Whither the Nigerian Church? No. 11


When God  led me to start this series on the Nigerian church in 2010 a few years after He had told me to make Abuja the country’s capital my major base to pray for Nigeria, I did not realize that He will propel me into transiting from praying for the church as He insisted then, into making inroads into the totality of the nation- her spiritual, political, governmental, and economic activities which I now realize was His reason for causing me to do a critical searchlight into the ills of the nation whose human and material resources He had planned to use to evangelize and re-evangelize the nations in this End-Time. From Oct. 1994 when God caused me to know He wants to use the nation in this way, He had revealed over the more than twenty years many issues and had propelled me in stages as revealed by Him to pray, preach and write about issues which will make us know, be prepared and key into His assignment for us. He has over the decades caused me to go through various challenges which at many times would try to stop me or limit me from carrying out His assignments effectively. For example, when in Dec. 1994, I went through spiritual brutalization after I had obeyed Him to pray in Paris and returned to Nigeria and for seven years had stopped answering His call, He had caused me to be marginalized in other spiritual areas where I had tried to key myself into so that in 2001 when I was stampeded to start all over again after an angelic visitation, I had no choice but to obey Him.

He has led me to pray about issues as revealed to me concerning the nation and declare His judgemental messages concerning nations, churches, political and governmental issues, much of which I have shared in my write-ups in this series, the UK saga series and His word for Now series over the past 15 years. However, because even though I prayed concerning many issues He revealed to me even in places not physically comfortable or convenient to me as a human being, even delivering judgement messages on nations and individuals and because as it appears to me over the years nothing has happened to change the situations I had been led to pray against, rather in my observation they have gotten worse especially in Nigeria and many nations, I have been disillusioned and as I have written in my UK saga No 7 on the verge of giving up. However, God has therefore given me encounters to cause me to be encouraged and cause me to know He is in control of the situation. That my timing is different from His own timing. To encourage me recently, He manifested an issue in Nigeria which has caused me to know He is still at work in the country. In April 2001, He had led me to pray in a state whose capital hosts the heartbeat of the nation. While there, He showed me a vision which indicated that He was not going to allow a particular occultic governor to rule in that state. In the vision, I saw the man remove all his paraphernalia of office and throw them down. I told my friends from that state that God had removed the man from office and he will never come back again. In 2009, when I was invited to lead a prayer conference in that state, even though I was reluctant to go, God insisted I should. While in that conference, God reminded me about the 2001 revelation concerning the state and insisted I should lead the people to pray concerning it. I did.

The said man tried several times to come back to rule over that state but did not make it. As he was on the brink of making it, he died. I do not rejoice over the death of anyone even if they have brutalized me. God said He does not want the death of a sinner, but that they should change from their wicked ways and live. Eze.33:11.  

The said man tried several times to come back to rule over that state but did not make it. As he was on the brink of making it, he died. I do not rejoice over the death of anyone even if they have brutalized me. God said He does not want the death of a sinner, but that they should change from their wicked ways and live. Eze.33:11. This incident caused me to realize that God is still God and He is supreme. Is He not the creator of heaven and earth? He can make and unmake at His own pleasure and timing. Even though the revelation concerning that occultic governor was given to me about 15 years ago, it came to pass at God’s appointed time. Also, the story about the current king of Ile-Ife kneeling down in church to worship the living God when I learnt he refused the castigation of his critics that such a monarchy should not kneel down to anybody reminded me of what happened several years ago when God told me to go to that town to pray against the activities of the late king especially his giving prominent Nigerians chieftaincy titles of ‘the source’. God said I should go to the town and declare in prayers that He alone is the source not any town or earthly king. At first I was afraid to go because I remembered that king’s spiritual attack against my pastor when he criticized what that king was doing. However, when God showed me in the Spirit that as a Yoruba person I was included in the cage that king was using to hold the Yoruba captive, I obeyed by staying in a hotel in the town to pray against the activities of the king. From then I did not hear that he gave that title of ‘the source’ to any one again till he died. It is therefore an encouragement to me that the current king has the understanding to kneel down before God who is the King of kings. These above mentioned issues have highly encouraged me that everything that God had told me to deal with in prayers and declarations especially concerning Nigeria- the church, the political, governmental and economic situations will come to pass at His appointed time. My own assignment is to continue to pray and declare them in ways He has told me to do so. I do not have to be afraid of the contradictions of men even the so called men of God. Incidentally, while I was on my latest visit to deal with the issues concerning the UK’s apostasy, I met an American lady at a women’s prayer meeting in Canterbury who even though she was meeting me for the first time, said God told her I am not always bold enough to declare God’s judgement message He puts in my mouth. This is a kind of confirmation of what I shared in the No.10 write up in this series. I know the lady is right. She said God told her to tell me not to look at faces or worry about what people will say when I declare His messages. She used Phil.1:27-29 to confirm it, God had also encouraged me as I shared in the No 9 write-up in this series that the Holy Spirit said to me that “I am as arrogant as Micaiah the prophet.” Glory be to God. With all the aforementioned encouraging happenings I will like to declare that God is in control of Nigeria and the nations and He will do what He says He will do concerning us. I want to say this to encourage other children of God especially the younger generation of believers that God can use any vessel He wants to use no matter how incapable they think of themselves or people think about them. In the natural I am like the proverbial snail which when it puts out its antennae and something touches it, it quickly pulls it in. Even my pastor once said to me that he knows that once I am harassed about what I say or do I stop talking or doing it to avoid trouble with people. No wonder God told me to stay with my pastor to learn boldness! Indeed I have given up many things including money and positions which in the natural are rightfully mine to avoid controversies. How could God chose such a person like me to declare bluntly judgement messages to peoples, churches and nations? He is an awesome God. His ways are unsearchable.

So to get back to the major issues He had told me to deal with over the past decades especially about the Nigerian church. I know He will still fulfil them. When He gave me the second name of the ministry The Jury ministry in 2001, He told me to use it to kill and destroy what He does not allow in the church and the nations starting from Nigeria the country He has decided to make the trigger point of the gun to shoot the gospel to the nations in this End-Time. Incidentally, I have just read similar prophetic revelations given to one Nigerian prophet of God Br Tony Ezeh which he published in a book titled ‘The Days of the Black Horse’. Br Ezeh also  alluded to some of the revelations God had also given me concerning Nigeria and other nations especially the church. The various ministries God has caused me to pass judgement on like the occultic foundation ones, the ones killing their enemies and the Jeroboam church ministries will still receive the lashes He has prepared for them. This is because as I have shared in my No 7 UK saga series that only the church that walks in integrity can make God ordained Spiritual impact on nations. Many Nigerian churches are not walking in integrity in the nations. Rather, she has polluted the nations in various forms. Even though many ministries may appear to men that they are still prospering, God will still deal with them precisely as He has told me He would unless they repent. We will soon see the scattering of many high fluting ministries and the fall of many so called servants of God partly because He wants to teach the coming generation how not to create or run Ministries.

The things God has been telling me concerning the political, governmental and economic affairs of the country will still come to pass at His own appointed time, because as He keeps telling me, He wants to use Nigeria-her human and material resources in the nations to propel nations into His kingdom. The issue is summarized as He caused me to say in a dream on 6th Sept. 2015 when I found myself declaring at a meeting when the leader of the meeting insisted that I should declare my own intentions about Nigeria, I said in that dream that “my own intentions is to monitor physically and Spiritually every Enterprise and Organisation in the country and to see that they conform to the intentions of God for their existence.” During my latest visit to Abuja to pray for the nation, the devil tried to distract me with his own dreams and visions to focus on my personal gains and gains of those I believe are the decimators of the resources of the country if I should just stop praying about the clearing of the ground of the nation. I have refused his harassment and distractions and have insisted that as a farmer needs to clear his ground before he plants his seed on it, the ground of Nigeria’s spiritual, political, governmental and economic terrain will need to be cleared before the manifestation of the Abus, Ojos, Qbis and Tubus (representing the whole of Nigeria) into whose heart God will put His wisdom and knowledge, who will not be greedy for money, who will shun occultic connections that God will use to lead the country to fulfill her assignment in the nations. I believe and I am saying it again that God is about to do something spectacular in Nigeria very soon. Let it be so in Jesus Name!

Please join me to continue to pray about these issues.

                                           Yours in Obedience to God’s Mandate,

                                            Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs)

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