Kaduna Youths Group Calls For El-Rufai’s Impeachment Over Money Paid To Fulani Herdsmen

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Youth groups, known as Netzit Patriotic Front, has expressed serious concern over media report that Governor Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufai of Kaduna state single-handedly paid Fulani herdsmen a huge sum of money to ‘stop’ killings in Southern Kaduna, describing him as unfit to rule the state.

The Front group said, “following the ‘revelation,’ they concluded that the governor is not fit to govern Kaduna State,” even as Youth Wings of Christian Association of Nigeria, YOWCAN, also joined suit in the same propagation.

The Patriotic group, in a statement signed by George Makeri, stated that Governor El-Rufai had shown his insensitivity and called on the Southern Kaduna people to watch and pray.
He said, “Governor El-Rufai had during an interview said he sent a delegation to other countries to pay Fulani herdsmen to ‘stop’ the killings in the Southern part of Kaduna state.

“It is observed that each time the governor visited Southern Kaduna community in the aftermath of an attack, a more vicious one is launched the following day in another peaceful community.

“Given the above, we have come to the sad conclusion that the Kaduna State governor is mentally imbalanced and unfit to continue as Governor of Kaduna State. He needs to vacate Kashim Ibrahim House immediately if sanity must return to the state. We hope the International Police will quickly pick him up to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.”

It noted that the recent waves of violence began in June when some Fulani youths encroached into the farm of a Ninte Native, adding that when the farmer protested, he was cut down and left in the pool of his own blood.

“These atrocities, coupled with the complete terrorism on all neighbouring communities from Godogodo, Golkofa, Angwan Anjo, Pasakori, with Gidan Waya recently joining the long list of assaulted villages and Kafanchan, presently tensed up.

“Chawai, in Kauru local government area, is not spared too, as many people were massacred and many others displaced in an assault conducted a day after the governor erected a public ‘apology’ billboard at the Samuru Kataf Round About. As we write, thousands have been massacred and thousands more have been displaced.

“It is curious and unfortunate to note that the intensity and quick spread of these Fulani-instigated violence across the length and breadth of Southern Kaduna could be traced to the Kaduna State Governor’s body-language that urges the Fulani murderers on, while intimidating and victimising the victims some more because the victims were non-Muslims nor Hausa Fulani like him, even against his oath of office,” the statement explained.

In a similar statement, the Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria, YOWCAN, has called for the immediate impeachment of Governor El-Rufai over his claims that he has a team, which is negotiating with foreign Fulanis believed to be terrorising Southern Kaduna.

The YOWCAN president, Engr. Daniel David Kadzi, in a statement called on the Kaduna State House of Assembly to as a matter of public importance impeach Governor El-Rufai for conniving with terrorists to kill Nigerians.

The statement called on the federal government not to take the governor’s confession lightly, saying that it must tighten security at Nigeria’s borders with Northern States, check against the inflow of terrorists through the points of Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Benin Republic. 

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