Whither the nigerian church? - part 2

In the previous Newsletter in this series, I highlighted some ills of the Nigerian church which is preventing her from moving into her prophetic destiny- to carry out God’s assignment in the nations. These you can call the gates of hell that God said will not prevail against the church He is building.

Whither the Nigerian church? - part 3

I am writing this particular episode of my Holy Spirit led reflections on the Nigerian church with trepidation and soberness. When one is really in Christ, not just a church goer, God by His Spirit causes one to gradually learn some things many times through suffering so one can have more knowledge and thereby teach others so that together we can move closer to Him, work His works in the way He wants and in the end become true candidates of heaven and He may tell us "well done thou good and faithful servant, come into the joy of thy Lord".

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