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Let those who have the Spirit of the Lord read and judge.

On the 12-12-17, as I sat in council with Prophetic elders under the leadership of one of the apostolic fathers in the nation I was brought into the Visions of God (Ezk.1:1) and as I watched I saw the Lord give command to Twelve Angels and they were caused to descend on the nation one after the other over a period of twelve hours. I was commanded to sound the golden shofar to mark their descent. I will describe one of the Angels at the end.
Many things happened but I am not at liberty to talk of all of them now. I am only commanded to write thus, whereupon I quote from the Messenger’s Diary of 12-12-17, recorded on 15-12-17:

Rv.22:7: Son, you have not fully understood the magnitude of what I averted for your nation when the BOAT stood before Me on 12-12-17.

Buhari’s re-election bid would have been sealed on that day. They have lined up 120 Marabouts from 12 nations that have been in the caves in a remote location in Kano. The man you see as Buhari today is not the man that went out of your nation sick.
He has become a Pharoah, a beast and his DNA has been totally altered through (wrong) science.
Remember I told you that men would try to re-create themselves through occultism, through science and through occultation (See Rev.17:8).
Buhariis the firstfruit of those who have come into that realm through science.
I told you these things ahead of time but you did not fully understand. I also showed you (See Pg.135-137 GEPFN 2nd Ed.).

There are many people on earth who have gone through that process but I will show you four of them:
The Queen of England,
Vladmir Putin, the President of Russia,
Your President and
Pope Francis.
I told you that your nation is attractive now both to hell and also to My Kingdom and My Throne.
It is Africa’s time and Nigeria is called to lead the other nations into liberty. Son, your nation is the battleground of the last epic contest that would wind up this age.

Hell will pay any price to have Nigeria and they are paying. That is how you must see the so called herdsmen crisis. It is a deliberate sacrifice to Molech and the ancient dragon that governs nations through bloodshed and violence.
They have come back with subtlety and craft and are releasing prognostications, enchantments, chants and hexes to lure the nation into sleep and a false sense of security so that they can win the 2019 election at all cost.

Son, I have set My heart on your nation and I must have it. I have four options to advance My purpose:

Option 1 is the Electoral Process. This route will minimize casualties and be in line with current global trends.

Option 2 is a violent and bloody coup. This will cause unimaginable casualties and cause turmoil in a scale not seen in your nation before.

Option 3, occupation by a foreign Army and nation. This will cause unimaginable suffering and temporarily give My enemy the advantage. If you allow this to happen, the aliens will rape your nation and violate everything you hold sacred. I counsel you to stand against this and pray like you have never prayed before.

Option 4, an unleashing of uncommon supernatural phenomena that will leave people stunned and wondering whether the world has come to an end. Remember, I am the God that did wonders in Egypt. I created nature and still control nature. There will be quakes, flooding and gulley erosions that will force international intervention and occupation but not for good. All these four options are before Me but I counsel you to watch and pray for a peaceful transition through the electoral process.
Son, Trump’s election bought you eight years to re-position your nation and profit through the Preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom (See matt.24:14). America and Nigeria are the top ends of the Triangular force that will drive My end-time move but Israel is at the foundation carrying the two nations. That is what I was showing the BOAT meeting. Pray for these three nations always and bless them. Proclaim Pss 2, 45 and 122 over these nations and tie them together in a three-fold cord that cannot be easily broken.




These prophetic actions must necessarily precede diplomatic moves to bring the nations together. Bring their three flags together. Bring them into a Covenant of Brotherhood and keep them at the Altar before Me at the Revival Altar, Camp David. (Do it at the end of this year).

Son, mankind has entered into a season of shamelessness, lawlessness and rebellion and this is a sure sign that the end is near.

The plan of the kingdom of darkness against your nation was to enter the abyss on 12-12-17 and lock up the nation their and put the key in Buhari’s hand. This would have sealed up the faith of your nation as an Islamic caliphate because the man you see on your government seat today has only one focus – To bring Nigeria into an unholy union with Islam and thus gain some time for Satan.

I have raised you at this time to give men light so you must live for this and give yourself totally to this.
If you fail, My purpose for Africa will be delayed. If you do your part and all that I have raised at this time do their part, then within 8 years, you will not recognise this nation.
This is the face of Nigeria that satan does not want to see and he is using even the Church as a willing advocate to further his purpose.

I am with you and will show you more things about the nation and what must be done now. @3.45am

The Twelfth Angel released on that night is recorded in scripture:
And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.  And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe (Rv.14:14-15).

In My mercy I am set to judge hard things in your nation but redemption is at My heart. A revival is coming starting from this year that will re-position the Church to play her role as the place of My government. Ps.110:2

This revival will bring a restoration of My word as the basis for true discipleship. I am set to judge the false prophets and liers that have polluted and profited from My name and are making merchandise of holy things. I see the winds of revival starting from the East of Nigeria, going through the South, touching the West and then extending in a measure to the north.
From the West, especially through the Ibadan axis this revival will go outside the boarders of Nigeria to touch North Africa, the middle East and the 10/40 Gospel window.

Intercession is necessary to direct and harness the release of My Dunamis that is being released on your nation to contend with ancient forces that have conspired to take your nation into perpetual bondage.
The activities of these angels must be under-girded and fanned by continuous, persistent and knowledge based intercession especially by men who have entered into Covenant with Me over your nation.
I am giving such men Ps. 2 as a Covenant and I will do it in their lives in this season saith the Lord.

Revival Altar 7-1-18 (Tevet 20, 5778).



0 #1 Ayodele David 2018-04-28 23:54
I want to thank Almighty God for this revelation. I pray that God will not live us clueless at period in Jesus name

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