Bishop: Militants’ master plan to wipe out Christianity

  • Who is funding terror groups killing Christians?
  • Why can’t the government protect lives?

By John Pontifex and Murcadha O Flaherty

ISLAMIST nomadic herdsmen are waging a violent campaign to eradicate Christianity from Nigeria’s Middle Belt region – and the Government is doing very little to stop them – according to a bishop determined to speak up for his frightened people. 

Buhari An Enemy Of Democracy... He's Failed Both Home And Abroad, Says Human Rights Lawyer

“Buhari's government has not only failed at home, it has also failed internationally and exported the failures," he said. "Buhari is best known for accusing people in the media and not convict them in the court.”

MAY 30, 2018

International human rights lawyer, Emmanuel Ogebe, has labelled President Muhammadu Buhari "an enemy of democracy".

Speaking to newsmen during the celebration of 2018 democracy day in Lagos, Ogebe accused the Buhari administration of championing anti-democratics acts, including repression of opposition politicians.

Emasculating & Humiliating The Senate: In Whose Interest?

Since the proclamation of the 8th Assembly, I have noticed a consistent effort to emasculate the National Assembly, particularly the Senate. This matter has assumed an alarming intensity in the recent weeks and I am getting really worried for our democracy. 

 First effort, was the challenge to the power of the Senate to confirm certain executive appointments. Both the constitution and other extant laws gave powers to the Senate to approve, confirm or ratify specific appointments from ministerial through Commissions, Security service leadership, Boards and Agency leadership. But we have seen some effort to deny this power of the Senate. The classical and subsisting case is the refusal of President Muhammadu Buhari to replace Ibrahim Magu as the Chairman of EFCC after the Senate rejected his nomination twice due to adverse reports from a sister Security agency-DSS. Three years down the line, the President has ignored the Senate and has kept Magu on the job, effectively rendering the Senate irrelevant and impotent.

SPECIAL REPORT: The Killings Continue

Since I arrived here the day before yesterday, the attacks have continued daily.

Three people returning from the same funeral I attended for the murdered priests were brutally butchered by the Killer Herdsman on Tuesday.

In the governor’s speech I included in my last update, 492 people had been killed by the Herdsmen. By evening of the same day, the death toll had risen to 495 from the latest attack.

I Did Not Abduct Chibok Girls To Us–Human Rights Lawyer, Emmanuel Ogebe Tells Court

May 30, 20180

Emmanuel Ogebe

An Abuja High Court, today, heard the matter connected to the failure of the Nigerian embassy in USA to assist the Chibok girls, in which a Washington-based human rights lawyer was constrained to raise funds for their support.

Under cross examination by the government’s defense counsel in a multimillion dollar defamation suit instituted against Aisha Alhassan, Minister of Women Affairs, Barrister Emmanuel Ogebe said that in 2015, he had approached the Nigerian embassy in Washington D.C. in connection to the matter, but when the government failed to assist its citizens, he had no choice than to raise funds to take care of the Chibok girls which according to him, is the standard practice of NGOs worldwide.

Fulani Herdsmen Attacked Catholic Seminary

Today, (28th May, 2018) a Catholic Seminary was attacked:


Eye witness account:

“With permission from my Bishop, Most Rev. Charles Hammawa of Jalingo Diocese,  I Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Atsue (the Rector) want to announce and inform Nigerians and the international community that our diocesan Sacred Heart Minor Seminary was attacked in the early hours of this morning 28/05/2018 at about 12:30am by sophisticated armed Fulani Herdsmen (at least we heard their conversation). They shot sporadically at the Rector's residence, broke window glasses in the process, (litered live bullets were collected by police) windscreen of one of the vehicles belonging to one of the priests, they shot and injured one of the priests Rev. Fr. Cornelius kobah on the leg, beat up Fr. Stephen Bakari. From their conversation we were able to understand that their grievances against us is that the security men in the Seminary have been challenging their decision to graze right inside the Seminary: around the classes, football field, laundry etc. They said even inside the church if they see grass their cows will graze. Normalcy has temporarily been restored thanks to the prompt response from the Nigerian Police, Army, Civil Defense and local vigilantee. All our students are complete, none is missing. Two of them who were showing them the way to the Father's house suffered injuries from the sticks of the herdsmen. I had a meeting with the officials of the Parents Teachers Association PTA and the bishop has equally approved one week break for the seminarians to enable them manage trauma for a while and to show themselves to their parents that they were safe. For now this is the situation. Let us continue to pray for and work for peace in Nigeria.”

Are You Operating A Christian School In Nigeria?

Study these instructions and prayerfully comply to give God glory and build Biblical Convictions in our young ones.

Hello everyone, is it right for children in our Christian schools to celebrate this year’s Children’s Day on May 27th 2018, casually, while Leah is still in captivity because of her faith?

Will God not smile at us if we use the occasion of this years’ Children’s Day to build Biblical Convictions in our children on how to contend for their faith? We should refuse to go out for parade in any stadium but lower our school flags and have children fast, mourn and cry for the release of Leah and for the murdered children and orphaned ones in Nigeria due to insurgencies.

Eye Witness Report: Funeral Of Catholic Priests In Benue State 22nd May, 2018

 I am up at 4am (GMT) giving you an update on today’s mass burial of victims of the St Ignatius church massacre so please pardon the brevity and incoherence (after three days of non-stop travel to get here.)


  1. Nigeria’s Vice President Osinbajo came though he arrived late. He offered general platitudes and said this is not the first time church killings have happened in Nigeria, citing incidents before their government came into power. Priests at the graveside commented to me that he was the regime’s Cicero and his remarks were poetic. Unlike the president’s visit where he never actually said sorry to the people of Benue on their loss, the priests I spoke felt the Vice President did so on this occasion.

While activists I spoke to were pained that the president did not come himself, I for one was relieved that at least the VP came. It’s the first of three mass burials this year in Benue State that such a high level federal government representative has attended.

Incidentally the VP was also here last week where he was pointedly challenged on his Christian faith amidst the persecution of believers.

Another Christian Girl Abducted In Kaduna State

Every well-meaning individual believes that peace should be the collective effort of everybody in Nigeria, but to our dismay, some saboteurs are out there doing everything humanly possible to disrupt the peaceful coexistence and set the people of Nigeria against each other especially the Christians against the Muslims.


Zainab Bulus Bawa is a 16 year old Hausa Christian Girl from Kugawa of Kubau LGA, Kaduna State Nigeria, who is now forcefully taken away from her parents, spellbound, converted to Islam and married her off by the Village Head of Anchau, Alhaji Idris Yusuf, Alhaji Usman Idris Kugawa and the Islamic leaders of that area without the consent of her biological parents. Saleh Idi Magami is a young Hausa Muslim man that goes to the Hausa Christians settlement of Kugawa on an unknown mission. Kugawa is a Hausa settlement of Both Christians and Muslims. Both of them have a history of living peacefully with each other, but the Muslim side are on the verge of destroying this peaceful co-existence by the support of the district and village heads of Anchau that are now sponsoring their Muslims brothers to commit evil against the Hausa Christians and then use the Muslims leaders to rally round and cover it with religion. They also use the LGA security team and the executives to support them, threaten and inflict pains on the Hausa Christian settlement of Kugawa.

Timeline on Killings in Middle Belt Since 1st Jan. 2018

·      January 1 –  73 killed in Logo and Guma LGAs in Benue

·      January 1 –   2 killed in Awe LGA, Nasarawa

·      January 1 –   25 Killed in Keana LGA, Nasarawa

·      January 3 –  3 killed in Markurdi, Benue State

·      January 4 –  6 killed in Wukari in Taraba

·      January 4 – 1 killed in Gassol LGA, Taraba

·      January 5 – 4 Killed in Lau LGA, Taraba

·      January 5 – 15 killed in Tse Akombo, Tse Vii and Tse Agule vilages in Benue

·      January 6 – 55 killed in Lau LGA in Taraba State


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