God's Dealing With the Nations: UK Saga 1 & 2


God’s dealing with Nations- The United Kingdom Saga.

This write up is to analyze and show that God does not forget any one or any nation. It is to show that God keeps records of what is happening everywhere no matter how great or minute they are in the sight of men. As a prophet and intercessor called of God to these positions over a period of twenty years,

Whither the Nigerian church? - part 4

On the 6th of Feb. 2013, at about 1.55pm, as I was praying in my office, I heard an audible voice which said “The church has become burnt offering to the devil”. I believe the Holy Spirit is telling me that I need to look more closely at the Nigerian church the way it currently is. Meanwhile, in the past several months, I have shared and discussed with ministers of God and other Christians issues which I had written down in my three previous Newsletters titled ‘Whither the Nigerian Church? ’Nos. 1 to 3 in my Search light series which the Lord had told me to start in 2010.

Nigeria a burden and a cry. Word of the Lord to Selected leaders!!!

The Lord gave me a word for our Nation and commanded me to send it to selected leaders. Please read through the word and pray over it. If it is not THE WORD OF THE LORD kindly throw it away and forgive me ahead of time. I am NOT SEEKING ATTENTION for myself or any such thing. The only reason I am sending you this word is that I believe the LORD commanded me to do it and I am acting in obedience to HIM.

2013 word of the Lord

Beloved in Christ,

I bring you greetings in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, the Anointed One.


In the early days of 2012 (Between January 1 and 12), I was in the presence of the Lord and He gave me a word for His body with a charge to publish it to the Church and especially the leadership and eldership. I did my best to circulate the word to the leaders and elders I had access to. The thrust of the word was that we had entered a season when God would focus on Nigeria to bring the nation into its destiny as the nation that will start the Revival that would culminate in the return of the Lord in glory. The heart of the Lord was grieving that the Church was too divided and ‘denominationalised’ and as such making it impossible to apprehend His purpose for our nation. The Lord demanded that strategic leaders should come together in a Retreat and Solemn Assembly to humble themselves before Him and receive empowerment to step into His purpose. The Lord later reiterated the importance of the message by two separate experiences.

Whither the nigerian church? - part 2

In the previous Newsletter in this series, I highlighted some ills of the Nigerian church which is preventing her from moving into her prophetic destiny- to carry out God’s assignment in the nations. These you can call the gates of hell that God said will not prevail against the church He is building.

Whither the Nigerian church? - part 3

I am writing this particular episode of my Holy Spirit led reflections on the Nigerian church with trepidation and soberness. When one is really in Christ, not just a church goer, God by His Spirit causes one to gradually learn some things many times through suffering so one can have more knowledge and thereby teach others so that together we can move closer to Him, work His works in the way He wants and in the end become true candidates of heaven and He may tell us "well done thou good and faithful servant, come into the joy of thy Lord".

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