Southern Kaduna APC Quizzes El-Rufai Over Removal Of Kafanchan KASU Campus


A Group, under the auspices of “Southern Kaduna APC Youth,” has called on the Kaduna State Governor to dissolve management of the Kaduna State University (KASU) with immediate effect, as their action in closing and relocating the Kafanchan Campus of the University is capable of widening the existing gap between the predominant Muslim North and Christian South.


This was contained in a press statement signed on Tuesday, 23rd May, 2017, by the group’s youth national secretary, Hon. Victor Asat, and issued to journalists in Kaduna.

The statement read in part: Our attention has been drawn to an internal memo with the heading “Notice of Resumption” purportedly written by the management of Kaduna State University urging students of Kafanchan Campus of the institution to resume studies at the main campus in Kaduna.

The statement continued that “Your Excellency, Sir, you may recall that before the last general elections, precisely, January 1st, 2015, during the Annual Afan Festival, in Kagoro, Kaura Local Government, His Excellency, Muktar Ramalan Yero, the ousted governor, promised the people of Southern Kaduna a University of Science and Technology, while you promised us an upgrade of present infrastructures to international standard.

“We instead, opted for quality rather than quantity, owing to the fact that we are witnesses to most South Western States merging their multiple state universities into one because of acute shortage of funds to keep the institutions going. It was on this premise, among others, that our people trusted and voted you into office.

“The decision of the management of the institution to fold up the Kafanchan Campus of the University, therefore, wasn’t part of our political bargain. And having actively participated in mobilizing our people enmasse to vote for our party in the last general elections, we are under intense pressure to answer certain questions.

“We are, therefore, constrained to forward these questions to you via the mass media. Our decision to adopt this medium is due to your tight schedules, and also the fact that we have been blocked from entering Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, by persons close to you.”

The youth groups raised salient questions, including the following:

“There have been series of attacks and suicide bombings in University of Maiduguri, the Federal Government NEVER deemed it fit to close the institution for any reason, why is the case of KASU Kafanchan campus different? Or is there any record of attack/murder of any student(s) if not a mere attempt to give a dog a bad name, in order to hang it?

“What will happen to owners of small-scale businesses and their family members and also millions of Naira private developers sunk in the area to meet the needs of students?

“Why shutting down KASU Kafanchan Campus that is surrounded by the proposed Mobile Police base, military base and Kafanchan Zonal Police Headquarters but allowing College of Nursing that is 1Km away from security formation or Kaduna State College of Education, Gidan Waya, that is more than 10km from permanent formations of Security Agencies? Why the special interest in KASU?

“Nigerians are concerned about youth restiveness; hence, self-reliance is the key factor, and Agriculture is the key to economic diversification. The demonstration farm of the Faculty of Agriculture of the university is located in Kafanchan. How can students be trained without practical experience? Is the world now expecting the birth of theoretical Agricultural Science graduates without practical experience?

“The university is a product of law, established by State Assembly Act; and to the best of our knowledge, there was never a time a motion to that effect was moved and debated upon in the State Assembly. It is also verifiable from the compendium of laws you have signed since the inception of this administration on the state official website that the law establishing the institution has not changed; hence, why the brazen illegality by supposed Professors? We wonder if such a morally-challenged University Senate can produce graduates of right moral standing.

“Having completely removed curfew in Jema’a Local Government occasioned by security reports certifying the local government safe for human habitation, why relocating the campus?

“You swore with the Holy Qur’an ‘to protect all citizens of the state;’ why giving special priority to University Students and neglecting those in primary, secondary and state-owned Colleges of Nursing and Education, who are more vulnerable? Or, are you planning to equally relocate them to ‘safer’ zones? This is our stands. 

We wish, therefore, His Excellency, will help us answer those questions.

“Order the immediate repeal of the management’s decision to relocate the institution from Kafanchan to Kaduna.

“Fulfil your promise of making the institution a World-class standard as promised during pre and post-elections, and channel the resources you desire to sponsor some privileged students abroad to open up the state to equal opportunity.

“Make every part of the state safe for human habitation, not neglecting certain parts at the mercies of fleeing Boko Haram members masquerading as ‘Fulani Herdsmen.’

“Your Excellency, we are calling on you to use your good Offices to repeal the brazen illegality, as that act if allowed to stand, would amount to disdain and maliciousness against the people of Southern Kaduna, entrench deep-seated hatred amongst the citizens of our dear state, and reverse the progress we have made thus far in trying to heal wounds afflicted due to the prevailing insecurity and skirmishes in the state, among others. May God restore genuine peace in our beloved state.”

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