The Parable of Adonijah


Conversations 22:11:11

The Lord commanded me to share the parable of Adonijah with His body.

The 11th New Moon

Beloved Watchmen on the walls,

We bring you all special greetings this season in the name of our risen Savior and Master, Yeshua, our Messiah, the King of kings and the Lord of Lords, who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light. We rejoice because the kingdoms of this world belong to our Messiah and Master! Blessed be the name of the Lord. He reigns till and after all his enemies have been made his footstool, Amen (Ps. 2, 110).

This new moon is the 11th new moon of 2014. It will occur on the 23rd of October at 21:57 UT (10:57 pm Nigerian, 4:57pm US Central). Although this new moon leads us into the 11th month in the Gregorian calendar that we are most familiar with, in the Bible, it is the 8th month of Cheshvan. The period of autumn, which we are in comprises the three months of Tishri, Cheshvan, and Kislev. According to Hebrew culture, the three tribes corresponding to the months are Ephraim, Manasseh and Benjamin--who in the desert encampment around the tabernacle were situated to the west. Their joint camp was known as the camp of Ephraim (or Joseph). Therefore, this is a season to receive the blessings of Joseph and Benjamin (Deut 33: 12-17).

Furthermore, this month of Manasseh (means ‘cause to forget toil or suffering from his father’s house)’), pray that Elohim will visit you, as He visited Joseph, with His deliverance and healing so that you can forget the trauma of past envy, jealousy and enslavement in your life (Gen 41:51). Ask the Lord to roll away the reproach of the past. Pray also, asking the LORD God Almighty to remove fragmentation and division caused by the trauma from your spirit, soul, body, family, inheritance, etc. Pray for oneness with Yeshua (Ezekiel 37: 15-28).

In this month of Manasseh, we are called to be like Gideon, a Manassite (Judges 6, 7). As you all know, Gideon was called to be a leader during the time of the judges. Israel was being invaded by the Midianites, who came from the east on camels. To see if God would deliver Israel by his hand, Gideon placed a fleece of wool on the ground. He asked that there be dew on the fleece, but that the ground would be dry. This sign occurred and Gideon prepared for battle. God told him to reduce the number of his men by having them drink from a stream. Those who drank directly from the stream were sent home and those who scooped water in their hands—the Watchmen—were kept. Each warrior was given a trumpet, a jar, and a torch. At the signal they blew the trumpets and smashed the jars. Thrown into confusion, the Midianites fled before Gideon's men. In like manner, we as Watchmen must yield to the LORD’s call to sound the SHOFAR at the new moon (Ps 81:-3), and above all, to sound the shofar when the enemy comes to fight us in our God-given land or when the enemy comes to fight to steal our harvest (Num 10:9).

This lunar month will open the door for a partial solar eclipse during the new moon on October 23.

1.      As you may recall, solar eclipses are caused when Earth, the Moon and the Sun line up just right and the Moon casts a SHADOW on our planet earth. 

2.      Just before the new moon on Oct, 23 at 19:37:33 UT (8:37 pm Nigerian, 2:37 pm US Central), the eclipse of the Moon, Earth and the Sun begins in Eastern Siberia (aka Far East Russia). The eclipse will move over the Pacific and Arctic oceans as it crosses into Canada and the US. The entire North American continent will see this eclipse. When the eclipse ends, it is over the Atlantic Ocean.  Essentially, the eclipse covers North America and the three oceans surrounding it. Here are the specific timings of the eclipse:

Partial eclipse begins:  19:37:33 UT (8:37 pm Nigerian, 2:37 pm US Central)

Maximum eclipse: 21:44:32 UT (10:44 pm Nigerian, 4:44 pm US Central)

Partial eclipse ends: 23:51:40 UT (12:51 am Nigerian, 6:51 pm US Central)

3.      During the eclipse, the planets Mercury and Venus are nearby, and Venus is actually in superior conjunction with the Sun (which means Venus is in a special eclipse with the Sun, which allows it to cross the path of the Sun as it moves from the morning sky into the evening sky). The conjunction of Venus and the Sun starts on October 23 and ends on the 25th. This is a STRONG MULTIDIMENSIONAL alignment. Please anchor these events in the blood of the Lamb of God (Col 1:20) and command the heavens to declare the righteousness and the glory of Elohim (Ps. 97:6, Ps. 19).

4.      Significance of the solar eclipse: please remember that eclipses of the sun always result in divine visitation of territorial judgment especially in the paths of its coverage while it traverses territories of the earth (For example, Ex. 10:21 darkness over Egypt; Luke 23:44ff –earthquake and the tearing of Temple veil following the crucifixion of our Lord). Begin by repenting and asking the Lord for mercy on Russia (the East), Canada and the US (the West). The relationship between Russia and the Western world has not been cordial lately, so we need to pray against intensification of hostilities. Pray, pray, pray. Remember the devastating earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Remember the gigantic waves of the tsunami that swept away cities and villages leaving a path of death and devastation. Remember the recent mystery of the lost Malaysian aircraft. Remember these things and be moved by the Spirit of God to stand in the gap, repent and pray.

-Repent for sins such as hypocrisy, human trafficking, slavery, blood shedding, warfare against Native peoples, greed, violent confiscation of land and properties, holocaust of indigenous people, pride, etc. -Proclaim Lamentations 5; Ask Elohim for mercy (Ps 51) -Plead the blood of the Lamb (Col 1:20, 2:14-15, Heb. 9:12-14, 1 John 1:7)

Proclaim the Manasseh New Moon as a time/season/month of deliverance from toils, sorrow and sighing (Ps. 81:1-6; Isaiah 35). It’s a month of healing; it is a month of victory over the harvest robbers. Sound the shofar!

Further Prayer

Praise and worship the Lord God Almighty (Ps. 136, 148, 8, etc.). Thank God for His mercies.

Declare the Lordship of Jesus over all things (Col 1:15-16, Ps 24:1, etc.): yourself, family, community, job/business, the Church, thrones, altars, principalities, powers, witchcraft, occultism, water spirits, satanic princes and watchmen, the moon god allah, sun, moon, stars, the solar eclipse, etc.

Bring yourself and everything you have under the covering of the blood of Yeshua and under the shadow of El Shaddai (Ps. 91)

Speak to the heavens with the voice of the blood of Jesus (Heb 12:24) and deprogram the evil (darkness, shadows, instability, slavery, backwardness, delay, wars, famine, poverty, diseases, etc.) that the army of satan has programmed into the heavens during the eclipses that have passed over Russia, Canada and the US, the oceans, your life, family, etc. Use the blood of Jesus to blot out this evil handwriting Col 2:14. Ask the Lord to disarm the works of the army of satan over your life, family, the Church, your nation, etc. Col 2:15.

Sprinkle the blood of Jesus on the PATH of the solar eclipse: Far East Russia/Siberia, Canada, United States, and the three major oceans (the Pacific, Artic, and Atlantic). Ask the Lord Jesus, who is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE to reign over this eclipse PATH.

Pray for the merciful intervention of the LORD in the troubled East-West path of the eclipse, and the people living in these regions. Praise for the peace of God to rule and reign in these areas.

Pray that the sun and the moon will bear witness against the army of satan who stand opposed to the counsel of the risen Christ in matters pertaining to the Church, you, your family, business, community, nation, etc. Ask the Lord to give power to the moon like the two witnesses in Rev 11:3ff. Pray that witchcraft, global occultism and Islamic fundamentalism will not have dominion over the solar eclipse in the name of Jesus Christ.


Another reason to watch with great intensity this month is that it’s the time of Halloween, which marks (1) the beginning of witches new year called samhain, and (2) it is also satan's birthday. To witches, halloween or samhaim is the most important day of the year. It is the supreme night of demonic jubilation: satan is worshipped; spirits of the dead are invoked; there is divination to tap into satanic power to make predictions; satanic powers are invoked to cast spells, exchange destinies, kill, destroy, oppose Christian families, etc. The moon is central to all of these events.

Here are the highlights of the events:
a. witchcraft activities (a time to cast spells, time for destiny exchange, to oppose churches and families, perform sacrilegious acts, a time to kill, steal and destroy, etc.) 
b. necromancy (graveyard sorcery, feasting with the dead, etc)
c. divination (peeping into the future by tarot card reading, crystal reading, or tea leaf reading)
d. satanic worship (observe satanic rituals, offer blood sacrifices to Satan, etc)

Although the major event takes place on Oct 31-Nov 1 every year, the "celebrations" begin during the new or full moon before the end of October. This year, halloween events will begin during the new moon and solar eclipse on Oct 23. The activities of witches and satanists will increase as we draw near the full moon, which is November 6. The demonic gyrations will continue till the beginning of the next lunar cycle on November 22. So we must gird up our loins ready for warfare. With the Word of God as our Captain, we shall surely prevail (Rev. 5:5, Rev. 19:11-20:4).


The best response at these times of satanic boasting is as follows:

Exalt the Ancient of Days, the Most High who sits on the throne (Is. 6, Rev 4), the one who has the power to slay the boastful horn of satan represented as the fourth beast in Daniel 7: 9ff

“I watched till thrones were put in place, and the Ancient of Days was seated; His garment was white as snow, and the hair of His head was like pure wool. His throne was a fiery flame, its wheels a burning fire. A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him. A thousand thousands ministered to Him. Ten thousand times ten thousands stood before Him. The courts were seated, and the books were opened. I watched then because of the sound of the pompous words which the horn was speaking; I watched till the beast was slain and its body destroyed and given to the burning flame.”

Praise Yeshua our Savior-Redeemer, the worthy Lamb of God (Rev 5), the One who has an everlasting kingdom and dominion (Daniel 7:13-14):

“I was watching in the night visions and behold, One like the Son of Man, coming with the clouds of heaven! He came to the Ancient of Days and they brought Him near before Him. Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and His kingdom the one which shall not be destroyed."

Pray from Ps 2. The bible proclaims that the earth and its fullness belong to God (Ps 24).

Ask the Lord to visit all satanic altars in the heavens (the square and the compass of occultists, the pentagrams of witches, rolling stones, etc.) with fury, anger and fire. Let the Lord uproot and destroy them (Is. 64:1-4, Ps 144:5-6, etc.)

Pray against shadow sorcery: the shadow of the moon will be swept over the southernmost axis of the earth during the solar eclipse. Witches and occultists will bring out their “book of shadows” to program into this event. Release the fire of God on these evil books. Pray against all manners of shadows and darkness. We shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty God (Ps. 91) and our inheritance will not be buried in shadows.

Bring judgment on the queen of heaven (Is 47), witchcraft spirit (Micah 5:10-15, Ps 69:22-28, Nah 3, Ex 22:18, Micah 3:6-7, etc.), idolatry (Is 19:1, etc.).

Please ask the LORD of Hosts to confront water spirits that may be prepared to do havoc when the eclipse passes over the waters: Is 27:1, Ez 29:2-5, 32:2-8, Ez 32, Zec 10:11, Ps 29, 114, etc.

With the key of David, shut the heavens against all satanic watchmen (Rev 3:7).

Receive the following promises: Deut. 33:13-17, Ps. 121, Deut. 28:1-14, Rev 21:7 

Pray for Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Ps. 122).

Pray and plead the blood of the Lamb of God during these crucial times:

--33rd hour of the moon (October 25 @ 7:57 UT, 8:57am Nigerian, 2:57am US Central)

--The moon aligns with Saturn on Oct. 25

--The moon aligns with Antares on Oct 26

--The moon aligns with Mars on Oct 28

--First quarter moon on Oct 31

--Full moon on Nov 6 @ 22:23 UT, 11:23pm Nigerian, 5:23pm US Central

--Last quarter moon on Nov 14

--Leonid meteor shower on Nov 17-18

--Saturn and the Sun are in alignment on Nov 17-18

--Last crescent moon aligns with Mercury on Nov 21

--New moon/Saturn alignment on Nov 22

Proclaim the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ and He shall reign forever, Amen. (Rev. 4, 5, 11:15)

We are counting on you to mount the watchtowers with us in this strategic season. God bless you.

Your Brother & Fellow Intercessor,

Steve Olumuyiwa
West Africa Coordinator
Intercessors For Africa

Rejoinder: The Wake Up Call


For me, Pastor Bosun’s messages raises some fundamental question for those who wear the title of Christians.

Firstly, can we as a people said to be followers of Christ? The truth is that at least 55 percent of Nigeria’s populations are Christians. At least, fifty percent of those who work in the civil service in Nigeria are Christians also. If this is true and ten percent of that population are Disciples of Christ, then corruption and bribery in Nigeria will not be such a monster in our midst.

The evidence is that in most ministries and parastatals you go to in Nigeria today, the people who appear to be most forward and brazen in the manner they demand for bribe bear Christian names. A brother recounted his experience at the Ikoyi Passport office, where an officer just came out of a morning fellowship and started asking for gratification before she could do her normal duty for which she was employed. Please do a simple investigation. Go to to Ikeja Distribution Company to report a simple fault. Go to any Immigration Office in Lagos or Abuja to fix your passport and see how tongue speaking believers will treat your case if you are not ready to play ball. Of course they pay their tithes in their local Assemblies so our ‘new generation’ Pastors are happy with them. What is responsible for this situation? Pastor Bosun rightfully identified the problem that we have stopped raising disciples.

Secondly, what was the response of the Southern Christians to the onslaught of our brethren in the North of Nigeria? Pastor Bosun merely drew our attention to an ongoing agenda of the Islamic North to wipe Christianity away from the North. What is going on there is a deliberate pogrom the objective of which is to wipe away Christianity from the North by killing the Christians there. That is what is fuelling the crisis in the North. The document he quoted as the Abuja declaration was available on the Internet until it was modified after he drew attention to it.

While we were busy holding our mega Musical carnivals with our unborn-again worship (read soulish) leaders and building our mega Cathedrals, it took a sensitive group from Canada to lead in the effort that has resulted in re-settling some of the orphaned children in Abeokuta. I thought we would be repentant as a people if one called our attention to our slumber instead of responding in denials, sinful silence and outright castigation of the messenger.

If a man like Bishop Idahosa were to be alive today, will he keep quiet in the midst of such carnage against his brethren and children? I think it is a shame for some who answers fathers, daddys and GOs today that while they kept quiet, God had to raise an unknown voice to raise a cry for him. Is it not a sign that God is by-passing that generation to work with a new generation that will rise above the fear of death.

Jesus once said that in the spiritual world, there is no room for neutrality. “He that is not with me is against me and he that gathereth not with me scattareth.”  (Lk.11:23) We are living in the time of the war of kingdoms where we must not seek to be politically correct otherwise we will be working against our own kingdom. “And they overcame him by the blood of their lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto death (or too much as to shrink from death.) Rv.12:11.

Lastly, what is Pastor Bosun’s sin if he drew attention of those of his own company of the sinister scheming of an adversary to create a political vehicle to further their political interests?

If we are truly Christians and we function by the Spirit, all we will do is to go to the Lord in prayers and ask Him some questions. This is the mark of a true disciple of Christ. “.. The sheep hear His voice and he calleth His own sheep by name. My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me.” Jn.10:3,27.

God is not going to speak from heaven to people again. The Israelites (representing humanity) could not bear His voice and He said (according to their plea) that He will always send to them one from their own brethren to speak to them on His behalf. (Dt.18:15-19).

Whenever someone speaks in the name of the Lord, we should seek the Lord about it and ask the following questions:

a)      Lord did you send him?

b)      If you sent him, did he misrepresent you or add his own in any way?

c)      If you sent him, how should I/we respond? Revelation brings responsibility. Once God has spoken and you are His true child, there is something you are supposed to do as a result of hearing that word. It may be as simple as praying, sharing the word, and acting on it or even supporting the messenger of God. That is one of the surest ways to show that you fear God and to attract his blessing. The Bible calls it ‘trembling at the word of God’ (Is.66:1-2)

d)      God may tell you expressly in the place of seeking that He did not send the messenger and to contradict the message. If God tells you to do this and you are sure it is God, then you must contradict the message using available media for the benefit of the vulnerable and the weak who are likely to be misled once they see God’s name mentioned.

e)      NEVER contradict a messenger of God unless He asks you to do so. That is one of the worst sins you can commit against God and may lead you to hell or early grave. This is because when God sends His word through a messenger, He measures it to have an effect and once you start contradicting Him you are inviting death. Please read Jer.28:5-17 and note what befell Hannaniah. I fear that Pastor Bosun’s message will raise and kill many Hannaniah’s in the apostate Church.

f)       What do you do when you have prayed and has not heard the Lord that the message is from him or not from him? You simply keep quiet and pray that the Lord’s will be done. However, if you pray and seek the Lord on such a sensitive matter and you do not get a response, you may have to do the following checks on yourself:

-          Are you still in faith?

-          Is there sin, disobedience or unbelief in your life? If you have not obeyed God in things He has told you to do in the past, why should He keep talking to you?

-          Are you in the congregation of the dead? (See Dt.26:14) If you are in a place where the leader is in active rebellion against God or has lost his connection to Him, it operates as a covering cast. You may not be able to hear the voice of God. That is why God commands: “come out from her My people so that ye be not partakers of her sin and that ye receive not of her plaques.” (Rev.18:4).

For me, the sin Pastor Bosun committed is that he spoke plainly in a generation where people who should speak plainly are afraid of speaking plainly for fear of the consequences. There is a price to pay for speaking plainly especially in our clime. I am sure Pastor Bosun is finding that out now.

However, (and this is My view), though I believe I have the Spirit of God; I judge that the Lord God of heaven commanded Pastor Bosun to speak out and the Lord he has obeyed is able to defend him from ferocious wolves and the fifth columnists.

The Lord started speaking to our fathers (people like Pa Elton) that denominationalism  will not allow Him to use the organized Church to fulfill His purpose for the nations, and that He will seek outside denominational walls and raise men who will carry His burden.

In 2010, the Lord showed me that He was going to raise 8 different kinds of co-workers (outside denominational walls) to bear His burden with Him Now. The eight are:

-          Messengers: who will hear His voice clearly and say things that may not be said from controlled platforms and pulpits.

-          Town criers: who will raise a cry and warn the sheep of dangers.

-          Magnets: That will have platforms to gather people around the purposes of God, since denominationalism will create walls and prisons.

-          Mordecais: True fathers who will give and care for their children and not always seek to take, and for whom fatherhood is not a title but a heavy responsibility to God.

-          Wound dressers: raised on account of many wounds that will arise within as a result of apostate Christianity and Babylon in the house.

-          Encouragers: Because of the complexion of the last days and what is coming, to prevent many hearts failing (Lk.21:26).

-          Financiers: Whom God will raise because the gospel burden has been placed on Nigeria’s neck. I believe this shift started in 2000 and completed in 2010.

-          Judgment Axes: Those the Lord will raise with an unusual anointing to deal with satanic altars and thrones, because hell will seek to come down to the earth.

I believe that Pastor Bosun is a Town Crier or Messenger or a combination of both. I believe he is a sincere vessel for the Lord. Let us pray for him and uphold him because the truth is that God has used him to expose evil and bring some things to light and Satan hates exposure.

In Christ,

Messenger !!!

The Apostolic Mantle Over Nigeria


The issue of the apostolic mantle over the nation is on my mind again. At the Revival Altar this morning (10-10-14), the Lord brought it up.

I recall what He caused me to write and publish in 2011 on this subject.

“By the time Bishop Idahosa went to be with the Lord in 1998, the ministers he had raised did not fully catch the (kingdom) vision which he stood for. They were instead content to build their individual ministries and empires… Let me tell you, God’s plan was for Bishop Idahosa to train another minister who would receive a double portion of his mantle, to make ready a people who would be tools in the end time move of God scheduled to start in Nigeria.

This void in the apostolic space has been responsible for the chaos that we have witnessed in the Nigerian Church that has led to the increase of false prophets and fraudulent ministries. Satan has been stealing the spiritual gifting that God intended for the Nigerian Church because the father figure that used to challenge and stand against him has gone to be with the Lord.

One man that has benefitted from the spiritual void is a prominent false prophet in Nigeria (known all over the world) who has paid the highest price to Satan to appropriate the apostolic mantle meant to serve the Lord’s purpose. He is known all over the world as the authentic Nigerian apostle and unfortunately his programs are aired by Christian stations like TBN giving him much prominence.” (Pg.204-205 ‘In the Master’s Presence,’2011).

Could it be that the table is about to turn? Is the time up for those who have been stealing the mantle? Is God finally visiting in judgment to clear the space and make room for Himself?

I came by the Spirit (Lk.2:27) into the Revival Altar this afternoon and the Lord brought me back to the word He gave me on 4th July 2010 that was circulated on my list.


“2011 to 2018 will be the most significant years Nigeria has ever known as a nation.

1.      Some things that has not been possible in the past seventy years will become possible because heaven will start pushing its agenda (for Nigeria).

2.      The judgment arm of God will come down heavily starting from the Churches. False ministries like … (names withheld) and his synagogue will see their doom. They will try to change the time by making many blood sacrifices. Christians should stand in the gap for his Church members that he may try to offer to save himself. That judgment arm will also sweep across churches that have become like prisons for the people of God – scandals, break-ups and quarrels. When it starts, just know that My hands are moving to bring order and revival.

3.      In politics, Jonathan is the man I have chosen on a temporary basis to prepare the throne for the David – a man that I am raising and will put My Spirit upon him  to move Nigeria forward. Pray the following prayers for Jonathan…” Revival Altar, 4 -7-10.

Questions were in my heart as I read the hand-written word from my old 2009/ 2010 diary. Why was the Lord bringing this word back to me in such dramatic manner? Why was it coming back in this season that the Lord asked me to compass His altar and bring forth High Praises (Ps.26:6-7)?  Why, why why/

Whereupon the Lord entered into this conversation with me:

Rv.22:7: “Son, I am bringing you back to this word because of the things that are about to unfold in your nation. I told you that things will happen in cycles – cycles of seven (the number of eternity) and cycles of four, which is the number for the earth. 2014 is the end of one cycle counting from 2011. 2015 will be the beginning of another cycle and will be a year for the delivery of heavens agenda for your nation. There will be clashes and battles and swords and daggers but I will be in the midst of it.

Can I fight a battle without first setting My house in order? I am disrobing false priests who are wearing my name in deceit and crashing Babylon and making a way for people to see Me for who I am. For Me to do this effectively, I must restore to the Nigerian Church the two ministries that will lead My Church to the mountain (The ministry of Apostles and Prophets). These seeming disasters must be seen for what they are – a deliberate act of redemption and mercy to save those who are appointed to die by virtue of their alliance with wolves in sheep’s clothing.”


The apostolic ministry was birthed in Nigeria by two fathers that God raised as pillars to carry the spiritual DNA for the true apostolic ministry in Nigeria.

In the first place is Pa Elton, a British missionary that God sent to Nigeria in 1937 with a clear mandate to raise a new leadership for the Church.

Secondly, was Joseph Ayo Babalola, the revivalist and founder of the CAC Churches: Both men were contemporaries so to say. God brought them at the same time, His purpose being that Pa Elton would supply what Babalola lacked in depth of the word and training that will enable him complete his assignment.

Babalola carried the raw DNA of an authentic African apostle whom God equipped to carry the power in raw form that would address the darkness in Africa (witchcraft, idolatry and occultism). Remember that he was a terror to witches and occult people trembled and came out of their close places at the mere mention of his name.

Both men saw visions of God’s purpose for Nigeria and prophesied concerning it and some of their prophecies are documented with many already fulfilled.

Let us say that these were the first generation of the apostolic ministry in Nigeria.

In the second generation, God combined these two branches in one man, the fearless Benson Idahosa whom He raised to prepare the generation that will carry the burden of fulfilling the Nigerian prophecy.

I do not believe that Bishop Idahosa completed his Assignment before passing on. I believe that his disconnection from Pa Elton affected his ministry and caused a delay in God’s program for Nigeria. One of the things that happened to Bishop Idahosa was his exposure to American Pentecostalism with its tint towards materialism, self-assertion and marketing.

Could it be that God withdrew him from the scene at his best as a means of saving him and also safeguarding his program because Bishop Idahosa was a very influential man?

Somebody who was close to Pa Elton opined that the Bishop’s exposure to American Pentecostalism was the real thing that broke Pa Elton’s heart, (though he was said to have died of a heart attack).

Bear in mind that this is not intended as a criticism or anything of that sort (I am not even qualified to do that). I am just expressing my thoughts as a prelude to getting into something that will be beneficial to the Church in the end. I also assure you that I did not initiate this conversation. The Lord did and I believe for a purpose.


Babalola’s apostolic ministry carried the raw DNA of an authentic African apostle. God raised a man for him by the name of Orekoya, and gave him the prophetic mantle that would have brought balance and completion to Babalola’s ministry.

My research shows that maybe due to immaturity and a deficit in training, Orekoya did not quite see himself as Babalola’s spiritual son. His independence tilted towards rebellion and he died untimely, without fulfilling his prophetic ministry though he showed the signs of a mighty prophetic vessel. (He raised the dead and performed more than 5000 miracles of healing and various demonstrations of power).



I was brought into the visions of God and divine sentences and strategies were written in my heart. I see God parting Idahosa’s mantle over the nation into three and giving it to three vessels that the Lord has been preparing to drive His Isaiah 19 vision for Africa’s rebirth. Two of these apostolic vessels are already functioning in their office but between 2015 and 2017, the Lord will increase them in influence and their ministry will shake nations and kingdoms. I see the Lord putting a robe upon them and commanding them as follows:

To Apostle 1, the Lord says: “receive fire from the altar and go towards the East. I give you Eastern lands including the East (up to South East) of Nigeria, the Middle East and eastern lands including Australia and China. I see this vessel having influence in lands bordered by the biblical rivers (Gen.2:10-14) and more particularly the Indian Ocean.

To apostle 2, the Lord says. “Wear this robe in My name and go towards the West including the West of Nigeria and Western nations including Europe and America. There is much work in the West but I am giving you what it takes to recover what can be recovered from western lands because the people have set their heart on their own destruction. My mercy constrains Me to reach out to them because of the sacrifice of their fathers.”

The third part of the apostolic mantle will be conferred later as the vessel who will wear it is not yet ready. Could it be that he is waiting to manifest in 2018, after the Lord has finished passing through the nation in judgment? I see him as Solomon, David’s son the foundation for whose estate was laid solidly by the father David.

1 Furthermore David the king said unto all the congregation, Solomon my son, whom alone God hath chosen, is yet young and tender, and the work is great: for the palace is not for man, but for the LORD God. 2 Now I have prepared with all my might for the house of my God the gold for things to be made of gold, and the silver for things of silver, and the brass for things of brass, the iron for things of iron, and wood for things of wood; onyx stones, and stones to be set, glistering stones, and of divers colours, and all manner of precious stones, and marble stones in abundance.(See 1Chr.29:1-2)

I see the first two apostles that the Lord is releasing into the fullness of their ministries as Samuels and Mordecais that the Lord will use as fathers to relay a solid foundation for the apostolic and prophetic ministry in Nigeria. This is important for God because the Lord will use the Nigerian Church to re-set the agenda for the universal Church and change the narrative and conversation.


Rv.22:7 Continuing;

“The prophetic mantle of Nigeria is as new wine. The time I have to accomplish My work is too short to raise a vessel that can carry this mantle with every ingredient I have used in brewing it without self-destruction.

Therefore I am parting the mantle into twelve pieces of different textures to accomplish My work in Nigeria. Between 2015 and 2018, I will raise Me twelve prophets from your nation that I will give My prophetic garment (Dt.18:18-19). I will pattern them after My throne, and three will be raised on the East, on the South, on the West and in the North (Rv.4:1-11; Num.10:5-28). They will be My Prophetic Company (2Kngs.2:5a) in Nigeria, twelve in number that I will use to shake the kingdom of darkness in Nigeria and beyond.

Camp Judah (Num10:5, 14) will lead the pack and will begin to manifest and come into their office as from 2015.

These prophetic company will function like the two witnesses:

3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.2  4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. 5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.” (Rv.11:3-5)


The vision I gave to son …. (a prophetic vessel) is a pointer to these times. It is not a vision of a distant time. I am revealing what I will do in your lifetime and the time has come for its fulfillment.

That is part of My answer to the chaos and disorder in your nation and Africa. That is what must happen for Africa to manifest.

Think it. Pray it, Believe it and pay the price for its fulfillment starting from this year.”


I believe that God has raised other apostles in Nigeria with a view to releasing Idahosa’s mantle for the work that is before us as a nation but denominationalism did not allow them to come into fullness of their offices. Those that the Lord is raising for this company must overcome denominationalism with its divisions and wars so that what the Lord means to be a blessing will not bring death.


Revival Altar 10-10-14.

ISIS: A Clear And Present Danger

Webster defines the Hydra of Greek mythology as “a many-headed serpent, each head of which when cut off was replaced by two others.” The secondary dictionary meaning of hydra is “a diverse evil not to be overcome by a single effort.” Jihadist Islam is that modern day hydra!

When Joel Richardson ministered recently among us, he pointed out that within 4 years after Muhammad’s death nearly 335,000 Christians had been slaughtered, and in 10 years the number rose to one million! Thus the Islamic die was cast from the beginning!

In a booklet available from CBN, “ISLAM – Religion of Peace or War?”, the following alarming statistics are given concerning Islam – “Their brutality knows no bounds. Since the beginning of the Islamic conquests until now, those slain by Muslim forces are as follows: over 51 million Christians (many place the number at 60 million) were slaughtered. 80 million Hindus were killed in Jihad against ancient India. Jihadists killed 10 million Buddhists in Turkey, Afghanistan, along the Silk Route, and in India. And upwards to 125 million Africans were slain, as Islam ran the wholesale slave trade in Africa, in which 11 million slaves were shipped across the Atlantic and 14 million were traded to Islamic nations in North Africa and the Middle East. It is estimated that for every slave who reached the selling block, another five died in the initial raid or from illness and privation.”

And now a modern-day hydra has risen in the Middle East, a serpent with many heads; among them: the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS (ISIL), the Islamic Caliphate of Iraq and Syria. Over these past days we have witnessed the satanic activities of the Jihadist ISIS (ISIL) army – the beheading of innocent Christian children in Iraq, the impaling of human heads on poles that everyone might see and fear, and now the recent barbaric beheading with a knife of an American reporter with others likely to follow. A recent newscast had this admonition on the bottom of the screen: “WAKE UP!” (A word to the church!)

And all of this barbarism has been done in direct compliance with Muhammad’s strategies outlined in the Quran – “The penalty of those who wage war against Allah and His Apostle – they will face being killed or crucified, or having their heads and feet cut off from opposite sides, or they shall be banished from the land…” (Surah 5:33). “And when you meet those who misbelieve, non-Muslims, while fighting in Jihad, cut off their heads until you have massacred them…” (Surah 47:4). “I will put terror in the hearts of non-Muslims. So cut off their necks and cut off every finger tip. Do that because they opposed Allah and His Apostle. And Allah is intent on punishing anyone who opposes Him and His Apostle.” (Surah 8:12-14). How totally unlike the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ!

There is now very little question but that out of Islam is coming the last days kingdom of Antichrist. And Islamic eschatology is clear – the Islamic rampage of slaughter is intended to throw the Middle East (and the world itself) into an absolute chaos, but out of the debris of that chaos will come the Promised One, the Man of Peace originally spoken of by Muhammad in the Hadith and recently spoken of by Iran’s former president Ahmadinejad before the United Nations in 2012: Imam Al-Mahdi who will usher in a seven-year peace agreement, along with the Islamic Jesus, Isa Al-Maseeh. And the Islamic end-result will be that “Allah will cause to perish all religions except Islam”.

After my book, “Are These The Last Days?”, was published this past Spring 2014, the Islamic Caliphate actually emerged in Syria and Iraq. I had predicted: “the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the 1920’s ended the Islamic Caliphate. But the present passion of radical Islam has been to see the Caliphate restored under the Mahdi” (p.167). And we are now seeing this actually unfolding! At first ISIS (ISIL) was treated haphazardly, but only this past week has the tone of our government ominously changed. The bottom line is clear that air attacks may slow ISIS (ISIL)’s advances, but this satanic army will not be permanently stopped. They are terrorists on a world-wide mission – for Allah and his prophet Mohammad. And our own homeland is in the gravest of dangers.


In the Greek myth, the many-headed serpent, Hydra, was eventually slain by Hercules. And in the sovereign purposes of Jehovah, our true God, the good news is that the Islamic beast and his false prophet, the Islamic Isa, and their slaughtering armies will be destroyed by the splendor of Jesus’ coming (see II Thessalonians 2:8; cf Revelation 19:19-21 and Daniel 7:16).

And the good news is also that the coming of the end-times does not depend on the activities of the beast or his satanic kingdom. Our sovereign God is in charge, and He is moving the players on the chess board as HE wills – restraining and accelerating them at His will. Consequently, the fore-front end-time issue is not the beast, but the reaching of all the world with the Gospel – the task Jesus gave into the hands of His Church when He left us, which when completed will bring back the King! (Matthew 24:14)!

And the best news of all is that Jesus wins; Satan loses! As the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit continues to fall from heaven, the broken branches of Israel will continue to be grafted back into their olive tree, and millions more of the orphaned sons of Ishmael will come into relationship with their true Father in heaven through our Lord Jesus Christ, and the grand harvest of the nations will be reaped (see Revelation, chapter 7)!


Jesus commanded us to “Be on guard! Be alert and pray… keep watch… keep watchbecause you do not know when the owner of the house will come back… do not let him find you sleeping… Watch!

(Mark 13:32-36)

We are to be awake, alert, watching, praying! We are to pray for the Middle East and for the salvation of Israel and for the reaching of the Arab world and for the salvation of the USA and for the evangelizing of the unreached nations of the earth! And we are to be practically given to world-evangelism, starting from our own neighborhood and going out to the far ends of the earth – praying, sending, giving, going and preaching with signs following!


Whither the Nigerian church? - part 7


While I was in the UK in May 2014 to carry out my God given assignment in that land i.e. to deliver His judgement on their apostasy and lately to distribute prayer handbills to pray the UK out of her apostasy, the horror of the kidnapping of about 200 school girls in Chibok in Borno state of Nigeria broke out. Some people in the UK made insinuations that Nigeria has greater problems than UK and that I needed to focus on that rather than on UK. I caused them to know that I only obey God’s instructions and I do not work according to priorities He has not given me. Meanwhile, there in the UK and on my previous visits to that land, I found that though God has said that He was going to use the Nigerian church to reevangelise Europe and the nations in this End-Time, the Nigerian church in the UK are doing their own thing. God revealed this call to me on Oct.20 1994 and He has also revealed it to other servants of His before and after He revealed it to me. In fact I am sure many people have heard that prophetic statements that Nigeria is the trigger of the gun and Southern Africa the nozzle to shoot out the gospel to the nations. During my various visits to the United Kingdom from 2010 to 2014 on the above mentioned issues, God had told me I would need to intimate the Nigerian Christians in the UK that they are there by His divine choice to play a role in the End Time before Jesus comes. However, I have found it difficult to access the Nigerian churches and some who have heard about what I came to do have harassed and discouraged me from carrying out the assignment. I am not surprised at this. I discovered that many Nigerian churches in the UK just like many in Nigeria were set up just to collect money by hook and by crook. As I have mentioned in some of my previous write-ups, the Nigerian church is bound by the iron rod of mammon which is hindering her from performing her God given assignment within and outside the nation. This mammonic rod God told me can only be cut off by fire of affliction which He has unleashed through what is happening through the Boko Haram carnage in the country. For instance, I discovered that some Nigerian churches in the UK were set up by Nigerian based Ministries by using Nigerian or Africans who have stay permit in the UK whether they are called of God or not. And many do not have sound Spiritual standing to build a Spiritually focused church. I am told that some Nigerians migrated to the United Kingdom and Europe in the 1980s on the pretext that they were war refugees from Nigeria. What war was Nigeria fighting in the 1980s that made some of her citizens to be refugees? Therefore, how can people with such fraudulent background establish a God focused church ministry? It is impossible. I was also shown a parish of a particular Nigeria based denomination which I am told specialises in helping Nigerians to get fake UK stay permits. I have been so much horrified by these issues about our presence in the UK that caused me to lament in my latest write up on the UK that God may have to raise up other people to carry out the assignment He has for us in Europe. The problem that is bothering me so much is that if Nigeria is regarded as the trigger point of the gun and Southern Africa the nozzle to shoot out the gospel to the nations in this End Time, the trigger needs to be pulled or pushed as the case may be to shoot out the bullet through the nozzle. I found out during my last visit to the UK that it appears that Christians from Southern Africa were more prepared for this assignment than the Nigerian ones. Meanwhile, even though I had mentioned in my previous Newsletters in this series that God has said that the Boko Haram issues can only be solved by Him through the Nigerian church, the whole issue has been politicised. The Nigerian church has become deaf to the repetitive reminders that He only hates Islam but loves the muslims just as He loves Christians. That our role majorly is to pray for and evangelise the muslims so that He can step into the Nigerian terrain to halt the carnage that is taking place right now. He expects us to pray for and evangelise the muslims and not to see them as our political enemies that should be eliminated at all costs. He had told me about four years ago that in about 15years from then, a Southwest Nigerian state will become the headquarters of Islam in Nigeria if we Christians do not take action to prevent this. He said many Christians from this area have muslim relatives and friends and if we do not rise up to pray for and evangelise them, we are wicked and selfish. That this particular state is raising up fundamentalist muslims that will perpetrate greater havoc than the Boko Haram sect. I had warned in some of my previous write ups that the enemy had long ago planned to oust Christianity from the rest of Africa like he did in the former Christian territories of North Africa and also our own now volatile Borno where it was mentioned there was a strong Christian empire in the 18th and 19th centuries. The number one character whose assignment was to Islamise Africa especially Nigeria was Muhammad Gaddafi. He had set up machinery-equipment and funds etc. to carry this out. When he died about two years ago, God spoke to me that even though he is dead; his machinery for the assignment was still intact. That I should pray that these should be demolished. I shared this revelation with some of my spiritual friends but apparently we did not deal with it effectively. Recently, a pastor friend told me that there were stories that as soon as he was killed, Syrians or similar group of terrorists carried much of his ammunitions to West Africa. In any case, many people know that the border between Borno state and Niger, Chad and N. Cameroons is very open and cannot be easily manned. I learnt that much of the arms being used by Boko Haram came from the armoury left behind by Gaddafi. However, for political gains, and in order to cover up the incompetence of our so called Christian government, many Christians in Nigeria have been brainwashed that these things come from muslim politicians who do not want Christian politicians to rule Nigeria. I have peace in my heart concerning this issue because God told me on 13th June 2013 that any one who tries to rule Nigeria with a religious, ethnic or sectional agenda, He will cut short as He did in 1993 and 1997 concerning a politician and a military man whose agenda was to Islamise Nigeria. Many of the so called Christian political leaders in Nigeria God had been telling me are not Christians but occultic peoples backed up and reinforced by occultic church leaders. Many of our so called Christian leadership are peopled by selfish corrupt individuals whose activities in collusion with the political leadership of the country have resulted in the destruction and decimation of more Nigerians than what the Boko Haram carnage is doing. This they do by their activities which have led to the destruction of the structures of Nigerian industries, health, education and environmental facilities which have resulted in the poverty and untimely death of many Nigerians especially the young who go around without jobs or resources to maintain themselves. Many of the so called Nigerian church leadership who should correct and advise them like Jehoiada helped Jehoash to rule well in Israel, Hilkiah helped Josiah to rule well and Azariah helped Asa to rule well in the days of Israel kingdoms (IIKings11:4-16;22:1-2;IIChr15) have gone into the occult and are not hearing God anymore. They only go around the politicians to collect their own share of the national cake. Recently, a group of pastors from the middle- belt of Nigeria invited me to come and minister to them prior to their launching a new political party. This group I had over the past ten years annually, sometimes twice a year reminded them of their call to evangelise the Muslims of the far north. They have mostly turned deaf ears to this call, telling me they have to take care of their Jerusalem. As I was pondering on their invitation, God wrote in front of me in bold letters ‘MISSIONS’ which means that is the only message I should preach to them. I phoned to tell them of this revelation. For one reason or the other the meeting was cancelled. I am currently reading a book I bought from my former university’s bookshop called ‘The end of power-From the Boardrooms to Battlefields and churches to States-Why being in charge isn’t what it used to be’ written by Moises Naim a former director of The World Bank published by The Washington Post. The author says that “Many immigrants from poor countries (working in developed countries) send remittances to their home countries totalling $449billion in2010.” He said such remittances are more than five times larger than the world’s total foreign aid and larger than the total flow of foreign investments to poor countries. In short, workers who live outside their home countries-and who are often poor themselves-send more money to their countries than rich countries send as financial aid” In Nigeria, it is the opposite. We send money to foreign countries to educate our children; who in many cases refuse to come back home after their training and thus cause further decimation of our trained manpower. Also, for health care of sick Nigerians. We also contribute to the development of already rich countries through money laundering etc. After I returned from the UK at the end of May and I read stories about the further decimation of the land by the Boko Haram sect, I was in sorrow and I started asking God why He has not stopped this carnage in spite of the prayers of many Christians in and outside of Nigeria. God said to me that many of the people praying are dirty and He cannot hear their prayers and He led me to read Is.59:1-3 to back up this allegation. I was upset by this and continued to pray. God re-emphasised the point He was making by showing me three visions while I was praying in Abuja on 20th and 21st of July 2014. (i) I saw a large church building under construction and three of the pillars were filled with blood. I felt in my spirit that this was human blood, maybe that of babies. I have heard of such stories before but God showed me this vision to confirm it. (ii) I saw a church pulpit surrounded by a snake. (iii) I saw a building totally rotten and about to collapse. This building was in such a state that it cannot be repaired. I felt that the only solution is to totally demolish it and rebuild it. I sensed it represents either the Nigerian church or the political or economic structure of the nation. Therefore, if my understanding of these visions is that the way we are we cannot effectively deal with what is happening in Nigeria, we are in great trouble. Many Christians in Nigeria, including the leadership of some churches dwell more on rumours than on prophetic revelations. I have tried to tell many Christians that I dwell more on God’s prophetic revelations than on hearsay. That is why in my write ups I usually mention dates and even time that God gives His revelations through dreams, visions and voice in the Spirit that are not contrary to the Bible. I also take seriously the prophetic revelations of anointed servants of God. I have told many Christians that the only solution to the present crisis is for us to ask God to speak to us by His revelation so we can effectively pray and get answers. Due to my insistence on acting only on prophetic revelations rather than hearsay, some Christians have accused me of arrogance. But God encouraged me through an audible voice in the Spirit that I am as proud as Macaiah the prophet. The Bible, especially in the books of First and Second Kings and First and Second Chronicles is replete with the success of many of the kings in ancient Israel and Judah when they acted on revelations given to them through the prophets after they have cleansed and straightened their lives and environment. For example, God dealt with 185,000 Assyrian army that came against Hezekiah. The 1,000,000 Ethiopian army that came against Asa was annihilated by God. God also caused the armies of the Edomites, Moabites and Ammonites that came against Jehoshaphat to destroy each other without these Israeli kings fighting the battles themselves. Giving us insights on why Hezekiah and other kings succeeded against the enemy in their days the Spirit Filled Life Bible commentary says as Prov.29:18a “Where there is no revelation the people cast off restraint”, shows that when a society lacks revelation from God (divine insight), such a society heads in the direction of anarchy”. That is what is happening in Nigeria right now. Yes the so called Christian political leadership is set to demolish the so called Muslim political leadership but I am afraid that this is a set up by God who will eventually destroy the so called Christian political group even from within itself and this will happen after the disgraceful exposure of their so called Christian leadership structure. This will happen because God is bringing in a new set of leadership into the Nigerian terrain. These are the Abus, Ojos, Obis and Tubus He told me about who will not be greedy for money and will be willing to be led by His word. These are the ones who will build up the nation-Its human and material resources to focus on our assignment for this End-Time in the nations. May God help the church to have understanding of these issues and to key into them. Yours in obedience to His mandate, Mrs Victoria O. Adekoya

Rebellion - Judgement - Rebellion


Beloved, greetings from The Revival Altar!!

I heard the Lord say these words concerning the date 13-11-13: Rebellion – Judgment – Rebellion.

We know that the number 13 represents rebellion. See for example Gen.14:4.” 4For twelve years they had been subject to Kedorlaomer, but in the thirteenth year they rebelled.” I believe the Lord wants to judge all forms of rebellion against Him especially:

-          Rebellion against His Government (in the Church) – Eph.4:11-16.

-          Rebellion of the Kings Gen.  Is.14:9-10; Hag.2:20-22.

-          Rebellion against His Counsel especially for the Nation (Nigeria) and the Nations including taking sides against Israel. (Jl.3:1-3; Dt.32:8-9).

-          Rebellion against His Ordinances. Eg. (Rom.13:1).

-          Rebellion in the Family.

Please understand the Times. Nigeria is under a Judgment period of 7 years declared by the Lord to judge our national sins especially of idolatry, rebellion, wickedness, leviathan and mammon.

Therefore pray with knowledge – See Jer.8:6:

“I have listened attentively,

but they do not say what is right.

No-one repents of his wickedness,

saying, “What have I done?”

Each pursues his own course

like a horse charging into battle.”

 It is foolishness to be preaching prosperity and breakthroughs when God is confronting the nation with her sins. The only proper response is soberness, genuine repentance with cries, self humbling, ashes and sackcloth. (See Dan.9:3; 2Chr.7:14; Jl.2:12-17).

Num.33:38. The Church is in Transition: Aaron (The Aaronic Priesthood) was supposed to have died in the fortieth year of our national life since independence (The year 2000). We are behind by thirteen years. Therefore pray for the Aarons to be recalled. This period requires a new Priesthood as a Change of Law (Including patterns, footprints, customs and the stagnant national quagmire) must necessarily be preceded by a Change of Priesthood as it is written: “11If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood, (for under it the people received the law,) what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchisedec, and not be called after the order of Aaron? 12For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law. 13For he of whom these things are spoken pertaineth to another tribe, of which no man gave attendance at the altar.” (Heb7:11-12). Pray fervently especially in the NIGHT Season between 11pm to 1am. May the Lord grant us understanding and strengthen us.

In Christ,

Tony (Revival Altar – 11-11-13)

Spiritual Significance of the Eclipse in November

Beloved Watchmen on the walls of the nations,

We bring you greetings in the excellent name of our precious savior and soon coming King –the King of Righteousness, our Lord Yeshua Messiah.

We are about to enter the 11th lunar cycle of 2013, which also is a time of a major solar eclipse. There is a solar eclipse on the day of the new moon (November 3rd).  We need to continue to watch and pray in the remaining months of 2013.  The Lord is looking to us to watch with Him over the nations and over His purposes. As we do so, He will take care of us and crown the year with His goodness for all who are faithful to watch and pray (Ps 65:11).

This new month is the Jewish month of Kislev—the month of Benjamin. As you can recall, at the time of Benjamin’s birth, his mother died. As she was dying, she named him ‘son of my sorrow, (Genesis 35: 16-19)’ but his father Jacob renamed him ‘son of my right hand,’ that is, ‘a son that is very dear to me, set on my right hand for a blessing, the support of my age, like the staff in my right hand.’ By changing Benjamin’s name, Jacob stood in the gap and brought him out of the pit of sorrow into the place of favor and joy. As we prayed for deliverance from the toils of our fathers’ houses in the last month of Manasseh, let us pray for deliverance from the sorrows inherited through our mothers this month. Let us pray asking our heavenly father to arise over us and remove the covering of doom and sorrow from our lives in Yeshua’s name, amen. Also, let us pray like Nehemiah in this month of Kislev (Nehemiah 1) for favor to receive resources that we need to repair the broken walls in our lives, families, communities, nations, the Church, etc.  Let us ask the Lord to raise Benjamites  like Apostle Paul in our generation, apostles who are called and sent forth by the revelation of Jesus Christ (Gal 1:11-16).

Other Events of the season

The following are the events which are upon us from November 1- December 14:

  • Sun and Mercury in conjunction which moves Mercury (messenger planet) from the evening sky into the morning sky (Nov 1st, pray Luke 1 asking for divine visitation from Elohim)
  • The new moon close to perigee, resulting in high water tides (Nov 3 at 12:50 UT, 1:50pm Nigerian, 6:50 am US central). Pray Ps 29, Ez. 29, 32, is. 27: 1 to address water spirit activities); the new moon is also in alignment with mercury, the messenger planet (Nov 3, pray Luke 1 asking for divine visitation from Elohim)
  • 33 hour of the new moon (Nov. 4: 21:50 UT; 10:50 pm Nigerian; 3: 50 pm US Central);
  • The crescent moon (so-called Diana's—Nov 4-7, pray 2 Kings 13: 15ff and ask Elohim to put the bow in the heavens in the hand of his people to defeat the plans and purposes of spiritual invaders/robbers in the heavens and earth)
  • The first crescent moon is in alignment with Antares, which has the likeness of a scorpion in the sky (Nov 5th, proclaim Ps 91, esp. verse 13)
  • Venus, the brightest planet is in alignment with crescent moon on Nov 6th (Rev 22:16)
  • First quarter moon (Nov 10)
  • Jupiter the biggest planet begins retrograde movement in the heavens (Nov 7). Pray Isaiah 44: 25.
  • Two planets which have been moving backward in their courses start moving forward again in the heavens: Mercury (Nov 10) and Neptune (Nov 13); pray and ask the Lord of Hosts to ride the heavens to advance His plans and purposes in your life (Ps 68: 33); pray for a moving forward momentum in your life and situation. Remember—as it is in heaven, so it is on earth.
  • Mercury is prominent in the morning sky (Nov 17, pray Luke 1 asking for divine visitation from Elohim)
  • Leonid shooting stars coming out from the sickle of the lion in the constellation of Judah (Nov 17- 18, Rev 14:14ff)
  • Full moon (Nov 17 @ 15:16 UT, 4: 16pm Nigerian, 9: 16 am US Central; pray Ps 81 especially vs. 5-7 asking for deliverance from slavery, jealousy, envy, conspiracy, just like Elohim delivered Joseph)
  • Moon is in alignment with the planet Jupiter (Nov 22); Pray Isaiah 44: 25.
  • Last quarter moon is in alignment with Regulus, the king star represented as a sickle in the heavens (Nov 25)—Rev 14:14ff
  • Last crescent moon and so-called hecate’s sickle (Nov 30-Dec 2, pray Rev 14:14ff)
  • The Sun is in alignment with Antares, which has the likeness of a scorpion in the sky (Dec 2, proclaim Ps 91, esp. verse 13)
  • The first crescent moon is in alignment with Antares, which has the likeness of a scorpion in the sky (Dec 2, proclaim Ps 91, esp. verse 13)
  • Last crescent moon aligns with Venus (Dec 11), Mercury and Antares (Dec 12)
  • New moon (Dec. 3)
  • Geminid meteor showers or shooting stars (Dec 10-14); the most prominent one occurs from De. 13-14.

Please plead the precious blood of Yeshua on these events, commanding the heavens to vomit the rituals and sacrifices of the wicked. Command the heavens to declare the glory of God (Ps 19:1-6). Blow the trumpet to honor Yeshua, the King of kings and Lord of Lords (Ps 81:1-3).

The solar eclipse:

As mentioned above, the 11th new moon will occur on November 3 at 12:50 UT. Shortly before the time of the 11th new moon, a total solar eclipse will begin at 10: 04 UT. The eclipse will be visible in eastern North America, northern South America, southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The eclipse begins over the northern Atlantic Ocean (east of Florida) and quickly transitions to a total solar eclipse. After crossing the Atlantic, the eclipse enters Africa at Gabon and crosses R. of Congo, DR Congo, and Uganda. Complete darkness caused by the eclipse will occur in Guru, Uganda. From Uganda, the path of the eclipse moves to Kenya and crosses Lake Turkana. It then enters Ethiopia and exits land surface through Somalia in the Horn of Africa into the Indian Ocean. Partial eclipses will be visible from the Atlantic Ocean south of Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, and throughout Africa and some part of Europe (Spain) into the Middle East. Over a period of 3 and half hours, the path of the eclipse travels as follows:

10:04 UT: The partial phases of the eclipse begin in the Atlantic close to Florida and Bermuda.

11:05 UT: Total phases of the eclipse begin.

12:46 UT:  The point of greatest eclipse occurs in the Atlantic, approximately 330 kilometers southwest of Liberia. At this instant, the axis of the Moon's shadow passes closest to Earth's center. The maximum duration of totality is 1 minute 39 seconds. 14:27 UT: The total phases of the eclipse end.

15:28 UT: Partial phases end.

Implications of this Eclipse Path

Please recall that Eclipses usually are harbingers of judgment on the territories along its path of travel. This particular eclipse path crosses major ancient trading paths: the Atlantic slave trade (the Americas and West and Central Africa), the trans-Saharan trade, and the Roman-India spice and slave trade routes (connection of North and East Africa, India and Europe through the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea). There are injustices on the eclipse path: slavery, greed, religious and political wars, persecutions, bloodshed, etc.  It is a path of traffic for the spirit of Babylon-- Rev 18:11-13—the judgment of the Lord upon mystery Babylon.

11 “The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her because no one buys their cargoes anymore— 12 cargoes of gold, silver, precious stones and pearls; fine linen, purple, silk and scarlet cloth; every sort of citron wood, and articles of every kind made of ivory, costly wood, bronze, iron and marble; 13 cargoes of cinnamon and spice, of incense, myrrh and frankincense, of wine and olive oil, of fine flour and wheat; cattle and sheep; horses and carriages; and human beings sold as slaves.”

What we should do

The Wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23a). Let us repent for any role the church played in the atrocities committed in these trading activities. Let us cry to God for mercy, let us pray that He will establish Micah 7:19 in our lives and situation:

"He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depth of the sea."

Remember the word of God says if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness - 1 John 1:9. Ps. 6; 32; 38; 51; 102; 130; 143, etc.


a. Praise and worship the Lord God Almighty (Ps. 136, 148, 8, etc). Thank God for His mercies.

b. Declare the Lordship of Yeshua over all things (Col 1:15-16, Ps 24:1, etc.): yourself, family, community, job/business, Israel, Australia, Africa, America, Asia, Europe, the Pacific, the Church, thrones, altars, principalities, powers, witchcraft, occultism, water spirits, satanic princes and watchmen, the moon god worshipped by the children of the bondwoman, sun, moon, stars, the solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, etc.

c. Lamentation and Repentance:

PERSONAL SINS (Ps 15, 24:3-4): lies, rebellion, hatred, anger, unforgiveness, jealousy, pride, anxiety, fear, prayerlessness, etc.

SINS OF THE SOCIETY: (2 Chr. 7:14, Dan 9:3-19): Idolatry, the acceptance of the false worship religion of the children of the bondwoman, witchcraft, oppression, injustice, war, destruction of lives and properties, shedding of innocent blood through war and abortion, pride, greed, lawlessness, corruption, etc.

SINS OF THE CHURCH (Matt 21:12-13, Is 56:9-12): sleeping and slumbering, ignorance, injustice, hypocrisy, pride, disunity, sexual immorality, love of money, witchcraft, idolatry, etc. Ask the Lord to forgive us.

d. Ask the Lord for mercy and bring atonement by the blood of Yeshua (Ps 51, Heb 9:12-14, 1 John 1:7)

e. Speak to the heavens with the voice of the blood of Yeshua (Heb. 12:24) and deprogram every evil (darkness, shadows, instability, spiritual slavery, mind control, backwardness, delay, wars, famine, poverty, diseases, lukewarmness, etc.) that the army of satan has programmed into the heavens during the eclipses that have passed over your life, family, nation etc.

Use the blood of Yeshua to blot out this evil handwriting Col 2:14. Ask the Lord to disarm the works of the army of satan over your life, nation, the Church, etc. Col 2:15

Sprinkle the blood of Yeshua on the PATH of the solar eclipse: northern Atlantic Ocean (east of Florida) Gabon, R. of Congo, DR Congo, Uganda, Guru, Uganda, Kenya, Lake Turkana, Ethiopia, Somalia, the Horn of Africa, Indian Ocean.

Ask the Lord Yeshua, who is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE to reign over this eclipse PATH. Ask the Lord to turn this path into a Highway of Holiness (Is 35:8-10)

f. Fasten the blood of Yeshua into the eclipse and the ring of light of the eclipse created through the alignment of the sun and the moon. Pray from Is 60 that you. Your family, nation, etc. will 'arise and shine out of darkness."

Let us blow the trumpet in the new Moon (Ps. 81:1-3) and ask the Lord to deliver us as He did deliver Joseph (Ps 81:5-7a).

g. Pray that the sun and this new moon will bear witness against the army of satan who stand opposed to the counsel of the risen Christ in matters pertaining to the Church, you, your family, business, community, etc. to judge Global occultism and Islamic fundamentalism through this eclipse event and to bless his Church.

"...proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;" (Isaiah 61:2). Invalidate the dominion the wicked seek over the solar eclipse in the name of Yeshua.

  h. Ishmaelite/witchcraft: Use the blood of Yeshua to cancel the satanic agreement between witchcraft/Ishmaelite spirit and the crescent moon (Is 28:14-18). Use the voice of the blood of Yeshua to silence the enchantments, invocation, volume of words spoken 5 times a day into the heavens etc. by the army of satan during this eclipse (Heb 12:24).

Ask the Lord to visit all satanic altars in the heavens (the square and the compass of occultists, the pentagrams of witches, rolling stones, etc) with fury, anger and fire. Let the Lord uproot and destroy them (Is 64:1-4, Ps 144:5-6, etc)

Pray against shadow sorcery: the shadow of the moon will be swept over the earth during the solar eclipse. Witches and occultists will bring out their "book of shadows" to program into this event. Release the fire of God on these evil books. Pray against all manners of shadows and darkness. Psalm 91 says "We shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty God" and our inheritance will not be buried in shadows of darkness.

Bring judgment on the queen of heaven (Is 47), witchcraft spirit (Micah 5:10-15, Ps 69:22-28, Nah 3, Ex 22:18, Micah 3:6-7, etc), water spirits who stand opposed to Christ's agenda for us through the waters (Is 27:1, Ez 29:2-5, 32:2-8, Zec 10:11, etc.); pray against idolatry (Is 19:1, etc).

With the key of David, shut the heavens against all satanic watchmen (Rev 3:7). Receive the following promises: Deut 33:13-17, Ps. 121, Deut 28:1-14, etc

j. Pray for Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; pray that the two sticks of Judah and Ephraim will become one (Ps. 122, Ez. 37).

k. Proclaim the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ and He shall reign forever, Amen. (Rev. 4, 5, 11:15)

l. Sound the Shofar!

May the Lord Strengthen and encourage you as you stand with Him in this season and watch.

Shalom & God's richest blessings always

Your brother & Fellow Intercessor

Steve Olumuyiwa
West Africa Coordinator
Intercessors For Africa

Dealing With The Curse Of Poverty

THE EFFICACY OF THE BLOOD: The Fifth Exchange – Dealing with the Curse of Poverty:

¬¬ns: 8th October 2013:

2Cor.8:9 states: “For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor that ye through His poverty might be rich.” This truth so clearly stated in the word of God has led to a perversion of the gospel in what is plaguing the Church today as prosperity preaching.

To understand the fifth exchange that happened on the cross, we must answer five pertinent questions viz:

1.    Is prosperity the will of God?

2.    What is God’s definition of prosperity?

3.    What is God’s process of prosperity?

4.    What is the danger of pursuing prosperity on terms contrary to the word and way of God.

5.    How do I come back to God’s Master plan for my prosperity?

If we are able to answer these questions, we would have done justice to this subject:

IS PROSPERITY THE WILL OF GOD: Two passages of scripture make it very clear that prosperity is indeed the will of God for His creation especially His servants:

“Let them shout for joy and be glad that favour my righteous cause. Yea, let them say continually let the Lord be magnified which hath pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.” (Ps.35:27)

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth.” (3rd Jn.2).

I once asked my students in a Sunday school class I was leading what Jesus was wearing when he was killed by Roman soldiers with active encouragement of His Jewish brothers. Almost everybody in the class answered that he was tying a loin cloth probably because of the drawings that have circulated over the years concerning this scene.

But the truth of the matter is that Jesus was killed, completely naked. He was stripped to the last piece of clothe in His body. He was completely humiliated and impoverished to pay every debt that man owed as a result of his bowing his knees to Satan. That is how far he had to go to ensure that were not encumbered by anything. Poverty is a curse from Satan and never the will of God for man.


To answer this question, we must state from the beginning that biblical prosperity is NOT the accumulation of material things. Jesus said clearly that a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of what he has. One of the strongest warnings in the bible is against the inordinate pursuit of earthly wealth:

“But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” (1Tim.6:9-10)

Money is Satan’s leg on earth. Money is controlled by one of the deadliest spirits in the kingdom of hell called Mammon (Lk.16:13). He recruits servants for the dark kingdom by offering them worldly riches in exchange for their soul. The bible admonishes us in this manner: ‘What will it profit a man to gain the whole world and then lose his soul?’

Sometime last year, the Lord asked us to go and pray at the waterfront. We entered the Atlantic Ocean from the Jakande gate in Lekki. I was shocked to the bones that as early as 8pm, the whole water front has been taken over by all manner of satanic white garment churches, native doctors and desperate people who have come to offer sacrifices to mammon in their quest for quick money. We saw people burning all colours of candle and making invocations and enchantments even before it got dark.

It is dangerous to teach a believer about money without teaching him first about Mammon.

Godly prosperity recognises that the total personality of man consists of spirit, soul and body. (1Ths.5:23). The Lord will bless us with wealth in proportion as we prosper in our souls. Money is the easiest way that Satan captures the soul of man and God wants us to die to it before he can put it at our disposal.

The Bible commands us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and other things (including money) will be added to us. (See Matt,6:33).

GOD’S PROCESS OF PROSPERITY: On 15th January 2012, the Lord gave me a revelation that He was going to raise financial giants within the kingdom that will bear the Gospel burden that has come on Africa as the continent that will reveal the last glory of God on earth. I published this word under the Title, ‘A word for the Zebulun’s and Issachars.’ Some brethren that received this word confirmed that the Lord has been speaking to them in the same manner. Many of the people that believed that this word applied to them are still going through one struggle or the other in their business even after months of prayers. My understanding is that if God is going to build you up in this manner, he will refine you in the furnace of affliction. God never builds on another man’s foundation. Many times before God can raise anything to life, that thing has to die first before it can receive the life of God. Peter defines God’s process in this manner: “But the God of all grace who has called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.” (1Pet.5:10). God does not believe in instant wealth. He prepares you through trials, tests and suffering before he commits wealth into your hands. He does this for your protection to be sure that his blessings do not become your undoing, because any person that will have wealth must have Mammon to contend with.

DANGER OF PROSPERITY WITHOUT GOD: In blessing the twelve tribes of Israel, Moses pronounced this wonderful blessing on the tribes of Zebulun and Issachar: “And of Zebulun he said, rejoice Zebulun in thy going out and Issachr in thy tents. They shall call the people unto the mountain; there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and of treasures hid in the sand.” In blessing the two tribes and empowering them financially, God’s purpose was for them to use their wealth to establish people in the kingdom. But after some time, they were carried away and forgot God, such that by the time of Christ’s ministry, they had become a different thing as a people. “The land of Zabulon, and the land of Nephthalim, by the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles; The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up..” (Matt.4:15-16).  You can see that from the time when Moses prophesied concerning Zebulun and Issachar, to the time of Jesus’ first advent, the Zebulonians had become a ‘people who sat in darkness’ (Matt.4:15). The main reason given by scripture is that they dwelt by way of the sea. They were influenced into darkness because as they forgot the original purpose for their blessing they were taken captive by the three major satanic principalities/demons that dwell in the sea that Satan uses to siphon resources away from God and His purposes. The principalities are: Mammon (Lk.16:13); Leviathan (Is.27:1, Ps.74:13-14) and The Queen of the Coast or Jezebellian spirit (Rev.2:20).

To have money without God is a death sentence. If it happened to the Zabulonians, it will happen to you especially if you are living in Nigeria a country where the existing structures are such that it is very difficult to do business without compromise.


Godly prosperity are anchored on four pillars:

1.    Remember God who is the giver of all things: All the resources we use to create wealth are given to us by God. He gives us life, strength, talents and abilities. Dt.8:18 states it this way: “But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God for it is he that giveth thee the power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.”  God does not give us wealth to consume on our lusts, but in order to establish His covenant. Today this is done through the preaching of Gospel, and so we must see ourselves as kingdom partners with God and channel whatever he gives us towards the establishment of His kingdom.

2.    Seek God above all things: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matt.6:33). Ministering to some people who have seen some measure of financial blessing, one area I have always noticed the devil cheating them is in the area of making time for God. Some people think that they are okay once they are giving but this is a lie. Anybody seeking God must create time for Him. I recommend that out of 7 days in a week, you must bring out a day in which you forget about your business and wait on the Lord. Whatever you give time most is what you are seeking. If you give more time to your business than you are giving to God, then your business and not God is your number one priority, and anything you put as number one in your life becomes your God. This is the plain truth.

3.    Give, Give and Give: The Economic ideology of the kingdom of Satan which controls the present world order is built on the philosophy of selfish accumulation, greed and exploitation of the weak by the strong. God’s economic ideology is built on giving, sowing and empowering the weak instead of exploiting them. Lk.6:38 puts it this way: “Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, and shaken together and running over shall men give into your bossom. For with the same measure you that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” In the Old Covenant, the Israelites were commanded to give at least 10% of all their income. In the New Testament, we must give according to the direction of the Holy Spirit. (See Gal.6:8). We must understand that the standard of the New Covenant is higher than the Old Covenant. Therefore, God expects each believer to prayerfully seek Him in prayers to know the percentage of his income he should be giving to Him. This is one way he delivers us from the power of Mammon, when we begin to make Him Lord over our finances.

4.    DIE TO SELF: The mystery of growing in anything that the Lord has given is to be a person that has died to self. “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains alone, but if it dies it produces much fruit.” (Jn.12:24). In Is.45:3, it is written: “And I will give thee treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places.” This scripture is talking about hidden riches that God has reserved for his end-time purposes.

Prosperity is the will of God for all His children. However, God wants us to prosper on His own terms. For us to experience the best provision of God, we must strive to grow in the knowledge of God because there are things we will never have unless we pay the price for sonship. Jesus paid the price for us to have all our needs met and also live in abundance and be a blessing to those around us: This is the fifth exchange that took place on the cross. We can make this our proclamation: ‘Jesus endured my poverty that I might have His abundance.’

In Christ,


The Word Of God To Leaders Of Nigeria


¬¬ns: 11-8-13:

Between 11th and 19th of August 2013, the Lord spoke to me and dealt with me on some vital issues concerning Nigeria. After receiving the word, I felt I needed time to pray about it before sharing the word. I am sharing this word only with leaders in the Church with a request that you also pray about it and seek the Lord for further light and direction. I believe strongly that President Jonathan and President Obasanjo should see this word.

God's Dealing With the Nations: UK Saga 1 & 2


God’s dealing with Nations- The United Kingdom Saga.

This write up is to analyze and show that God does not forget any one or any nation. It is to show that God keeps records of what is happening everywhere no matter how great or minute they are in the sight of men. As a prophet and intercessor called of God to these positions over a period of twenty years,

Whither the Nigerian church? - part 4

On the 6th of Feb. 2013, at about 1.55pm, as I was praying in my office, I heard an audible voice which said “The church has become burnt offering to the devil”. I believe the Holy Spirit is telling me that I need to look more closely at the Nigerian church the way it currently is. Meanwhile, in the past several months, I have shared and discussed with ministers of God and other Christians issues which I had written down in my three previous Newsletters titled ‘Whither the Nigerian Church? ’Nos. 1 to 3 in my Search light series which the Lord had told me to start in 2010.

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