God's Dealing With Nations - UK Saga (6)


On the 16th of April 2015 as my host on my latest visit to the UK Pastor Maureen Mataranyika, a woman from Zimbabwe who is the coordinator of Ignite Global Prayer Ministries based in Sittingbourne, Kent, was taking me to the train station on my way to Glasgow to give out my fliers on God’s judgement message on UK’s apostasy and prayer for the United Kingdom.

She said something that caused me to ponder on the role of Africans in the UK. Her utterance was partly instigated by what was happening to Africans in South Africa where black Africans were being brutalised and murdered in that country. She said it was time for us Africans especially Christians in the UK and Europe to start going back to our countries since instead of preaching the gospel in these nations as God has been asking us to do in the past few decades, we have been polluting it more than we have found it.

God had also shown her repeatedly in the Spirit the rampage the devil is planning to use Islam to unleash on the UK including her Parliament. To buttress her revelations, I am told that Muslims are being given special privileges even in the UK parliament. Also, an ambulance emergency staff told me that some football stadium-exit platforms are being used by Muslims to spread their mats to pray and the authorities do nothing about it. I was concerned about that revelation and wondered what would happen if there is stampede as people are coming out of the stadium. As many people know, Islam is already on terrible rampage in many countries including Nigeria and Kenya. I was also told that there are many British youths in the Islamic army of Isis being used for the rampage.

My observation is that the influx of Muslim background people have increased since the UK became a member of the European Union. I read some stories that UK membership of EU was prevented throughout the life of Charles de Gaulle the late French president. That it was after his death that it became easy for UK to be part of EU. The immigration policy of EU allow free entry of other EU citizens to UK. For example, according to ‘Operation World’ a Missions manual published by Paternosterlifestyle, UK, there are more Muslims than Christians in France. Moving around the UK during my latest visit to the land, I have observed that this has somehow affected the UK culture I used to know when I lived there about 50 years ago. Many of these Europeans and also people of Asian background come from atheistic and occultic background which has gradually enhanced the apostasy of the United Kingdom especially the young British many of whom prefer these occultic religions. I was sad to see many of these young Britons with occultic tattoos on their bodies!

My latest visit to the UK was prompted by God’s reminder of the revelation He gave to me on Oct. 20, 1994 that He was going to use Africa especially Nigeria to preach the Gospel in the nations in this End-Time. Also, the judgement message He gave to me in Aug 2010 concerning UK’s apostasy which He insisted I should hand deliver to the UK otherwise He will ask their blood from my hand confirming it with Eze.3:16-18,33:2-8. Even though many people advised me to put it on the internet and forget it. I decided to obey God rather than men. I was highly encouraged when during my visit to the UK in 2014 when I discovered that God had given similar message in Aug. 2011 to Lance Lambert an Israeli prophet and he had concluded that God will bless those who pray for the restoration of the UK. Lately, I saw in the Spirit a white man in ecclesiastical garment blessing me and my family for obeying God on the issue. Also in July 2013 and also some time in 2014, I saw in the Spirit a British passport placed before me on a table and the Nigerian passport pushed to the far end of the table. In the physical I do not have a British passport and have never sought to acquire one even though I lived, married, studied and had a child there in the 60s and 70s. I believe that those revelations meant that I should concentrate more on the British issues than on the Nigerian ones.

When in 2010, I tried to plead that God should avert the judgement, He stopped me and told me He loves the British more than I could ever love them. That He is grieved that the descendants of those who had served Him in the nations, many of whom have been martyred for the sake of the gospel are rushing to hell because of their apostasy. Also, on the 27th of March about a week after I arrived in the UK on my latest visit to the land, God scolded me that what He had ordered me to do was to emphasise the judgement message and spread it more widely than the prayer handbills I had printed and brought to the UK. I therefore had to reproduce more copies of the judgement handbills and gave them out wherever I had the opportunity to talk about it. Thank God for Pastor Maureen who God has been using to help me distribute the judgement handbills wherever she had opportunity to do so. To deal with the Islamic issues, wherever I had the opportunity to visit Islamic dominated areas like Birmingham and East London I prayed concerning them. In Birmingham my host and I prayed around a large mosque emphasising that Islam will not be able to take over the UK.

I also revisited the Houses of Parliament where I had the opportunity to enter the two Houses - the Lords and the Commons to re-emphasise the word of God in Ps.127:1-2 inscribed on the floor of the The Parliament that God is builder and watcher over the Parliament and the UK. That only those who will uphold the Word of God and His laws will be members of Parliament and that occultic laws and powers will not be able to erode its foundation of Christianity let alone take over the UK. Since the Houses of Parliament represents the whole of the UK, no other doctrine or religion will be able to take over the country. To encourage me further, on the day I left the UK which was the day after the Parliamentary election which was won by the Conservative party, I learnt there was a group called Conservative Christian Fellowship which had prayed for 40 days for the land and the elections and had volunteered to work in the polling stations, while still praying for the land! Glory be to God!

Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to address many church audience who are majorly Africans many of whom were prepared to listen to the message I carried unlike on my previous visits to the UK on the issue. Thanks to my host who had prepared the minds of many on the issues. However, even though God had said He is using Africans especially Nigerians to re-evangelize the nations including the UK many of these people have issues that have caused them to do abominable things that will prevent them from being the right vessels for the assignment. Most of these issues emanate from the conditions of their entry to the UK and their attempt to stay in the UK by all means. Many marry spouses they are not interested in just because those spouses have resident papers and now drop these ones as soon as their own stay is finalised which causes children born into those relationships to lack proper parental care. I also heard of cases where people with no stay permits use the permits and names of those who have these permits to work and earn monies which many times are held bound sometimes up to 90% by peoples whose papers were used thereby leaving the real wage earners derelict.

I heard of cases where some Nigerians use these illegally earned monies to do business like buying goods and carrying them away to sell in Nigeria to the detriment of the real wage earners. Also, I learnt that many churches were set up just to get stay permit and pastored by people of questionable anointing so that the founder can have branches in the UK. Some of these churches am told have questionable foundation even in their country of origin.

I heard the story of a church in Nigeria whose foundational pillars were built with raw cash from a member who I am told is now a rich shipping magnate in Nigeria. This denomination has at least a branch in the UK. I believe such organisations are defiling the Spiritual terrain of the nations rather than building up the Christ focused churches God expects us to build in the UK. So I am not surprised by the statement my friend made which I mentioned at the beginning of this writeup. Any opportunity I had to address the African audience during my recent visit to the UK, I alluded to the above mentioned phenomena. My friend said that God gave her a revelation that He is judging the whole world especially the African nations so that we can rise up and carry out our proper God given assignment in the nations.

The xenophobia in South Africa, the drowning of Africans enroute from Africa to Europe, the earthquake in Nepal and the rampage of the Islamic organisations in many parts of the world is that, He is determined in His mercy to jolt us to focus on things of the Kingdom to evangelise the nations and stem the flow of nations to hell in this End-Time. However, one thing I noticed was that the Spiritual tightness of the UK has reduced to some extent and I was able to interact with some young people as I moved around the country. Many believe and voice them out that everybody is entitled to his own opinion about atheism homosexuality etc. and some even said my message cannot be true that God is not wicked to send people to hell as I insinuated in the judgement message. I told some of them that accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour is not based on our opinion. That God loves us so much and He is offering us salvation like a blank cheque given out to an individual. That each one has to fill the cheque with his name and amount to be cashed. Otherwise, it is useless. That Christianity is not a democracy. It is either you accept it and make heaven or reject it and end up in hell. I pray that some of those I have shared this with will reconsider their situation and truly accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Another realisation of the release of the Spiritual tightness was my ability to interact easily with the Christian centres at my two universities. London School of Economics in London and University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. The officers I met in these two places readily understood and accepted my message and each of them prayed with me and promised to share the message with the young people in their fellowship meetings. Also, whenever I had opportunity to address mainly white audience, I challenged the majorly adult audience about their responsibility to reach out to the younger generation in the country since these are the group of UK citizens God is most concerned about. My friend and I took the opportunity to pray in Canterbury Cathedral the seat of the Archbishop of the Church of England who I learnt has refused the conducting of gay marriages. I am told the Queen of England totally agrees with him on this issue. Also, I am told he along with the Prime Minister, David Cameron have re-emphasised that UK is a Christian nation. We prayed that these concepts will be established in the UK just like I prayed the same prayers when I visited the Westminster Cathedral. I also took the opportunity on this visit to pray in the library of one of my universities to take authority over the abominations of Atheism, Homosexuality, New Age etc. being taught in UK schools and colleges right now, that the young people will not imbibe such doctrines in Jesus Name.

Meanwhile, on the 2nd of May, God showed me a vision that a prominent British retail company has become rubbish. When I shared this revelation with some people who know them very well, they told me that this company is anti-Christian. They don’t allow Christian things for example Christmas cards to be sold in their premises. They claim it is offensive. I am told that many well-known UK organisations are going through similar things for the same offence. I believe that God may be dealing with them for this offence and it may also be the manifestation of the judgement on the UK economy. God is allowing what is happening in the UK now for His own purpose.

The potential rampage of Islam which my friend saw in the Spirit is real. Military might, cannot overcome it just like U.S.A, Europe etc. have not succeeded in dealing totally with ISIS. I believe the most effective solution is Spiritual. Like I have told the Nigerian nation several times and this is even more relevant for the UK. The UK need to shake off apostasy and come back to Jesus. They need to rise up to pray for and evangelise the Muslims. Closing their border gates against EU, Arab and Asian citizens is not practicable in present global world. It will only create more problems than it will solve. We need to pray for the real British to go back to their legacy of relationship with Jesus Christ to stem both the rampage of Islam and also stem the flow of British citizens to hell!!! God bless you as you pray along with me on these issues.

                                                          Yours in Obedience to God’s Mandate,

                                                          Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs)

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