The Word Of God To Leaders Of Nigeria

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¬¬ns: 11-8-13:

Between 11th and 19th of August 2013, the Lord spoke to me and dealt with me on some vital issues concerning Nigeria. After receiving the word, I felt I needed time to pray about it before sharing the word. I am sharing this word only with leaders in the Church with a request that you also pray about it and seek the Lord for further light and direction. I believe strongly that President Jonathan and President Obasanjo should see this word.

If you have access to them please pass it on. It is not necessary that my name be mentioned as I only seek to bring glory to the name of the Lord. In other not to bore you, I will deliver it in five parts within the next five days. Please read, pray and do as the Lord leads you.

In Christ, Tony.


At the breakfast table this morning, the Lord brought President Obasanjo to my heart. I wondered about this, because while I have enormous respect for the former President (because of his achievements), I am not particularly a fan.

The Lord began to bring to my heart the fact that at every important turning point in Nigeria’s history, the man has always been there.

He was there during the bitter years of the civil war, and he was one of the principal actors of that war. It is true the Igbo’s perceive him as one of the people that terminated their ambition of becoming an independent nation, yet he played a major role in preserving the will of God that Nigeria remains one nation under God.

By 1975, God positioned him strategically as number 2 man to Murtala Muhammad.

Many people do not know this, but the major reason God allowed the overthrow of General Murtala Muhammad was because of his Islamic agenda for Nigeria. (Please research this fact and may the Lord grant you deep revelation as you do so In Jesus’ name.) His one single pursuit was to make Nigeria an OIC compliant full Islamic state. Of course God has a different agenda for our Nation and He frustrated it using the language that people of his constituency understand – Coup and bloodshed.

General Obasanjo’s presence on the throne of Nigeria frustrated the Islamic agenda and stabilized the polity. He midwifed the Nigerian transition and handed over to a civilian government headed by a gentle Nigerian Muslim in the person of Alhaji Shehu Shagari. Alhaji Shehu Shagari, even though perceived as a weak leader by many people, did not overtly pursue the Islamisation agenda. If he had completed his tenure, it is possible that political power would have returned to a Christian of southern or middle belt extraction.

In December 1983, Shagari was gently shoved aside as President and the ferocious duo of General Buhari and Brigadier Tunde Idiagbon came on the scene.

General Buhari reverted to the Islamic agenda, established Nigeria to observer status in OIC and was headed towards making Nigeria a full member of OIC.

God intervened and stopped him through General Babaginda’s coup of 27th August 1985. I recently heard that God used a man of God to warn him of the consequences of his action but when he did not listen, the coup took place.

To establish himself as defender of the faith, Babangida took the Islamic plot further by secretly confirming Nigeria as a permanent member of OIC without consultation while conveniently ignoring the fact that in all probability, there are more Christians in Nigeria than Moslems. Once he took this stand, he effectively sealed his destiny as an opposer of God and it was only a matter of time before he would go down.

General Abacha who came after him was no different. He compounded his problems by relying on Marabouts and false prophets to establish his throne at a time inviting the highest representative of Satan in Nigeria to do series of rituals for him in conjunction with seven Islamic Priests that were Priests of the Serpents of the seven oceans. By this act, he effectively handed over the Throne of Nigeria to the Leviathan spirit, and we are still dealing with the consequences. God found this act despicable because of His purpose for Nigeria and with time, Abacha fell as the weakest of men.

Following Abiola’s crisis of 1993, Nigeria was on the verge of disintegration but the mercy of God prevailed.

About 1999, another important turn in Nigeria’s history, when the nation would return to civilian rule, General Obasanjo was also present by the will of God. He may not have pleased God all the way, but He did some things that God still remembers, the most important of which was revoking Nigeria’s membership of OIC. To understand the significance of that singular act, you have to read the 83rd Psalm prayerfully. I pray that the Lord grants you understanding.

You can say many things about General Obasanjo, but he has been a tool that God has used to preserve His purpose for Nigeria at every important turn in our history.

THE WORLD 2000 – 2014:

At the dawn of the new millennium in 2000, God turned the pages of His book to unfold the final phases of human history. God will deal with humanity as from this point in Cycles of Seven following patterns previewed in His Book especially in The Prophetic Books and the Book of Revelation. The years 2000 – 2007 are like the first seven years of Pharaoh’s dream which Joseph interpreted as years of plenty (See Gen.41:29). We still remember that these were prosperous years for many nations with unprecedented gains in the stock market that turned almost every one into a stock broker overnight.

The years 2008 to 2015 would be years of leanness and hardship comparable to the second seven years of Pharaoh’s dream (See Gen.41:30). To understand what is happening in the world, we have to turn to the wisdom of God. “And when He (God) had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, come and see. And I beheld and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” (Rv.6:5-6). This scripture is clearly saying that God is bringing financial judgment to the world for the sins of idolatry, corruption, immorality, wickedness and oppression of the poor. The Lord gave me a message about this period in human history that I captured in my book, ‘The Days of the Black Horse Rider.’ (2010 ICS Ltd, 2011 Plummet Publishing).

Prophetically speaking, the world today is in the place between Rv.6:5 to Rv.6:15. The highlights of this period according to scriptures are:

i.             Financial judgment resulting in famine – (Rv.6:5-6 – ‘The Days of the Black Horse Rider’)

ii.            Death through increased demonic activity that would play out through senseless use of the sword (Eg. Boko Haram), hunger, and agencies of government (beasts of the earth). Rv.6:8. Note that major governments in the world apart from sponsoring wars to sell arms are also passing abortion laws resulting in murder of thousands of innocent children through abortion and forcing other nations to pass laws legalising same sex marriages.

iii.           Increased martyrdom for the sake of the Gospel – Rv.6:9-11. We are seeing this in increasing numbers especially in Northern Nigeria.

iv.           God’s judgment on planetary systems resulting in earthquakes and floods. (By this judgment, God would also deal with prognostication and sorcery through which evil men attempt to change times and seasons). Rv.6:12-13.



NIGERIA 2011-2015:

Before Gen. Obasanjo became President for the second time in 2003, prophecies went ahead that God would raise a leader through the Gate of Abeokuta, which has been an influential Gate for Nigeria. (The Evangelical Gospel was preached for the first time in Nigeria in Abeokuta through Birch Freeman, who established the Methodist Churches in Nigeria). He came to the Throne by the will of God, and before he could mount the throne, God prepared him through suffering that nearly cost him his life. He resorted to God while in prison, gave his life to the Lord and He saved him and gave him the Throne of Nigeria according to prophecy that had gone ahead of him. He continued with God for a while but for some reason, could not stay with him to the end.

If he had continued with God to the end, God would have shown him His anointed successor and helped him to bring His elect to the Throne. Even among the best of men, two streams flow – the stream of God, and the stream of Mammon. To flow in the stream of God, one must die to self completely. Once you depart from the spirit, the flesh takes over and brings you into the stream of Mammon. I think this is what happened towards the end of his administration and he handed over to his own anointed (Not God’s choice) in the person of President Yaradua. But human weaknesses can only delay the purpose of God but will never terminate it.

God would have helped President Yaradua if he had sought counsel from people who knew God. He surrounded himself with wicked men and before long, the Islamic agenda was tabled for him to pursue. Malam Sanusi had become the Governor of the Central Bank, and the Islamic agenda was brought again through the back door. We started hearing about Nigeria taking a loan from the Islamic Development Bank, but it was all deception. God knows the heart of men and he has a weapon against those who rise against his will. He is the one that kills and makes alive. He stopped Yaradua through death, and paved the way for the emergence of President Jonathan.

If you flip back and research the circumstances surrounding President Jonathan’s emergence, you will still see that President Obasanjo played a major role.


Between late 2010 and June 2011, when the heat for the 2011 Presidential election was on, the Lord positioned us to encounter three elders of the Church that He used to show us the attitude of the Church towards an issue as important as choosing the country’s leaders. We met weekly with these three influential leaders who were very passionate about Nigeria. Our meetings were marked by passion and a remarkable degree of God’s presence until I brought a WORD FROM the Lord that President Jonathan was His choice for the nation at that time. Let me quote briefly from the word I brought to the elders:

“God’s guideline for choosing leaders is contained in the 17th Chapter of the book of Deuteronomy:
“When you come to the land which the Lord your God is giving you, and possess it and dwell in it, and say, ‘I will set a king over me like all the nations that are around me,’
you shall surely set a king over you whom the Lord your God chooses; one from among your brethren you shall set as king over you; you may not set a foreigner over you, who is not your brother.
But he shall not multiply horses for himself, nor cause the people to return to Egypt to multiply horses, for the Lord has said to you, ‘You shall not return that way again.’
Neither shall he multiply wives for himself, lest his heart turn away; nor shall he greatly multiply silver and gold for himself.
“Also it shall be, when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, that he shall write for himself a copy of this law in a book, from the one before the priests, the Levites.
And it shall be with him, and he shall read it all the days of his life, that he may learn to fear the Lord his God and be careful to observe all the words of this law and these statutes,
that his heart may not be lifted above his brethren, that he may not turn aside from the commandment to the right hand or to the left, and that he may prolong his days in his kingdom, he and his children in the midst of Israel.” (Dt.17:14-20)

There are three key criteria given to believers in making their choice in this scripture:

i.             They must vote the person God has called

ii.            They must vote one of themselves

iii.           They must vote the person least likely to lead the nation back into idolatry

To make your choice for the presidency of this nation, the first question you must answer is this: Who among all the people has the call of God for the position at this time in our history?


This question has become more difficult to answer since Pastor Bakare’s strange alliance with General Buhari. This is where we must use the provision of God for this season, especially the prophetic ministry. God says clearly that the end times will be dark days and days of confusion. But He says in the mist of the darkness we will see visions, dream dreams and hear His word clearly. (See Is.60:1-3; Jl.2:28-32)

Hear now the word of the Lord to me on this matter:

“There are vortexes of evil in the world. The one that concerns African nations is in the Atlantic Ocean. However, Nigeria has been connected to the Throne of Leviathan (A fallen angel-Ps.74:13-14) in the Bermuda Triangle. This throne must be addressed and neutralised for the President to operate in the measure of freedom that will allow him to run Nigeria aright.

If an Ishmaelite ascends the throne of Nigeria (at this time), there is something in his foundation that will connect easily to this throne thus un-doing the mileage gained so far.

Jonathan is clearly My choice for your nation NOW. He is a tool in My hands. He does not have all the answers but there is a softness and innocence about him that will give Me room to pave the way for the David that is coming. Help the elders to understand what I am saying now. Some of them have developed waxes in their ears through years of doing their own things that make them stay with their fixed positions even when I am saying a different thing. I am involved in Nigeria now and your nation will never slip out of My hands again.”

The Lord said this to me on 21st March 2011. When the Lord gives me a strong word like this I always seek confirmation through His written word, the bible and also confirmation of other prophets. Apart from the scripture I quoted in Dt.17, the Lord used more than three anointed servants of His to confirm this word that he said to me.”

God sees the future. He knows His plans for our nation. He knows the heart of every man and he knows what he has put in everyman and He will never have expectations beyond what He has invested. The Mandate of God to President Jonathan is to prepare the way for the emergence of a leader in the mould of the Biblical David who will convert the idolatrous Throne of Nigeria to a Godly Throne after the similitude of the Throne of David (Ps.122:5). God chose Nigeria as the nation that will ignite the Revival that will lead to Christ’s return in glory. To fulfill this purpose, Nigeria must have an efficient God fearing leadership who will put things in place to tap the enormous potentials of Nigeria and convert it to wealth that will fund the Gospel in many nations.

The Lord gave us a mandate to pray for Nigeria, His Church and the Nations. We do this quietly as a call from the Lord without making noise or seeking attention. As I stayed in his presence trying to understand the mandate for President Jonathan, so as to pray him into the will of God, the Lord showed me two visions that I hereunder summarise:

In vision 1 (Early Jan, 2012): I saw a foundation of a house that looked quite big. As I observed, I saw some beings (Angels) digging around the rubbles below the foundation, and bringing up what looked like files that required attention, dusting them and putting them on the table.

In vision 2, I saw President Jonathan like a statute. He was sitting in a chair and he had ropes tied around him the way they tie condemned people. Even though he was tied, I noticed that he was bearing a (judgment) sword but the sword was ineffective because he was in a frozen state as one overcome by fear. As I continued to pray, I saw him get up from the chair. Life began to enter him but the sword was still frozen in his hand before the vision was taken from me.

I understand clearly from these experiences that the only three things President Jonathan has to do to earn God’s approval and earn his place in history are:

a.    To deal with some critical faults in Nigeria’s foundation. (In the vision it was not all the files that were put on the table for him, but only some files. This means that God is not expecting him to deal with all the issues).

b.    To execute judgment against the wicked and wickedness in the land.

c.    To prepare the way for the David that the Lord has prepared who will lead Nigeria into its most fruitful years. To be able to do this, President Jonathan must die to self completely and seek to do the will of God no matter the cost.

I tried to put some of these things in order (the way I understand it) in my Book ‘IN THE MASTERS’S PRESENCE’. (See Pgs.340-353). The Lord did not enable me to see the contents of the files (In the vision) that were set on the table for him and I do not have liberty to go into that in this piece, but if I had access to the President, this would be my advice to him.



As 2012 came to an end, the Lord began to show me the configuration of the year 2013, that it would be the year in which the wicked fight for the Throne of Nigeria evoking the power of grave and hell. I captured what the Spirit of the Lord ministered to me in a newsletter I published in early January 2013, and I will quote from the Newsletter:


Is.14:9-10a says: “Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming. It stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it has raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations, All they shall speak and say unto thee..”.  (Speaking Revelation) Two past military Nigerian Presidents hired Imams from 7 Islamic nations to perform series of rituals that effectively ceded the Nigerian Throne to the devil using the bond woman’s sons. God disrupted this plan through the sudden death of President Yaradua. Those thrones have been dormant, held down by the continuous fervent intervention of the Saints but they have not been silenced. Satan knows he still has a legal right to be present at the state house since a person of equal authority (A sitting President) has not renounced the Throne and the Altars. The year 2014 is the second cycle of seven counting from the millennium. It is the Cycle of Christ and the Gospel. 2013 will be the third year in a seven year period of judgment that God has determined to bring Nigeria to book for the national sins of idolatry, shedding of innocent blood, wickedness and injustice especially the oppression of the poor and needy. Satan knows that he is undone if a David ascends the Nigerian Throne and he will fight to the last starting from 2013. Every investment of blood that has been made to build him altars and thrones in high places will be stirred up to energise the grave and hell to fight to stifle God’s plan. On the camp of God, the Nigerian Angel has received specific instructions concerning Nigeria and the battle will be joined. There will be strategic deaths in high places. There will be scandals, upheavals and shakings and the distance between evil and exposure will shorten. In an experience I had last year, I was brought into the visions of God and I saw Aso Rock. I saw what looked like a narrow corridor and a strong room from where evil power was emanating. I was told that certain rituals were done in that section that involved human sacrifice of virgins and that the virgins still appear upon invocation to fortify the demonic altar raised for Satan. I was worried and asked the Lord the solution and I was brought forward in time to see the installation of a David on the Throne of Aso Rock, who handed over the throne of Nigeria to God. He thereafter sent for a certain man of God who came and addressed the Throne in the company of other Prophets before that demonic altar was cast down.

Unless we understand the issue of thrones we will keep blaming our leaders without realising that a throne releases influence. If it is an evil throne, it will keep releasing evil influence and even when a good person goes there without dealing with the throne he becomes a bad person. The history of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah are a testimony to this. All the Kings that sat on Jeroboam’s evil throne did evil in the sight of God. Conversely almost all Kings who sat on David’s righteous throne in the Southern Kingdom pleased God. Intercessors especially those who have access to pray for governments should war against evil altars and thrones especially in the early hours of the morning between 12 midnight and 3am.

To further reinforce what I had written by the Spirit of God, the Lord showed me another Vision on 24th June 2013. I was praying at the Revival Altar and I began to see what looked like a dark chamber with various characters transacting as in a board room. As I probed the matter, the Lord gave me a word to enable me understand what was happening: Here-in-below, I reproduce the word of the Lord;


Rv.22:7 (Continuing) ¬¬¬n 24-6-13:

The sixth Chamber of hell is the Boardroom of hell. This is the place where Lucifer, the three other fallen principalities of his rank (Leviathan, Apollyon and Belial), the eight powers (lower angelic spirits - See Eph.6:12) with other chosen demonic spirits meet with men that are higher initiates in the occult to devise strategies for prolonging Satan’s rule on earth and entrenching the current world system. It is in this chamber that strategies are plotted to decide access to political and economic power at the highest level. The decisions as to who becomes the President of strategic nations are taken at this level. Also decisions as to who heads important world organs like U.N.O; World Bank, I.M.F; etc are taken in this Chamber. Nimrod (Gen.10:8-10) is the first human being to be initiated into this chamber. The price he paid was to trade in his soul and give his body to Satan to gain access to the earth and also to beget evil children through whom Satan would gain a foothold on earth. (This is the mystery of iniquity – 2Ths.2:7-12)

Four countries are subject of discussions in this Chamber at this time because of their strategic connection to the end-time work of the cross. The countries are – Nigeria, South Africa, Australia and Argentina. These countries are very crucial in what I am going to do on earth in these last days.

The major strategy that hell has used to hold down these countries is to weaken the Church through division and denominationalism to hide their glory and hide their wealth through wars, natural disasters and mis-governance. Mammon and Leviathan are much active in these nations now (See Rv.13). The voices I have raised in these nations are either compromised through Mammon or they are conquered through pride (Leviathan).

The new voices I am raising now in the Remnant Church to lead the attack against these twin spirits must wear the antidote to Mammon and pride. They must wear holiness as a cloak to retain My presence which is the antidote to mammon and also wear humility as a cloak which is the antidote to Leviathan.


Rv.22:7: “You ask concerning 2015. What if I opened your eye to see what is going on in the Chambers of hell. APC (All Progressive Congress) and the mergers are the plans birthed in the 6th Chamber of hell to produce hell’s choice for the leadership of your nation and I will not allow it. My people have no discernment. Those that should seek Me and find out have lost their sight and vision and so they are seeing as mere men. The chambers of hell have recruited enough men, paid enough price through massive blood sacrifice and self denial to hijack the process if there is an election. So what if I told you that there would be no election? Pray harder and get praying people praying. Pray rather and get praying people to pray along these lines:

a)    They should cry to me to frustrate the agenda of the sixth Chamber of hell concerning Nigeria.

b)   That heaven should break in on earth and that the man I have prepared for leadership should emerge through My own scheme independent of the schemes of men.

c)    Take authority over Leviathan and Mammon and seek me fervently (with the praying Church) to get a full revelation of all the Gates the Chambers of hell have opened and are opening in different corners of Nigeria to make way for demonic agents to influence the outcome of 2015. I have shown you some of these gates and have authorised you with Pastor … and other praying people I am raising to act on them. As the Church prays with knowledge and in agreement with My own viewpoint, I will reveal other gates to other praying people that are best equipped to deal with them.

d)   Pray for agreement between all My children that the arrow of division and disunity being fired against the Church from the sixth Chamber of hell will not affect or influence them.

e)    Pray for the evil lead placed over the hidden riches of Nigeria to be broken open and that the resources I have prepared for this season will flow un-hindered into the vessels I have prepared and is preparing for this season and that the vessels will know what to do with it as it enters their hands.

f)     Pray My will be done irrespective of the scheming of men. Matt.6:10 is the prayer for your nation now. As you pray it, free My hand (through enlightening My ignorant children) for Me to remove all things (including men and women) that stand in the way.

In Christ,

Messenger - Revival Altar: ¬¬¬n conversations 23rd and 24th June 2013.

The same week, I visited the leader of Women Intercessors, and she was sharing with me a similar experience she had about the satanic Boardroom that ended with the definite intervention of God because of His program and plan for Nigeria.

On 9th July 2013, I attended a spirit directed Fellowship and the Lord started bringing the same word through a different vessel leaving no doubt in my mind that it was the true word of God. In Part 4, I will ask difficult questions including probing the mind of God to see if he has a preferred candidate for 2015. Stay connected.



As it pleased the Lord to enable me experience these things and also bring confirmation through different vessels, I have continued to turn my heart to the Lord, asking hard questions like, Lord who is your candidate for 2015? Is it your will for President Jonathan to run in 2015? What would you have us do as the Remnant Church, to extend your rod of authority over our nation that our generation will see the fulfillment of the numerous prophecies that have gone ahead of us a nation.

I will seek to answer these questions in no particular order:


I am seeing the number 4 which represents a cycle in GOD’s dealing with the earth. For example the earth has four Corners, East, West, North and South and the earth has 4 seasons, Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring. The Lord appointed four years for President Jonathan which would be sufficient for him to accomplish his God-given mandate here-in-before mentioned. During this period, the grace of God would carry him and those who try to bring him down would be fighting against God. God never calls any person alone. When he gives a man a mission, he also raises people to help the man. The President’s major problem is that many of his God-given helpers are not around him. The spirit of the Lord says that his helpers are far from him, and he must as a matter of urgency go to the Lord in prayers to strengthen him to chase away his enemies that are sitting by his right hand and by his left hand. To put it in plain terms, he needs to re-shuffle his cabinet now and pray for the Lord to show him his helpers. He should focus on seeking the face of God to show him the specific steps he needs to take to fulfill his God-given mandate which he has not addressed. The Lord keeps telling us to pray for the President that His Purpose, which President Jonathan is carrying would be his protection and we have been praying this for him. It will be disastrous for the President to seek re-election without fulfilling the mandate of God for bringing him into office in the first place. If he should do this, he would be delaying the purpose of God and he will be standing against God and not man.

(Note: I wrote this piece in August and only one or two lose persons saw it. The President took the right step by sacking some people from his cabinet last week. I pray that this is just the first step as he needs to get rid of more people who are pursuing their own agenda and working against him. More importantly, he should seek the Lord to show him the people He has prepared to help him at this sensitive time in his tenure).


I come back again to President Obasanjo. As I write, the Lord is showing me President Obasanjo, with the word “unfinished business” written across his face. My understanding is that President Obasanjo did not finish the script written for him by God that would have led to his handing over to the David that the Lord has raised to bring Nigeria into rest. I believe that the stream of flesh prevailed against him at the sensitive time he needed to make the decision. The Lord is keeping him alive for the sake of giving him a second opportunity to right the wrong. Those who are seeing President Obasanjo as a spent force are seeing only one side of the equation. They are seeing the human angle and not seeing the hand of God. I believe the hand of God is still upon him. I charge President Jonathan in the name of the Lord to make every effort to reconcile with President Obasanjo.

Between them, they should confess their sins and ask the Lord to have mercy on them. They should fervently pray and ask the Lord to show them whom he has anointed to lead Nigeria as from 2015. If they do this sincerely, the Lord would show them. God is bigger than any man, and his purpose would stand no matter what we do. If we refuse to align with God, he would raise other men but we would have lost the opportunity he has given us to help him and there are consequences (See Judg.5:23).


I write these last words trembling and in fear. The Lord is grieved with the leadership of the Church especially many of the people we revere as big men of God. The Lord gave many of them opportunity to disciple our leaders but they failed. Some succumbed to Mammon and others to Leviathan but they failed God.

God can never have a David on the Throne without a Samuel who would anoint him and help him retain oil on his head while on the Throne.

The Lord began to give me a word last year about raising new kinds of Fathers for the Davids he is bringing to the Thrones of Nigeria, after the mould of Mordecai (See the book of Esther).

The word of the Lord again came to me about this on 23rd June and this is what the Lord said:

“Your nation Nigeria is very strategic to Me. I am working in Nigeria and hell is also working. I am bringing judgment and cleansing first and blood will flow the more in the coming days. But it will not get out of hands.

The voices I raised in Nigeria in My body have been bought over and I have no voice now that is speaking for me in the Church.

All that I have raised have been bought over and compromised thereby delaying My purpose. But they will pay for it unless they repent in ashes and humble themselves before Me and seek My face to receive new wine that I am pouring out now.

I am raising new voices that will speak for Me in Nigeria and I am making them to go through a different route. They will not be loud. They will not have most of the trappings of Babylon that overcame the former voices (names withheld etc) but they will have My authority and My hands will be upon them.

I am putting a mark of greatness upon them that those who are discerning will see the mark of greatness on them and listen to them. I am doing it like that now because I am in the season when I am separating the house, the people and the nations (Jl.3:1-3; Rv.13:10) that those who want hell will be dispatched to hell, and those who want life will be promoted to see My kingdom and My new work on earth. That is what I am doing now and that is the meaning of the mark of greatness I have placed on My son (….) and ……….

Tell him … that I am opening the door to the nations on the basis of this new thing that I am doing and I will send him to places and peoples. He should wait on Me with his team as I instructed and I will prepare them and they will go in such a way that even their presence will also open the door of heaven to people who are deserving of it.”

I believe that to bring Nigeria to her fruitful years, we must clear the way for the leaders to see the Mordacais that God is raising for this season. If President Jonathan and President Obasanjo would sincerely seek the Lord, he will bring them in contact with these Mordecais who will help them in discerning the mind of God for now.

I see two roles for the Remnant Church:

a)    The role of true fathers who would help David ascend the Throne and establish him on the Throne. This is an aspect of the apostolic ministry.

b)   The role of the prophetic ministry.

What I said so far about Mordecai answers the issue of true Fathers and so I will end this newsletter by addressing the second issue which is the role of the prophetic ministry.



“Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:” (Mic.4:5).

Late last year as we prayed in fellowship concerning Nigeria the Holy Spirit whispered the word TECTONIC into my ear. I did not know the meaning of this word but when it persisted, I said it out during the meeting and we looked for the meaning. We found out it had to do with architectural landmarks over an area. As we sought further understanding, the Lord explained to us that for every nation, there are ancient paths where past sojourners have raised certain altars, opened certain gates and established certain thrones that speak over a nation. When the Lord wants to bring his rule over a place, he raises the prophets to identify these places, sack the altars and thrones, close the demotic gates and raise new altars onto the Lord. If these are not done, these ancient altars will continue to release its evil influence in the territory because it is the law of the earth. The inhabitants have the right to dedicate their land to either God or Satan because the earth has been given to man (See Ps.115:16).

At that time, we were praying for certain issues about Lagos and the Lord told us that the roots were in Ondo, Ogun and Lagos States. He sent us to a mountain in Ondo, a River in Ogun and a Valley close to Badagry in Lagos and we went in obedience to pray in those landmarks and raise altars unto Him.

Recently, we concluded a prophetic tour of some Northern States including Abuja as directed by the Lord. While in Abuja after we have followed the Lord’s direction at great personal inconvenience, the Lord said to us: “Your nation Nigeria was mortgaged to Satan through sorcery and sacrifice. It will also be delivered through prophetic praying and sacrifice.” Aso Rock did not just come into existence as the nation’s capital. It was searched out through sorcery and must be redeemed through prophetic praying and sacrifice.

On 15-8-13 as I waited on the Lord at the Revival Altar, the Lord said to me: “when I say that the wicked will fight to take the Throne by the power of grave and hell, they will go to the tectonic landmarks to offer fresh sacrifices and open ancient gates. It is for this purpose that I am sending you to the tectonics landmarks. You must be diligent with the assignment because the salvation of Nigeria depends on your prompt obedience.”

There are people the Lord is raising along these lines. We must encourage them and support their work because it would be of immense benefit to the nation.

Nigeria will yet become a delightsome land:

“And the desolate land shall be tilled, whereas it lay desolate in the sight of all that passed by and they shall say, this land that was desolate is become like the garden of Eden; and the waste and desolate cities are become fenced and are inhabited. Then the heathen that are left round about you shall know that I the Lord build the ruined places and plant that that was desolate: I the Lord have spoken it, and I will do it.” (Ezk.36:34-35).

Nigeria as a nation did not come into existence by human calculation. God created the nation, determined its boundary and assembled its people for a purpose (See Dt.32:8-9; Acts 17:23-28.

The last wave of God’s glory that will terminate with the personal return of Christ in glory will be on African soil. Nigeria was pre-ordained by God for that purpose. Nigeria has seen troubles for that purpose and Nigeria will also see redemption on account of that purpose.

The Lord said to me on 25th September 2010 concerning Nigeria: “The Nigerian nation will be re-born. Unless a nation is re-born, some things will not change. I will bury the corrupt Nigerian nation (This will involve some upheavals but it will not get out of hand), and cause a birth of a new Nigeria but it will be born on the bed of prayer and that is what I am calling you to do. Publish the word and I am raising the army that will carry the burden in their heart.”

The Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated God’s pattern to us through His life. Before He was glorified, He passed through death, burial and resurrection. He explained this principle in the Gospel of John: “Verily, verily I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die it abideth alone but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” (Jn.12:24). Whenever God says that anything will see glory, expect that thing to die first.

God called President Jonathan to preside over the death phase of Nigeria. (I believe this phase will last for 7 years between 2011 and 2018, but it can be shortened through repentance and knowledge based intercession See Jer.8:6).

I pray a lot for President Jonathan. The Lord spoke to me about him and this is what I wrote in page 339 of my book ‘IN THE MASTER’S PRESENCE: “The Lord said clearly that the divine mandate he is giving to President Jonathan is to prepare the way for the David that he is bringing to seat on the Throne of Nigeria. Jonathan is to lay the foundation that will lead to the emergence of this David. That is the divine mandate of God to him and we have a duty to watch over him in prayers to ensure that this agenda is not high-jacked or aborted. We have a duty to continue to pray so that the president will be focused on this prophetic mandate of God, because once he tries to exceed it his presidency will become irrelevant. I believe that is what happened to the former Nigerian president.”

The purpose of the death phase is to show us our faulty foundations and to reveal our foolishness in thinking that our weak and fraudulent foundation can carry a strong edifice. I believe that soon there will be a real outcry to revisit our constitution, or to meet as a people to discuss the basis for our co-existence. I believe strongly that the Church should be proactive in this.

The death phase will also consume many people who are standing in God’s way towards the emergence of a new nation. Many will die. Some will be imprisoned and some will go into exile.

After the death phase will be a burial phase, and then the resurrection phase where a new nation will emerge that God can use for His purpose. For each of this phase, God will raise a leader that will have what it takes to work the purpose of God in that phase. It is foolishness to expect a leader that God has prepared to supervise the crumbling and death of a nation (For His purpose) to work a resurrection miracle. It is a wrong expectation and will only lead to frustration and misdirected anger. Nigeria will not disintegrate. Nigeria will not crumble because the invisible hands of God are holding the nation together. I see a shaking coming, but after the shaking there is glory. The Lord told me to proclaim this word: ‘A season is coming saith the Spirit of the Lord that foreigners will line up in Nigerian missions abroad begging to be given visas to come to Nigeria.’ I say Amen to God irrespective of what we are seeing today.

In Christ,

Bro. Tony Ezeh - Messenger: (19th Aug 2013) ¬¬¬ns 11th – 19th Aug, 16th Sept. 2013.


0 #17 Shiyam ChriX 2016-04-07 08:38
What an enlightenment. God bless you sir. I really was I the dark. Please how can I get that book... In the master's Presence.
Please mail me with the response. I feel a need to get it. Nigeria mist survive and fulfil God's mandate in this last days
+1 #16 Musa Emmanuel. 2014-12-19 18:37
Bro Tony,
If I understand you sir. You said Jonathan is to preside over Nigeria till 2018.
Sorry, we dont pray for this again. Buhari also is not the solution. But I know that God will make a way for Nigeria IJN.
Thank you
0 #15 Dunni 2014-12-14 19:56
I thank God for his grace upon your life. I have not heard such words of prophecy since I left the uni many years ago. If not for the purpose of God for our country, we would have disintegrated. My prayer is that we Christians will not sell our birthright like Esau because of the seemingly sufferings we are going through. I know that God is more than able to make His plans and purposes to come to pass. But... we must pray according to His will and not amiss. God bless Nigeria. Amen
-1 #14 Pst. Lawrence 2014-10-16 10:17
Thank you sir. For by a Prophet the LORD delivers Israel and by a Prophet HE preserved them. Keep standing at the gate.
0 #13 ajewole oluwaleke 2014-09-16 11:56
the situation of nigerian church has been a concern to me until i heard another bomb shell when i listened to a meeting organised by pastor bosun emmanuel, ever since i have become more serious in praying for nigeria and her leader, pls how can i be of help, no matter how little. God bless you.
0 #12 1gwe uchechukwu 2014-09-10 02:04
so soul refreshing to get this king of prophetic direction for a critical period in the history of the relationship between Gods kingdom and the kingdom of Nigeria.i think i will rest my plea more on what God has seen, planed and purposed to do with my country........ .......lord overthow the desires of the wicked and enthrone yours forever, cause when u rise non can stop u.swallow them all as you did in the past in the red sea. please do it again not because of Nigeria but because of your name sake cause many blood are speaking even Christ's.thank bro 4 beign this vessle.jisike
0 #11 Emeka Onuzuruike 2014-09-06 17:25
The Church indeed seems divided in Nigeria. I pray that the Lord of Saboath will cause the scales to fall of the eyes of the Church so that we through intercession as ONE MAN might ward off the power of death and hell for ...the gates of hell shall not prevail against it - the CHURCH.
0 #10 Emmanuel 2014-09-03 12:36
Good Day Brother,May God face continue to shine on do i connect with you and this God given vision,where is this fellowship of intercessors located.I want to be enlisted among God's endtime army.Am with you in prayers and for this great nation NIGERIA.God blessed Nigeria
0 #9 akinfolahan family 2014-08-28 11:19
God is speaking to we Christian in Nigeria through this prophecy, please and please let hacking to the voice of God and let do is Will as it as been reveal to Nigeria Christian now. May God strengthen us to do this work lay down IJN............ ...
0 #8 akin 2014-08-06 14:07
These information so insightful,reve aling and timely. may God bless nigeria.
0 #7 dayo babalola 2014-08-02 11:55
waow, waow...this is a blessing... very refreshing...Br o Tony. So pleased with what the Lord is doing through you and as a pastor i would be delighted to partner with your work in any way possible to ensure the will of God for Nigeria comes to pass
please feel free to contact me at
0 #6 Joke Ovie 2014-07-25 16:24
Amen! Beloved, May the God Lord bless you greatly. My spirit has been lifted, after reading through this write up. Pls where in abuja is the fellowship of intercessor located. Would love to be a part of it. Thanks.
0 #5 Precious 2014-07-24 20:31
Hi Sir
God bless you for this great revelation and political awareness. I just stumble to this sight while searching other information about our beloved country. I belive God hands is on this nation and He needs people to work for Him. Please sir can you email me with details of the Fellowship I would want to be part of this great move of God.
0 #4 aijosh 2014-07-08 06:35
Quoting Maki Isaac Shallum:
Beloved brother, I say,'Amen' to d Word of the Lord you've declared. I had a revelation sometime ago that the green portions of the Nigerian flag had turned red but d white portion was still intact. Pls, where is this fellowship of intercessors located? Where n when do you meet?

Hello Maki Isaac Shallum,
We'll contact you via email with necessary information.
0 #3 Maki Isaac Shallum 2014-06-22 15:47
Beloved brother, I say,'Amen' to d Word of the Lord you've declared. I had a revelation sometime ago that the green portions of the Nigerian flag had turned red but d white portion was still intact. Pls, where is this fellowship of intercessors located? Where n when do you meet?
0 #2 munachi 2014-01-27 12:50
bro tony i believe you, how can i get your books here in lagos. are u still a tremite and who are the men of god that Jesus was not happy with. what are the latest things you have received for 2014
0 #1 john 2014-01-10 18:59

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