Leah Sahribu, A Heroin of the Christian Faith and a Prisoner for 365 Days

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(A wake up call to the Christians in Nigeria in Honor of Leah Sharibu and all those currently in Islamic Captivity for their Faith in Christ.)
Published on 20th February, 2019 by the Hausa Christians Foundation (HACFO)
The pitiful condition that Our Beloved Sister and Daughter Leah Sharibu found herself in, the I don’t care attitudes shown towards her by the Nigerian Government and the Misconception of some truths upheld by the Nigerian Christians has compelled us to bring forward the truth about the predicaments the Christian Girls usually found themselves in whenever in Islamic Captivity.
It is quite disheartening to lose your biological daughter not to death, but to some evil forces who enjoy the cover of some Government officials to commit all manners of atrocities in the name of religion especially against the Christians.
Kidnapping, islamization and forceful marriage of our young Christian Girls is not a new subject to every northern Christian. It dates as far back as the time Islam came to Northern Nigeria and the forceful dethronement of the real Traditional Rulers and replaced by Islamic traditional rulers like the Emirs, Hakeemis and the Sarkis who are now regarded as the traditional rulers of the north as if everybody in the north is a Muslim. Ever since then, life has never been the same for the Northerners who practice different faiths other than Islam.
This act of Kidnapping and forceful marriage became so popular in Nigeria just of recent when the Chibok Girls, and some few Christian Girls from the southern part of Nigeria felt victims of their snare. What Boko Haram are currently doing is the official unveiling of these old time evil practices; they have officially made public to the world the old time practice of Kidnapping, Islamization and forceful marriage of our young Christian Girls.
Something that is worthy of note is the fact that these so-called Boko Haram are not ghost, neither are they unknown people. They are people that are well-known by the Government of Nigeria and possibly every key person that holds one position of authority or the other in Northern Nigeria. If these girls were Muslim, these leaders would have known what to do to secure their freedom no matter what. A practical example is what happened with the Dapchi Girls. After they were kidnapped, they returned the Muslims girls and kept the only Christian among them. And since after then, nothing was done about her again.
The numbers of Christian girls currently in Islamic captivity apart from the ones under Boko Haram are beyond imagination. They are in their hundreds in all the Northern States of Nigeria. Unfortunately, even some of those in power participate in such evil acts against the Christians.
To the world, Leah Sharibu is kept back because of her faith and that she was not released back to her family because she still uphold to her Christian belief. What we will bring to our notice after this one year might be very disappointing to many Christians today. The belief that Leah is still a Christian after these 365 days is practically impossible except if she is not with the Muslims. From the numerous girls the Hausa Christians Foundation has rescued over the years that suffered a similar abuse with what Leah and others are currently subjected to, we have come to term with some very painful truths. Leah might be kept because she refused to denounce her faith in Christ, but she will never be allowed to remain a Christian while still in their custody if she wants to remain alive. They will subject her through inhumane treatments until she has no choice but to follow whatever they want her to do. More so, Leah must have been married by now or turned into a sex slave to constantly satisfy their urge whenever they want. If Leah must be alive by now, she will not be the Leah we all know, but the Leah they now turned her to be. One of the girls we rescued confessed to us about what happened to her. After she was forcefully taken away from her parents, she was taken to a place in Zaria, Kaduna State where so many young Christian Girls that were kidnapped were kept. They were kept under a security watch so that none of them escapes. In the night when they were sleeping, men will storm into their rooms when the light is off and they will rape them all. They will continue to do that until they make sure that they become pregnant, and after which they will be given out in marriage as wives. These girls are kept and given out after a price is paid to the people detaining them which are usually religious leaders. Not only that, their food, drinks, bathing water, and the clothes they wear will be subjected to all manners of incantation to keep them hypnotized perpetually. At this point these girls do whatever they are asked to do no matter what it is, because they are no longer in their senses.
Leah Sharibu is one among the hundreds and thousands of our many Christian girls who are been forcefully, kidnapped, Islamized and turned to sex slaves and wives. There are many girls who even their parents thought were dead but are in the same condition that Leah and many others have found themselves today.
We shared this truth today in remembrance of our Sister and Daughter Leah just to bring to light what the Northern Christians have been suffering from for a very long time and the Nigerian Government though aware of it, are not willing to do anything about it.
Leah and all those currently in Islamic captivity would have been secured by now if the Nigerian Government considers them as true Citizens of Nigeria. But for the fact that they are Christian girls, they are only as good as sex slaves whose fundamental human rights can be freely and arrogantly abused and the perpetrators move about freely in the society without been brought to book.
Our big question to the Nigerian Church is; is that how we will continue in this act of systematic slavery without doing anything about it? We have been talking for a very long time without acting. We have been known to be “the people of their own fear” but not “people of their words”. How long will this evils persist in this Nation Nigeria?
Let us be praying for Leah irrespective of the condition she is currently. At the same time, Nigerian Christians must not continue to live as unwise. We have to know what we must do to keep our house in order. Indeed, the devil is moving like a roaring lion seeking for whom to devour, we must not continue to be the victims. It is time to stop playing the victims and always at the defensive end. Let’s put ourselves in order. We are in a pathetic situation as Christians in this country. Once anything happens to you as a Christian that is caused by the other people, the northern government will leave you wallowing in pain, they even sometimes threaten you the victim and cause you more harm and pain that healing for simply asking for justice to be done. IF LEAH WERE TO BE PRESIDENT MOHAMMADU BUHARI’S DAUGHTER, WILL SHE STILL REMAIN WITH BOKO HARAM OR HER CASE SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET? This is a food for thought for every Christian especially our leaders. This is the era of total freedom and not slavery. This fact must be recognized and cherished by all. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
God bless you for Sharing!

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