Vote-of-no-confidence passed on El-Rufai by APC founding members

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Kaduna, the defunct capital of old Northern Region, went agog yesterday with echoes of intra-party crises in the All Progressive Congress party as core founding members of the party in the State passed a vote-of-no-confidence on Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s administration. 

Titled: “Walking Out of The Crisis,” the members, in a press conference addressed Monday, said two years after the inauguration of the present government, the people have only witnessed greater hardships, dehumanization and complete disregard to the basic sense of humanity.


Led by Maitaimaki Tom Maiyashi, chairman of the APC Akida (True APC), the group said the current sorry state of the affairs is characterized by the near total absence of leadership of the party at all levels, as the party has deliberately been weakened and vertically rendered ineffective. 

Tom Maiyashi lamented the complete lack of consultation with critical stakeholders even on matters relating to party members or the community. Said he, “Government’s intolerance of any opinion, contrary to the mindset of the governor, is on the rise, as mercenaries are hired to attack individuals and anyone, who dared any opinion meant to add value to public policy, stressing that the only opinions or input respected are those of hired consultants specifically recruited from outside the state, who do not even understand their environment, and lack the commitment to address their developments priorities.

“These cronies and agents so recruited have virtually rendered the state Civil Service redundant and inactive. Morale in the Service today is at its lowest ebbs. Local government administration has been badly fractured, weakened and literary strangulated,” he said. 

The factional APC chairman said it was regrettable that Kaduna is walking into another circle of unavailable crises, particularly the attack on traditional and communal institutions, “that have sustained their sense of community for ages, from pre-colonial days.”

He said the assault on traditional institutions, taken together with many of the antae-people policies of the administration, were capable of throwing the state into another round of crises that spiral unto unimaginable destruction of community cohesion, saying the process for the evolution of the policy defiled all logic and common sense. 

According to him, government’s decisions have raised many questions, adding that it could have been wiser to subject the so-called “restructuring report” to public debate and analysis before a final decision taken.

“But the people of Kaduna state should be prepared, for the worse is yet to come,” Maiyashi said, adding that available information revealed that beyond the sacking of the 313 district heads and 4,453 village heads, have other civil servants, including local government staff, teachers and other professionals, now lined up for dismissal.

“What this government knows to do best is lies and lies, even at the risk of destroying government’s own image. The governor has so much energy – fighting to destroy his own party that brought him into power. He has no regard for public or responsible opinion. In his pharaohnic wisdom, he does not believe anybody has value.

“Evidences of wastages abound; the school feeding program is a very vivid example,” they said, while sighting example of the Sahara reporters’ contract scam running into billion, and that of Zaria Water Project recently commissioned, saying “there is no water in Zaria.”

While they appealed to Kaduna citizens that they, as members or as party affiliation, are not in support of anti-people policies of Governor Nasir El-Rufai; “and we will not do so; and on that note we, therefore, declare and pass a vote-of-no-confidence on the governor.”

Earlier, the group noted that the inauguration of the present government in Kaduna state was welcomed with greater expectations, particularly by the critical segments of the communities – youth, women, artisans, craftsmen, peasants, the unemployed and workers – the class of people that made the change of government possible, adding however, that, “two years down the line was hardship, dehumanization, among others.”

They pledged to forgive him if El-Rufai repents his “sins” now, even though they queried that all their earlier communications to him had hit the rocks. 

Present at conference held at CODE, Rabba Close, Malali, were: Tijani Ramaran, Isha Ashiru, Amb Sule Baba, Yaro Makama Rigachikun, Admiral Iko Sani, Senator Shehu Sani and a host of others. 


0 #1 Leonard 2017-07-18 17:42
Let God Save Kaduna,Nigeria As A people,Place & Institution From All EvIL,Amen!!!!!! !

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