Whither The Nigerian Church - Part 9


When God urged me to start this series about the Nigerian church in the year 2011, I was told to make it a searchlight series to expose what is happening in the Nigerian church today.

It is also expected to be a transition from my previous write-ups about Nigeria’s involvement in things of the Kingdom of God in the End-Time. The whole thing started with the vision God showed to me on Oct. 20, 1994 where I saw myself representing Nigeria, giving out bread to people of all races of the earth out of which I sang a song composed by late Revd. Ransome Kuti ; about Africans rising up and working. I have been led to carry out crusades declaring messages to various groups of Nigerians concerning our involvement in carrying the message of God to the nations. These are Ogoniland, Tivland, Ijebuland and Igboland. I have been led to do prayer walks for example in Ile-Ife, Amapere, Lokoja etc. to deal with issues that could hinder us from fulfilling God’s purpose in the nations. I have also been led to compile Spiritual profiles of nations of Europe, Asia, Middle-East, United States of America and zone by zone Spiritual profiles of Nigeria.

When  God led me in 2006 to make Abuja the capital of the nation my base for praying for Nigeria, He insisted that I should concentrate more on praying for the church and less on the political and governmental situation of the country. He led me to understand that this is an outflow of His plan to use the Nigerian church to raise labourers to carry out His End-Time assignment in the nations. That it is the activities of the church that will impact the political and governmental terrain of the nation to spearhead the raising of resources- human and material for the evangelisation of the nations. He had previously led me to write Newsletters from 2006 under the series ‘His word for Now’ highlighting issues that will propel Nigerians to shed off aspects of our lives that will hinder our assignment and key into areas that will help us to fully obey God to carry out this assignment. The Newsletter series were in form of questions. The first one He gave to me in my dream was in Igbo language titled ‘Where are the labourers?’ Some of the others are ‘Whose church is it?’, ‘Is your church sliding into apostacy?’, ‘How  effective is your prayer life?’ ‘How far are you ready to go for the sake of the kingdom?’ Does your church obey the great commission?’ ‘Are called of God to the nations?’ These were written even as God led me to make Abuja my major base for praying for Nigeria especially the church. He instructed me to pull down churches He has not called to Abuja and call forth and sustain prayerfully the ones He wants in the capital of Nigeria. Then in 2010, He caused me to shift my focus by asking me to start this series zeroing on the Nigerian church globally. The major issue He caused me to concentrate on was the impact the church was making on the whole country not just Abuja. I am expected to do a searchlight into the Nigerian church to highlight her shortcomings that is hindering her from making the expected impact on the whole nation- spiritually and politically, flush them out so that the country can make God ordained impact not just on Nigerians but also the nations of the earth. The first issues were revealed to me when God caused me to know that the church is bound by the iron rod of mammon when He showed me the picture of a woman bound by iron rod twisted round her body which prevents her from using her hands and causes her to just glide all over the place. He said this can only be cut by fire of affliction which He was about to unleash on the nation from 2010. He also caused me to know that the Nigerian church has been allowing herself to be overcome by the gates of hell even though God said that the gates of hell cannot prevail against His church. The first and most important He revealed to me is deception which is the major issue dominating the Nigerian church now. Also among others manipulation and witchcraft. I have listed these issues in some of my past write-ups in this series.

In this issue of this series, I want to emphasise the connection between my write-ups about the church with what is happening politically and governmentally not just in Nigeria but globally. This is why from the No.4 in this series, I have been caused to highlight the ills of the political and governmental sectors of Nigeria and the impact the church is making on the issues which from my observation is negative. It appears that because of the controlling influence of mammon, the Nigerian church has been encouraging and participating in the decimation of the human and material resources of the nation which God had intended for His use to evangelise the nations so we can fulfil our God given assignment in this End-Time. The Boko Haram rampage in many parts of the country God told me He allowed to cause the church to rise up to her spiritual responsibility to prayerfully focus on His ability to deliver the nation through our obedience to pray for and reach out to Muslims and other unbelievers, the church has rather used it to acquire more financial resources by encouraging the political cabal to loot the treasury and cause further decimation of the human and material resources of the country. Unfortunately, because of the control of mammon, the young people who are supposed to be raised to become global intercessors and missionaries have been drifting around not knowing what to do. I have had interaction with some of our young people and have become disillusioned by my discoveries. Many who should be seeking the face of God to know what they should do are confused because of what is happening in the church. This is because many of the churches in the nation are built on occultic foundation or are just determined to make money by hook or by crook and many of these mega denominations have set up branches pastored by people who are not called into the assignment but are just like the Jeroboam priesthood as happened in days of the kings of Israel when King Jeroboam also made himself a priest contrary to God’s laid down instructions. Also, since many of the young people are unemployed because of the decimation of the financial resources of the country, many believe they should go into ministry or missions even though they have not verified it from the Lord. However, when finances are not coming their way either because God is not really calling them into that specific assignment or because the leadership of their church either do not believe in sending them to mission fields or lack the resources to do so, will discourage them. Some of these especially who can afford to back them up prefer to cage such people so they can continue to squeeze from them the little they have, or may be afraid of competition from these ones they are about to release into their own assignment. Also some of these mega churches whose foundation are occultic, tend to release into nations those who are occultic like they are, which causes the spiritual terrain of nations to be polluted like I hinted in my current write-up about God’s dealing with the United Kingdom No.6. Also, many who have a hint of their calling do not press into them because of the fear of ridicule from friends, family and even pastors and also because of the fear of the unknown and news about the decimation of Christians in many nations of the world. In order to encourage many of the young people I have had interaction with, I have shared the history of my own calling and the ridicule I have been through over the past twenty years or more. I have told them that because I studied at the London School of Economics, one of the topmost universities in the world, many believe I should be in one high falluting economic ventures and not going around the world like a ‘beggar’ as a relation of mine puts it, even sleeping on floors in uncompleted, unelectrified building in remote areas of Nigeria etc. because of my willingness to obey God. I have shared that I had been reluctant to obey God, but God has had to force me to do so. I have shared that when you obey God, He will raise encouragers and financial supporters like He did for me on my last trip to UK where a Zimbabwean intercessor housed and fed me for the almost seven weeks I stayed with her. Also, in Nigeria where God had led me to meet a pastor in a hotel I stayed in who stopped me from travelling from Lagos to Abuja by road and has been paying for my air ticket for the Nigerian assignment for almost two years now. God has raised various spiritual and financial supporters for my ministry. Men and Women within and outside of my church, who have been led by the Holy Spirit to finance my ministry without my asking them to do so. For example one man almost single handedly financed three(3) of my crusades without my cajoling him to do so. Whether they continue or stop , I do not query them because they may be going through their personal challenges. I just continue to greet them and pray for them. God has raised people from where I least expect, even people who have never spoken to me once or even desire to do so. I just text and thank them. Also whenever I am invited to minister at a meeting,   I rarely collect money from the organisers of the meeting. If I notice it is a struggling ministry, I usually give them money. Also partly because of the legacy of my late mother who taught me that to be blessed in every area of your life you have to be a giver. That a tight fister will not give neither will he get. I have therefore developed a principle to bless others especially those who are doing God’s work. This has caused me to be tremendously blessed. Yes I have been through terrible spiritual harassment in the process of my obeying God. But God has always come to my rescue. For example, in 2005 when I was facing deadly attacks concerning my assignment in Igboland, in my dream God gave me an Igbo name ‘Maduegbunam’ No man can kill you even though I don’t speak Igbo language. Also, I have developed a Biblical principle to pray for whoever offends me no matter how deeply they hurt me so I will not leave any gap in my armour of protection against the enemy.

Due to my determination to obey God on all issues, it was while I was praying in Abuja concerning Nigeria that God revealed to me in 2010, His concern about the United Kingdom’s apostasy and His determination to judge the economy of that nation. He insisted I should hand deliver the judgement message to that nation and told me that if I did not, He will ask their blood from my hand. He refused to listen to my intercession to stem the judgement. And to encourage me, I discovered in 2014 that He gave similar message to Lance Lambert an Israeli prophet in 2011, a year after He gave it to me. Also, due to my determination to obey Him in everything, He has over the past few years downloaded to me in the Spirit His plans concerning the rectification of the spiritual, political and governmental terrain of the nation. These I have shared especially in the Nos.5,6 and7 of this series. He has revealed to me He is determined to sanitise the spiritual and political terrain of the country and raise up the Abus, Ojos, Obis and Tubus (these names which represents all tribes in Nigeria were downloaded to me in the spirit) that He will fill with His wisdom and knowledge, who will not be greedy for money, who will shun occultic connections but will be sustained by Him to lead the country to her prophetic destiny in the nations starting from Nigeria. In the past few months in dreams and visions specifically on the 7th of May while I was still in the UK and 10th of June and 7th of July back in Nigeria, where I saw myself insisting on rescuing and purchasing partly rotten pawpaw and mango and orange which the Holy Spirit ministered to me depicts God’s insistence to rescue the remnant of Nigerian church and nation which are still going to be utilised for our assignment in the nations. Also, concerning the people we are to rescue in the nations, on the 22nd of June I saw an Arab looking woman in hijab representing Muslims, pleading that we should rescue them from the siege of the devil. Also some miserable looking Muslims awaiting rescue operation. As I have mentioned in some of my previous write-ups, our assignment to evangelise the nations still stands. These visions God has been giving me concerning the United Kingdom is part of it. This country brought the gospel to our country in the 19th and 20th centuries. They also took the gospel to America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia etc. The apostasy which includes atheism, homosexuality etc. was majorly spear headed by the UK especially my University LSE which started the agitation for homosexual rights in the 70s and has spread the whole syndrome to the USA. The judgement on the nations as predicted in 1975 by late Wilkerson the writer of ‘The Sword and the Switch blade’ is expected to start in Europe including the United Kingdom and spread to the USA. Also the Ugandan intercessor John Mulinde predicted in 2004 judgement on the USA concerning her apostasy. God has ordained Nigeria to lead the rest of Africa to spearhead the reevangelisation of the nations. I have over the past few years been discouraged concerning the issues because of my observations on what the Nigerian church and peoples have been perpetrating in the nations. God has encouraged me by insisting that He has a remnant that He will utilise that is why I was trying to rescue the decaying fruits as I mentioned above. To emphasise these issues, on the 4th of June in a dream I was reading a report of global rampage and destruction of many nations being perpetrated by the enemy. In that dream it appears that it will take place in the 2020s and it will be global. Nobody will be able to control it no matter how much military might they have. The Nigerian church and nation need to rise up and utilise the resources at our disposal to do our bit to stem the impact of the rampage by evangelising the nations. From the revelations God has been giving me, He is still going to sanitize the nation as He revealed to me on the 8th of July and utilize those He is determined to raise to carry out the assignment in the nations. My concern is majorly about the next generation of Nigerians. Globally we are beginning to be marginalised by nations. The UK is putting in measures to stop non EU students which I believe include Nigerians from working in the nation. South  Africa is unleashing venom against other Africans including Nigerians. Let us rise up, sanitize ourselves, stop sending occultic and corrupt tentacles to nations, preach the gospel wherever we have the opportunity to do so. The Nigerian church especially the mega ones should encourage the young Christians to key into their God given assignments in the nations. Stop using the ones even in the praise team to veer into pollution for financial gain. Rather, veer them into obeying God’s commission  so that He can say to us in the final day ‘well done’! Please pray along with me on these issues.

                                                    Yours in Obedience to God’s Mandate,

                                                     Mrs Victoria O. Adekoya.

                                                          M: +2348035619236

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