to a so called Nigerian man of God who is resident in the UK when he came to Nigeria and we stayed in the same hotel in Abuja. I expected him to help me give out the few fliers to people in the UK on his return to that country. I soon discovered that he threw them all in the waste bin in his room when the cleaners went to clean the room after he checked out of the hotel to return to the UK. I was not surprised by what he did because of my earlier experience with the Nigerian Christians in the UK. My harassment in the hands of many of these people even to the extent of their rebuking me and the message I carried. God is in control.

Nigerian church is generally not in the mood to raise true labourers for the nations. They only want to create as many branches of their church in the nations so they can gather as much foreign currency as they can from these nations. Lately, I went through the 40th anniversary edition of Occupy, the mission’s magazine of CAPRO a non denominational mission agency in Nigeria. I was impressed and challenged by the stories and testimonies of the founders and foundation missionaries of this ministry. I do not know how many of our current day churches can raise such missionaries from their midst since all the messages we want our young Christians to imbibe is how to have everything we need or want. Not how to be willing to sacrifice all for the expansion of the kingdom of God.

In summary, I have seen the manifestation of the revelations God had given to me over the years and the prayers He had made me pray concerning Nigeria and the nations. I have been praying that the clearing of the ground by the current political leaders in the country will be perfected. That God will grant them wisdom to do it tenaciously and effectively. That God will protect them against occultic and physical detractors. That God should use them to thoroughly sanitize the nation so that the Abus, Ojos, Obis and Tubus in whose hearts He has put His wisdom and knowledge will manifest to lead Nigeria into her true prophetic destiny in the nations.

Please pray along with me concerning these issues.

Yours in Obedience to God’s Mandate,

                                                      Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs.) 

                                                M: +2348035619236

                                                E:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Link of Unity – Middle-Belt Region

The Middle-Belt is a land of varieties of language, people, tribe, culture and tradition. With great respect to God’s creations, we recognize that the God, who made the feathers and foams for cushion and comfort, is the same God, who made the thorns and whips for correction and discipline.

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