The 11th New Moon

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Beloved Watchmen on the walls,

We bring you all special greetings this season in the name of our risen Savior and Master, Yeshua, our Messiah, the King of kings and the Lord of Lords, who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light. We rejoice because the kingdoms of this world belong to our Messiah and Master! Blessed be the name of the Lord. He reigns till and after all his enemies have been made his footstool, Amen (Ps. 2, 110).

This new moon is the 11th new moon of 2014. It will occur on the 23rd of October at 21:57 UT (10:57 pm Nigerian, 4:57pm US Central). Although this new moon leads us into the 11th month in the Gregorian calendar that we are most familiar with, in the Bible, it is the 8th month of Cheshvan. The period of autumn, which we are in comprises the three months of Tishri, Cheshvan, and Kislev. According to Hebrew culture, the three tribes corresponding to the months are Ephraim, Manasseh and Benjamin--who in the desert encampment around the tabernacle were situated to the west. Their joint camp was known as the camp of Ephraim (or Joseph). Therefore, this is a season to receive the blessings of Joseph and Benjamin (Deut 33: 12-17).

Furthermore, this month of Manasseh (means ‘cause to forget toil or suffering from his father’s house)’), pray that Elohim will visit you, as He visited Joseph, with His deliverance and healing so that you can forget the trauma of past envy, jealousy and enslavement in your life (Gen 41:51). Ask the Lord to roll away the reproach of the past. Pray also, asking the LORD God Almighty to remove fragmentation and division caused by the trauma from your spirit, soul, body, family, inheritance, etc. Pray for oneness with Yeshua (Ezekiel 37: 15-28).

In this month of Manasseh, we are called to be like Gideon, a Manassite (Judges 6, 7). As you all know, Gideon was called to be a leader during the time of the judges. Israel was being invaded by the Midianites, who came from the east on camels. To see if God would deliver Israel by his hand, Gideon placed a fleece of wool on the ground. He asked that there be dew on the fleece, but that the ground would be dry. This sign occurred and Gideon prepared for battle. God told him to reduce the number of his men by having them drink from a stream. Those who drank directly from the stream were sent home and those who scooped water in their hands—the Watchmen—were kept. Each warrior was given a trumpet, a jar, and a torch. At the signal they blew the trumpets and smashed the jars. Thrown into confusion, the Midianites fled before Gideon's men. In like manner, we as Watchmen must yield to the LORD’s call to sound the SHOFAR at the new moon (Ps 81:-3), and above all, to sound the shofar when the enemy comes to fight us in our God-given land or when the enemy comes to fight to steal our harvest (Num 10:9).

This lunar month will open the door for a partial solar eclipse during the new moon on October 23.

1.      As you may recall, solar eclipses are caused when Earth, the Moon and the Sun line up just right and the Moon casts a SHADOW on our planet earth. 

2.      Just before the new moon on Oct, 23 at 19:37:33 UT (8:37 pm Nigerian, 2:37 pm US Central), the eclipse of the Moon, Earth and the Sun begins in Eastern Siberia (aka Far East Russia). The eclipse will move over the Pacific and Arctic oceans as it crosses into Canada and the US. The entire North American continent will see this eclipse. When the eclipse ends, it is over the Atlantic Ocean.  Essentially, the eclipse covers North America and the three oceans surrounding it. Here are the specific timings of the eclipse:

Partial eclipse begins:  19:37:33 UT (8:37 pm Nigerian, 2:37 pm US Central)

Maximum eclipse: 21:44:32 UT (10:44 pm Nigerian, 4:44 pm US Central)

Partial eclipse ends: 23:51:40 UT (12:51 am Nigerian, 6:51 pm US Central)

3.      During the eclipse, the planets Mercury and Venus are nearby, and Venus is actually in superior conjunction with the Sun (which means Venus is in a special eclipse with the Sun, which allows it to cross the path of the Sun as it moves from the morning sky into the evening sky). The conjunction of Venus and the Sun starts on October 23 and ends on the 25th. This is a STRONG MULTIDIMENSIONAL alignment. Please anchor these events in the blood of the Lamb of God (Col 1:20) and command the heavens to declare the righteousness and the glory of Elohim (Ps. 97:6, Ps. 19).

4.      Significance of the solar eclipse: please remember that eclipses of the sun always result in divine visitation of territorial judgment especially in the paths of its coverage while it traverses territories of the earth (For example, Ex. 10:21 darkness over Egypt; Luke 23:44ff –earthquake and the tearing of Temple veil following the crucifixion of our Lord). Begin by repenting and asking the Lord for mercy on Russia (the East), Canada and the US (the West). The relationship between Russia and the Western world has not been cordial lately, so we need to pray against intensification of hostilities. Pray, pray, pray. Remember the devastating earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Remember the gigantic waves of the tsunami that swept away cities and villages leaving a path of death and devastation. Remember the recent mystery of the lost Malaysian aircraft. Remember these things and be moved by the Spirit of God to stand in the gap, repent and pray.

-Repent for sins such as hypocrisy, human trafficking, slavery, blood shedding, warfare against Native peoples, greed, violent confiscation of land and properties, holocaust of indigenous people, pride, etc. -Proclaim Lamentations 5; Ask Elohim for mercy (Ps 51) -Plead the blood of the Lamb (Col 1:20, 2:14-15, Heb. 9:12-14, 1 John 1:7)

Proclaim the Manasseh New Moon as a time/season/month of deliverance from toils, sorrow and sighing (Ps. 81:1-6; Isaiah 35). It’s a month of healing; it is a month of victory over the harvest robbers. Sound the shofar!

Further Prayer

Praise and worship the Lord God Almighty (Ps. 136, 148, 8, etc.). Thank God for His mercies.

Declare the Lordship of Jesus over all things (Col 1:15-16, Ps 24:1, etc.): yourself, family, community, job/business, the Church, thrones, altars, principalities, powers, witchcraft, occultism, water spirits, satanic princes and watchmen, the moon god allah, sun, moon, stars, the solar eclipse, etc.

Bring yourself and everything you have under the covering of the blood of Yeshua and under the shadow of El Shaddai (Ps. 91)

Speak to the heavens with the voice of the blood of Jesus (Heb 12:24) and deprogram the evil (darkness, shadows, instability, slavery, backwardness, delay, wars, famine, poverty, diseases, etc.) that the army of satan has programmed into the heavens during the eclipses that have passed over Russia, Canada and the US, the oceans, your life, family, etc. Use the blood of Jesus to blot out this evil handwriting Col 2:14. Ask the Lord to disarm the works of the army of satan over your life, family, the Church, your nation, etc. Col 2:15.

Sprinkle the blood of Jesus on the PATH of the solar eclipse: Far East Russia/Siberia, Canada, United States, and the three major oceans (the Pacific, Artic, and Atlantic). Ask the Lord Jesus, who is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE to reign over this eclipse PATH.

Pray for the merciful intervention of the LORD in the troubled East-West path of the eclipse, and the people living in these regions. Praise for the peace of God to rule and reign in these areas.

Pray that the sun and the moon will bear witness against the army of satan who stand opposed to the counsel of the risen Christ in matters pertaining to the Church, you, your family, business, community, nation, etc. Ask the Lord to give power to the moon like the two witnesses in Rev 11:3ff. Pray that witchcraft, global occultism and Islamic fundamentalism will not have dominion over the solar eclipse in the name of Jesus Christ.


Another reason to watch with great intensity this month is that it’s the time of Halloween, which marks (1) the beginning of witches new year called samhain, and (2) it is also satan's birthday. To witches, halloween or samhaim is the most important day of the year. It is the supreme night of demonic jubilation: satan is worshipped; spirits of the dead are invoked; there is divination to tap into satanic power to make predictions; satanic powers are invoked to cast spells, exchange destinies, kill, destroy, oppose Christian families, etc. The moon is central to all of these events.

Here are the highlights of the events:
a. witchcraft activities (a time to cast spells, time for destiny exchange, to oppose churches and families, perform sacrilegious acts, a time to kill, steal and destroy, etc.) 
b. necromancy (graveyard sorcery, feasting with the dead, etc)
c. divination (peeping into the future by tarot card reading, crystal reading, or tea leaf reading)
d. satanic worship (observe satanic rituals, offer blood sacrifices to Satan, etc)

Although the major event takes place on Oct 31-Nov 1 every year, the "celebrations" begin during the new or full moon before the end of October. This year, halloween events will begin during the new moon and solar eclipse on Oct 23. The activities of witches and satanists will increase as we draw near the full moon, which is November 6. The demonic gyrations will continue till the beginning of the next lunar cycle on November 22. So we must gird up our loins ready for warfare. With the Word of God as our Captain, we shall surely prevail (Rev. 5:5, Rev. 19:11-20:4).


The best response at these times of satanic boasting is as follows:

Exalt the Ancient of Days, the Most High who sits on the throne (Is. 6, Rev 4), the one who has the power to slay the boastful horn of satan represented as the fourth beast in Daniel 7: 9ff

“I watched till thrones were put in place, and the Ancient of Days was seated; His garment was white as snow, and the hair of His head was like pure wool. His throne was a fiery flame, its wheels a burning fire. A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him. A thousand thousands ministered to Him. Ten thousand times ten thousands stood before Him. The courts were seated, and the books were opened. I watched then because of the sound of the pompous words which the horn was speaking; I watched till the beast was slain and its body destroyed and given to the burning flame.”

Praise Yeshua our Savior-Redeemer, the worthy Lamb of God (Rev 5), the One who has an everlasting kingdom and dominion (Daniel 7:13-14):

“I was watching in the night visions and behold, One like the Son of Man, coming with the clouds of heaven! He came to the Ancient of Days and they brought Him near before Him. Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His kingdom the one which shall not be destroyed."

Pray from Ps 2. The bible proclaims that the earth and its fullness belong to God (Ps 24).

Ask the Lord to visit all satanic altars in the heavens (the square and the compass of occultists, the pentagrams of witches, rolling stones, etc.) with fury, anger and fire. Let the Lord uproot and destroy them (Is. 64:1-4, Ps 144:5-6, etc.)

Pray against shadow sorcery: the shadow of the moon will be swept over the southernmost axis of the earth during the solar eclipse. Witches and occultists will bring out their “book of shadows” to program into this event. Release the fire of God on these evil books. Pray against all manners of shadows and darkness. We shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty God (Ps. 91) and our inheritance will not be buried in shadows.

Bring judgment on the queen of heaven (Is 47), witchcraft spirit (Micah 5:10-15, Ps 69:22-28, Nah 3, Ex 22:18, Micah 3:6-7, etc.), idolatry (Is 19:1, etc.).

Please ask the LORD of Hosts to confront water spirits that may be prepared to do havoc when the eclipse passes over the waters: Is 27:1, Ez 29:2-5, 32:2-8, Ez 32, Zec 10:11, Ps 29, 114, etc.

With the key of David, shut the heavens against all satanic watchmen (Rev 3:7).

Receive the following promises: Deut. 33:13-17, Ps. 121, Deut. 28:1-14, Rev 21:7 

Pray for Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Ps. 122).

Pray and plead the blood of the Lamb of God during these crucial times:

--33rd hour of the moon (October 25 @ 7:57 UT, 8:57am Nigerian, 2:57am US Central)

--The moon aligns with Saturn on Oct. 25

--The moon aligns with Antares on Oct 26

--The moon aligns with Mars on Oct 28

--First quarter moon on Oct 31

--Full moon on Nov 6 @ 22:23 UT, 11:23pm Nigerian, 5:23pm US Central

--Last quarter moon on Nov 14

--Leonid meteor shower on Nov 17-18

--Saturn and the Sun are in alignment on Nov 17-18

--Last crescent moon aligns with Mercury on Nov 21

--New moon/Saturn alignment on Nov 22

Proclaim the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ and He shall reign forever, Amen. (Rev. 4, 5, 11:15)

We are counting on you to mount the watchtowers with us in this strategic season. God bless you.

Your Brother & Fellow Intercessor,

Steve Olumuyiwa
West Africa Coordinator
Intercessors For Africa


0 #1 francis Genger 2015-01-07 13:55
this is such an eye opener into the technicalities of strategic spiritual warfare. I really wished more Believers would be more aware of these things. We are so ignorant that its virtually God's great mercy that simply takes us through. I believe the Church will be far more fruitful if we are aware of many of these things. God bless your work on this site. Amen

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