Christians Maimed in the North

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+1 #3 Emmanuel Magga 2015-01-23 21:19
Pastor Bosun, your INFORMATION coupled with some video clips on the satanic atrocities on the Northern Christians left my broken! Am leaving a standing order with my bank for a monthly remittance of my widow's mite of five thousand Naira with effect from February 2015. May God continue to surround you with His wall of fire and may God have mercy on His Church in Nigeria. Amen.
0 #2 Sunday 2014-09-08 18:58
May the Almighty GOD be with you and your family. My prayer is that "the gates of hell shall not prevail". Pastor Bosun, I have listened to your CD message and read some of your articles online. God bless you because "you hit the nail on the head". Pls organise Pastors' Conferences all over Nigeria to make this Clarion call because the spirit of mammon has swallowed the Nigerian church. God be with you in JESUS name. Amen
+1 #1 Segun Nuda Pst 2014-08-18 10:54
Various churches should mobilize funds to rehabilitate brethren affected by such crisis. There is more than enough funds circulating in our churches. D problem is focus.We giv more attention to structures and assets dan d people. The attacks against the Northern church with soon get to the south if we don't wake up frm our slumber.These guys have been mandated 2 swell their ranks in various govt institutions and establishment in preparation for take over.Wia l wok we observed dis move and quickly countered it by giving employment information to brethren and assistant as necessary before we bcom strangers in our own house.The rate at which these children of d bond woman are gettin education and the effontry of display of their religious garb is to announce their presence and intention to take over.Brethren wake up!

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