Fulani Herdsmen Attacked Catholic Seminary

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Today, (28th May, 2018) a Catholic Seminary was attacked:


Eye witness account:

“With permission from my Bishop, Most Rev. Charles Hammawa of Jalingo Diocese,  I Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Atsue (the Rector) want to announce and inform Nigerians and the international community that our diocesan Sacred Heart Minor Seminary was attacked in the early hours of this morning 28/05/2018 at about 12:30am by sophisticated armed Fulani Herdsmen (at least we heard their conversation). They shot sporadically at the Rector's residence, broke window glasses in the process, (litered live bullets were collected by police) windscreen of one of the vehicles belonging to one of the priests, they shot and injured one of the priests Rev. Fr. Cornelius kobah on the leg, beat up Fr. Stephen Bakari. From their conversation we were able to understand that their grievances against us is that the security men in the Seminary have been challenging their decision to graze right inside the Seminary: around the classes, football field, laundry etc. They said even inside the church if they see grass their cows will graze. Normalcy has temporarily been restored thanks to the prompt response from the Nigerian Police, Army, Civil Defense and local vigilantee. All our students are complete, none is missing. Two of them who were showing them the way to the Father's house suffered injuries from the sticks of the herdsmen. I had a meeting with the officials of the Parents Teachers Association PTA and the bishop has equally approved one week break for the seminarians to enable them manage trauma for a while and to show themselves to their parents that they were safe. For now this is the situation. Let us continue to pray for and work for peace in Nigeria.”


Also in Benue State:

“Yesterday evening a young pregnant woman was captured by the Fulani herdsmen in Yogbo town Makurdi LGA. She was with her husband who escaped when they started shooting. The men used used sticks to pierce through her private part to kill the unborn child and pull the child and her womb out after which they beat her and left her for dead. When the military went to pick the corpse upon her husband’s report they discovered that she was still alive and brought her down to Bishop Murray Hospital which morning s run by the Catholic Church. We were informed and rushed there.

Preliminary processes and documentation have been done. We have paid for screening and two pints of blood and and I am currently waiting for the bill for the surgery to likely take out the womb.”


As I have previously testified in Congress, the Fulani Killer Herdsmen are unspeakably barbaric and brutal beyond words. They are much more cruel than Boko Haram who strap bombs on kids and deploy them as suicide bombers.


The FKH make sadistic butchering an art form. The disemboweling of pregnant women and the butchering of the fetus is a specialty of theirs. They intend to inspire the fullest possible terror by the horror of their atrocities.


This explains why they mutilate corpses even after death. For the FKH, death is not enough.


They do not use bombs or have rules of engagement like Boko Haram. They are content with AK 47s, machetes and fire.


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