I Resign to Fight El-Rufai Govt Conspiracy, Anti-People Polices – Youth Leader


National Youth leader of Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU), Comrade Nasiru Jagaba, has resigned his appointment with Kaduna state government with the sole aim to deal with ‘contending issues’ bothering on conspiracy, prejudice, social denigration/denial, anti-people polices and grazing reserves in their area.

Addressing newsmen shortly after his resignation from Due Process Office in Kaduna, Jagaba said he deliberately resigned to join his people to also stand against anti-people policies of Governor Nasir El-Rufai against Southern Kaduna people.

In an elaborate text, Jagaba bloated that, “I just tendered resignation letter with Kaduna state government because my conscience leaves me with no other choice.” 
He continued that, “I’ve sensed a conspiracy by the government of the day to cage me, put a gag on my mouth and to make me docile and voiceless.”

He further said, “This has informed my decision to put up my resignation letter so as to stand with my people, to raise my voice against prejudice, social denigration and denial.”

Jagaba, in company of other exco-members, also said, at a time like this – when his people are faced with so many subjugations, “silence is betrayal” and, therefore, called for radical departures from the destruction of Southern Kaduna.

“The mission to which Southern Kaduna youth called me is the most difficult one even when pressed by the demands to break the silence, especially now that we have found ourselves in the hands of an evil organization that acts without conscience, morals, human dignity and respect for rule of law or fear of God,” he said, adding that, “I am saddened with anti-people policies of Nasir El-Rufai towards the good people of Southern Kaduna.”

According to him, “El-Rufai wakes up every day to manufacture very harmful and demonic policies to cripple our will and spirit,” – a recap on the governor’s recent announcement of his intention to build Grazing Reserves across communities in Southern Kaduna. 

Doing so, according him, would mean to cohabitate Southern Kaduna with the same strange and volatile Fulani that have been attacking defenceless communities in the same area. “Since Fulani started their barbaric activities somewhere around 2010, they have burnt over 500 houses and killed over 4000 lives, especially women and children.”

He expressed worry that El-Rufai’s land reclamation programme in the state has failed to note that governance is a continuous enterprise, saying late Governor Ibrahim Yakowa of the state set up a committee and issued a government White Paper that explicitly created a boundary between Ghagyi Villa and Polytechnic with a sketch plan produced and signed by Surveyor-General of the state.

“But, in cruel display of power, El-Rufai had sworn with Holy Qu’ran to demolish the area, even when the matter was still pending in court, showing he has no respect for the rule of law.”

They queried that El-Rufai has no any visible development in Southern Kaduna since he assumed office as governor, other than grazing reserves that he forcefully wants to establish in the area and planned demolition of Gbagyi Villa. The plan not to site FG proposed universities in Kaduna South was among issues raised against El-Rufai.


0 #1 Mr.Leonard 2016-08-10 12:51
It's foolishness & wickedness against Kaduna,Nigeria As A People,State & Nation at It Worst.May God Help.

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