Prayers for Nigeria

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While we agree that every Nigerian has equal right to aspire to any political office in the land, there are worrisome indications, that a particular religion is determined to dominate governance in the land. The
concern is that such political domination shall usher in bondage on a massive scale, persecution of Christians using the authority of the state, lack of rights for women, promotion of illiteracy, increase in poverty, and exaltation of mediocrity in the land.

As much as possible, the fragile religious balance in the nation must be maintained.

Amongst other prayers, let us pray and may the Spirit of God expand our capacity to pray according to the perfect will of God.

1. Let us thank God for not permitting Satan to have his way in Nigeria. If the fiend had his way, this nation would be in total disarray by now. Ps 46

2. Ps. 2 –All the forces that are contending with the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the purpose of God in Nigeria shall be broken in pieces like the potters vessel.

3. Rev. 11: 15 – Every attempt to enthrone and to impose ungodly religions as the government in Nigeria shall not stand. Every conspiracy, enchantment and incantation shall fail. Every satanic religion that wants to take over government in Nigeria shall fail in the name of Jesus Christ.

4. Every political party that has a religious expansion agenda to contend with Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God shall scatter in the name of Jesus. Ps. 24: 1-2

5. Prov. 14: 34 – From henceforth, only the righteous shall rule in Nigeria. We decree that the throne of Nigeria shall be established in righteousness. Every occultic sacrifice and manipulation to place the unrighteous in power in Nigeria shall not stand.

6. We shut every gate of hell that opens into Nigeria and we decree that the gate of righteousness shall open for this nation and the King of glory shall come in. Ps. 24: 7-10

7. Lord God Almighty, expose every one behind Boko Haram and turn their conspiracies back upon their heads. Job 5: 12-14

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