God's Dealing With Nations: UK Saga - No. 7


Anyone conversant with the write-ups emanating from this Ministry over the past ten years or so will know that they stem mainly from the vision God gave to me on Oct 20, 1994 while I was praying in the UK as led by God in which I had a dream about Africans especially Nigerians that are about to be used by God to evangelize and re-evangelize the nations in this End-Time.

I was made to realise that the resources-human and material He has placed in Nigeria will be used for this assignment.

However, in August 2010, God gave me a judgment message for the United Kingdom and insisted I should personally deliver it. I have been to the country several times on the issue and have delivered the message to several people across the country including my former University LSE the major centre of atheism which also started the agitation for the legalisation of homosexuality in the 1970s.

On the 11th of Nov,2015, at about 1.40 pm while on my latest visit to the UK to deal with issues that should cause the country to be drawn back from her apostasy, I heard an audible voice in the spirit say to me repeatedly “You are Ezekiel 1 verse 12”. I believe this was God’s way of encouraging me to carry on. I have been concerned by various things that have caused me to be cast down and on the brink of giving up.

God had over the previous two weeks been encouraging me through visions and dreams including one in which I was shown a ram tied down and a voice told me I was to be sacrificed for the sake of what I had been praying about. I said Jesus had already been sacrificed for the sins of the whole world including mine and His own sacrifice is the only acceptable sacrifice for our sins. I quoted Gal 2:20 several times and in a dream as I was singing a popular song about the blood of Jesus in a lopsided way “The blood of Jesus The Name that shattered Satan”, an old white man who I believe is an angel pulled me to himself and embraced me and asked me to define the characteristics of a Church. I did to some extent, saying it is a group of people with special features. Then he added with emphasis that they are expected to walk in integrity so they can make proper spiritual impact on their environment.

My being cast down emanated from various issues I have faced and heard during my current visit to the UK. After God gave me the judgment message in 2010, He had insisted I should hand deliver it to as many UK citizens - black and white as possible. I have visited the land several times and tried to deliver the message many times with difficulty especially to the Nigerian UK citizens. God had told me during some of the visits that I would need to let the Africans especially Nigerian Christians to know the reason He allowed them to be in the UK at this time. I was therefore happy during my last visit when some Nigerian Christians invited me to come back to deliver this message to their church congregation this time round. However, I was only able to minister in two churches - one in Borehamwood and one in Kettering. Some of the others for one reason or the other canceled their invitation.

Then, I heard from very reliable source that the UK government is about to close down many of the churches set up by Africans in the country. I was told that they have discovered that about 80% of them are “occultic” because they are in the business of selling anointing oil, water and handkerchiefs to their congregations. Also many Africans especially Nigerians are setting up fake churches with non existing congregations and collecting huge sums of money from the UKs charities commission. These are giving the African churches a bad name. May God expose and deal with them, and if need be, cause them to be convicted and jailed so that others will learn to walk in righteousness and integrity.

Another issue that caused me to be upset is that whenever I hear about the rampage of Islamic fundamentalists in the nations and have been told that thousands of UK citizens are members of these groups, I had always assumed they must be those from Arab and Asian background. Then on Oct. 20, I read in the Daily Mirror newspaper about a young Caucasian white British youth, Thomas Evans, born and brought up in the UK who became one of the major leaders of Al-shabab-Islamic fundamentalist group wreaking havoc in Somalia and I also saw a documentary on him where he was the one taking decisions on who was to be beheaded until he was later killed sometime in July this year and after him thousands of British youths have also been recruited into ISIS, the most current Islamic fundamentalist group. I started to worry about what will happen to the UK which many believe and say is a Christian nation when the young people are drifting away from Christianity into occultic religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

By the way, on the 7th of Nov I heard a voice in the spirit telling me that Jews are going into Islam. I said God forbid! ; Even though I had read a book which said many young Jews travel to Asia to visit their occultic shrines.

Back to the UK issues, I wonder about what is left of the so called Christian nation and the role of our so called African Christian groups with several mammon churches which are in many cases branches of denominations established in Africa, especially Nigeria, many of which are occultic in their foundation and sending occultic tentacles to other nations including the UK and as I have stated above are about to be closed down.

At a mainly white Ichtus church in Sittingbourne, Kent, when I told a member of that church about my assignment in the nation, he said they do not deserve the assignment I am carrying out - praying for the UK etc, because of the atrocities the British had committed in Africa centuries ago. I made him to realise that Jesus did not commit any sin and yet He died for us - British and African people included on the cross of Calvary. Also that it will be terrible to imagine the descendants of David Livingstone, William Carey, Hudson Taylor, Pa Elton and many other British who had laid down their lives for the gospel in the nations of the earth to be rushing to hell like God caused me to know.

Anyway, Africans were partly responsible for the slave trade since many were willing to sell their people for mere bottles of drinks.

In conclusion, I discovered some developments that give me hope concerning the spiritual awakening of the UK and other nations. On the 14th of Oct., I saw in the Spirit, the globe map of the whole world ablaze. I believe it depicts there is going to be global spiritual revival. I learnt that there are pockets of intercessory groups mostly women spread across the UK praying that the country should come out of its apostasy. I visited one of them called The Lydia group in Canterbury which also specialises in reaching out to young people with the gospel. I heard about a prophetic message given out that God is taking note of the labour of these intercessors. This encourages me and causes me to note that even though there are Nigerian pollutants of the gospel in the UK, God has a remnant of Nigerians in that land who are purifiers of the land. Praise the Lord!


Yours in Obedience to God’s Mandate,

                                                          Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs)

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