God's Dealing With the Nations: UK Saga 1 & 2

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God’s dealing with Nations- The United Kingdom Saga.

This write up is to analyze and show that God does not forget any one or any nation. It is to show that God keeps records of what is happening everywhere no matter how great or minute they are in the sight of men. As a prophet and intercessor called of God to these positions over a period of twenty years,

God has led me to see, declare and pray over situations He wants to manifest in many nations especially my country Nigeria. When He gave me the second name of the ministry, ‘The Jury Ministry’ He told me to use it to kill and destroy what He has not allowed in the church and in the nations. Jer.1;10. I want to take this opportunity to let people know that no matter your experience in the secular, God will utilize it in your spiritual calling. In fact He takes you through those experiences in order to prepare you for your spiritual future. The Bible says we comfort others with the comfort with which we have been comforted. 11cor.1;4. He trains our hands for war and our fingers to fight. Ps.44;1. When God gave me the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom from ‘A’ level to Masters degree in the 1960s and 1970s, I did not realize it was for His peculiar purpose. I was a student at the London School of Economics, a college of the University of London when the institution started the Gay Liberation Movement in 1970.This is the organisation which promotes homosexuality not just in Europe, but also in other nations of the world. I recently discovered that LSE is the home to Hall-Carpenters Archives, Britain’s major resource for the study of Lesbianism in the UK since the publication of the Wolfend Report in 1957. In fact my hall warden while there was a homosexual. In my naivety I thought it was fun seeing men dance with men and women with women. My university prides itself in having atheistic founders and foundation. It celebrates homosexuality but frowns at having a Christian chaplaincy in its premises.           The United Kingdom had been in the forefront of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the earth for more than 400 years. In fact the Christians in that country are currently celebrating 400 years of the King James Bible version. This was the first Bible translation that made the Bible available to the common people all over the nations of the earth. Many  missionaries from the United Kingdom like William Carey, David Livingstone, Mary Slessor etc. sowed their lives into the cause of preaching the gospel in the nations. This was the country that started in the18th century what we know as Sunday School to give opportunity to the poor to learn to read and write. The only book they used was the Bible and the only day they had was Sunday because they were working in factories during the other days of       the week. The older Universities in Oxford and Cambridge were built basically to train clergymen in the 12th and 13th centuries. However, over the past century or so, spiritual apostacy had crept into the country from Orkney and Shetlands in Scotland in the north, down to Lands End in Cornwall in the south. Even Wales, the birth place of the Wesleys has become apostate. New age had crept in I am told, through the propagation of anti Christian declaration of Alice Bailey, a British woman born into a Christian home in 1880, served in the YMCA, migrated to the US, married a Christian, divorced, received a visitation from a master Tibetan Dual Kool telepathically and wrote 24 books in 46 years before she died around 1965. From a message preached by Dr Tayo Adeyemi of New wine church London,  I learnt she travelled across the US and Europe propagating her New Age movement. Her messages through the movement and the books I am told encouraged throwing out Christianity from homes, schools and the nation. It discourages discipline of children and encourages all kinds of sexuality including children and adult homosexuality. I am told that her books propagating such terribleness have become best sellers in the nations including Nigeria.

As I was praying in Abuja on the 16th of August 2010, I saw myself on the street of the United Kingdom. I knew it was the United Kingdom because it is the only country in Europe which still drives on the left. There was a serious traffic jam which was caused by a black horse standing in front of a car I noticed was driven by a white woman. She was looking angry but there was nothing she could do about it. The Holy Spirit said to me that God is judging the UK especially her economy.Rev.6;5-6. Because they have turned their backs on God. I prayed about it and phoned some ministers of God I knew in the UK to pray about it. However, on the 10th of October 2010 in a dream I saw blood on my left palm and a report on which the United Kingdom was highlighted was placed in front of me. The Holy Spirit caused me to know that if I do not personally deliver the message of judgement to the UK, God will ask their blood from my hand Eze.3; 16-18; 33;2-8. So I had no choice but to travel to the UK to deliver the message to the spiritual authorities in that land. Meanwhile, just a few days before my departure to deliver the message, I lost my 36 year old daughter. God insisted I should still go. I obeyed. I wrote letters to the Archbishop of Canterbury which I personally delivered to his house in Lambeth  house, Westminster and also took a copy to the chaplaincy at my school LSE in London. I then decided to stay in a hotel to pray and intercede for the land reminding God of what their fore fathers did in the nations for the propagation of the gospel of the Kingdom of God. I even cited the fact that my parents, grandparents and great grandparents had benefited from these British missionaries and also  that I had benefited from studying in the UK where the UK government paid for my education. For almost three weeks in the hotel I tried to intercede for them. But God stopped me. He told me He knows all that  their fathers had done in the nations and that He loves them more than I could ever do. He said it is because of His love for the British that He is judging to stem the flow to hell of the descendants of those who served Him in the nations and many of whom had been martyred for His sake. That He will make sure everything they depend on fail them until they turn to Him. That all He required of me was to deliver the judgement message and pray that He carries it out speedily. He then reminded me that when He gave similar messages to Jeremiah and Ezekiel for the children of Israel  when those ones also turned their backs to Him , He told the two prophets not to interceed for Israel. That He would not listen to such intercession. So I changed my prayers. Then He started showing me visions  of some of their ancestors-missionaries in the jungles of Africa. He also showed me how many things will fail them and finally He showed me like on a TV screen many looking up to Him in repentance. All He required is for the people to be jolted to turn back to Him. I returned back to Nigeria in frustration about the whole issue after having spent about six weeks in the UK trying to do what I thought was the best on the issue. However, almost as soon as I came back to Nigeria, God said I should go back to the UK. Because I had not delivered the message effectively enough. He reminded me that my having studied at the London School of Economics, the major centre of atheism and homosexuality which arrogantly prided itself as a centre of academic excellence was not an accident but for a time like this. In fact I recently discovered that late Bertrand Russell, one of the founding fathers of the institution had in 1927 written an essay titled ‘ Why I am not a Christian’. God then gave the following message titled-URGENT MESSAGE FOR THE BRITISH. It says ‘GOD SAYS I SHOULD TELL THE BRITISH THAT HE LOVES THEM. THEIR ANCESTORS TOOK THE MESSAGE OF JESUS CHRIST TO THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD INTO EVERY LAND THEY HAD THEIR COLONIAL TENTACLES. MANY OF THEM INCLUDING THOSE FROM MIDDLE CLASS INTELLECTUAL BACKGROUND LEFT THEIR COMFORTABLE HOMES IN THE UK, DIED IN THE JUNGLE OF NATIONS FROM DISEASES, CANNIBALISM AND MARTYRDOM WHILE PREACHING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. HOWEVER, YOU THEIR DESCENDANTS HAVE TURNED YOUR BACKS TO JESUS AND ARE NOW WORSHIPPING OTHER GODS AND PRACTISING ALL KINDS OF ABOMINATIONS INCLUDING ATHEISM. AS A RESULT, MANY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF THOSE WHO SERVED HIM IN THE NATIONS ARE RUSHING TO HELL DAILY! IN ORDER TO STEM THAT FLOW TO HELL, HE ORDERED ME TO TELL YOU THAT: HE HAS UNLEASHED HIS JUDGEMENT ON THE UNITED KINGDOM, THAT EVERYTHING YOU DEPEND ON- YOUR INTELLECT, WISDOM, INDUSTRY, AGRICULTURE, ETC. WILL FAIL YOU UNTIL YOU TURN BACK TO HIM. EUROPEAN UNION, U.S.A. ETC. WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU. THE CURRENT ECONOMIC DOWNTURN IS BUT A CHILD’S PLAY COMPARED WITH WHAT GOD REVEALED TO ME IS IN THE OFFING IF YOU DON’T TURN BACK TO JESUS CHRIST’. These I had hand printed and God twice insisted that the first place I should go deliver the message is at my former school. That it was easier for me to access the place as an alumnus of the school. I obeyed with much trepidation because I learnt that you could not just distribute such hand bills in the UK at the present time. That one could be arrested for doing so. To reinforce my acceptability, I wore most of the time I went around London my old University neck scarf which identified me as one of them. In fact, when I tried to access the entrance of the British house of Parliament, the police stopped me and warned me not to distribute the hand bills. I was surprised that I easily accessed my school, even the Alumni office and chaplaincy to distribute the bills. Many accepted them and one middle aged man, maybe a lecturer praised me and said this was the kind of message that he had been trying to propagate. That encouraged me. I went to my other University, Strathclyde in Glasgow to distribute the bills. They were accepted by many. I took the opportunity to look around if there were still churches in the UK and what I discovered caused me to weep on the streets of Glasgow and London-Churches turned to drinking parlours, Bhudist, Hindu shrines etc. I tried to access churches with these bills in London and Glasgow. It was more accepted in Glasgow than in London. In fact most of the church leadership which harassed me and threw me out because of what I was doing were Nigerians. God later revealed to me that many Nigerian churches in the UK were truncating further His gospel in the UK even though part of God’s plan is for Nigeria to take the gospel to the nations in this end-time. That many were perpetrating atrocities in the land instead of preaching the true gospel. He instructed me to pray and scatter many of them that were doing contrary to His word in the UK. I did. I saw in the Spirit cracks forming in their structures.

As a result of the rejection I experienced in the churches etc., I was led to drop the bills in many unusual strategic places-Bus stations, Rail and tube stations, on bus and train seats etc. When I complained to God about the treatment I had been receiving, He asked  me whether I have received the same kind of treatment Jeremiah received when he declared His judgement message to Israel. I felt ashamed for daring to query God. As I was coming out of the tube station to go distribute the bills in the hostel I stayed in while I was a student at L.S.E.-Passfield hall near Euston station, I met a lady lecturer from another UK institution attending a conference at the university. I told her I was a student at the university when the Homosexuality movement was started in the 1970s. I  then told her that God had sent me back to the UK to tell them He is against homosexuality. The woman was enraged by my statement. She said I was a betrayal to the institution. That how could I who graduated from the institution be against homosexuality. That she was told that we Africans kill homosexuals. I told her I don’t believe in killing homosexuals. That my assignment is to pray for them. She was not placated by my statement. I still followed her into the hostel. While she was trying to collect her room keys, I sat at a centre table in the hall and surreptitiously placed a wad of the hand bills under the news papers on the table. I rose up, joked with the staff of the hostel about my stay there long ago and about some messy things that used to happen there and then left. Finally, as I went back to the Euston station, I gave some of the bills to passengers about to travel on the intercity trains telling them about the love of God for the British. Some took and some rejected the bills. Then, I noticed there was a Chaplaincy office at the station. I approached it. It was locked but it had tracts rack at the entrance. So I placed quite a few of the bills on this rack with the expectation that Christians who come to the Chaplaincy will pick them up. I think they probably did. However, about two weeks after I did that and about a few days after I returned to Nigeria, I received a message on my e-mail from the chaplain telling me she had removed those bills and that I should never bring such messages to the Chaplaincy any more. That it was private premises not for the propagation of my messages. I was upset about such a reaction from a supposedly servant of God. However, God encouraged me and said ‘My might is greater than their wisdom and knowledge’. I understood that to mean that when these so called UK church leaders experience what He is unleashing on the nation, they will learn that His power is greater than their wisdom and knowledge.

Lately, I saw an article in a magazine about the great American minister of God David Wilkerson author of ‘The Cross and the Switch blade’, who died in April this year in a motor accident. I found out that in 1973, he had published concerning the U.S.A. a Prophecy similar to that which God gave me in 2010 for the UK. In that message he had said that the judgement will start from Europe which includes the UK. The rioting and protests that took place in the UK during the period of the second week of August 2011 is the manifestation of the economic pressure on the UK. It is just a sign of worse things to come if they refuse to come back to Jesus. I know people will say that what is happening in Britain is happening in the whole world. However, I want to say there is a peculiarity about the UK. The other countries of the world that having majorly political problem. The UK on the other hand are facing majorly economic problem because of their apostacy. This is a country that God had used to popularize the preaching of the true gospel to the common man starting with the publication of the King James Bible which made the word of God available to the common man. It was from the UK that the true gospel of Jesus Christ was taken to the USA etc. The fact that they have now turned their backs to what they used to defend greaves the heart of God . That is why He is using them to show the world what He is about to do to nations that He loves so much but has become stubbornly disobedient. It is the child you love that you chastise. Hebrew 12:6-7

Finally, from my observation of the upheavals in many countries of world in the past few months, I believe Jesus is coming soon. Believers need to get ready and speed up the evangelization and re-evangelization of the whole world. Maranatha!.

                                                                                  Yours in Christ,

                                                                                      Mrs. Victoria O. Adekoya.




In my previous write up about the United Kingdom I highlighted among other issues the well-known fact that the UK had been in the forefront of evangelising the whole world in the previous 400 or more years but had slided gradually into apostasy over the past 50 or more years to the extent that a very a high percentage of the current young generation of British Citizens aged 30 and below know little about Christianity and are not really interested in talking about it. That United Kingdom had fallen victim of all kinds of abominations orchestrated by the likes of Alice Bailey who died in 1965 after foisting on the UK and the world, her New Age doctrine propagated during the last 40 years of her life. Also that an offshoot of that is the popularity and acceptance of Homosexuality, which has been legalised in the United States and seeking total legislation in the United Kingdom itself even though, I learnt that the Leadership of the Church of England, the main church in the U.K is trying to prevent its being enforced on the Church.

Also highlighted in that write-up was the discovery that the London School of Economics where I graduated about 40 years ago was the bedrock of Atheism and Homosexuality in the United Kingdom. That God caused me to study in that institution so He could use me to do what I am doing now concerning the United Kingdom.

When I obeyed God’s instruction to visit the U.K in 2010 and 2011 to declare His judgement on U.K’s apostasy, during which I experienced all kinds of harassment even from the Nigerian Church in that land, I thought I had finished the assignment. However, towards the end of 2011, God placed a further burden on my heart that I would need to revisit my university to pray against the abominations that is being spearheaded by that institution for example, Homosexuality and Atheism. He made to know that as an alumnus of the institution, I would be given the liberty to freely access the institution. However, as soon as I made up my mind to obey, my international passports mysteriously disappeared from my house.  I saw them removed in the spirit and could not locate them physically. I was about to give up even though my spiritual friends encouraged me to get a replacement. Then God added another potent reason why I should go back to the U.K.

Several years ago, He had told me that I would need to let Nigerian Christians resident in the U.K know that they were there to impact the land positively for the kingdom of God. However, during my visits in 2010 and 2011, I discovered that many Nigerians, Christians and unbelievers because of the terrible stress many of them are going through are beginning to truncate God’s plan for them in the U.K. Many Nigerian and African churches in the U.K. are being controlled by the spirit of mammon and some of them are building their ministries on occultic   and mammonic foundations. God is distressed about this. In Nigeria, He showed me visions of some of our young people in the U.K. in abject distress and not knowing what to do. God insisted that I needed to return to the U.K. to address such issues as well even while I am praying for the U.K. to turn back to Him so He could restore her economy back to buoyancy. As I indicated in the previous Newsletter it is God that is causing the downturn of the economy of the U.K. and because of her obstinacy He will by His might and power disgrace the U.K.’s wisdom and knowledge until they come back to Him.

So my first port of call as instructed by God, was my university where I was expected to access materials that promotes abominations in the U.K. and pray and demolish their controlling influences on the U.K. and then go to other major centres of the U.K. and do the same. Then I was to locate areas where there is high concentration of Nigerians, pray for them to find solution to their distress, and instruct them to obey the call of God to impact their environment in the U.K. for God’s Kingdom and stop practising fraudulence, corruption etc. especially in their so called churches in the U.K. Also to pray and demolish any church built on mammonic and demonic foundations.

So, in obedience to the above mentioned mandate, I applied for and by the grace of God was able to get a replacement of my International passport and U.K.visit visa without any problem. God also provided the finance to travel and caused a childhood friend of my son to accommodate me for the whole period of my stay in the U.K. As directed by God; my first place of call in the U.K. was my university where I easily accessed the library archives where research materials on lesbianism and so on were kept. I saw that one the people who encouraged the starting of the homosexual association was a transsexual man born in 1920 in Budapest, Hungary. His original name was Karoly Hadju which he changed to Michael Karoly when he came to the U.K. He ended his life as a woman and changed his name to Charlotte M. Bach. Even some of his closest friends in the U.K. did not know he was a man until he died in 1980. I also saw a copy of the manifesto of the Gay liberation Front which was started in 1970 while I was a student at the institution. As I looked through the materials, I prayed over them and demolished their powers over the United Kingdom and the nations of the world. I also prayed for the deliverance of those who had been contaminated by them directly or indirectly in Jesus Name. Incidentally, the U.K. Evening Standard around the end of July 2012, carried a report which said that Gay (homosexual) unions between the end of 2005 when it was allowed increased to 53,417 at the end of 2011. That it was now a total of 106,834 civil partners in the U.K. as compared with predicted 11,000-22,000 in 2004. Westminster and Brighton and Hove registered the highest number of such unions in 2011. Also that London accounted for ¼ of all such civil partnerships with 1,731 and in the whole of England and Wales there were 6,795 gay unions in 2010. These figures they said will put pressure on the government to go ahead with the introduction of full gay marriage rights. This I discovered the Prime minister is promoting and is insisting will come to pass by the end of 2012 in spite of the opposition of his Conservative party members. The concerned church in the U.K. has been praying about it and I am told the leadership of the Church of England is in opposition to it since it may involve the enforcement of such unions even on the church. Such legislation will not come to pass in Jesus Name!

I did prayer walks around the houses of Parliament, Westminster, and also Euston areas where there are intellectual institutions. I prayed that the power of Jesus Christ should supercede and overthrow any demonic forces that will cause the leadership of the land-Monarchy, political or the church to make and implement policies that are contrary to the word of God. For example,policies that encourage and elevate occultic religions e.g. Islam, Hinduism etc. above Christianity and policies that encourage homosexuality, atheism etc. That God should indeed show the British as He told me He would that His power is greater than their wisdom and knowledge. I then went to Thamesmead and declared that if indeed God created the river Thames to be a blessing to the U.K., He should show them that He, and not them is in charge of their economy etc.

Also, I visited some key centres of the U.K. –Cardiff in Wales, Glasgow in Scotland, Belfast in N. Ireland, Manchester in the North of England, Brixton, Shepherds bush, Peckham etc. in London to pray for the U.K. church and also Nigerians to impact the country for the Kingdom of God. These are the highlights of what happened in some of the centres. First, I would say that it appears that God had gone ahead of me to lead me and prepare the places and the people I interacted with. I did not have specific addresses of people and places. All I did was visit the cities and specific places and God by His grace would lead me to stumble on sites, churches, people and so on that would interact with me as if God had prepared them for me.

(a)Manchester: I was led to a place called Piccadilly park where I saw the statute of late Queen Victoria who was the country’s monarch during the 19th century when many British people went to nations to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and some were martyred for the gospel’s sake. I prayed at the base of that statute reminding God that He had during this woman’s reign raised missionaries for the nations. That God should still do the same today starting from the country. There also I met a man who is the leader of the Nigerian community in Manchester as he was counselling a Nigerian lady who had been thrown out of her residence along with her children. He was able to give me a brief situational report of what Nigerians-legal and illegal residents in the U.K. are going through and what they have put in place to alleviate their suffering. This he said includes financial support backed by the U.N. to help distressed illegal Nigerian U.K. residents to return home. As I prayed around Manchester I saw church buildings which had been turned to warehouses etc.

(b)Brixton: At a park near St Matthew’s Anglican Church I met many people of all races. I ministered to them and told them the purpose of my visit. Two young men, white and Asian, ex-prisoners on probation discussed Christianity with me and their experiences. I prayed for them and asked God to reveal Jesus to them and encouraged them to stand in Christ. I gave out to some of them my Newsletter on the U.K. Some of the Africans there did not want to hear anything about Jesus. One even said the British took the gospel to Africa to destroy us. I also saw a man, a European preaching against homosexuality. I thought he was real, until he started cursing me in the Name of Jesus because I tried to give him my Newsletter. Many people were offended by his attitude to me. Some even wanted to call the police to deal with him for my sake. I told them I was not offended by what he did. I then gave those around my Newsletters.

(c)Peckham: At a bus stop I met a Nigerian from Bayelsa who had been a resident of U.K. since he graduated from Leeds University about 40 years ago. He condemned me along with Nigeria, that our country is a disgrace to the nations and how could I now come and preach the gospel in the U.K. I told him that I also graduated from a British university about 40 years ago. That unlike him who decided to stay, work and collect pension in the U.K. I had gone back to Nigeria to impact my country until God sent me back to the U.K. to deliver the message I was declaring to U.K. citizens including Nigerians resident in the U.K. A Nigerian lady who heard our conversation encouraged me and invited me to come to the launching of her ministry which is targeting single parenthood. This phenomenon is highly prevalent among Nigerians in the U.K. because of the peculiarity of their stay condition in the U.K. I attended the programme .I was given the opportunity to tell them the purpose of my visit to the U.K. and I encouraged them to make positive spiritual impact on the U.K. no matter what they are going through. I also gave them copies of my Newsletters on the U.K. and that of Nigeria.

(d)Cardiff: I met some Nigerians, shared the message with them and told them they are in the U.K. to impact the land back to Jesus. I then stumbled on a church called the City Parish of St. John the Baptist,on Working St. Cardiff which I accessed to pray for Wales and U.K. I met the vicar, a woman, Revd. Liz. Griffiths who encouraged me, when I told her the reason for my visit to Wales. We then prayed for one another. I gave her some copies of the Newsletter I had prepared on the U.K. which she took willingly. In front of the church, I saw a banner advertising a play that depicted Wales’ spiritual past that is now largely lost and which they are praying will be restored. Indeed Wales had produced great men of God, some of whom were the Wesley brothers, the fathers of the Methodist church.

(e)Glasgow: Off Buchanan street, on a street called Nelson Mandela, I saw a church called St. George’s-Tron church Buchanan St. Glasgow G I2JX. Their brochure says that the current building was raised in 1808 but that the story of the church dates back to 1687. They said the current church is an offshoot of the Scottish Presbyterian church called Wynd church. It said they started growing effectively as an evangelical Church since the 1950s. Inside the church, they have stands which emphasised the cross as the symbol of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ for the salvation of the whole world. They also emphasised worldwide missions and evangelism. I entered, prayed for Scotland to be restored back to the Jesus that the likes of David Livingstone, Mary Slessor and Henry Moffatt, indigenes of Scotland, proclaimed and suffered for in the nations. I met a young man, staff of that church, who encouraged me after I told him my mission to Scotland. I used that church as a point of contact to pray for the restoration of Scotland and the whole of U.K. to the legacy of David Livingstone etc. That Jesus will be widely proclaimed again in the whole land. I gave them some copies of the U.K. Newsletter. I did not meet any Nigerian, but I still prayed that Nigerians living in Scotland will make positive spiritual impact on Scotland and the U.K.

(f)Belfast: In front of the City hall, I met a man who told me he had been a missionary to various African countries for 36 years. He belonged to the church of the Nazarenes. He and another man pointed out to me the direction to go to locate a church to pray for Ireland after I had told them the purpose of my visit. He encouraged me and I gave him some copies of my Newsletter on the U.K. On my way to the church I located a bookshop of The Faith Missions Ministry on Queen St. Belfast. They told me they are not a church but a Ministry which backs up the work of the preaching of the gospel in the land. The person I met there encouraged me and took some of the Newsletters on the U.K. I then went to pray at the St. Mary’s Catholic Church nearby. I later located a Presbyterian church on Berry St. which I was told was established in 1689 but now has just about 25 people worshipping there regularly on Sundays and about 50-60 people on Thursdays when they have special coffee fellowship meetings. The man I met had worked in Nigeria several years ago. He encouraged me tremendously when he learnt the purpose of my visit to Belfast. I saw a banner they had put in front of the church emphasising the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of the literature I picked from the church showed they were into building Bible centered places of worship and are into church planting in many areas of Ireland where many churches had closed down several decades ago. The peculiarity of Ireland is the struggle between the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches. However, I noticed they were encouraging young people for the Lord. I prayed in the church and used it as a point of contact for Ireland and the U.K. as a whole that the country will rise up again and preach the gospel in the U.K. and the nations.

In summary, in my going around several United Kingdom cities and doing what you can call a prayer walk, my observation is that there are still sparks of the fire of the gospel of Jesus Christ in many obviously unlikely places. Even though it appears that the young people of about aged 30 and below are majorly ignorant of the gospel and are not interested in hearing it preached in a country where you could be arrested for preaching certain aspects of the gospel in the open and you could lose your job for daring to counsel your job colleague in a Biblical way, or daring to toe the line of the gospel in your workplace which is caused by the terribleness of the demonic stronghold of so called liberalism, atheism, homosexuality etc. which the older generations are encouraging even in their utterances, legislative rules and regulations, all is not totally lost. There are sparks of the gospel fire even among some young people- indigenes of the United Kingdom which I observed in my travel around the country. I included these issues in my prayer for the country, that the sparks will become full flames of fire that will flow across the land and consume the powers of darkness-atheism, unbelief, ecumenism which propagates a wrong doctrine that all religions are the same and which gives priority to occultic religions and relegates and discourages the preaching of the true gospel of Jesus Christ in a nation which was the propagator of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the nations of the world in more than four hundred years of the past.

However, on the issue of Nigeria’s involvement in the spiritual emancipation of the U.K., I am sad to note we are not making the necessary impact. In 1994, God had revealed to me that He was going to use Nigeria- her human and material resources for the propagation of the gospel in the nations in this end-time. He had also, as I highlighted above told me I will be coming back to the United Kingdom to tell Nigerians there that their purpose in the country is not just to make it materially and financially, but to impact the country for the Kingdom of God. With that knowledge in my heart, when I visited the U.K. in 2010 and 2011 to declare God’s message to the land, most of the churches I visited were highly populated by Nigerians. They treated me derision and harshness. Some of them physically threw me out of their premises and environment for daring to give out printed copies of the message. However, during my current 2012 visit to the U.K., I targeted mostly white British churches and people. They took interest in me and many actually encouraged me as I stated above. I have since discovered that most of the Nigerian churches in the land are there just to gather people and make money. Many are not interested in making spiritual Jesus Christ based impact on the land. It seems that many Nigerian churches in the U.K. are set up to mop up by hook and by crook the few pounds in the pockets of the already harassed and impoverished Nigerians in the land! But I have a message for them-God is watching and He is about to judge and demolish any church-Nigerian, African etc. that are truncating His spiritual purpose for the land. The judgement He is unleashing will start from the church!


Yours in Obedience to God’s Mandate,


Victoria O. Adekoya (Mrs).



0 #1 Charity Ugwu 2013-10-03 20:06
Dear Mrs Adekoya,
Thank you for the articles reflecting on your visits to the UK where I live, though I am a Nigerian.
If you ever visit next time do get in touch with me as I share your desire to warn people about God's coming judgement on Britain.
God bless you

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