Exposed: Kaduna kidnappers of 20 are Sokoto, Gombe, Zamfara, Adamawa Fulani extractions, Chadians, others


Kidnappers, who abducted 20 people at a blow on Kaduna-Abuja Expressway, are Fulani extractions, who hail from Sokoto, Gombe, Zanfara, Adamawa states of Northern Nigeria. Others, among them, are from Cameroon, Chad and Niger Republic, respectively. 

They are young, fearless, smart and are well-organised bandits within the ages of 22 and 35, who specialise in kidnapping, cattle-rustling, armed robbery and hired assassination.


Making the revelation at a press conference in Kaduna on Saturday, the released victims and families led by a concerned citizen, Danjuma Sariki, said the kidnappers were well armed with sophisticated weapons of all kinds, machine-guns, AK47, 49, revolvers, among others.

Danjuma said he came with three victims of the kidnappers released at Rijana, along Kaduna-Abuja Expressway, with their thirty belongings and recorded conversations between the kidnappers and himself. 

He reiterated that the situation is so bad and alarming that hardly anybody would be safe on Kaduna-Expressway, particularly with poor attitude and commitment of security agencies and government. 

“With us here is Kazah Bulus, Simon Terna and ‘Ruth Samuel’ (Ruth was kidnapped on that same way on the 5th of June, 2007.) She spent five days in the kidnappers’ den before her release to me yesterday.

“The kidnappers are young, fearless, smart and well-organised bandits of Fulani extractions, mostly within the ages of 22 and 35, who specialise in kidnapping, cattle rustling, armed robbery and hired attacks.

“According to them, they hail from Sokoto, Gombe, Zanfara, Adamawa states of Nigeria, while some of them are from Cameroon, Chad, Niger. Their own objective is financial benefits,” Danjuma said.

He said the kidnappers used complete military outfits to disguise for their operations and possessed different military identity cards for impersonation. The kidnappers brag and are boastful, claiming they collaborate with some government and security agents to perpetuate the ugly ordeal, stressing that, “these government and security personnel supply them with guns and provide them with information and targets regularly,” he added. 

He also averred that the criminals are brutal and could kill and rape at random, and operate different camps within a jungle where they keep their victims. Danjuma said, “when they kidnapped Samuel and other passengers in a vehicle, they instantly killed two of the passengers, who attempted to resist, before leading the rest into the bush.”

He informed that the abductors raped some women and killed 3 other people, who attempted to escape, and threw one of the dead bodies into the river, adding “We saw some young boys in the camps, who are being trained by them.”

The families led by Danjuma, however, expressed sadness over the attitude of Kaduna state Police Command and the state government for feeling unperturbed about the security challenges in the state, attributing it to increase in crimes.

According to them, the Commissioner of Police had, in the process of the situation, steadily exposed his incompetence and unprofessional conduct in discharging his responsibilities, calling on Inspector-General of Police to redeploy the CP, Mr. Agyole Abeh, and his deputy Mr. Ahmad Abdulrahaman, for a competent and effective ones to nip the problems to the bud, saying uncountable kidnapping took place on daily basis in the ways in the state under current government.

Danjuma said they were not surprised about the attitude of the police, stressing that the deputy CP debunked their earlier reports on the crimes instead of doing the needful. 

“On Thursday, 8th June 2017, I broke the news of the kidnap of over 20 people on Kaduna-Abuja Expressway in broad daylight, which was published in newspapers and widely circulated, and was reported to Kaduna police command by me and a friend, and police promised to investigate and ensure the release of the captives.

“To our greatest shock, instead of doing the needful, the state police decided to debunk it through press statement signed by Deputy CP, describing it as farce.” 

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