Whither the Nigerian Church? No. 14

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I am writing this current Newsletter for the sake of real Christians especially leaders of the church in Nigeria and the nations. My intention is not to scare believers and hinder them from doing God’s work but they should be totally obedient to their calling. This edition will mostly zero into my calling and personal experiences about things of God. I know some people will say, “here she goes again, can’t this woman who is over 70 years of age, leave the global spiritual issues to the younger generation of Christians?  In any case Jesus is coming soon and what will happen will happen anyway,”

Yes, I know Jesus can come any time. A lady I met in a Christian bookshop some years ago told me that, “the day we die our Jesus has indeed come.” My calling is well over 40years. This was confirmed to me by late Dick Mills an American prophet in 1993. I did not fully key into it until 1994 after which I neglected it again until 2001 when God forcefully stampeded me to start again. I have discovered there is no retirement in this type of calling. I am majorly called to be a prophetic intercessor. God had allowed me to go through physical processing to prepare me to do His assignment effectively. I have gone through spiritual harassment, some orchestrated by close family and friends. I did not know that God was preparing me for what He would use me to do in this current time. I now realize that this process was to prepare me for the assignment I have now been carrying out from 2001 till date. No matter what the enemy tries to do against me he will totally fail, I have been bold to carry out assignments - prayer walks, crusades etc. in many places in Nigeria and the nations. The things God had caused me to deal with spiritually in the past 20 years or so are to me unbelievable. I have several times asked Him, “Why He chooses me to do His work”. I don’t understand. Even though He has at His disposal billions of people, He can use donkeys, ravens and even stones to do His work. I pray that He should not allow me to take any glory to myself, and should not replace me with donkeys, ravens or stones. And.  If at any time I try to take the glory for what He is using me to do He should deal with me since I don’t want to fall like Lucifer fell from heaven.

Why I am prompted to write this Newsletter is because of what has cropped up from some of my previous assignments especially from 2001 even after my deliverance from the hands of Europa in Paris in 1994 which caused me to stop doing God’s work for 7years. Even while in the UK in 1994, I survived an attack by somebody who called my name in a dream and when I answered, I saw him hit my head with a club covered with cowry shells. I woke up with a slight head ache, rebuked the head ache and went back to sleep. I was supposed to die but I did not. Glory to God! As I said all these experiences has caused me to be bold to carry out many assignments. In 2005, when God led me to carry out crusade in Onitsha, I faced terrible attacks from the dominating water spirits before and after the crusade. To encourage me God gave me in a dream an Igbo name ‘Maduegbunam’- (No one can kill you even though I don’t speak Igbo.) The day I took my banner and hand bills on the programme to Onitsha was the worst day of the riot that resulted in the killing of many Hausa traders in Onitsha. I even saw a man’s body still burning as we crossed the Niger Bridge. On the last day of the crusade, a stormy wind broke all the equipment I had borrowed to do the crusade. I asked ministers of God at the programme to join me on the platform so we can point our hands towards River Niger to pray against the dominating water spirit. Only one of them came up. Another later told me that a voice kept telling her to go away and leave me behind even though she was the one who brought me in her car to the crusade ground.

Days after the crusade, rioting broke out in many parts of Anambra State which resulted in the death of many people. A pastor in Onitsha who had encouraged me and even lent me the equipments that were damaged said it was the spirit of mammon under the control of the water spirit that was reacting to my prayers against them. Again,  in 2012 in Amapere an oil producing Ijaw territory in Ondo state, I met a former Nigerian journalist now resident in America in a hotel I stayed in Abuja and he sensed I was an intercessor, he urged me to go with him to pray to oust the demonic forces in his village of Amapere. At first I was reluctant to go because as I told him I don’t do such things unless God tells me to do it. Later, after I prayed concerning the issue, God released me to go and told me to lead the pastors into whose hands He is committing the land and show them what to do. I went with two pastors from that village. Right from Lagos Motor Park into Ode Irele and into Amapere, I faced a lot of challenges in transportation which includes fighting among the transporters at the park. Where to stay was another difficulty which caused me to end up staying in an uncompleted building in Amapere. I was shown in the Spirit, a woman who I was told was the controlling principality of the land. She sat in a way to show that she was the one in charge and dared anybody to dislodge her. I still did the praying over major centers of the village. Meanwhile, I heard voices telling me to go back to Lagos and stop what I was doing. I ignored the voices and led the two pastors to pray in key areas of the land. I discovered that the village only houses syncretic water spirit controlled churches.

We prayed over many places in the land and rebuked demonic forces in charge of the illegal oil bunkering, poverty, violence etc. While there, violence was unleashed against the oil ‘bunkerers’ because they did not give the local people their own proper share of the money from the illegal oil bunkering. I was taken to the Village Head’s Office where I ministered to him using Jer. 10:11 castigating their dependence on demonic gods and I prayed with him and his team. However, I made the mistake of collecting money from the village head after the ministration. Even though I shared the money with the two pastors, I ended up putting myself in the trap of the water spirit controlling the land since the village head was also a leader in one of the water spirit controlled churches. From that 2012 to 2013, I faced many near fatal experiences both in Nigeria and UK.

I met a woman in a hotel I stayed in Abuja who I erroneously believed was a minister of God. She borrowed some money from me and later returned it. The day I saw in the Spirit who she really was and told her so, she quarreled with the staff of the hotel and checked out. Sometime later when I had difficulty on my journey from Lagos to Gboko, I saw her in the spirit telling me she is the monarchy and that she will only release me to go where she wants me go. I immediately replied her that the only monarchy I know and obey is Jesus the King of kings and God wrote in front of me in the Spirit 1 Tim.6:15 “…..He who is the blessed and only potentate, the King of kings and Lord of lords.” Even then on my way back from Gboko to Lagos, I was involved in a fatal motor accident which was supposed to claim my life. I prayed. The accident still happened but nobody was injured. Glory be to God!

Then I went to UK in 2013 to carry out my God given assignment. While there, I had a dream where I saw a black woman who I believe was the same demon I saw in Amapere say to me she was going  to deal with me because I had destroyed her work somewhere. As she and her assistants were about to grab me in that dream, I fell down under Holy Spirit anointing and sang a song I had not sung for decades eulogizing the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The song goes like this –“Were you there when they crucified my Lord…(2ce)oooo Sometimes it causes me to tremble(3ce)..Were you there when they crucified my Lord” and I heard the voices of the heavenly hosts singing it with me. My attackers disappeared. Other demonic inducers and attackers of various races showed up but God gave me victory over them. Later, on my way back to Nigeria, my aeroplane nearly crashed. I reminded God that He is the one who sent me to the UK and He had promised to take me back home safely. I raised my left hand to praise Him and continued to eat with my right hand. When our plane finally landed in safety, many people started shouting for joy.  The God I serve is an awesome God. I am now re-iterating these incidents because of what the devil has unleashed against one of the pastors who did the prayer walk with me and into whose hands God has committed the emancipation of that land.

When I was leaving Amapere at the end of our prayer walk, I noticed that we had only made minimal impact upon the land. Darkness had only diminished a little. The demonic pillar was still standing. I saw this particular pastor sitting down in frustration. I wrote in my report that more prayers will still need to be done over the land before any meaningful crusade can be carried out in that land. However, after some months when I phoned the pastor, he told me he had carried out a successful crusade in the land. I rejoiced with him. However, for more than two years I did not communicate with him. I assumed everything was alright concerning the land. However, early in July this year, I phoned him to find out how he was doing. He told me he had fallen victim of demonic attack after he carried out a crusade in the land about a year ago. He said the theme of that crusade was ‘Amapere for Christ crusade’. He said the powers in the village castigated him and said they never said that Amapere was for the devil. They now unleashed heavy spiritual attack on him that caused him to become bed-ridden over the past one year. I prayed for him and asked some of my Spiritual friends to pray for him. As I was praying for him, I saw written in the Spirit ‘Gehazi’. I believe God was telling me he was suffering from Gehazi syndrome which manifests when a Spiritual person takes money from sources tainted by the devil. I believed he must have allowed some satanic agents to be part of the people who financed the crusade he carried out. I believe I also fell victim of that syndrome when I took money from that occultic village head. As I said at the beginning of this write-up, I am exposing what I have been going through to teach Christians to walk in Spiritual discernment even while we are doing our God ordained assignment.

However, the most important lesson is to let us know that the resources of oil that God had placed in this country is ruled by the water spirit. The devil has been using this spirit to cause havoc in the Niger Delta and other oil producing areas in the country. It is the same in some other oil producing countries like South Sudan a country which God had delivered from Northern Sudan domination now fighting another war among themselves because of oil. Even though some other oil producing countries like UK , Europe, USA and the Middle East appear to be benefitting from oil resources, it may be partly due to their Christian foundation as God told me concerning the UK and the USA which causes many people in these two countries to still walk in integrity and righteousness in spite of their drifting into apostasy which God is about to deal with in His own way. As for the Middle East, many of the countries are in the same camp with the devil and that territory is the main source of global violence and upheaval. I am digressing into this subject area because of the question a friend of mine was asking me that, “why are we not enjoying the resources from oil when other countries are enjoying theirs.” The Nigerian case is partly due to the fact that God intends us to use the resources for the benefit of nations and the devil is fighting hard against it. The responsibility of the Nigerian Church is to deal with these demons in the way God has ordained. The nation is not fully benefitting from these resources. It has only caused us to be more corrupt; mammon spirit dominated and is preventing us from carrying out our God given assignment in the nations. The devil has caused many Nigerians including Christians who have access to this money to invest in projects like building houses in Abuja, Lagos, Dubai, UK etc. which are unoccupied and thereby rat infested, keeping cash in underground vaults etc. which will only be rat infested if unutilized for a long time, instead of investing it in meaningful infrastructural and industrial projects which will be of benefit to the nation.

The water spirit controlling these resources is determined to cause us to waste our financial and human resources and still end up in poverty as is manifesting especially in areas where these resources are coming from and resulting in violence which will go a long way to further destroy the human and material resources of the nation. As I pray and ask my Spiritual friends to pray along with me concerning that my pastor friend who is undergoing attacks for daring to deal with these water spirit controlled demons in the Niger Delta and all other oil producing states of the country, we Christians need to rise up and ask God what to do.

First of all, we need to shed off our subjugation to the spirit of mammon and be ready to obey God in everything He asks us to do. Meanwhile, the country needs to look for alternatives to oil money. We should not be as a top government official puts it like, “a drug addict” who is hooked on one Narcotic and finds it difficult to get unhooked. God will help us to get unhooked from Oil revenue addiction. As I see and observe, Nigeria will not make any meaningful financial and material progress unless we obey God by sanitizing ourselves, including the pulling down of our occultic water spirit foundational churches many of which are built with human blood sacrifice and are increasing in number as God has shown me in the Spirit, shed off our corrupt and greedy lifestyle starting from the church, so we can be the right candidates to pray and deal with these demonic forces. The word of God in II Chr.7:14 should be our watchword so that God can answer our prayers. We Christians should stop bad mouthing unbelieving leaders of the country and pray for them instead and cause them to see and copy our lifestyle which preaches the gospel more effectively.

                                                                                  Yours in Obedience to God’s Mandate,

                                                                                   Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs.)


0 #1 The Prophetic Axe 2016-09-09 22:28
May the Lord grant you all-round health and long life o blessed Mama.

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