Nigeria governed by gang of clueless administrators, negative propaganda – PDP Speakers’ Forum

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Members of the Forum of PDP Former Speakers of State Houses of Assembly (FOFSHA) have voiced their feelings that Nigeria has been governed by a “gang of clueless administrators,” who have taken negative propaganda to an unprecedented level.

The forum disclosed this during a courtesy call on the national caretaker committee of the People Democratic Party, PDP, on Thursday.


FOFSHA, in a statement made available to our correspondent in Kaduna Thursday, stated that “We have never seen it this bad – that the fortunes of our national patrimony have been subjected to so much abuse and rape; yet, those at the helm of authority are heaping and transferring blames on phantom and imaginary enemies. Never in the history of Nigeria have we been governed by a gang of clueless administrators, who have taken negative propaganda to an unprecedented level.”

They noted that “Today, the culture of ‘change’ is so disgusting that the common man believes that the APC-engineers mantra is a colossal fraud devised to achieve total frustration of the progressive strides of the PDP administration and to put our economy on its toes.”

Lead by Rt Hon Inuwa Garba, FOFSHA, further stated that “On behalf of our Forum, I wish to express our profound gratitude to you for granting us audience even with the very short notice we gave to you, Sir. We are aware, Sir, that you had to put aside other very important and pressing matters to receive us.

“Your Excellency, this singular action speaks volumes of your commitment to the ideals of our great party, the PDP. Your Excellency, we are Members of the Forum of PDP Former Speakers of State Houses of Assembly (FOFSHA). 

“Your Excellency, this is indeed our first formal outing, save for our introductory visit to the Chairman and Members of the National Caretaker Committee after our meeting on the ---2017. 

“We thought it wise, Sir, to accord you the utmost respect of intimating you of our objectives and total commitments to the rebirth and rejuvenation of our dear party, in all facets of our national polity. This body came together as formers Speakers of PDP in the various states so as to also make contributions towards the repositioning our party with a view to forming a government in all subsequent elections as it is currently being desired by most Nigerians. 

“You will agree with us, Sir, that since the political misadventure of 2015 election, our dear country, Nigeria, has been gravitating from one level of political and economic ruin to another and, even to near precipice.

“We have watched with great trepidation the ruin of our national patrimony and the decadence of a once vibrant economy, that today we believe all hands must be on deck if we are to avoid a total collapse of this nation. Our thought-out objective is to create avenue within the structure of our great party, PDP, to contribute positively towards the rebirth and repositioning of our party.

“Learning from past errors, we believe PDP can be projected, once again, to the heights of national governance in the very near future.

“Your Excellency, Sir, this courtesy visit is to essentially reassure you of our great commitment to the statesmanly roles you have vested in the repositioning efforts of our party. The real CHANGE is inevitable if we must move forward. FOFSHA shall desire a speedy integration of our potentials into the party structure in this dispensation and be counted upon to deliver on issues of national relevance. 

“Once again, we thank you for receiving us as we pray that the collective desire for a truly social, economic and political transformation, which you envisaged for Nigeria and Africa, was just delayed, shall come to pass.”

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