On 6th September, 2017, the National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) asked the Islamists in Nigeria the questions below. Till today, no Islamist leader or organization has provided an answer to any of the questions.

The NCEF wishes to remind Nigerians that there is a maximum difference between Muslims and Islamists. Many Muslims practice Islam as religion while the doctrine of Islam espoused by the Islamists is essentially a doctrine of hate. To many Muslims, adherence to Islam as religion is of paramount importance, whereas Islamists practice Islam as “political ideology”. This is why Islamism is called “political Islam”. Islamism is the ideology of ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, Hamas, Fulani herdsmen, and all the other Islamic terrorist organizations worldwide. Islamists in Nigeria are responsible for the religious tension and intolerance in the country which has resulted in gross violation of the Constitution, abuse of human rights, injustice, inequality and unfairness in governance.

It is worthy of mention that some Arab Islamic nations cannot tolerate “political Islam” due to the ideology of the Islamists, their religious bigotry, extreme discrimination, and wicked inhuman policies. It would be recalled that after the Arab Spring revolution in Tunisia and Egypt, both nations elected Islamists into government. Within one year, both Arab Islamic nations conducted another revolution and threw them out. If Arab Islamic nations cannot tolerate Islamists, due to their extreme religious intolerance and doctrine of hate, how would Nigeria, a multi cultural, multi ethnic and multi religious society cope with them? Islamists seek to undermine Democratic nations by subverting the Constitution and the Rule of Law, compromising the economy and willfully oppressing the people into a state of fear and bondage.

So, the next time Islamists want to accuse Christians of “Islamophobia”, please remind them the questions below. The next time Islamists want to deny that Jihad has been launched in Nigeria which has resulted in the murder of tens of thousands of innocent citizens, please ask them to provide answers to these questions:

i.                    Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram, in one of his video releases, said in 2012,

“… This war is not political. It is religious. It is between Muslims and unbelievers (arna). It will stop when Islamic religion is the determinant in governance in Nigeria or, in the alternative, when all fighters are annihilated and no one is left to continue the fight.

I warn all Muslims at this juncture that any Muslim who assists an unbeliever in this war should consider himself an unbeliever and should consider himself dead.” If this statement is not a declaration of Jihad, could Muslim leaders explain what this means?

ii.      In 1989, Islam in Africa Organization (IAO) held a Conference in Abuja and amongst many other decisions, released a Communiqué tagged Abuja Declarations 1989 in which it affirmed that its purpose was "To eradicate in all its forms and ramifications all non-Muslim religions in member nations. Such religions shall include Christianity, Ahmadiyya and other tribal religions.” (In the original Declaration, the word Christianity was underlined.) Since Nigeria is considered a member nation, could what is going on be an implementation of this decision? Or, could we be corrected that the Conference never held in Abuja in November 1989 or such Communiqué was never released?  We are also unaware of any rebuttal of the same statement by Muslims leaders.

iii.   In a 154 page Research Report conducted by Arne Mulder in 2015, the researcher affirmed that over 13,000 Christian places of worship (Churches) have been destroyed in Northern Nigeria as at December 2014. Under what condition do Muslim insurgents destroy Churches if not Jihad?

iv.    On the 4th of February, 2017, the United States Congress affirmed that the most dangerous nation on earth for anyone to be a Christian is Nigeria. The implication is that Nigerian Christians have become endangered species in a country in which they constitute over 50% of the population.

v.      According to the Global Index on Terror, the 1st and the 4th most terrible Islamic Terrorist organizations in the world operate in Nigeria. Boko Haram is 1st while the Fulani Herdsmen is 4th. If these terror organizations are not fighting Jihad, what then are they doing in Nigeria?

vi.    Under the present administration, every key and sensitive position in National Security is held by Muslims from the North, in outright violation of Section 14 (3) of the 1999 Constitution. Also early in the life of this administration, we recall that more than 95% of senior army officers retired from the Military were Christians.  In NNPC, only recently, more than 95% of the new appointments into senior management positions are Northern Muslims.  Taking these developments in conjunction with the lopsided appointments in National Security, is one not confronted with the inevitable conclusion that there is a deliberate attempt to emasculate Christians, Southerners and other non-Muslim population of Nigeria verifiably by intimidation and force which are stealth Jihad?

vii.  Despite unconstitutionally appropriating all security positions to the Muslim North, the Fulani Herdsmen operate with impunity in mostly Christian areas, killing, maiming, raping, and destroying without any arrest, without any prosecution. If this is not complicity of the Muslim dominated Security services, are we then to conclude that the Nigerian security units are so incompetent that they cannot successfully engage insurgents after the Nigerian Army successfully prosecuted a Civil War?

viii.                     We recall that in 2011 in Harvard, USA, his eminence the Sultan of Sokoto who is also the President of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, was reported to have said during a public function, “I do not recognize any Nigerian Constitution and the only Constitution I recognize is the Koran”. By virtue of Section 38 (1), the Constitution guarantees freedom of Religious conviction while Sharia through its law of “Ridda” forbids it with capital punishment. It is clear there is a huge conflict between the Democratic values of the Constitution of Nigeria and Sharia in the 1999 Constitution. The late Justice Mohammed Bello said, at a lecture in Kaduna, “Section 38 (1) of the Constitution ensures for every person the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, including freedom to change his religion or belief, whereas under Sharia, “ridda” (change of religion) is a capital offence. Consequently, the offence of “ridda” is inconsistent with Section 38 (1) and by virtue of Section 1 is unconstitutional.” Therefore, when the President of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs said in a foreign land (which is in itself a treasonable statement) that he does not believe in the Nigerian Constitution (which guarantees freedom of religious conviction), but he believes only in the Koran (which forbids freedom of worship through Sharia’s “ridda”), could not the statement of the Sultan be interpreted as an endorsement of Jihad?

ix.    Added to the above are the big questions begging for answers. Who is funding and equipping the Islamic insurgents? And more importantly, who is shielding them from prosecution?

x.      We would not wish to belabor these issues but rather appeal to the distinguished leaders of Islam, who have stepped forward to be identified, to join us in putting Nigeria first. Nigeria is a Secular State according to Section 10 of the Constitution, but a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious society. The diversity in the country should be harnessed for progress and prosperity and not resisted thus leading to disintegration of the country. It is wishful thinking for anyone to imagine the possibility of imposing one religion or one culture on 389 Ethnic Nationalities.

(The Nigerian Tribune of October 20, 2017 reported that President Buhari “was shocked by the claim made by Boko Haram on the amount of supply they receive from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)”. One cannot however but agree with President Recep Tayyin Erdogan that ‘‘there is no difference between Boko Haram, Fethullah Terrorist Organization or Daesh (ISIS), which have all killed, inflicted pain and hardship on innocent people.”  We hope that President Buhari got this message.)

The NCEF hopes that Muslim leaders and organizations that have stepped forward to respond to the Press Release of July 2017, like Mr. Mohammed Hayatu-Deen, Prof. M. M. Nguru, Prince Judge Abdul Jabbaar Bola Ajibola SAN, Professor Dawud Noibi, Alhaji (Dr) Sakariyu Babalola, MUSWEN, MURIC, and others, would consider these issues again. Tens of thousands of Nigerians, mostly Christians, have been murdered by religious insurgents. The murderers of 74 years old Mrs. Bridget Agbaheme in Kano were discharged and acquitted in a Kano court! According to World Watch Monitor, over 60% of global casualties as a result of religious persecution are Nigerian Christians killed in Nigeria. Muslim leaders have to do more to persuade us that JIHAD has not been launched in Nigeria.

National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF)

20th October, 2017

Nigeria governed by gang of clueless administrators, negative propaganda – PDP Speakers’ Forum

Members of the Forum of PDP Former Speakers of State Houses of Assembly (FOFSHA) have voiced their feelings that Nigeria has been governed by a “gang of clueless administrators,” who have taken negative propaganda to an unprecedented level.

The forum disclosed this during a courtesy call on the national caretaker committee of the People Democratic Party, PDP, on Thursday.


Once again, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is compelled to raise a petition and protest against the unrelenting plan of the Federal Government of Nigeria to introduce Islamic financing into a secular state in violation of Section 10 of the Constitution.

According to this section in the Constitution, the Nigerian State is Secular and Government is expected to be neutral on issues involving religion. By promoting a sectional religious financial policy, the Government is violating both the spirit and the letter of Section 10 of the Constitution.


The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) commenced meetings with political parties in its quest for politics of NATIONALISM instead of the current politics of religion and ethnicity that is threatening to tear the nation asunder. So far, NCEF has met with APDA (Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance) and PDP (People’s Democratic Party). Please find below the paper presented during the visit.


The National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) wishes to thank the leadership of your Political Party for granting us the opportunity to meet with you to discuss issues that are critical to the peace, progress, and prosperity of Nigeria.  NCEF is made up of distinguished Christian Elders from the six geo-political zones of Nigeria.  It is not a political party and NCEF has no intention of transmuting or transforming into a political party, either now, or in the future. NCEF is not holding brief for any political party neither is it on a mission to denigrate or discredit any political organization. The main objectives of the NCEF could be summarized as fostering Unity and Reconciliation in the Body of Christ, advocating for Democracy as the only National Ideology that could sustain a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious society like Nigeria, and encouraging Christians to participate actively in providing God-fearing leadership for Nigeria.

HEKAN condemns arrest of 40 of its Sunday school children, demands apology from Road Safety Corps

The United Church of Christ in Nigeria (HEKAN) has condemned the arrest of 40 of its Sunday school pupils and two teachers by personnel of the Federal Road Safety Corps in Kaduna, while on their way to attend the annual HEKAN National Sunday School Camp at the church headquarters in the state.

Kaduna killings latest: 27 Fulani, 6 Natives killed – Police

Relative calm has been restored to villages in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State, where 33 people died in clashes between villagers and Fulani, Police source has said.

A total of 27 Fulani people living in the area were allegedly killed by the villagers in two separate attacks, while six native villagers died, the police said today in Kaduna.

Southern Kaduna will go with Biafra – Danfulani

Embattled social crusader and activist from Southern Kaduna, Dr. Johnstone Danfulani, has said that the people of Southern Kaduna area of Kaduna state would prefer, and be comfortable, to go with the Biafra Republic rather than remain with Nigeria where the people were being killed on daily basis without any adequate protection from the Government. 

CAN Press Statement on the Separation of CRK, IRK


CAN Commends FG on the Reinstatement of Christian Religious Studies and Islamic Studies as Separate Subjects

The leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is using this medium to register our sincere and deep appreciation to the Federal Government for reversing the controversial, unlawful, and ungodly merger of the Christian Religious Studies and the Islamic Religious Studies as a subject by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).


This is to bring to the notice of the entire world and community of believers around the world that to the Glory of God and to the utter shame of the devil, Aisha, a 14 year old Hausa Christian Girl that was kidnapped, detained, forcefully converted to Islam, denied her parents access to her for all these while, married off to her kidnapper and subjected to all forms of abuse and maltreatments as a Christian minor has been released to the VOICE FOR THE EMANCIPATION OF THE HAUSA CHRISTIANS IN NIGERIA (VEHCIN) yester night (19th July, 2017) at the Kaduna State Police Headquarters under the prudent and excellent supervision of the National Human Right Commission.


Prof. Charles Adisa




Your Excellency, I wish to express my gratitude (NCGF), and that of the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on behalf of Christians in Nigeria for your quick response to our request for an audience over the fate of Christian Religious Studies (CRS) in the current 9-Year Basic Educational Curriculum. Your prompt reaction shows how much importance you attach to this matter as of urgent National attention. I recall it was a fortnight ago we made this request. Thank you for granting us an audience. In our letter, we did say, we will bring to your notice our observations, worries and fears as well as our position on the vexing issue. 


First, observations: we observed that Christian Religious Studies which over the years has been an independent Subject of its own was listed as part of an omnibus subject called Religion and National Values with others, such as Islamic religious studies, Social studies, Civic education and Security education. By this lumping together, in-depth study of the subject is lost to necessity of accommodation of other Subjects. Further, we observed that the content of the Curriculum and the textbooks approved by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) deliberately denigrated the person of the founder of the Christian faith. The Islamic religious studies section of the same Curriculum document impudently denied the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is blasphemous - The Cardinal Truth of the Christian faith. This we consider as obnoxious, offensive and provocative. If this was limited to a private religious belief, it is understandable, but making such statements in a national document for all faiths is indeed obnoxious.

We also observed that the omnibus subject called Religion and National Values is compulsory in National examinations such as JSS 3, SS 3 and NECO. The implication is that a student must offer any of the two religions as part of the overall Subject. In a situation where there is no Subject teacher for any of the two Religious Studies, the Student will compulsorily do the available, not minding whether it conflicts with his or her faith. Finally, we observed that many schools, particularly in the northern part of the country, deliberately refused to employ Christian Religious Studies Teachers, thereby denying the Christian students the right to choose Christian Religious Studies and indirectly forcing them to do Islamic religious studies. This we consider an infringement on their fundamental human rights.


Now our fears: We consider this Curriculum a means of promoting one religion (Islam) above other religions in a multi-religious nation. We are also worried that there is a deliberate act of indoctrination of Nigerian children through the Curriculum towards Islam. This for us is the most subtle and most dangerous way of executing a jihad. We are worried by the confusion this Curriculum will create in the minds of the minors. For instance, at home, a Christian child is taught that the salvation of his or her soul is through the atoning death of Jesus Christ and His resurrection. Then in school, he or she is faced with a Curriculum and textbooks denying the death and resurrection of Christ, which is a blasphemy. The worst is the portion in the Curriculum that encourages the child to disobey the parents if they oppose his or her recitation of the Koran. When an educational program encourages rebellion in the home, what will be the implications on the society?


Finally, your Excellency, the positions  of Christians in Nigeria are as listed below:

  1. The Curriculum as it concerns the omnibus subject: Religion and National Values should be scrapped as a Subject. In its place, there should be three distinctive subjects each standing on its own. They are Christian Religious Studies, Islamic Religious Studies and Social Studies, while Civic & Security Education can be combined or be made optional.
  2. Federal Ministry of Education and State Ministries of Education must be made to employ Religous Studies Teachers so that Pupils and Students will have the opportunity to study any religion of their choice in all Public Schools in Nigeria. We note that though education is in the concurrent legislative list, where State can decide what to do since all teachers in Public schools are being paid with tax payers money, the majority of which come from the Federal Allocation, there should be no discrimination on which Religious Teachers to employ and which ones not to. It is also pertinent to note that the Constitution is supreme over any other local considerations. The 1999 Constitution states clearly in Section 38 (1) and article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human right that “Every person shall be entitled to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, including freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom (either alone or in community with others and in public or in private) to manifest and propagate his religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance.” In addition, in any situation where there is a conflict between the State and Federal values even in a concurrent list, the doctrine of “covering the field” supervenes which gives the Federal authority the edge in such a dispute.
  3. The Christian faith has suffered monumental damage caused by the publication and circulation of the Curriculum. We consider the Curriculum libelous and demand unreserved apology from the Federal Ministry of Education and Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC).
  4. We demand immediate reinstatement of Christian Religious Studies (CRS)  in the Curriculum of the States' Ministries of Education in the States that have delisted it from their school Curriculum, particularly, Kwara and Niger states, and most states in the North.

l would like to bring to your notice sir as you may well be aware, several states in the North since the 80's have stopped employing CRS Teachers in their public schools, some even went to the extent of coercing and flogging Christian children who refuse to do Islamic Studies. A very recent example came from your very home state, Kwara.

  1. We demand that Christian Association of Nigeria be allowed to provide Christian Religious Studies Teachers in each of the states that claim they are unable to source and recruit Christian Religious Teachers. In fact in Niger State, Christian Association of Nigeria in the past decade had had a running battle with successive state governments over the employment of CRS Teachers in Public Schools. At a point, CAN volunteered to pay the salaries of the CRS Teachers, which was declined by the state authorities.
  2. We demand that the Curriculum be Redesigned to reflect true Christian values for our children, not humanistic social/ moral instructions, but that which teaches them to love, respect and reverence the God of their fathers JEHOVAH Elohim, who sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins, whose resurrection gives us passport to Heaven.
  3. Genuine respect for our Constitution which in section 38 (1) guarantees freedom of worship and right to choose what, when and how to worship as well as Article 18 of Universal Declaration of human rights.
  4. Abolition of obnoxious laws that infringe on freedom of worship, like the one recently promulgated by the Kaduna State Government.
  5. The involvement of all stakeholders in the review of the Curriculum such as CAN, Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship (of which I am the National President and have played key roles in advocacy over this and similar issues), PTA's of Schools and Private schools proprietors. NERDC should not at their whims and caprices hand-pick those to participate in the review.
  6. There should be a program of continuous education and reorientation of end users as part of the Curriculum implementation.
  7. Offensive items in the Curriculum that are blasphemous should be expunged as a step to restoration of mutual respect.
  8. Morally degrading items should be removed from the Textbooks for use.
  9. NERDC should be empowered to penalise erring publishers and State Ministries of Education that violate the rules and not be a toothless bull dog.
  10. NERDC should make an available list of recommended Textbooks in the Curriculum to the public.
  11. There should be a restoration of key subjects like History, Geography in our basic education Curriculum.
  12. The government should not in practice nor be seen to interfere or promote one religion to the exclusion of others by sponsoring only a particular group or allocate State resources to it.
  13. There should be prosecution and arrest of all agents of hatred and murder of Christians in Nigeria: Two recent examples were that of Mrs Eunice Olawale, a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, who was killed in Kubwa, Abuja last year and that of a 74-year-old Bridget Agbaime of Imo State killed in cold blood in Kano last year. It is trite to remind your Excellency Sir,  that the Villains were exonerated for no genuine reasons at all.

Let me add that in listing all these demands, we consulted widely with all Christian groups, associations and affiliations both in Nigeria and the diaspora, and all these points represent the opinions and positions of the vast majority of Nigerian Christians.

  1. We demand for the arrest, prosecution and stoppage of kidnapping of under aged Christian girls and forceful marriage of such in the Northern part of Nigeria.
  2. The school uniform is part and parcel of the curriculum, we therefore demand for security reasons, an end to wearing of Hijab in Christian Schools in Nigeria as seen and legislated in Osun State. 
  3. Another issue which we will like to draw your attention to, is the Draft Document by the NUC (Nigeria University Commission) in which Arabic studies is now considered as a Compulsory/Elective subject in the Management Courses like Economics, Accounting, Banking / Finance and Actuarial Science  as well as Arabic studies as a Generation Studies (GS ) course our the universities curriculum. This is a rude shock to us, absolutely incredible and as such unacceptable sir.

Finally, may I assure you of the high regards of Nigerian Christians as we believe you will take steps to ensure the National Assembly will take legislative steps to redress the issues raised, and  possibly call for a public hearing on these vexing issues that seem to undermine our unity and diversity as a nation.

God bless your Excellency

God bless the Federal Republic of  Nigeria

God bless the Church.

For and on behalf of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),

Prof. Charles Adeyinka Adisa

National President

Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship (NCGF) 

Endorsed by: 

Coalition of Christian Groups

  1. National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF);
  2. Nigerian Christian Graduate Fellowship (NCGF);
  3. Think Tank For The Body Of Christ;
  4. Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria (CLASFON);
  5. Association of Christian Schools in Nigeria (ACSIN);
  6. Students Christian Movement (SCM);
  7. Christian Professionals Forum (CPF);
  8. Ministers Prayer Network (MPN);
  9. International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ);
  10. Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association (NEMA);
  11. International Prophetic Ministerial Association (IPMA) (Inc. Worldwide College of Bishops & Ministers, Africa, UK & USA);
  12. Intercessors Without Walls (IWW);
  13. Wailing Women International (WWI);
  14. Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship;
  15. Nigerian Fellowship of Christian Students (NIFES);
  16. University Joint Campus Christian Fellowship (UJCM);
  17. Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF);
  18. Nigeria Supreme Council For Ecclesiastical Affairs (NSCEA);
  19. African Association for Ecclesiastical Affairs (AAEA),
  20. The Preacher (TP),
  21. The Messenger,
  22. Womb of Intercession International Fellowship (WIIF)
  23. International Foundation for Christian Unity (IFCU)

20th July, 2017


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