Wrestling for the soul of Nigeria

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Calling Women to Surrender Their Wombs to Incubate the Burden for a New Nigeria

Sometime in 2009, before late President Yar'adua was declared ill and taken out of the nation, I had this vision in which I was translated into Aso Rock by the Spirit of the Lord and I was privy to observe, in the spirit, a caucus meeting which was in session. The participants had a document, and that document was the Constitution of Nigeria. They were trying to amend the Constitution so that the Vice President will not become the President of Nigeria should the President die suddenly.

Right in that realm where I was, I spoke out a word, "Do you want to disintegrate Nigeria? Do you want to bring chaos upon this nation by amending the Constitution?"

Immediately, the person who held that document was in a state of fear, like, who saw us? Whose voice is this? His hand clung to the paper and he began looking to the right and to the left trying to see who knew that meeting was going on.

As I woke up from that revelation, I knew that the Lord had revealed to me that something was brewing that will cause chaos in this nation if we did not start praying immediately! I shared this with the other intercessors and we began to pray. It was after we had started praying that all the problems and confusion that the nation witnessed during that period started to manifest. When it seemed as if it would turn into a major crisis, we were not worried because we knew how it would end.

One thing I got from that revelation is that they would not be able to perform their enterprise. No matter what they planned the Lord had revealed it and planted it in the womb of His daughters as a prayer burden.

I entered the ministry of intercession through a deep-seated and long standing burden concerning the poverty, lack of development, terrible crimes, abuse of womanhood and general darkness and
setback pervading the land of Edo State. This outcry came right from within when I realized that things were not the way they ought to be. I made my discovery from scriptures in 2 Chro. 7: 14. I got stirred up by this Bible promise and began to speak to a few sisters from Edo State that I knew were fervent in the spirit that there was a need for us to meet, according to this promise of God, to begin to intercede for Edo State. It was in 2004 when that burden actually started.

By Sept 11, 2005, we had our first meeting, strictly to intercede for Edo State. But somewhere along the line, I remember that the very day, Sept 11, 2005 that we were to start praying for Edo state,
Pastor Yemi Adekunle called me on the phone and told me that he needed to see me urgently. He told me that he had a word for me from the Lord that the Lord spoke to him categorically, mentioned my name in his ear, "Go tell my daughter, Patience, that I want her to gather women unto me who will wrestle the soul of Nigeria out of the hands of the devil"

That sounded strange to me, "Wrestle the soul of Nigeria"? Does Nigeria have a soul? I just said to him that this very day, we are going to gather and 7 other sisters are going to join me and we are going to start praying for Edo State. He said he thinks it is beyond Edo State. What he heard is "wrestle the soul of Nigeria out of the hand of the devil. Bring Nigeria out of darkness into My purposes." I just said it is okay, since we are going to pray for Edo State, we shall just include the nation in the prayer. We gathered twice a month to pray for Edo state.

By Dec of that year, I was having my quiet time and I heard the voice of the Spirit of the Lord say to me, "My daughter, I have not called you to Edo State alone. This intercession is not all about Edo state, but the entire nation." It is about His purposes, about His treasures. It is about any woman who could give back her womb to Him; any woman who understood His purposes, not just any ordinary woman. I wondered what this meant. What does it mean to "render the womb back to Him"? God explained it to me (and it was as if I was having a conversation with the Spirit of God), that when a woman gets pregnant, what takes place? It is like a seed has been planted. What happens next? The woman begins to guard that seed jealously, she nurtures it in expectation until it comes to fruition. "Now, this is what I want from you. I want you to gather women that I will sow seeds in their womb - plant my burden inside them. That seed is my burden, what I want accomplished on the earth." Any woman prepared to give her womb to the Lord can be a part of this prayer group; it is not restricted to the women from Edo State alone.

What exactly is intercession?

Intercession is standing in the gap. Ps. 115: 16 says that God has given the earth to the children of men, so whatever operates here is left for man to handle. Until we invite Him into that situation, His hands are tied because God is a legal God, He does not usurp authority. With this knowledge, God is always looking for one person who understands. God is grieved if He cannot find an intercessor whenever one is needed. In Is. 59: 16 there was so much iniquity in the land, and God was looking for someone to intercede for the land. He was quite pained that there was no intercessor. No one to  stand on the earth to call upon Him so that He would say I have heard the voice of my daughter or my son. He has given us the legal right to come and intercede. So intercession is standing to represent God and man.

How do you develop the burden needed for intercession?

First, you must develop the mind of Christ. Your focus must cease to be on yourself and on your needs. Christ was not concerned about Himself but on the needs of others. The burden comes when you are empty of yourself. Why would God give you His burden when you are full of personal burdens and your problems? God gives intercessory burden to those He knows will take prayer action. If you are an intercessor, you are empty of your personal worries, anxieties, and cares, so there is room for God to give you prayer revelations. However, if you are full of yourself and your needs, there is no room for God in you; you cannot receive intercessory prayer burdens. So God just bypasses you. The present structure in the church, in which there is so much emphasis on meeting the needs of the individual, is a hindrance to effective intercession. It is not that you should not talk to God about your needs. Once you mention it leave it there. God knows what you need before you ask. All He wants you to do is occupy for Him till He comes. Therefore, do not bother yourself with what you will eat or drink. Unfortunately, because we are such unbelieving children, we have decided to cry and shout the "Luciferean prayer" that is just about "I", "I","I", nothing but "me", as shown in Isaiah 14. Most of these repetitive "I" prayers of follow this Luciferean pattern. This is not what we have learnt from Christ.

Is intercession a general call on all Christians or a specific call on a few?

I would say it is a general call in the sense that the Bible tells us categorically, we have been saved to serve. In 2 Corinthians 5: 18 we are called to reconcile others back to God. Apart from evangelizing, witnessing, there is a place where you pray souls out of bondage. God's will can only be done in this sinful world which is presently in the dominion of the devil when believers unite with Him in intercession and witnessing. Christ is forever interceding for us. Heb. 7: 25. If we belong to Him, should we not be doing what He is doing? Believers must unite with Him in intercession and
witnessing. The ills we see in our society and in the world today is a manifestation of the rebellion of mankind against the will of God. Intercession is a general call. In Christendom, there is a level of grace for various tasks. The grace that others have in some aspects I may not carry it. The grace that I carry in intercession ... I could pray for 9 months without asking God for cold water or mentioning to Him that I have a personal issue, but just burning with what I know concerns Him or His will. So I think that it is a grace that I may have in that area that other people may not have. But in all, I think it is a general call, because He says "if my people who are called by my name". I think it is a call to the people of God. He did not say a select few.

How is the church handling intercession?

It is unfortunate that we have been so beguiled by the adversary concerning the ministry of intercession in the church. If you go to most of the Christian assemblies, you have Prayer Warriors or prayer group. A prayer group is not an intercessory ministry. Intercession goes beyond the local assembly. An intercessor carries the burden of the prayer with him wherever he or she goes. Most prayer bands gather prayer points to pray and disband till the next prayer meeting. When you are an intercessor, you carry that issue in your womb everywhere you go. When each local assembly has effective intercessory ministry, that is when most of the darkness that is in the church today, the darkness that only a few people can see, will be destroyed, because the intercessor is actually making a highway for the Lord to come in. The intercessor is one that gives God no rest; he just keeps mentioning the matter. I tell you something, especially concerning the women in the local assemblies, I have discovered that the spirituality of any assembly is determined by the spirituality of the women there. This also applies to families. The atmosphere in a local assembly is determined by the spirituality of the women in that assembly.

In which other areas could you recollect intercession making positive impact upon Nigeria?

There was a group that I was privileged to work with last year. We went to Abuja to carry out some prophetic actions at the gate of the city at night. I want to say that such prayers have helped this nation a lot.

Some years back, we held a program in Edo tagged Edo Women 3 Days Convocation where we went to take the land for God. A lot of women within and outside Edo State participated in that program. I remember that Pastor Success Oyewole was there with us as well as some intercessors from Akwa Ibom and so on. Just a couple of days back, I reflected on the developments taking place in Edo State and, I see a new Edo State emerging. The last time I visited Benin, I saw what the new governor is doing. As I began to meditate on what I see happening in Edo, it was like God was chiding me, "you did not believe in your Prayer Convocation? This is the fruit of the prayer that the women prayed a few years ago." After Governor Ogbemudia left office, no other governor has been able to improve on any of his projects. But to the glory of God, we can see new projects coming up. The transformation in Edo State is not due to some successful political strategy, but the result of spiritual work that had been done much earlier. It is because of the intercession that had gone on ahead that positive changes were possible in the political arena. I can say that intercession really works. You may not know when and how the prayer will be answered, but your own is to pray and give God no rest until the answer comes.

Mrs. Patience Eworo is the National Coordinator of Women International Intercessors Fellowship based in Lagos. She is married to Mr. Edward Eworo, an Estate Surveyor who is also a Director with the Full Gospel Businessmen International Fellowship. They have four children, three daughters and a son.

Mrs. Eworo can be reached on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


0 #3 John Great 2015-02-01 06:04
What an inspiration! God bless you ma. We Christians have become used to praying for ourselves in Nigeria

We need to look outside ourselves!

If the Lord who spoke to the Seven Churches had a chance to speak so that we would actually hear it, I wonder what He would say...
0 #2 Joseph Menyaga 2015-01-22 13:10

Congratulations! Keep it up and the Lord will see you through in Jesus Name.
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