Prayers for persecuted Christians in Nigeria

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Following the failure of the government to provide protection for the Christians in the North,  epresentation has been made at the European Parliament with the hope that international pressure shall compel the Nigerian government to take decisive measures to combat the menace of the Islamist

1. Let us pray that the representation to Europe shall not be a futile effort. Let us pray that other nations of the world shall apply positive pressure and give positive assistance to the Nigerian government to tackle terrorism in the country.

2. Following the condemnation trailing the military operation in Baga, Borno State, this week, let us pray that government shall not take decisions that will demoralize the security forces. Let us pray for balanced judgment in this case.

3. Let us pray for God to have mercy upon Nigeria and strengthen President Jonathan to be decisive and bold to handle security challenges in the country without politicking.

4. Let us pray that God shall expose the sponsors, backers, sympathizers, and manipulators of Boko Haram and other terrorist groups. Let God bring them to justice and judgment. Is. 26: 9-11

5. Bloodshed defiles the land, and only one person profits from bloodshed – Satan. Let pray that every plan of the devil to defile Nigeria through bloodshed, thereby strengthening his hold upon this nation be nullified in the name of Jesus. Is.8: 10

6. Nullify every incantation, invocation of evil, every satanic divination, and every form of satanic manipulation upon Nigeria, the Church, and the president. Is. 8: 10; Num. 23: 23

7. Pray for God to purge the Church of everything that defiles, corrupts, and pollutes the body of Christ, so that the Church can fulfill the purpose of God.

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