Nigerian Protest in Atlanta on Friday August 30, 2018

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Dear Colleagues,

A few quick items:

1. The US Institute for Peace is behind an effort to recognize a Muslim cleric who hid hundreds of Christians during the massacre last month.

It’s a great story but more importantly it is proof positive that the killings were indeed religious in nature! If simply hiding Christians in a mosque and saying they were Muslims spared their lives, need we any further evidence that this is an Islamist and religious-based genocide???

Any further denial is willful ignorance. Again.

Once more the world has substituted the post-genocide mantra “Never Again” with “Over Again and Again!”

Too bad that my 4 and 6 year old relatives murdered in their beds during that massacre were not amongst the hundreds saved by this heroic old man!

By the way the very notion that in this day, one has to hide Christians in a mosque from slaughter evoke the poignant images from Schindler’s List, Corrie Ten Boom’s The Hiding Place, Ann Frank’s Diary and many more.

Recently I watched “Paul - Apostle of Christ” and I was shaken to the core of however realistic to this day is the hunting down and killings of Christians in Nigeria! 

2. Last week’s Ministerial to advance Freedom of Religion was great. However, there was no victim from Africa out of over half a dozen nations whose victims spoke out. Africa with 54 countries is facing a major Islamist incursion especially in West and East Africa. In Rwanda over 8000 churches were shut down by the govt.

I was stunned at the Ministerial to see a Nigerian Pastor who’s denomination has lost 10,000 members (world’s worst) in violent killings sitting quietly in the audience. Nigeria is recognized as the deadliest place on earth to be a Christian.

Even at the USCIRF display of global prisoners of conscience, Child Christian Heroine Leah Sharibu was not recognized.

As heartbreaking for me as it was seeing this as a consistent voice in Washington for Nigeria’s persecuted for the last 2 decades, I resolved rather than be discouraged to keep on speaking. Still kudos to USG for groundbreaking!

3. Article highlights dictatorial recidivism in Nigeria as Gen Buhari’s regime refuses to obey court orders

4. In a second week of attempted “coup” within a democracy, Federally-backed state lawmakers tried to impeach the governor of Benue State. Benue is the second of 3 states with anti grazing laws that Nigeria’s federal government has moved to take over this month.

It is the most Christian State in the north and the Governor has drawn the ire of Gen Buhari for calling the Herdsmen killings a jihad.

5. There will be a protest in Atlanta on Friday. Please share to your contacts.

nigerian protes atlanta 2018

Finally, I spoke to the family of a Nigerian officer recently killed in an ambush which the army denied any casualties in. Their son was secretly buried without their knowledge and we are investigating reports he and other Christian soldiers were buried according to Islamic rites to justify the rushed/secret burials.


The week after his death, Boko Haram carried out multiple attacks in three countries. It’s lethality is limitless.





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