Whither the Nigerian church? - part 4

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On the 6th of Feb. 2013, at about 1.55pm, as I was praying in my office, I heard an audible voice which said “The church has become burnt offering to the devil”. I believe the Holy Spirit is telling me that I need to look more closely at the Nigerian church the way it currently is. Meanwhile, in the past several months, I have shared and discussed with ministers of God and other Christians issues which I had written down in my three previous Newsletters titled ‘Whither the Nigerian Church? ’Nos. 1 to 3 in my Search light series which the Lord had told me to start in 2010.

In the first one I mentioned that God revealed to me that the church was bound by the iron rod of mammon which can only be cut off by the fire of affliction before we can deal with the problems facing us especially the Boko Haram issue which has destroyed many lives and churches especially in the northern part of the country. From my discussion with many of them it appears we don’t know who we are and where we are going. Instead of the church especially its leadership seeking spiritual solution to the problem, we are doing what I call blame game- passing the buck from one corner to another. We have forgotten that the Bible says “ The weapons of our warfare are not carnal (physical) but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds”.(IIcor.10:4)NKJV. We have decided that what is happening is orchestrated politically and can only be politically resolved. I do not believe a reasonable politician will encourage the destruction of the infrastructures within his domain in such a way that no one in his right mind will want to economically invest in the area. Also, if what is happening is for political gain, the one who sets out to become a suicide bomber is not expecting to gain anything since he will not be around to so. We need to realise that what is happening is spiritual. But many of us Christians are totally ignorant of many of the tenets of Islam which includes the doctrine that if you die as a jihadist you are assured of heaven. Many of us in the church are also ignorant of the tenets of Christianity. I just finished reading a book about some former Muslims who are now Christians through spiritual encounter and are standing in Christianity because of the love shown to them by true Christians some of whom in the past they have physically attacked and even killed their relatives. These Christians were determined to show real Christianity which includes the love of our enemies based on the principle laid down by Jesus Christ who prayed for those who crucified Him. If we are real Christians-Christ’s disciples, we will see these current issues as He sees them and deal with them as He would have. We would not as some of the leadership of the church pay for an advertisement in the Newspaper castigating a prominent man who is a Muslim for allegedly casting aspersion on Jesus Christ and even telling him that if he had done that to the founder of his religion he would not have gotten away with it. We should have either ignored what he said or tell him that no matter what Jesus still loves him and wants him to accept Him as his Lord and Saviour. I am not surprised that many Christians took the issue carnally and that is why I am not totally surprised by the revelation I shared at the beginning of this write up. We have become the burnt offering to the devil. Real church as Apostle Paul mentioned in Rom. 12: 1-2 is expected to be a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto the Lord-----be transformed by the renewing of our minds that we may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Many of us including many church leaders do not have time to constantly study the word of God. Some even think that once they have been to Bible School and seminaries they know all they need to know. Many of our church leaders are not even born again as Jesus expects all who come to Him to be. How can they teach members of their congregation about how to flow in the knowledge of God and His word. What I am saying is that a vast number of people in the Nigerian church are just church goers not the Christ disciple Christians. So if we do not know how to renew our minds by His word as Apostle Paul enjoins us to do in the passage I quoted above, how can we be ready to go through the imminent persecution which is just beginning to be unleashed on the Nigerian church. In the old days of Levitical priesthood, burnt sacrifices were made unto God so that God will accept His people and bless them. If indeed what the Holy Spirit said to me is true and I know He never lies, the church has caused itself to be sacrificed to the devil so he can accept her and give her his own ‘blessings’. On the 23rd of February, 2013, a close sister of mine had a dream that confirmed this revelation. She saw some so-called men of God dressed in clergy outfit, carry a woman who was dressed in similar outfit and forcefully handed her to a huge man in occultic loin cloth. He promised them that he will handle her the way he chooses. In effect she was being handed over to be sacrificed at the occultic altar. Looking around the Nigerian church today, I observe that we do not care how we get our ‘blessings’ and who gives them to us as long as we get them. With the above mentioned revelations, it seems we have not taken heed of the Jan. 7, 2010 revelation I shared in my first Newsletter in this series. It seems the church is totally deaf and blind and is not able to perceive the way out of our dilemma. That we have tended to sink further into the slippery mud. If the church is already burnt to the devil, where do we begin to retrace our steps back to God?

God revealed to me in 1994 that He wants to use Nigeria in the nations. He has given this same revelation to some other servants of God. While praying in Abuja in Jan 2013 concerning these issues, I said to God, ‘How can you use us in the nations the way we are?’ For example, how can we go and preach integrity and righteousness in the U.K. when they were the ones who successfully prosecuted those who stole Nigeria’s (not British) money. If we try to preach to them, they will see us as jokers. Then the Holy Spirit caused me to realise that there are still a remnant in the church, many of whom are in the valley of decision- whether to join the terribleness that is going or go away empty. God led me to pray for these ones that they should stand steadfast in Him and He will not allow them to go away empty. They will become worthy vessels in His hands to reach the nations before Jesus comes. Amen.

Meanwhile, while praying in Abuja, God reminded me of the revelation He gave to me about three years ago that if we do not take action, in 15 years’ time, a particular state in South West of Nigeria will become the headquarters of Islam in Nigeria. At first I did not take the revelation seriously. Then He said the state harbours a particular Fundamentalist Islamic organisation which is raising and indoctrinating educated young people of the calibre of Abdul-Tallab who tried to blow up an American plane some few years ago as a result of the indoctrination he had gone through. That one of such people are more volatile than 1000 Almanjiris. That we as Christians should seriously pray for and evangelise many of these people. God reminded me that many Christians in the South West have relatives and friends who are Muslims. He wants such Christians to at least pray for and evangelise their Muslim relatives and friends to avert the revelation He had given me. It seems as at now that many of us do not bother about such things. We see our Muslim relatives and friends as people doing their own thing while we are doing ours. God made me to understand that this attitude is selfish and wicked. God led me to visit and do prayer walk in a particular city of this South West state which He had told me is one of the major centres of this Fundamentalist group. Indeed, I saw that the true church in that city has become totally stifled. The only churches that appear thriving are the water spirit controlled churches. Almost every other house has become a mosque. The first mosque in that city was built in 1862, while the first church was built in 1892. The mentioned Fundamentalist organisation, and some other Muslim groups now coerce and harass especially young Muslims to become very serious in attending programmes, prayers etc. organised by them. They discourage them from listening to Christian evangelism. In any case, most of their serious programmes are carried out on Sundays so that they will not have time to visit churches. Meanwhile, Christians are busy claiming blessings, breakthroughs and so on and dealing deathblows on their so called enemies! God revealed to me that if we do not seriously rise up and pray and take necessary action, we will be in serious trouble before the 15 years run out.

Another issue I will like to highlight here is that many people in the Nigerian church believe that the Islamic mayhem in the north is being financed by our politicians. I have found out from talking to people who came out of serious Islamic religion, that most of the funding for Al-Qaeda is sourced from special funds set up for such purposes in many rich oil producing countries of the Middle-East. No Nigerian politician can match up with this kind of funding. Meanwhile, there are specific Nigerian groups who the Lord had prophetically told to evangelise and establish His work in the far North of Nigeria to stem the flow of Islam down south. Prophecies from ministers of God like late Pa Elton had been given out to some of them. However, for decades, partly out of fear because of what they had suffered in the hands of the people of the far north for many decades, have refused to obey these prophecies. Meanwhile when you remind them of these revelations, many of them who the Lord had specifically told to establish His work in the far North will go briefly to these places and return home. They will tell you that the Bible says one should first take care of his Jerusalem. Many spend most of their lives in their so called Jerusalem without answering the specific call of God on their lives. Whenever I have had opportunity to speak to some of these people, I have told them that even though I know about what Jesus said about our Jerusalem etc., It is the specific call of God on the individual’s life that should be uppermost. That even in the first few years of the Church when the disciples tended to concentrate on Jerusalem, God caused persecution to force them to go into other territories and nations. I also cite examples from my specific life of obedience to God’s calling. I did not start my ministry from my so called Jerusalem, (South West of Nigeria), but in Europe- U.K. and France. From there back in Nigeria to Lokoja in Kogi state. Also Ogoniland in Niger Delta, Tivland in the Middle Belt before I was sent to Ijebuland in the South West. Then to Igboland in the South East, Abuja in the North Central. Then back to Europe (U.K.). Then back to Epe in the South West of Nigeria. Even when I tell some Christians that God is sending me to some specific territories to carry some specific assignment including prayer walks, they think I am doing it because I have no job to do and some even say that if I have so much money to travel, I should release some to them to run their business. Many in the church believe they are there so that God would do something for them. They do not know and many are not even taught that God expects us to do something for Him also. He told me several years ago that we Christians are His hands, feet, eyes, mouth etc. on the surface of the earth. If He tells us to do something concerning various issues and we do not act, He will just be looking at us without lifting a finger until what He predicts happen to us. Many have also forgotten that it is the prayer walk of Joshua and the children of Israel around the walls of Jericho that caused the Captain of the hosts of heaven to manifest and helped them to overthrow Jericho. Josh. 5:13-6:27. Also, in recent history, it was the prayer walks of some Christians that brought down the walls of communism in Europe, and also caused the two German territories to be brought together again. I am saying that every true Christian must know his call and specifically answer them. Maybe if we have done so we will not be subject to what is happening to us here at the moment. Meanwhile Christian organisations majorly in the south are not really interested in catering for the families of the victims of Boko Haram insurgency. Thank God for an organisation called Voice of Christian Martyrs who are doing the little they can for them. We in the south tend to act as if it’s a northern Nigerian affair. May God help us.

I am challenging my Christian brethren especially those in the leadership organisations to first go back to God to confess and repent of our fleshly handling of the issues around us. Wait at His feet to learn afresh what real Christianity is all about and ask Him to show us in His mercy what we should do and make solemn promise that we would obey every instruction He will give us. He is such a faithful and loving father. He will show us and equip us and even send the Captain of the heavenly host to help us just like He did for Joshua and the children of Israel to bring down the walls of Jericho. The treasure that we intend to capture and dedicate to God is our people from every Nigerian tribe who hitherto have been under the bondage of Islam and other occultic stronghold so that they will become part of God’s kingdom!


Yours in obedience to His Assignment,
Mrs Victoria O. Adekoya

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