Whither the Nigerian Church (Part 10)


I know I just released a few weeks ago the No.9 of this series. Many people have made comments on it and most have encouraged me. God bless them for doing so. However, there is an urgency in my spirit to write this edition because of what I have seen, heard and experienced in the physical and in the Spirit in the past few weeks.

I have told some of my brethren, some of who want to have meetings and prayer sessions with me, that we have talked and have prayed many prayers enough and as I have shared in one of my previous write-ups in the past that God said that Nigerians Christians and Unbelievers pray more than many countries of the world but He is not ready to answer many of our prayers because as He has asked us many times, who are the people praying and what are they praying about? This means He only answers the prayers of people He approves of and who pray the prayer He wants them to pray. II Chr.7:14. He has also said that we believers are His hands, eyes, feet and mouth on the surface of the earth. I have therefore told those who want to hold discussions with me that we should concentrate more on taking action on what God has been telling us over the many decades in this country and the nations.

As I have shared in one of my previous write-ups, I saw Jesus standing in the sky ready to come and the Holy Spirit told me that He is coming soon and whatever I have been assigned to do I should do it urgently. This urgency in my spirit to write this edition was mainly prompted by the dreams I had while I was praying in Abuja on the 1st of August 2015.

I saw a map of the whole world. On it was pasted two labels on which were written, I believe, what is about to happen in the nations. However, even though parts of it were written in capital letters I could not read them. I woke up with heaviness in my heart crying to God that He is about to do some things in the nations but if I cannot clearly discern them how could I pray and share the message. I cried and prayed that God should give me razor sharp discernment and revelation so I can effectively carry out His assignment and encourage others to do the same.

Later, I had another dream where I saw myself not participating effectively at a meeting but was out playing with children and a servant of God who I overheard his message about some things that will happen soon, came out and scolded me that the messages that God has been giving me I have  not been declaring them bluntly enough. The man I saw in that dream looked like a younger pastor I had known many decades ago. But in that dream he looked old and was finding it difficult to stand up while I stood up talking to him. I told him that I try to use wisdom in explaining the revelations God gives me in order to encourage my readers to do the same. He said what I do is not good enough and he asked what will happen when he and I are gone. What would the next generation have as their guidelines. I woke up with sorrow in my heart because I believe God is telling me that if I want sharp revelation of His messages I would need to be bold enough to bluntly declare them.

This caused me to recall that on the 6th of April God reprimanded me that He expects me to emphasize more on the judgment message for the UK than the prayer bulletins I have been distributing around that country. I have been asking God to have mercy on me concerning these issues. Some days before the above mentioned dream about Nigeria, I had a serious disagreement with a relation who works in the public service and who I know has passed the laid down retirement age telling me he was about to do some promotion exams. I scolded him that he should stop living a life of deception and seek heavenly promotion rather than earthly one based on fraudulence since he is supposed to be a Christian. He was angry with me and called me a wicked killer.

His accusation caused me to remember the main thrust of the assignment God gave to me in 2001 when I was waiting on Him as He led me in Confluence motel Lokoja where He had told me to go and pray at the confluence of the two rivers Niger and Benue that traverse Nigeria. It was while there that God gave me the ministry-The Jury Ministry which He urged me to use to kill and destroy WHAT He has not allowed in  the Church and the Nations. So I tried to tell that my relation that my assignment is to kill and destroy many things that are contrary to God’s plan for Nigeria-physical and spiritual. That if I do not start from my home, then I am a hypocrite and a pretender when I scold outsiders on these issues. I was beginning to scold myself for not applying wisdom in my argument with this relation but God cautioned me that I was doing the right thing. It was after these arguments that I had the dream I mentioned above.

I later discovered that many people in the public service falsify their age so that they can continue to be in government employment as long as possible thereby clogging the whole system and thereby prevent the younger generation from being employed. I know that much of this stemmed from the action of a former Nigerian head of state late, Murtala Mohammed who in the 70s caused many civil servants to be retired prematurely without proper financial settlements and also the quota system that causes competent Nigerians to be excluded from their rightful positions in accessing educational facilities and work positions. I was even reminded of these issues in the write-up of Alabi Williams in the Sunday Guardian of 16th August where he was cautioning the head of state President Buhari about dealing with corruption in the country and about sharing Federal revenue equitably.

Yes, I know about these issues. In fact I was also a victim of it even though in my case God allowed it for His purpose. This happened when I was almost 50 years old, at the department of the Institution I was working was closed down and I and my colleagues were all forcefully retired. I prayed with my colleagues and most of them got more lucrative jobs than we were doing at the time of our retirement. In my case, I sent my CV around inside and outside Nigeria. Many organizations even said my CV was the best but nothing came of it. However, when I was left with  about 100 Naira and tyres on my car were the ones dashed to me by Vulcanizers, I sat down  with God and seriously prayed about my situation. God now told me to go back to go back to UK where I had studied to pray for that nation. I sold my car and used the money for the trip to UK. It was while I was there that God revealed to me on Oct 20, 1994 His plans to use Nigeria to evangelize the nations in this End Time.

Yes I know the Nigerian set up is inequitable. But must we, the so called Christians, continue to participate in the abominations and extend the inequalities that is going on? How can we cry to God to help raise those who will transform the system to become what it should be so that the country can be directed to fulfill her assignment in this End Time? Another issue which is troubling my mind is connected with the ones I have shared above. I was happy when I saw in the News  that the British Prime minister was about to clamp on fraudulent politicians who hide stolen money in properties in that country. I knew that Nigerians are included because I had met a young former drug dealer who told me he used to hide underground millions of dollars which he made from drugs until he had encounter with God while in prison in America where he died and was resurrected by God and converted back from Islam to Christianity. He told me that because of the imprisonment of James Ibori for money laundering in the UK, many Nigerian treasury looters hide their money under houses they purchase and do not occupy in the UK.

When I shared my excitement about the fact that the British Prime minister was about to help us to deal with this issue, some of my friends said I should not mind him and his American counterpart, That they are only saying  these so we can  legalize homosexuality like they have done. I was upset about their comments because in the first place, I know that homosexuality has been in Nigeria for decades. I even saw on the Internet a pastor of a so called homosexual church somewhere in Lagos. In spite of our legislating against it I have not heard that anybody has been prosecuted for it. It is a phenomenon practiced in the closet. The only effective way to deal with it globally is through prayers and counseling.

In fact as led by God I have gone back to my old university, LSE, Britain, where the agitation for its legalization started in 1970 to access documents on homosexuality stored in a special archive in the library to pray against the phenomenon knowing that you can only kill a tree by destroying its root. My personal concern about Nigeria is that if the UK and America can indeed cause at least 20% of the money stolen from this country to be restored back to us and this is used to develop the infrastructural, industrial and agricultural landscape of the country, many young people, boys and girls roaming around, many of whom have become partners of rich homosexuals and lesbians will be properly employed and will not have time for these abominable people. We as Christians should focus on praying and acting in capacities to develop the employment terrain of the nation instead of accusing other nations of causing our problems. I was encouraged when I attended a Missions conference in Lagos on the 21st of August where a Christian  organization was sharing about how they gather Nigerian youths of all tribes and religions without preaching the gospel to them until they have equipped them for various skills. May such organizations prosper in Jesus Name!

I am repeating again that Christians in this country should no longer participate and encourage the decimation of the human and material resources of the country and believe that by accusing other countries of being the cause of our problems and also praying selfish prayers that God will not answer, we can solve the problems of the nation. I am sad because of what I observe around me. Things are going to get worse globally as God has revealed to me. We need to rise up and ask Him what to do and be ready to obey Him spirit, soul and body. Our Christian lifestyle and evangelism should reach out to Muslims and other unbelievers so that God can stem the flow of people into hell from this country and globally.

                                             Yours in obedience to God’s mandate,

                                             Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs) .

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