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The Lord has been speaking to me concerning Anambra State. In 2005, He gave me an understanding that when a King David mounts the gubernatorial throne in Anambra State, the spiritual atmosphere in Nigeria will change. A King David mounting the presidential throne will then totally liberate the Nation and THE REVIVAL will break out.

Recently, He's been speaking of some strategic prayers we need to pray and the faith attitude to adopt for His will to be done, not only in Anambra but also in Nigeria and the nations of the world. It is on this note that I make this prayer call.


 1. On 31/7/13 the Lord said, "Pray, 'Spirit of the living God fall upon the king (appointed) for the throne'. 'Let the mantle descend'"

Explanation: The king for the throne will be of king David mould: a consecrated man after God’s heart; who maintains a healthy intimate relationship with the Lord; willing to obey God’s will to the letter no matter the consequences; to whom God has given a blueprint to govern His people; who operates in the wisdom, temperament and spiritual gifts of God; is guided by the Word and Spirit of the living God; and will rule for God not for himself, his tribe/town or his religion.

For this king David to establish God’s order on the polity he needs to be endued with power from on high as Jesus was when He walked the earth. God needs to work in him both to will and to do of His good pleasure and will conclude with placing a mantle of authority on him. So even if one were Born-again in the spirit but is not inhabited by Christ to do this job, he will end up a casualty. We must wake up this David through prayers and prod him to his destination through prayers.

2. On 1/8/13 the Lord said, “Everyday, dethrone every person that has been crowned in the satanic kingdom and enthrone king David”.

Explanation: At every election in Nigeria (as in many parts of the world) some contestants go to shrines to acquire powers to defeat their opponents. At major levels, especially presidential, gubernatorial and local government positions which are executive, enthronements are done in satanic realms first before it materializes in the physical. In a particular State in 2007, Party Chairmen of Political parties went to another State to swear an evil oath on whose candidate should be the Governor.  We should therefore remove their diadem and crown, and pull them down from the throne (Ezekiel  21: 25- 27). Remember to enthrone king David. Do not allow a vacuum!

3. On 2/8/13 the Lord said, “Keep asking Me for the David even if the deadline for fielding new candidates has expired and I did not endorse any of the candidates chosen by the political parties”.

Explanation: God wants to test our faith and trust in Him. If He says He will give us a David this season, we should believe that He is able to accomplish it. Is He not God? Nothing is impossible for Him to do. He pointed out to me that in the scriptures (1 Samuel 16:4-13), when Prophet Samuel went to anoint a new king in Saul’s stead, David was neither invited to be purified nor to come with Samuel to sacrifice as were his seven brothers. He was not presented as a likely candidate. It is key to note that when Samuel got to the end of the line, he still did not anoint the ‘seemingly’ last son. Rather, he restrained himself and asked if there was any other son. What the Saints have been doing is to choose a candidate from the lot presented by their parties without recourse to God. We feel it is not pragmatic for any leader to emerge unless the worldly process is followed because, we reason, politics is of the world. We give up easily and make do with less than the best.  If we will experience Bible-day miracles, we must be prepared for God to lead us by the nose – no matter how foolish what He tells us to do is. This is a typical case of showing your level of faith through what you do ie your  work. It is only when you believe Him that you will see His glory (John 11:40). Can you imagine a Governor or President (chosen by God) who did not stand for election winning, and he is a David? What do you think will happen? The name of the Lord will be exalted in nations of the world. We need to keep chanting daily, “Lord, give us a David! Give us a David!! Give us a David!!! And “…we will not sit down to eat until he arrives”1 Samuel 16:11d (NLT).

4. Ask God to release more grace unto His Saints to pay the required price, persevere and keep Praying Until Something Happens. Help us, O Lord, to be still even when by sight we are not seeing the manifestation of Your word. Let Him perfect, establish, strengthen and settle us this season (1 Peter 5:10).

7. Pray that the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened this season to ‘see’ the new thing that the Lord is doing (Ephesians 1: 17-18, Isaiah 43:19).

Explanation: The Lord has been showing me that in a new season, many of His leading Vessels may not be used because they have fixed mindset and will not want to follow God in a new way. We should realize that, only by following the Spirit of God, can we truly be led to the right destination because we have never passed this way before (Joshua 3: 4). We need to anoint our eyes with eye-salve so we can see spiritual things clearly through God’s eyes thus avoiding a lot of deception going on now.

The Lord took me through the Gospel according to John few weeks ago to show me that it is not everybody in the forefront of ‘His work’ who sees what He is doing in a new season. He intentionally renders some people blind so that they will see but not perceive, hear but not understand (Matthew 13:14-15, Isaiah 6:9). In the book of John, Jesus took pains in many chapters to explain that He was Christ, yet people, especially the religious leaders, did not believe Him – even after God announced Him publicly in an audible voice! A lot of Saints are not seeing nor hearing what God is doing or saying now because they look down on the messiahs who are carpenters and of lowly (human) birth. Are you one them? If you were a Pharisee the probability of knowing it may be almost zero. Beware! Pray fervently that God will open your eyes of understanding today.


Since the revival that will usher in the Christ has been prophesied severally to start in Nigeria, Nigeria’s entering into her destiny will cause a domino effect that will affect all nations of the world. This being the case, it behooves Christians worldwide to direct strategic prayers on Nigeria’s electoral process, starting from Anambra State. This is because, whoever controls the political and economic power also controls the spirit realm easily.

Closely following the Anambra election is Osun State’s gubernatorial election. Ife, the cradle of Yorubaland is in Osun state. Although I do not know the divine mandate of Osun as a state, it is significant that, as Anambra is the firstborn in Igboland, Osun state holds same position in Yorubaland. It is therefore not by accident that elections in these States precede those of other States which come up in 2015. Also, satan seems to be having a field day in these States currently. What we do concerning these States will definitely affect the outcome of 2015 elections in Nigeria. Remember, 2015 is a kairos year for Nigeria when the leader in king David’s mould will mount the Presidential throne to establish God’s will over the nation.

On a final note, God is orchestrating a Bloodless Revolution in Nigeria. Join the praying army to pray for Nigeria in the next one year non-stop! See www.brain-intercessors.org and www.pray4nigeria.org for more details.

God bless you for offering yourself and your group, as a living sacrifice, to stand in the gap for God’s will to be done on earth as it is done in heaven.


Ever yours,



+1 #1 sis mercy 2014-08-13 14:11
What Elijah prophecy in 2Kings 7:1 & 16 will manifest in Nigeria in Jesus Name. I Know my God is a Mighty Man of war. His word is yes and amen. I am joining this prayer since i come in contact with the site. Remain bless Towncrier of the Lord receive grace, strenght and mercy of the Lord in Jesus Name.

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