The Link of Unity – Middle-Belt Region


The Middle-Belt is a land of varieties of language, people, tribe, culture and tradition. With great respect to God’s creations, we recognize that the God, who made the feathers and foams for cushion and comfort, is the same God, who made the thorns and whips for correction and discipline.

We don’t believe in monolithic civilization, which ascribe wisdom and value to only one language and culture. We accept God’s creations in their diversities of language, culture and civilization. We believe and take pride in our own contributions to world civilization.

The map shown above is the logical conclusion of the vision of the founding fathers of the United Middle-Belt Congress (UMBC). Some of the senior founding members of the UMBC were: HRH Chief Gwamna Awan, late Chief of Kagoro; Prince Abdul Aziz of Igbirraland; Rev. David Lot of Plateau; Jonah Amba Assadugu; Gayus Gilama of Numan; Da Patrick Dokotri of Plateau; R.B. Hungushi; Hon. Edmond Mamiso; Ambassador Jolly Tanko Yusuf; Hon. Prince Bitrus Wrang Pam of Plateau; Chief J.S. Tarka; Chief Solomon D. Lar of Plateau; Pastor Paul Gindiri of Plateau – the charismatic Evangelist, etc.

Hon. Pastor David Lot was the first President of the UMBC, while Da Patrick Dokotri was the Secretary-General. Da Patrick Dokotri still retained the Secretary-General when J.S. Tarka assumed the leadership of the UMBC. We in the Conscience Triumph share this vision, too.

The people and youth of the Middle-Belt Region are called to resist their further exploitation by other ethnic groups, especially those who claimed that they are ‘born to rule,’ and earn themselves a democratic space.

The present leaderships of the various Middle-Belt groups and, especially the Youth Forums, should not allow the struggle to die. They should be ready to commit their material and human resources to the realization of the goals of a Middle-Belt struggle


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