APC is an Islamic Party


In response to the widely publicized rebuttal by the APC stating that's its national executive offices are opaque to religious sentiments! I need not explain to the APC national Excos that in party politics we are mainly concerned with the Principal Officers and not the deputies or vice roles!!

A look at the PRINCIPAL OFFICERS of the APC says a lot about the sentiments that drive it! It is so pronounced that even the loud and radical Pastor Bakare (Buhari's former vice presidential candidate in CPC) had to take a hike!! Read on!

A friend who craves anonymity wrote: I'm not at peace here with all this in a 170 million population; not even 1 Christian, thanks to Ahmed Bola TINUBU and Mohammed BUHARI.


1. Party Leader - North, Gen Muhammadu Buhari. (Muslim).

2. Party Leader - South, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.. (Muslim).

3. National Chairman: Abdulkareem Bisi Akande. (Muslim)

4. Deputy National Chairman: Aminu Bello Masari.(Muslim)

5. National Secretary: Tijjani Musa Tumsah.(Muslim)

6. Deputy National Secretary: Nasir El-Rufai .(Muslim)

7. National Publicity Secretary.: Lai Muhammad.. (Muslim)

8. National Treasurer: Sadiya Umar Faruq..(Muslim)

9. National Financial Secretary: Alhaji Shaibu Musa.(Muslim)

10. National Youth Leader: Abubaka Lado..(Muslim)

11. National Legal Adviser: Muiz Banire..(Muslim)

12. National Deputy Auditor: BalaJibrin..(Muslim)

13. National Women Leader: ShariaIkeazor.(Muslim Convert)

14. EX-officio Member: Muniru Muse.(Muslim)

15. EX-officio Member: Alhaji Yemi Sanusi..(Muslim)

I have tried my best to stay aloof on this particular debate as i believe in keeping religious sentiments out of politics but this is damning evidence to the contrary!!

APCs!! Any comment to explain this lopsidedness?


Concerned Nigerian

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