Prayers for Nigeria 1

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Prayer points at midnight watch. (Midnight – 1.00 a.m.)

It is clear that the current wave of religious intolerance in the country is the culmination of an Islamization agenda that commenced in 1983. This Agenda was ratified and funded massively by the Babangida administration to the detriment of Christians in Nigeria.

God in His faithfulness has consistently frustrated all their plans but they are not giving up.

1. Let us thank God for His faithfulness in frustrating the Islamization agenda. If not for God, Nigeria would today be called the Federal Islamic Sultanate of Nigeria with Babangida as the president and the Sultan of Sokoto as the spiritual head. Ps 44: 1-8

2. Let us pray that every conspiracy to Islamize Nigeria in conjunction with the OIC and Arab nations shall fail. Is. 7: 7

3. $21 billion of Nigerian money was paid by Babangida in 1989 into the Arab African International Bank for the total Islamization of Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Let us pray that God shall intervene and that money shall be recovered and returned to Nigeria. Prov. 6:31

4. Come against every strategy and tactic to destroy Christianity in the Middle Belt. Pray that every satanic plan, including genocide, shall fail. Matt. 16: 18-19

5. Pray for Christians in the Middle Belt and in the Northern parts of Nigeria that their faith shall not fail. Ps. 74; Luke 22: 31-32

6. Let us pray that Christians in the southern parts of the nation shall be revived to pray and support Christians in the North, spiritually, financially, physically and materially. Gal:6:2

7. Let us pray that God shall endow President Jonathan with wisdom and courage to handle the conspiracy of Islam. Is. 32: 1-4

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