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1. Whatever counsel that runs contrary to the will of the Almighty God in Nigeria is nullified. Is. 7: 7

2. Any religion that opposes faith in Jesus Christ shall wither in Nigeria. Jer. 10:11

3. Every affliction and attack against Christians in Nigeria is nullified in the name of Jesus. Is. 54: 17; 2Thes. 1: 6; Ps. 11: 6

4. All those conspiring against the Church of Jesus Christ in Nigeria shall fail in their satanic plans. Job 5: 12-14

5. Nullify every incantation, invocation of evil, every satanic divination, and every form of satanic manipulation upon Nigeria, the Church, and the president. Is.8: 10; Num. 23: 23

6. Pray for unity and oneness of the church.

7. Intercede for the brethren in the North.

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