Whither the Nigerian church? - part 7

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While I was in the UK in May 2014 to carry out my God given assignment in that land i.e. to deliver His judgement on their apostasy and lately to distribute prayer handbills to pray the UK out of her apostasy, the horror of the kidnapping of about 200 school girls in Chibok in Borno state of Nigeria broke out. Some people in the UK made insinuations that Nigeria has greater problems than UK and that I needed to focus on that rather than on UK. I caused them to know that I only obey God’s instructions and I do not work according to priorities He has not given me. Meanwhile, there in the UK and on my previous visits to that land, I found that though God has said that He was going to use the Nigerian church to reevangelise Europe and the nations in this End-Time, the Nigerian church in the UK are doing their own thing. God revealed this call to me on Oct.20 1994 and He has also revealed it to other servants of His before and after He revealed it to me. In fact I am sure many people have heard that prophetic statements that Nigeria is the trigger of the gun and Southern Africa the nozzle to shoot out the gospel to the nations. During my various visits to the United Kingdom from 2010 to 2014 on the above mentioned issues, God had told me I would need to intimate the Nigerian Christians in the UK that they are there by His divine choice to play a role in the End Time before Jesus comes. However, I have found it difficult to access the Nigerian churches and some who have heard about what I came to do have harassed and discouraged me from carrying out the assignment. I am not surprised at this. I discovered that many Nigerian churches in the UK just like many in Nigeria were set up just to collect money by hook and by crook. As I have mentioned in some of my previous write-ups, the Nigerian church is bound by the iron rod of mammon which is hindering her from performing her God given assignment within and outside the nation. This mammonic rod God told me can only be cut off by fire of affliction which He has unleashed through what is happening through the Boko Haram carnage in the country. For instance, I discovered that some Nigerian churches in the UK were set up by Nigerian based Ministries by using Nigerian or Africans who have stay permit in the UK whether they are called of God or not. And many do not have sound Spiritual standing to build a Spiritually focused church. I am told that some Nigerians migrated to the United Kingdom and Europe in the 1980s on the pretext that they were war refugees from Nigeria. What war was Nigeria fighting in the 1980s that made some of her citizens to be refugees? Therefore, how can people with such fraudulent background establish a God focused church ministry? It is impossible. I was also shown a parish of a particular Nigeria based denomination which I am told specialises in helping Nigerians to get fake UK stay permits. I have been so much horrified by these issues about our presence in the UK that caused me to lament in my latest write up on the UK that God may have to raise up other people to carry out the assignment He has for us in Europe. The problem that is bothering me so much is that if Nigeria is regarded as the trigger point of the gun and Southern Africa the nozzle to shoot out the gospel to the nations in this End Time, the trigger needs to be pulled or pushed as the case may be to shoot out the bullet through the nozzle. I found out during my last visit to the UK that it appears that Christians from Southern Africa were more prepared for this assignment than the Nigerian ones. Meanwhile, even though I had mentioned in my previous Newsletters in this series that God has said that the Boko Haram issues can only be solved by Him through the Nigerian church, the whole issue has been politicised. The Nigerian church has become deaf to the repetitive reminders that He only hates Islam but loves the muslims just as He loves Christians. That our role majorly is to pray for and evangelise the muslims so that He can step into the Nigerian terrain to halt the carnage that is taking place right now. He expects us to pray for and evangelise the muslims and not to see them as our political enemies that should be eliminated at all costs. He had told me about four years ago that in about 15years from then, a Southwest Nigerian state will become the headquarters of Islam in Nigeria if we Christians do not take action to prevent this. He said many Christians from this area have muslim relatives and friends and if we do not rise up to pray for and evangelise them, we are wicked and selfish. That this particular state is raising up fundamentalist muslims that will perpetrate greater havoc than the Boko Haram sect. I had warned in some of my previous write ups that the enemy had long ago planned to oust Christianity from the rest of Africa like he did in the former Christian territories of North Africa and also our own now volatile Borno where it was mentioned there was a strong Christian empire in the 18th and 19th centuries. The number one character whose assignment was to Islamise Africa especially Nigeria was Muhammad Gaddafi. He had set up machinery-equipment and funds etc. to carry this out. When he died about two years ago, God spoke to me that even though he is dead; his machinery for the assignment was still intact. That I should pray that these should be demolished. I shared this revelation with some of my spiritual friends but apparently we did not deal with it effectively. Recently, a pastor friend told me that there were stories that as soon as he was killed, Syrians or similar group of terrorists carried much of his ammunitions to West Africa. In any case, many people know that the border between Borno state and Niger, Chad and N. Cameroons is very open and cannot be easily manned. I learnt that much of the arms being used by Boko Haram came from the armoury left behind by Gaddafi. However, for political gains, and in order to cover up the incompetence of our so called Christian government, many Christians in Nigeria have been brainwashed that these things come from muslim politicians who do not want Christian politicians to rule Nigeria. I have peace in my heart concerning this issue because God told me on 13th June 2013 that any one who tries to rule Nigeria with a religious, ethnic or sectional agenda, He will cut short as He did in 1993 and 1997 concerning a politician and a military man whose agenda was to Islamise Nigeria. Many of the so called Christian political leaders in Nigeria God had been telling me are not Christians but occultic peoples backed up and reinforced by occultic church leaders. Many of our so called Christian leadership are peopled by selfish corrupt individuals whose activities in collusion with the political leadership of the country have resulted in the destruction and decimation of more Nigerians than what the Boko Haram carnage is doing. This they do by their activities which have led to the destruction of the structures of Nigerian industries, health, education and environmental facilities which have resulted in the poverty and untimely death of many Nigerians especially the young who go around without jobs or resources to maintain themselves. Many of the so called Nigerian church leadership who should correct and advise them like Jehoiada helped Jehoash to rule well in Israel, Hilkiah helped Josiah to rule well and Azariah helped Asa to rule well in the days of Israel kingdoms (IIKings11:4-16;22:1-2;IIChr15) have gone into the occult and are not hearing God anymore. They only go around the politicians to collect their own share of the national cake. Recently, a group of pastors from the middle- belt of Nigeria invited me to come and minister to them prior to their launching a new political party. This group I had over the past ten years annually, sometimes twice a year reminded them of their call to evangelise the Muslims of the far north. They have mostly turned deaf ears to this call, telling me they have to take care of their Jerusalem. As I was pondering on their invitation, God wrote in front of me in bold letters ‘MISSIONS’ which means that is the only message I should preach to them. I phoned to tell them of this revelation. For one reason or the other the meeting was cancelled. I am currently reading a book I bought from my former university’s bookshop called ‘The end of power-From the Boardrooms to Battlefields and churches to States-Why being in charge isn’t what it used to be’ written by Moises Naim a former director of The World Bank published by The Washington Post. The author says that “Many immigrants from poor countries (working in developed countries) send remittances to their home countries totalling $449billion in2010.” He said such remittances are more than five times larger than the world’s total foreign aid and larger than the total flow of foreign investments to poor countries. In short, workers who live outside their home countries-and who are often poor themselves-send more money to their countries than rich countries send as financial aid” In Nigeria, it is the opposite. We send money to foreign countries to educate our children; who in many cases refuse to come back home after their training and thus cause further decimation of our trained manpower. Also, for health care of sick Nigerians. We also contribute to the development of already rich countries through money laundering etc. After I returned from the UK at the end of May and I read stories about the further decimation of the land by the Boko Haram sect, I was in sorrow and I started asking God why He has not stopped this carnage in spite of the prayers of many Christians in and outside of Nigeria. God said to me that many of the people praying are dirty and He cannot hear their prayers and He led me to read Is.59:1-3 to back up this allegation. I was upset by this and continued to pray. God re-emphasised the point He was making by showing me three visions while I was praying in Abuja on 20th and 21st of July 2014. (i) I saw a large church building under construction and three of the pillars were filled with blood. I felt in my spirit that this was human blood, maybe that of babies. I have heard of such stories before but God showed me this vision to confirm it. (ii) I saw a church pulpit surrounded by a snake. (iii) I saw a building totally rotten and about to collapse. This building was in such a state that it cannot be repaired. I felt that the only solution is to totally demolish it and rebuild it. I sensed it represents either the Nigerian church or the political or economic structure of the nation. Therefore, if my understanding of these visions is that the way we are we cannot effectively deal with what is happening in Nigeria, we are in great trouble. Many Christians in Nigeria, including the leadership of some churches dwell more on rumours than on prophetic revelations. I have tried to tell many Christians that I dwell more on God’s prophetic revelations than on hearsay. That is why in my write ups I usually mention dates and even time that God gives His revelations through dreams, visions and voice in the Spirit that are not contrary to the Bible. I also take seriously the prophetic revelations of anointed servants of God. I have told many Christians that the only solution to the present crisis is for us to ask God to speak to us by His revelation so we can effectively pray and get answers. Due to my insistence on acting only on prophetic revelations rather than hearsay, some Christians have accused me of arrogance. But God encouraged me through an audible voice in the Spirit that I am as proud as Macaiah the prophet. The Bible, especially in the books of First and Second Kings and First and Second Chronicles is replete with the success of many of the kings in ancient Israel and Judah when they acted on revelations given to them through the prophets after they have cleansed and straightened their lives and environment. For example, God dealt with 185,000 Assyrian army that came against Hezekiah. The 1,000,000 Ethiopian army that came against Asa was annihilated by God. God also caused the armies of the Edomites, Moabites and Ammonites that came against Jehoshaphat to destroy each other without these Israeli kings fighting the battles themselves. Giving us insights on why Hezekiah and other kings succeeded against the enemy in their days the Spirit Filled Life Bible commentary says as Prov.29:18a “Where there is no revelation the people cast off restraint”, shows that when a society lacks revelation from God (divine insight), such a society heads in the direction of anarchy”. That is what is happening in Nigeria right now. Yes the so called Christian political leadership is set to demolish the so called Muslim political leadership but I am afraid that this is a set up by God who will eventually destroy the so called Christian political group even from within itself and this will happen after the disgraceful exposure of their so called Christian leadership structure. This will happen because God is bringing in a new set of leadership into the Nigerian terrain. These are the Abus, Ojos, Obis and Tubus He told me about who will not be greedy for money and will be willing to be led by His word. These are the ones who will build up the nation-Its human and material resources to focus on our assignment for this End-Time in the nations. May God help the church to have understanding of these issues and to key into them. Yours in obedience to His mandate, Mrs Victoria O. Adekoya


+1 #1 sis mercy 2014-08-18 10:33
Sister i want to thank GOD for this site , which Almighty God is using to enlighten our understanding concerning the purpose of God concerning this nation. I trust God He will do what He says He will do concerning Nigeria. We are praying that God should clean His church from iniquities and santicy the body of Christ in Jesus name. So that the church will fulfill His divine destiny. Thank you my sister God Almighty will strenghten and give you and yours abundant grace in Jesus Name.

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